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2s hello fun fest
7s should we try that again
9s hello fun fast
15s it's good to be back oh god i love it
18s so for those who those of you who don't
20s know me i'm csb burger
22s like hamburgers yes i know
24s and i'm the creative director of eve
26s online
26s and i want to welcome you to the eve
29s keynote
30s god damn we've waited a long time for
32s this one
36s first off i want to thank this year's
38s hosts the kalitari state
40s for hosting fanfest 2022
43s the kalthari
45s are the kaltari is founded on the
47s pillars
48s of duty loyalty efficiency and hard work
53s while not as large as calamity rama
57s their statue is still universally
59s respected throughout
61s for their
62s economy and technology technological
65s wonders
67s this year kaltari opens their doors to
69s the newly renovated gita 4-4 for you
72s honorable capsuleer despite your
75s questionable history
77s standings and allegiance i can see
79s a few
80s yeah questionable people here
84s it's been four years since i stood on
86s states last time uh at fan fest and it
89s wasn't actually in the keynote it was in
91s this shenanigans here uh awesome
94s and like hallmark was talking about
96s earlier we took a break
98s in 2019 to take eve on a world tour
101s from the awesomes of e-vegas filled with
104s burgers and american joy
107s to little more intimacy
109s in keminosare in finland
114s apparently this is like finland all the
116s time but yeah it's awesome here you can
118s see csp helmer in deep conversations
120s about
120s wormholes needing more chaos
124s well
125s that break in 2019 became a wee bit
128s longer than we had hoped
130s but that didn't stop you guys
132s you've actually been really really busy
135s since
136s yeah 2019
138s you've had wars
140s you have welcomed new and actually shot
143s new players
144s uh you forced new alliances and more and
146s more and more and to put it into a wee
149s bit of context
151s we have some stats
153s about what's been going on in the world
154s since 2018 the last time we were here in
156s reykjavik
158s so
159s since last fan fest in reykjavik you
162s have manufactured
164s 276
167s billion 128 million
170s 163
171s 031 item
175s i think there are 32 now because this
176s data was taken
178s half an hour ago
180s and to put this into context
182s even more you've actually manufactured
185s 48 million 127
188s 647 ships
190s you've destroyed almost 30 million of
193s them
194s job well done
195s and uh
202s and then you've blown up like 7.3
204s million capsules you know basic stuff
207s uh
208s but the next number is actually one of
210s my favorite numbers because you've also
211s destroyed
213s 1059 titans
221s not enough yeah let's blow some more
224s off
227s you've had almost 1 billion
229s market transactions
231s trading
233s this amount of items
237s worth around
239s wait for it i learned a new
241s thing yesterday
243s 35 quatrillion
246s isk anton chains yeah
249s uh
251s yeah i mean people sometimes make fun of
253s the icelandic economy that it's kind of
256s fake this definitely makes the icelandic
258s economy look fake so job well done
264s and all that creation and destruction
266s has brought us
268s you know back here to reykjavik for a
270s fantastic weekend where we can talk and
274s breathe and laugh and cry and form new
277s friendships all in the eve universe and
280s it's pretty pretty awesome
283s talking about new friends over the last
285s couple of years we've been investing a
287s lot in our new player experience
290s really supporting our new players to
291s become stronger
293s in the war machine that eve is
296s this deep
298s learning curve
300s this is an upgraded graph of the steep
302s learning curve
303s the steep learning curve
304s to get into new ethan has been a reality
307s from the very beginning
310s and through numerous attempts we've
312s tried to soften this this
314s curve with various results
317s to say the least
319s one key problem that we've always run
321s into is that we've always viewed this as
323s a problem like hey here's a problem can
324s you fix it rather than an ever-evolving
328s long-term initiative and that's a big
330s huge change that kind of was kicked off
333s at easter time in 2019
336s eve is a vast complex sandbox with
339s incredible freedom given to the players
341s that make it their home
343s in the real side of reality most people
346s don't have core competencies
348s uh
349s to live an independent life until in
350s their kind of late teens early 20s or in
353s my case much much later
355s you will know why at pub call tonight
358s um
360s so why in the world should capsuleers be
362s ready to jump into the deep end of the
363s pool after 30 minutes of school
368s eve is about world domination or death
371s whether it's building the strongest army
374s to crush your enemies or sampling
376s a smaller squadron to trap your prey
380s it's our role as ccp to prepare the
383s hopefuls cadets into your eve online
387s because
388s more players equals more content that
390s equals a better game
393s through our focus on new players we've
395s set three core design principles
398s to help
400s frame the new player conversation going
403s forward and ultimately to victory
407s the ultimate sci-fi experience
411s first pillar pretty cool
413s i want to take you guys a few years into
415s the future and kind of see how the game
417s has changed
420s the start of playing eve gets me hooked
422s from the get-go
423s i can feel i got just thrown 21 000
426s years into the future and i'm intrigued
428s to learn more
430s i really feel one with the game
433s whether i'm blowing up enemies mining
435s megaroids or exploring the new frontier
439s the universe inspires me to push further
441s into the unknown and forge my own
444s adventure
445s eve online is the benchmark what sci-fi
449s should look and feel like
452s easy to grasp hard to master
456s i'm coming to eve decades after it was
458s released
460s i definitely did not
461s expect to grasp the controls so quickly
464s it probably helps that i've been playing
466s other games and i've been trading online
468s for a while
470s i feel like i'm constantly evolving in
472s eve
473s every mission and interaction builds
476s confidence in taking on bigger
478s challenges
478s when i hit a roadblock aura is there to
481s help me
483s i'm not too worried about catching up
484s with others it's more about finding my
486s place in the universe and creating my
488s own niece
492s fulfills my purpose
495s eve is a more integrated part of my day
498s to day the relationships that i've built
500s are meaningful and the things that i do
503s satisfy my curiosity
506s like in the real world the single shared
508s universe is filled with all sorts of
510s people with all sorts of interests
513s this is what makes the world unique
515s exciting and unpredictable
518s but what's always predictable is finding
521s something to do
522s or the game pointing me towards
525s interesting new challenges
528s with this these principles in hand we
531s set the eve academy teams that are
533s focused on new player experience
535s on a road to a better eve online so here
539s to talk a little bit more about it i
540s want to welcome ccp sled summer
544s he always has something brewing if it's
546s game design systems beer sourdoughs who
549s knows and then after him ccp nomad
552s my favorite worm holder
555s flicker green is forward
560s hello everyone it's uh it's actually
562s amazing to see you all here in the flesh
564s again i'm from team odyssey um we're a
567s storyline content team
568s that's part of the academy segment of
570s eve online development
572s we've spent the last year reimagining
573s what the first moments of gameplay for
575s the new players should be
577s we're creating a modern narratively
579s driven
580s storyline experience that introduces
582s players to new eden
583s while teaching them the basics of the
585s games and its mechanics and showing off
587s its potential
588s we've levelled up our content authoring
590s capabilities and collaborated very
592s closely with art audio cinematics player
595s research and tool teams to deliver each
598s installment of this exciting and
