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5s hostilities between new Eden's big four
8s empires have been growing over the past
10s few months with no sign that the
12s escalation can be reversed against this
15s background with the empires apparently
17s racing to develop Advanced power and
19s transportation Technologies a fresh
21s diplomatic crisis has erupted
24s allegations of edencom and Concord
26s agents Gathering details on caldari
28s State research into new ship Caster
31s technology with a spark for a major
33s diplomatic row between the empires the
36s minmitar Republic accused the Amar
38s Empire of using edencom intelligence
41s assets to covertly acquire technology
43s from the caldari subsequently kaldari
46s State investigations have revealed
48s evidence that supports these allegations
50s credible accusations of spying against
52s an ally at such a sensitive time have
55s put a significant strain on relations
57s between the Amar Empire and the caldari
59s state
60s derived from triglavian technology
63s recovered from the athenon system the
65s ship Caster is believed to have the
67s capability to cast ships over vast
69s Interstellar distances with pinpoint
71s accuracy able to bypass Gates signature
74s Jammers and other defenses the
77s technology would provide the culinary
78s Navy with a significant Force projection
81s advantage over its rivals
83s the scope has learned that the kaldari
86s Navy is already preparing to build a
88s ship Caster at a construction site
90s located in onamon the Fortified system
92s in the Black Rise region has already
94s seen extensive Naval movements and
96s construction building it up as The
98s Culinary Navy headquarters for war zone
100s operations
102s as the spying Scandal rumbles on in
104s diplomatic circles it is being reported
106s that senior figures in the kaladari
108s state and minmitar Republic have begun
111s security cooperation talks in the
113s kaladari system of araken close to the
115s Republic border the new aggression and
118s apparent duplicity of the Amar Empire
120s comes at a time when the galente
121s federation's militarization of the
123s intake system is also coming under
125s scrutiny as new Eden's two largest
128s Empires appear increasingly ruthless and
131s militaristic some speculate that the
133s Republic and state may seek a diplomatic
136s realignment in their own national
137s interests
138s this is Alton havery reporting for the
141s scope
156s foreign

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