600s engaging story starting with the team's
602s first release in september 2021
606s so the first chapter of the air mpe
608s picks up as soon as the player has
609s created a character and opted into the
611s tutorial
612s we have a cinematic that introduces the
614s player to new eden and sets the scene
616s for the first moments of gameplay you
617s can see it here
619s this is the aftermath of an attack on
620s the air cloning station that you've just
622s woken up in
624s we worked closely with art cinematics
626s and audio to create a smooth transition
628s from the cinema into the game which
629s you've just seen
630s we introduced aura
632s who guides you through this experience
634s we also introduce balin ferris who is
637s leading the evacuation of this besieged
639s facility
640s and we also introduce vesper caltrix who
642s is the vp of operations for the
645s association for interdisciplinary
647s research
648s uh we established our main narrative
650s hook for the story and that is
652s uh what's who's behind this attack
654s and we did all of this against the like
657s stunning backdrops that really showcase
659s the beauty and potential of new eden
662s so the next installment we released in
664s march earlier this year
666s in this we expose the player to mining
668s for the first time
670s this is a low barrier
672s like a low barrier entry into like
674s making esk and eve online so we figured
676s this would be the most sensible place to
678s take the player next we teach the player
680s how to mine asteroids what the
682s difference between ore and minerals are
684s and what they could be used for
686s we taught them how to sell the ore that
688s they've gathered and where they can see
690s how much risk they have so exposing them
691s to the wallet all with narrative
693s justification
694s we head to how mining becomes um how
697s mining is the backbone to the economy of
698s new eden that there's a vast machine at
700s work toiling day and night to provide
702s the fundamental ingredients for
704s everything that's built in the cluster
705s and we also revisited aspects of our
708s september release we always want to
709s strive to improve what we've released so
711s we updated the skill and fitting moments
714s in in that release
716s to provide better narrative
717s justification and a more solid lesson
719s for the player
722s as you've seen
723s in the story so far we introduced
725s several key characters aura balin vesper
727s and elias
729s we want this to be a character-centered
731s experience players form strong emotional
733s connections with well-developed
735s characters and this in turn promotes
736s immersion and engagement in the universe
740s we don't want the player to feel as if
741s they're alone on their journey
743s these characters don't just drive the
745s story along they're your companions on
747s this adventure
749s it lets us give each career a relatable
751s representative and use these characters
753s to ease the player into more complicated
755s scenarios and mechanics and systems as
758s we introduce each of these characters we
760s want the experience around them to like
763s feel like a taste of what it'd be like
764s to be a member of that profession but
766s just a taste
768s the basic mechanics are core
769s competencies involved in each of these
770s careers
771s we want to give the players the space to
773s become comfortable in the universe and
775s to instill in them the confidence to
776s reach out on their own in new eden
780s underpinning all of this work is an
782s incredibly powerful new content
783s authoring system that we've made
785s alongside the content we call this noddy
788s it's short for the node graph editor
790s it's highly flexible letting us trigger
792s a plethora of events from any condition
795s that we can track on the client or on
796s the server
798s every piece of ui guidance action that
800s an npc takes the goal that a player has
802s to satisfy or music and cut scenes that
805s play in our experience are all queued up
807s and
808s scheduled by this service and this tool
811s we built this alongside the air mpe and
813s this is very important
815s but we want this to be the standard tool
817s for content development and you moving
818s forwards
819s we'll talk more about this tomorrow on
821s this stage
823s the next installment of the air mp is
825s going to focus on exploration
828s we know from survey data that the idea
830s of exploration is what brings a lot of
832s new players into the game
834s but we don't just want to show them the
836s functionality of a probe scanner or how
837s to hack a can
839s like we want to instill in them the
841s emotional values of exploration what's
843s behind that next target is there
845s anything interesting in this cosmic
846s signature who did i just see on d scan
850s we want to make sure that the player
852s appreciates the scale of the universe is
854s humbled and inspired by its complexity
856s and its majesty
858s we have a high level design for this but
859s we want to let this mature over the next
861s few months i just want to let you know
863s though that we're not going to be
864s sitting idle in the meantime
866s as i mentioned we're dedicated to
868s improving things that we've released we
870s don't want to fire and forget
871s we have extensive data points to
873s reference for our entire experience so
876s far
877s looking at this we can see some clear
878s areas for improvement so part of what we
881s want to do in the next few months is
883s harden up this experience so that we can
885s dive headlong into the next chapter
888s confident that we've given it our best
890s in the beginning
891s but that's not all we want to do before
893s then
894s career agents
896s we lead the player to the career agents
898s during their mp as a handoff
901s to find more activity to become more
903s familiar with other professions
905s the art team are working on a massive
907s visual update in its early stages for
909s all of the career agent content
911s and we on team odyssey are going to be
913s looking to introduce a guidance layer
916s assess the rewards
919s make sure any missing critical
920s information is presented to the player
922s clearly and not buried in local chat
927s with team pathfinder we're also looking
929s to give the agent conversation ui an
931s update we'll have more details on that
932s tomorrow as well
934s more excitingly for all you guys i think
936s is that we're prototyping applying our
938s node graph editor to missions
941s and two existing dungeons this is in its
944s infancy right now
945s but this is the focus for the team over
947s the next few months
948s we'll be here at 12 o'clock tomorrow to
950s talk more about this if you want to see
952s any juicier details i'll pass it over to
955s ccp nomad now who's going to talk to you
956s more about character progression and
958s career progression thank you very much
969s hello fanfest
981s that's a noble goal isn't it
984s keep new players
986s how do we do that
988s we focused on one of the possible
990s answers to that question
993s just keep them busy
995s give them something interesting to do
997s and they will stay
1001s so what
1002s is very interesting to do in eve
1004s let's see what you guys have to say
1006s about that
1008s who has seen this show of hands
1012s all right
1014s so this was made by one of you all true
1016s i hope i spelled that correctly
1019s and this shows what there is to do in if
1022s all kinds of activities
1026s but
1027s what it is lacking is just saying what
1030s stuff there is to do but there's no way
1032s to explain how to do it in other words
1035s okay
1036s i want to be an explorer and do hacking
1039s how do i go from here from seeing this
1041s screen
1042s to actually doing it in game
1045s before i explain where this is going i
1047s will show you another complexity of if
1052s those are the skill groups
1054s there's 23 of them
1055s and it's already make it difficult to
1058s pick what you want to train
1060s out of this
1061s selection but what happens when we go
1064s deeper
1070s oh god
1072s there is 461 skills in if
1075s and it's not easy to decide what to
1078s train when to train it so back with in
1081s september we simplified this choice
1085s we released the skill plans
1088s we compiled lists of skills
1090s into certified skill plans
1092s and they take away the complicated
1094s choice and allow you to easily progress
1097s your character before you know how to do
1100s it really
1103s so certified skill plans not only
1105s provide you with the list of skills but
1107s also
1109s with the information about suggested
1110s fitting for particular activity
1113s and the links to the agency so you can
1116s find the content that might be of
1118s interest to you
1119s then two months later after the
1121s september we released the corporation
1123s skill plans so you guys can do
1125s this help for your recruits
1127s thank you
1133s so
1134s we solve the skills problem kinda
1137s with the skill plans so far
1140s how do we deal with this monster
1143s let me introduce you to
1146s air career
1149s program it guides you through multitude
1152s of activities in each career so you can
1154s easily access and experience all areas
1156s of the game
1158s this new system monitors
1160s everything you do no consent needed
1165s right it provides you with the rewards
1168s for completed goals allows you to get a
1170s good picture of what there is to do in
1172s if and to choose
1175s who i want to be what i want to be doing
1178s what i should be doing now
1183s as i said it tracks all your actions
1185s gives the rewards including skill points
1188s and and skins this is mostly focused for
1190s new players but all of you will
1192s experience this in one way or another
1196s it pushes you to interact with all types
1197s of gameplay
1199s and it gives you career related
1201s free expert systems to allow you to try
1203s out ships before you train into them
1206s so then you can make the choice of what
1209s to train after you have tried it out
1212s finally it creates capable eve players
1215s who know what to do and how to do it
1219s a couple of examples of goals
1224s in total there's
1226s 188
1227s of of them from various areas of the
1230s game some required require focused
1232s effort like hacking 20 containers in
1235s null
1236s you need to make a choice to do so
1239s others will be fulfilled passively
1242s like
1243s randomly work disrupting people
1247s and in some situations the new players
1249s might need your veteran help to fulfill
1252s their goals
1254s like here
1261s like mentioned before
1263s the air carry program will provide the
1265s players with free expert systems
1268s that will allow them to try out multiple
1270s ships and you can see
1272s um
1274s in the next slide you will see the list
1275s of ships
1276s but there's one expert system in for
1278s each carrier
1280s and they will be
1281s provided as a reward for completing that
1283s careers career agent missions so very
1286s early in the game players will will have
1288s access to a bunch of ships that
1290s otherwise they would have to train for
1294s so those are the ships that the new
1296s players will be able to fly without
1298s having to train them
1304s so what else we are working on
1308s besides the air carrier program
1315s how about this
1328s right if you are interested in any of
1330s what i said or ccp sledgehammer just
1332s said come and see us tomorrow at the
1334s same stage at 12 thank you
1349s wow pretty exciting stuff
1352s so
1353s we aim to teach players core
1354s competencies by folding the lessons into
1357s an engaging narrative that gives people
1360s purpose and goals rather than sending
1362s them to school
1364s we all
1365s all to make them better capsuleers for
1366s your ranks
1368s but the big question is has it worked
1372s so
1373s this is a pretty complex one so bear
1375s with me
1377s here you're looking at
1378s the median average meet the medium
1381s average session length by session
1384s no no wait
1387s it's way more complicated than that
1388s sorry it's the moving average of median
1390s session links in minutes by session over
1392s the last four months
1394s just want to make sure that our data
1396s team doesn't kill me after this
1399s on the right you can see the session
1401s numbers
1402s the first really interesting line here
1405s is the orange line on the bottom that's
1406s the medium average first session back in
1409s 2018 when i was standing on the stage
1412s this number was 13 minutes
1414s and it's sitting at 27 minutes today
1417s which is pretty huge
1419s and this is no aches just new players
1422s and what's actually interesting here is
1425s that by giving people purpose by
1427s teaching them how to mine and giving
1428s them you know proper goals we're
1430s actually starting to push up
1432s the the sessions after the first session
1434s which is really important
1436s but this is pretty complex and
1440s i can definitely simplify it
1442s what this basically means is that people
1444s are playing
1446s and because you love some graphs let's
1447s see some more
1449s this is the percentage of first lock-ons
1451s with the market rating within the first
1453s seven days so players are taking more
1456s part in the economy new players are
1459s taking more part in the economy
1462s and if we look at young players wealth
1465s here we're looking at the 25th
1467s percentile of active wallets
1469s back in 2018 that number was sitting at
1471s 360 000 just over
1474s but it's now
1475s at 609 000
1478s so new players are finding more ways to
1480s make money
1483s and if we look at
1484s skill points in queues for alphas
1487s back in 2018 we're at 65 000 skill
1491s points
1493s but today
1495s we're at 950 000 skill points
1498s and that's actually uh
1499s three hundred sixty one point
1502s fifty four percent uh growth so new
1505s players are planning for the future
1506s which is great
1510s but making eve more accessible isn't all
1512s about adventures
1514s no fantastic story will ever fix shifty
1516s ui just like no fantastic ui will ever
1519s fix a shifty story
1521s i totally stole that quote from jintan
1524s if you're here thank you sorry i
1525s apostatized it
1527s uh and we've made massive investments as
1530s you might have noticed into ui and ux
1533s over the last few years
1537s all with the goal
1539s of making eve easier to understand and
1540s harder to master you want to create more
1543s reasons to look at space
1545s and we want to use
1547s common and consistent gaming language
1549s throughout and this is a huge task we've
1551s been developing this game for over 19
1554s years
1555s so to take on that project and talk
1558s about it a little more i want to welcome
1560s on states
1561s ccp unison our lead ui designer
1572s please please please don't call him a
1574s graphic designer you should not rather
1575s call him the head
1577s of mission control efficiency
1584s hello guys i'm so excited to see you all
1586s here um
1588s i'm pretty new she's to ccp and i'm one
1590s of those sixty percent that hillmark
1592s talked about this is my first fun first
1594s since i started so
1596s super glad to be here
1602s um but i'm not new to online my dad used
1605s to work at ski one which is the place
1607s that sold the first ever copy of
1609s evenline and
1611s i remember him coming home uh on on
1613s release date with a boxed copy of the
1615s game and uh we were like super hyped
1618s playing it on our our home pc
1621s together like similar to this one here
1624s i just wanted to show this to emphasize
1626s um that it's been
1628s almost 20 years since the game came out
1631s and 20 years is
1633s a long time in gaming and an even longer
1635s time in ui design a lot changes in this
1638s time and over 20 years of development
1641s our
1642s ui had started to show its age
1646s so in the beginning of last year's we
1648s asked ourselves how do we prepare our ui
1650s for a third decade what fundamentals do
1653s we need to fix to be able to move
1655s forward
1657s when new players start playing eve they
1659s need to learn how to use our ui and know
1661s how to interact with it
1663s you can look at our ui as a visual
1664s language
1666s and and if we do that we we don't want
1668s to be teaching german uh in one window
1672s and to
1673s and then have to teach japanese in the
1675s next one
1676s so as you can see here um our button
1678s library had become way overbloaded with
1680s over 100 different styles so we really
1683s needed to needed to start by fixing the
1685s inconsistencies with our designs to be
1687s able to build upon it
1690s our answer to tackle this problem is
1692s photon our new design system
1695s we released it on tq and in april
1698s and and released it as an opt-in beta
1701s the release of the reason why we did
1703s that was to be able to get your feedback
1705s on it as early as we possibly could
1710s um after month on tq we've had over a
1713s five percent adoption rate which is uh a
1715s lot more than we expected
1717s and we've gotten super super valuable
1719s feedback from you guys we've written
1721s blogs about it posted videos posted on
1724s our forums and we're really grateful for
1727s the time and effort you
1729s put into it so thank you for that
1731s we're actively working on improvements
1733s for photon
1734s and based on your feedback
1736s and the first big one we're tackling is
1739s the
1740s is the combat mode which will tackle the
1743s the issue of some winters taking up too
1744s much space
1752s we're also working on improvements for
1753s the notification system for the neocom
1755s which will get rid of the infamous red
1757s dot
1758s but
1762s but we'll also tone down the constant
1765s blinking that we have in the neocom
1766s today
1768s after we've ironed out most of the kinks
1770s we really look forward to bring more
1771s life and and enjoyment into into the
1775s into the ui with animations and
1777s enjoyable interactions like this one
1779s here for the untuck button i just really
1781s like would love to like untalk all day
1784s with this thing
1785s it's quality of life improvements like
1787s these combined with your valuable
1788s feedback that we feel will make the
1791s difference for photon we're planning a
1793s nice update to it in june with a full
1795s release
1796s in the in in the coming fall
1799s and after laying the foundation with
1800s photon
1801s we can look beyond the basics and how we
1803s can improve the immersion and cipher
1805s field for example by giving players more
1807s reasons to look into space and interact
1809s with it
1810s and we want to give people more
1812s enjoyable interactions like in this
1814s example here we will add depth and
1816s perspective to make it feel like it
1818s belongs more in the world that you're
1819s creating
1821s we also want to look at how we interact
1823s with the core controls of the game these
1825s are very very early concepts
1828s and explorations to display how the
1829s heads up display could
1832s work like a neath
1834s the hud reacts to your needs and
1835s surroundings we want to allow you for
1837s maximum flexibility so for example you
1840s want to have four overview windows open
1842s we want you to be able to do that
1852s laying a good and consistent foundation
1854s with photon will open up the
1855s opportunities for us to bring even more
1858s immersion and and create a more visceral
1860s future for the iui and eve
1862s thanks a lot guys
1874s so much goodness
1877s so
1878s we've covered a lot of ways on how to
1880s make uh sure that our new capsuleers
1883s stick around
1884s and find the path in new eaton
1886s but that's just half the challenge it's
1888s also about finding these finding these
1891s new recruits willing to take on the
1893s challenge of new eton
1896s and to dominate the world you need to be
1898s everywhere
1899s a couple years ago we announced eve
1902s anywhere a cloud-based platform that
1903s allows all mega players to play eve on
1906s any browser
1907s eve enver is a game changer
1910s for eve as it keeps new eaton at your
1912s fingertips and allows you to lock on
1914s from any computer and even cars please
1917s don't even drive please
1922s it's been amazing to see how well you
1924s guys have actually adopted this and and
1926s given us incredibly important feedback
1928s to help us improve the experience so
1931s thank you thank you thank you
1934s after all this testing uh
1937s we're at a place where we can actually
1938s start scaling up eve anywhere
1941s we're actually going to velvet rope this
1943s scaling because we don't want things to
1945s go up in flame just yet please
1949s um so starting may 16th we are actually
1952s going to open up eve anywhere for alpha
1954s players in the territories that we're
1956s already serving and then later this year
1958s we will start to expand to new
1960s territories so look out for that
1965s also over the last few years we've
1966s greatly improved our localization
1969s localized experience in eve
1971s with better tooling and better delivery
1973s allowing more players to enjoy
1975s explosions in their own language
1979s we've localized the game
1981s into korean
1983s and we're well on our way with our next
1985s localized language
1989s thank you
1991s it's the most requested language by
1993s players
1995s spanish
2003s the eve spanish-speaking community is
2006s super passionate it's incredibly very
2009s resourceful and they love a good fight
2013s i actually stole this picture from the
2015s biggest
2016s spanish eve community on facebook
2019s there are fantastic bunch of people and
2021s they dream about building their own
2023s alliance so it's going to be pretty
2025s interesting where they claim their space
2026s and i wonder who is going to give up
2028s space for them
2035s uh every time we roll out the new
2036s language we learn a lot
2038s when we did korean we set up a korean
2040s council and we worked with a korean
2042s publishing partner to really understand
2044s kind of player jargon how koreans play
2046s the game kind of what were the nieces
2048s and so on and we're doing the same thing
2050s with spanish we're setting up the
2052s spanish
2053s player council to collaborate with
2055s but we also want to try something new
2057s spanish is a very vitally spoken
2059s language so we're actually going to roll
2061s out an early part of the spanish
2063s localization in september for the
2066s awesome community to give us proper
2067s feedback on the translation with a full
2070s release later in the year
2072s so
2073s spanish
2082s so
2083s now that we've covered getting new
2085s recruits into your ranks
2087s i think we should take a look at what
2088s you have been doing to each other
2091s over the last few years
2093s to kick us off please welcome the star
2096s lee legend the nicest walking
2098s encyclopedia about eve online my dear
2101s friend ccp swift
2106s thank you ccb burger
2109s i don't know about nicest walking
2110s encyclopedia but
2113s i have been a student of eve online for
2115s since i've started playing in 2004
2118s i am fascinated by the stories you tell
2121s i was privileged enough to tell a few
2123s stories myself
2125s as a player which was really fun but we
2127s are the pretty much the only game that
2129s has filled not one but two history books
2133s uh just from player created stories
2136s uh now whether you're a new player an
2137s old player pvper explorer builder
2141s sometime in the last couple years you've
2142s took part in some sort of invasion
2145s uh
2146s yeah there's there's been a few
2148s the the two notable ones obviously the
2150s triglavian invasion when the uh
2153s triglavians came in and took 27 systems
2157s and of course a lot of you guys here in
2159s the audience we're in world war b2
2162s uh yeah yeah
2164s vietnam
2167s frank's gone it's fine
2172s each of these uh invasions had kind of
2174s different strategies different metas uh
2176s different stories and of course
2178s different results but there are some
2179s some neat similarities and whenever you
2181s guys tell a story we are here to listen
2184s to it and kind of figure out how we can
2185s enable you to uh to tell even better
2188s stories in the future
2191s uh so yeah first blood
2193s at rarovos so this is the the first
2196s system that the triglavians actually
2197s successfully took i think this is uh
2200s where for a lot of you guys or at least
2202s for me uh this is where it kind of
2203s clicked like the amount of chaos that
2206s eve players could ensue over new eden uh
2208s watching this system go from high sec to
2210s lowsec to nolsec people come in and die
2213s tens of thousands of you came in there
2215s to try and uh fight forward and fight
2217s against it uh a lot of you streamers and
2220s content creators brought fleets in here
2222s a lot of nullsec people came in and
2224s brought fleets in here just to uh just
2225s to have a good time
2227s and yeah if royavos was was where you
2229s guys figured out that you could create
2231s chaos
2233s niyarja is where you guys
2237s completely broke through everything
2241s uh some incredible players at the
2242s arataka research consortium i know i saw
2245s uriel in here somewhere but i know
2246s there's a few of you uh when the
2248s troglobians were invading they were able
2250s to kind of map out and find
2252s kind of systems that that it might work
2254s for and the arja was a candidate
2258s and of course when push came to shove
2261s no one could really stop this from
2263s happening
2264s eve players said hey
2266s this is a really handy connection
2267s between jeetah and ammar it's the only
2270s way to connect these two regions
2271s together wouldn't it be cool if we just
2273s broke it for fun
2274s uh yeah yeah and then you did and it was
2277s it was miserable for a lot of people but
2279s i think that makes eve players eve
2281s players
2282s uh yeah this is this is kind of where
2285s uh really you guys left your mark your
2287s indelible mark uh on to new eden
2291s uh but that's not the only invasion uh
2293s although some of you guys were in both
2295s of them
2296s in fact many of you uh were these these
2298s two kind of did overlap quite a bit uh
2300s in the summer of 2020 uh nulsek feels
2303s like everywhere went to war they went
2305s south
2306s uh and again
2308s just like in the triglavian invasion
2310s there were some interesting strategies
2312s stories and results
2316s this one is probably my favorite
2318s the game is
2320s super old you guys are very very adept
2322s at coming up with strategies
2324s and new ways to kind of trap and kill
2326s one another but operation no was
2329s something
2330s just completely different something that
2332s eve had never seen before
2333s if you're unfamiliar
2335s the imperium baited out
2338s a pappy super capital fleet and then
2340s they logged on titans that were just
2342s like pristinely located to try and
2344s doomsday them and get them all at once
2347s uh so it didn't quite work but i know uh
2350s as someone who was in a knicks getting
2351s doomsdayed i was like oh oh
2355s uh
2356s and this is just like one of my favorite
2357s moments it shows the sheer creativity of
2360s eve players uh when we introduced like
2363s these doomsdays no one would have
2365s suspected that e players would come up
2366s with something like this incredibly
2369s inventive people
2371s but they're not the only ones
2376s as pappy were getting their foothold in
2377s the delve
2379s incredible literal record-breaking
2381s fights broke out fwst yz-9
2385s they were long they were bloody
2387s they broke records and it was nuts just
2390s to see how the fcs and the players
2392s adapted day to day week to week
2396s papi said hey i see what these guys are
2398s doing they're warping carriers in
2400s uh why don't we just use these bubbles
2403s what could go wrong
2404s and then the keepstar kind of went up
2406s just an amazing ingenuity
2409s sometimes you think you've got the game
2410s figured out but eve is very good at
2413s humbling you and letting you know that
2414s hey someone's going to come up with a
2416s better idea just around the corner
2418s and you guys are all motivated to come
2420s up with the next great idea
2424s so if i were to like write slides for
2425s all the cool things we learned at ccp uh
2428s the keynote would be about six hours
2430s long and they said i couldn't do that
2431s um but we did learn quite a bit uh about
2435s these these two invasions and kind of
2438s learned about uh how you guys as players
2442s interacted and
2443s like i said when you guys tell stories
2445s we want to listen and kind of give you
2446s more about that
2449s uh okay you guys completely
2450s unpredictable i was uh telling uh
2454s someone who didn't really quite
2455s understand eve
2457s how ship balance works and how game
2458s balance works and i said okay well if
2460s you give eve players a piece of wood
2463s you might expect like a spear a sword
2465s something to smack someone with because
2467s you know they're notorious for that
2469s nope eve players would surprise you and
2471s build like a bike
2473s you don't know how they did it but they
2475s did it
2476s uh and now you're like okay so they
2478s built the bike i'll give them this rock
2479s now it's it's new they're going to build
2481s some sort of cool car with it or
2483s something
2484s nope
2485s you guys will build some sort of like
2486s trebuchet and then that's how you'll use
2489s this rock that we gave you
2491s uh but one thing is true if we give you
2493s sand and tools to mess with the sandbox
2497s you guys will tell amazing stories
2500s uh and and just use these tools in ways
2502s that we could never imagine
2504s and that's something that we want to
2505s keep doing and so ccp burger tell us a
2508s little bit more about how that's going
2509s to work out
2510s thanks man yeah i mean
2517s yeah i mean that's i mean that's exactly
2519s what we want to do we want to give you
2522s we want to give you tools to tell
2523s amazing stories
2525s and you know to create new bonds
2528s and we want new ethan to respond to your
2530s actions
2534s and how do we get there
2536s um
2537s as we mentioned a few months ago
2540s as you mentioned few months ago we're
2541s moving away from quadrants
2543s after the invasion arc
2545s there were a lot of big and small
2547s problems that we had to kind of dive
2549s into and deal with
2553s when we were identifying these issues we
2556s saw that like splitting the europe into
2558s four would really help us on that path
2561s it allowed us to tackle really big
2563s things like afa cloak afk cloaking cf
2565s iterations events new objectives to
2567s fight over new sites so on and so on and
2570s so on
2571s we tackled a lot of hard problems while
2573s at the same time rolling out regular
2575s events and shift balance updates
2579s but now with our foundation even more
2582s solid
2583s our design team has more freedom to work
2585s on the solid base
2587s but we're actually going to go into that
2589s a little bit more later
2592s throughout quadrants the biggest and
2594s most difficult project we took on was
2596s resource distribution and gathering
2600s it's a monumental project
2604s that really helps us set up for the
2606s third decade
2608s to go deeper into this and the effect of
2611s this change
2612s and what it means to have a solid
2614s foundation
2615s i want to welcome on to the states a
2617s really dear friend of mine we used to be
2619s in a team together we mostly asked for
2622s forgiveness
2624s rather than permission
2626s it's my dear ccp latikin
2628s look at this today look at this what
2630s could possibly go wrong
2638s so
2639s those of you who look at their monthly
2640s economic report this will probably look
2642s a little bit familiar
2647s this is the volume of all that has been
2649s mined over the last year
2651s specifically this is all ore that you
2654s can refine and turn into a spaceship or
2656s module so that's all from asteroid belts
2659s or from moons anything like that and
2662s we're going to dig into this data a
2664s little bit more and to start with we're
2665s going to go back 10 years so this is all
2666s the way back to 2012
2669s and to make us make it easier to explore
2671s this data
2672s we're going to define some time periods
2676s so
2677s at the moment we're in new dawn
2680s prior to that is the infamous shortage
2682s phase
2684s before that is the reign of the royal
2686s call and
2687s we'll be talking about why it's called
2688s that shortly
2691s and before that we also have
2694s oh sorry during the reign of the royal
2695s during this little uh red period here
2697s that was actually what blackout did to
2700s the all-being mind
2705s and before that we have the historic
2707s phase
2708s so to continue our exploration we're
2710s going to break down the volume of all
2712s mined by each ship type
2714s so this is mining barges pretty simple
2718s in blue we have exhumers
2721s in yellow we have every other single
2724s ship that have has ever fitted a mining
2726s laser in mind
2727s excluding
2729s the rock wall
2735s in fact during the reign of the rock
2737s wall
2739s rock walls mined more cubic meters of
2742s ore
2743s than every other ship
2745s combined
2749s and they did it with less players too in
2752s fact during the reign of the rock all
2754s there was about forty eight thousand
2756s unique uh characters flying rockets
2758s compared to 1.6 million flying all the
2761s other ship types
2763s so
2764s what happened to all this all where did
2765s it go what did you guys do with it
2768s well we're going to look at sub-capital
2770s ship production by hull size and don't
2773s get me wrong there's certainly variation
2775s during this time period but on the whole
2777s sub-capital ship production has actually
2779s been pretty stable
2781s what about
2782s capitals
2785s this is just super capitals
2791s and during the reign of the royal on one
2794s single day there were 29 titans
2797s delivered and 47 super carriers
2801s this uh
2803s is is not sustainable it was a
2806s massive concentration of wealth and
2808s resources
2810s now the goal of shortage phase was the
2813s democratization of the economy to spread
2815s that wealth out a little bit and are we
2817s there yet
2818s no we we have some work to do especially
2821s around capitals as this graph will
2822s definitely show but we're working on it
2826s but we're getting there we've seen a 10
2828s to 20 increase in the daily volume of
2831s all mined by each character with mining
2833s frigates
2835s we've seen a 8 to 16 percent increase
2838s for mining barges
2840s and we've seen a 30 increase for mining
2842s tumors
2844s and perhaps more importantly
2846s the distribution of all being mined by a
2849s region
2854s is a little better in udon compared to
2857s the reign of the rock hall during the
2859s reign of the rock hall one single region
2862s produced 27 percent of
2871s all mining is just one part of the
2874s complex ecosystem complex economy of eve
2876s online and we're looking at more than
2879s just mining and we're constantly
2880s tweaking and working on it
2882s but ultimately we believe that a more
2885s equitable distribution of resources
2887s results in more players in space
2889s and more players in space
2891s makes for a better eve online for
2892s everyone
2893s if you want to know more please come to
2895s the daily presentation roundtable cheers
2909s equitable distribution of resources
2913s larkin you really really really really
2916s make eve sound like
2918s spreadsheets in space
2923s it's hard to be a creative director
2924s sometimes when when you have all the
2926s spreadsheet lovin
2928s but you know as you all know
2930s strategic plans for world domination
2932s definitely require deep planning and
2934s we've seen corporations and analysis
2937s actually invest a lot into data you know
2940s for intelligence or efficiency or what
2942s may what you may have it
2944s and the initial knowledge and the cost
2946s of setting up these systems can be a it
2948s can be pretty daunting for small groups
2951s and with this in mind
2952s we actually reached out to our friends
2954s at microsoft access
2960s i'm not lying we actually reached out to
2962s them and they were like oh my god we
2963s love
2967s like i was saying data is massively
2970s important to many advanced playstyles in
2972s eve
2973s and by simplifying the access to data
2975s for all
2976s we will level the playground when it
2978s comes to the tools of the sandbox
2982s with microsoft we're building an
2983s extension that will allow players to log
2986s in and pull data directly into excel
3002s it's not april fools this is for wheels
3005s and this is a real prototype working um
3008s if it's for you know satisfying your
3010s curiosity if it's for you know maximize
3012s your industrial enterprise or managing
3015s your frontline warfare
3017s it's in your hands to create the tools
3019s for your advantagement
3022s this is still an early phase and we look
3024s forward to hearing more later in the
3026s year
3027s but this is pretty wild stuff
3035s even though many claim that mining is a
3037s numbers game
3038s i want to give you we want to give you
3040s more reasons to look at space and
3042s throughout our work on the new player
3043s experience we've been developing a lot
3046s of new tools
3047s uh
3048s among others
3050s a new way to create huge megaroids in
3053s space
3056s we want to dress up the mining scenes we
3058s want to make them exciting we want to
3059s make them fun to look at and engaging
3062s to begin with you will not be able to
3064s interact with those megaroids but you
3065s know who knows what the future brings
3070s and on the topic of visuals
3073s one of eve's signature
3075s is the consistent and beautiful visuals
3078s and audio
3080s the visceral experience is a key
3082s contributor on our vision pillar of the
3085s ultimate sci-fi experience where
3087s capsuleers are transferred from the
3089s day-to-day to 21 000 years into the
3091s future
3094s audio and visuals
3096s are an evolving moving target with new
3098s technology unlocking new ways to make
3101s the world even more beautiful
3104s therefore to set up for the new for the
3106s third decade
3108s it's important to never settle
3110s into set ways and be constantly
3112s searching
3113s pussing and reevaluating how we present
3116s new eaton
3117s and to tell you more about that
3120s and give you a small glimpse into the
3122s future of eve i want to invite the
3124s wizard ccp mitch
3127s that through his beautiful magic makes
3129s everything fun to ex to blow up
3133s and
3135s peace enabler ccp cafe who allows you
3139s all
3139s to blow up a lot of lots of lots of
3142s stuff at the same time
3144s take it away thank you very much
3150s it's absolutely fantastic seeing people
3151s in person it's been a crazy few years
3154s that's for sure great to be back at
3155s fantastic guys absolutely
3157s so the last few years for us um we've
3160s made some absolutely massive technical
3163s investments in the eve client
3166s in 2020 we went 64 bit entirely there's
3170s not a single bit of 32-bit code left in
3173s eve online so this was really focusing
3176s on cleaning up some of that technical
3177s debt which we all joke about and has
3179s been kicking around for a long time
3181s and we finally got there
3183s this offers much better performance uh
3186s especially in those kind of big wars
3188s that you keep having
3190s you can bring more ships than ever after
3192s this 64-bit upgrade
3196s with the foundation set we were finally
3199s able to port eve online natively to an
3202s entirely different operating system
3203s where we released the native mac client
3209s there is way more mac players than most
3212s people realize it's very very popular
3215s with uh
3216s e-players
3218s so we did the 64-bit we ported it to uh
3221s os we rebuilt our entire pipeline
3224s internally of how we built the client
3226s and again we removed a massive amount of
3228s technical debt for this we could finally
3231s say goodbye to our old wine client and
3234s if there are mac users in here that used
3236s that one client we know it was in a bit
3239s of a bad state so
3241s hopefully this has uh improved it
3245s we also launched with m1 support from
3248s day one
3249s this was great it had a massive uptake
3252s way bigger again than we actually
3253s thought it would uh would be and it's
3256s the the mac client is now on par in
3258s terms of how it looks and how it plays
3260s with our windows client actually with
3263s one exception and that is to skill plans
3265s which is coming in the release next
3267s month
3272s as part of this work
3274s we really started the main development
3276s to make eve as platform agnostic as
3279s possible so we're in the best situation
3281s we could ever be in if we want to target
3283s other operating systems and other
3285s architectures in the future
3289s once we release the mac client
3291s we could finally get rid of directx 9.
3296s so i don't know how many of you have the
3298s original uh box that come with eve of
3301s many of you in the group cool so if you
3303s actually check out the disk on that we
3305s had to install directx 9 as part of the
3307s eve installation
3309s it's been with us basically from the
3310s start it's
3312s the best part of 20 years old directx 9
3314s it was taking up significant development
3317s resources internally and we couldn't
3320s offer a lot of the features that we
3321s wanted to offer you on directx 9.
3325s every single feature we wanted to put
3326s into eve needed an implementation for
3329s this opportunity cost for it was just
3332s too great
3334s on the plus side by removing diet x9 it
3337s does mean now we can focus on bringing
3339s you diet x 12 which we'll be shipping
3342s this year
3344s we have a working version internally
3346s we'll be announcing the mass tests for
3347s this very shortly it's actually not far
3350s off
3351s so while we're excited to be shipping
3353s directx 12 to you and looking at what we
3355s can bring to you
3357s we have managed to ship some pretty big
3360s graphical updates this year
3362s on our current tech
3363s updates like
3366s bring out eve's colors which
3368s saw us delete the grey and deepen eve's
3371s output colors to a much wider range by
3373s updating our tone mapper for something
3375s much nicer as you can see right here
3378s uh there we also adjusted the overall
3380s look of eve uh updating our shaders to
3383s take in more of the environment
3385s ships now really feel like they're
3387s inside the world wherever you are in the
3389s universe they look like they're there
3391s and after all one of the pillars of evil
3394s line since the very beginning
3396s has been the pursuit of beautiful
3398s graphics
3400s and our investments into the tools to
3403s make those over the last couple years
3404s accumulated
3406s and paid massive dividends in upping the
3408s quality of the new player experience
3411s paving the path with
3413s exciting and dynamic visuals as well as
3416s engaging
3418s first steps content for your soldiers
3420s and
3421s troops of tomorrow
3422s to
3423s walk down
3425s and even if the new player experience is
3427s the catalyst
3428s and in the long run everyone will
3431s benefit and just a short while ago why
3434s we
3435s spent time on improving our reflections
3437s to in
3438s aid to make these environments look even
3440s better
3442s more things are now reflected in real
3444s time
3445s and this is cool because you can see
3447s things like explosions
3449s reflect on ships now
3451s things like wormholes also now
3453s reflecting on your ships
3455s sino beacons stations jump gates they're
3457s all included in reflections now
3460s these little additions across the game
3462s are making eve just you know that little
3464s bit more realistic
3466s so where you are you know things are
3467s reflecting on you
3472s thank you
3474s all right so what's next
3477s just a disclaimer that everything that
3479s you see is work in progress and is
3481s subject to change
3484s so the first one and as a player myself
3487s i'm super excited for this one is
3490s high resolution nebulous
3492s this is coming in the june release
3495s we've doubled the resolution
3498s there's significantly less banding
3500s and we've also changed the type of
3502s compression that we use
3504s and these look absolutely amazing in
3507s game
3509s we've also entirely overhauled what we
3512s call our level of detail system so all
3514s games use this if you're not familiar
3516s with it it's how we render things like
3518s polygons and textures based on the
3520s distance from the camera
3523s the new system that we're using has been
3525s rewritten from scratch because the
3527s existing one is that's as old as the
3530s game itself i think it's 19 years old so
3532s it needed a bit of love
3534s we used to have three levels before and
3536s that's actually quite restrictive for
3538s the artists
3540s now we've got as many as we need this
3542s feeds really nicely into being able to
3544s make absolutely huge scenes
3549s it also allows us to do things like
3551s automatic switching so i'm sure we've
3553s all seen this in the client at the
3554s moment
3555s you'll change your camera and things
3557s will kind of snap in between different
3559s models
3560s that will be gone
3564s also better performance
3566s and this is particularly noticeable for
3568s anyone on a mid or a low end machine
3570s because we have to render less polygons
3572s now you get a higher frame rate
3575s and also we can create higher fidelity
3578s meshes
3579s you may have already seen a few sneak
3581s peeks of these in some of the slides
3583s already
3585s the lord improvements aren't just about
3588s polygons though they also relate to
3590s things like textures and how we instance
3593s things inside of the game
3596s so previously we could only ever change
3598s a texture on a model when we change the
3601s model
3602s that's no longer the case we can change
3604s them independently
3606s doesn't sound like much but that's an
3608s absolute massive boom to being able to
3610s do things like put a thousand keep stars
3613s on grid and then fly through them
3615s without any performance impact compared
3617s to what we had before anyway
3619s please don't try and do that that's not
3621s a challenge
3627s we've not shipped it yet i know you're
3628s going to use it in a way we haven't
3630s predicted and then probably have to
3632s redevelop a few things but
3634s it's absolutely awesome we can genuinely
3636s make these huge areas of space now with
3638s models that are
3640s absolutely massive
3642s it also feeds into other things like
3645s attachments
3646s which you're probably very familiar with
3648s from
3649s turrets and also
3651s things like particle systems they really
3654s leverage
3655s the advantage of this
3664s hello hello
3667s yeah
3667s so
3669s uh one of these new things is lit
3671s particles uh
3673s we just implemented these for us to
3675s start using
3676s uh which for my visual effects artist
3678s itself is just like
3680s it's a it's an exciting time it's
3683s great and
3685s this is an example of what that might
3687s look like
3690s this basically means that the newly
3691s authored particle systems can now
3693s receive light from nearby light sources
3695s or from the local star
3697s and expect us to get a lot better using
3699s these over time
3701s right now it's very much early days
3703s but i think you can see this holds a lot
3705s of promise
3708s now
3709s i don't know about you guys but i'm
3711s always really enjoyed this one
3713s particular moment from the birth of the
3716s capsuleer trailer
3721s our cinematics team did a great job as
3723s usual and we've been thinking
3726s could we do something like that in game
3728s something inspired by that
3731s you want to see what we have so far
3736s now okay i have to say a couple things
3738s first
3741s in the following video just focus on the
3743s ship uh some parts have been sped up and
3747s uh it is work in progress so
3749s let's get the audio on this let's go
3752s yeah i forgot to click
3805s what was that
3808s anyways this is just a little part of
3810s what investing in our foundations
3813s brings investing in our engine in our
3815s tooling and we're doing a lot of that
3817s which is giving us the ability unlocking
3820s and enabling us to do things that are
3822s simply higher quality simply way cooler
3825s and more awesome things than ever before
3827s and this all leads into the eve of
3829s tomorrow being more beautiful a more
3831s immersive and visceral experience
3843s of course this is a lot of graphical
3846s enhancements that we're putting in the
3848s client and we want to make sure as many
3850s people as possible can enjoy these so
3852s one of the integrations that we'll be
3854s doing this year is amd's fidelityfx
3858s super resolution which will allow you to
3860s play the game at a higher resolution at
3862s a lower performance cost
3864s in addition to that we'll also be adding
3866s freesync so if you have a freesync
3868s compatible monitor you'll be able to
3870s enjoy the smoothest experience so far
3873s without any screen tearing whatsoever
3883s if you like some of that then do you
3884s want to know more or just happen to
3886s enjoy pleasingly arranged pixels
3889s i want to see what we're planning on
3891s doing with them then come to the art of
3893s eve
3894s into the third decade presentation right
3896s in this room at 3 pm today
3898s we have a presentation that is
3900s absolutely packed to the brim to show
3901s you
3902s and stop by the art corner
3905s somewhere up there in the building and
3907s say hi the artists they don't buy it you
3909s know
3910s they want to hear from you
3913s if you're interested on how we build eve
3916s online the journey to a native mac
3918s client or perhaps you just want to chat
3919s about dirt x then drop by the rain table
3922s tomorrow at 10 o'clock in room two and
3925s we would love to hear any ideas that
3927s you've got as well as show you what
3929s we're currently working on
3930s thank you fanfest
3941s beautiful beautiful beautiful stuff
3944s so
3945s when trying to understand new eden
3948s it's really good to look at a city
3952s the city has plenty of system functions
3955s like buildings infrastructure schools
3957s and so on
3958s and then
3960s on top of that
3962s the city has its inhabitants people
3964s animals planted plants trees
3968s the actual city happens at the
3969s intersection of the two
3971s filled with the agenda emotion
3974s compromise and so on
3977s you have the more secure parts of town
3978s where you can go about your business
3980s without too much harassment
3982s but there's always the east side you
3984s know if you're into that
3988s each player and classic empire
3991s of eve can be viewed as a city state
3994s where interests of each faction is built
3996s around their beliefs
3998s their needs
3999s and their needs drive their agenda
4002s conflict or compromise it's in your
4004s hands to navigate
4008s but unlike the real city our inhabitants
4010s ability to shape the world
4012s is quite limited
4015s we strive to create virtual worlds more
4017s meaningful more meaningful than real
4018s life and in many ways we do
4021s you know you guys seem to like the game
4024s and the world
4026s friendships are formed
4028s big achievements conquered
4029s beautiful things are built and then
4032s destroyed
4033s attitude
4034s but once you look past the incredible
4036s player simulation the world is pretty
4039s static and predictable
4041s you'll always have multiple parallel
4043s simulations going on at the same time
4046s but it's time to elevate the empire and
4049s the universe simulation
4052s we use this as spaces for three vision
4055s pillars
4056s for challenging you all the core
4060s i belong here i want to take you few
4062s years into the future again
4064s to talk a little more about that
4067s new eden is colored by the people that
4069s occupy it
4070s inhabitants claim their stake and become
4073s masters of their surroundings
4077s eve online is and has always been about
4081s people dealing with people
4084s and this goes way beyond pvp or trade
4088s from selecting another player to
4090s entering a new space you can always read
4092s the story
4094s from metals showing achievements
4097s to megastructures on honoring the rulers
4100s of that given system
4103s cruel but fair
4106s new eden's rules of engagement are clear
4109s and consistent
4110s and i can apply the knowledge from one
4113s part
4114s to one to the next
4116s the real difference lies in the
4118s environment and the people that occupy
4120s each system
4124s even though some
4125s of the changes are out of my area of
4127s control i feel my influence
4130s shaped the outcome of it
4133s when things go wrong
4135s i can see how it happened adapt and
4137s continue
4141s vibrant metropolis
4144s new eden is a playground where systems
4147s and emotions build the perfect vibrant
4149s metropolis
4152s as you travel through the returns you're
4153s reminded of earth cities from 21 000
4156s years ago
4158s where the streets tell the story of the
4160s people that have claimed it their home
4162s and just like the city it never stops
4165s it's in your hands to save it to your
4166s needs
4169s even line happens when the constraints
4172s of the system meets the dwellers of new
4174s eaton
4175s the universe is alive and kicking and
4177s it's in our hands to make it what we
4180s want
4181s if it's imp if it's influencing the
4183s imperial agenda
4184s or setting course for your own empire
4187s one thing is for sure the world will
4189s never be the same again
4191s to dive deeper in how we're taking these
4193s vision pillars and applying them to our
4195s work i want to invite three great
4197s friends ccp ratari
4199s who was once a financial guy i'm sure
4201s you don't know that but he was an avid
4203s fps player so he ended up just doing
4206s games which is way better
4207s then we have ccp lockheed the one-man
4210s production team between behind the scope
4212s and
4213s i guess he's like the swiss army knife
4215s of ccp
4217s and then ccp aurora
4219s i mean we should we should call her ccp
4222s super ninja star i mean she's amazing so
4224s ratadi take it away thank you burger
4234s so thank you burger for that
4235s presentation or introduction to me
4238s uh we're here and we're ready to talk
4240s about the future of the living universe
4243s now that we have a solid foundation our
4245s plans are ambitious and achievable
4248s so let's get right into it
4251s eve players are a big family
4254s and i've been this is my 15th fan fest
4256s as a ccp developer
4259s and to me fanfest is a family reunion
4262s with food and drinks
4264s and relatives that you're not sure you
4266s missed
4269s but you all made it
4271s and we're all here
4272s together
4274s and it makes me really happy to know
4277s that you all had a second family during
4279s the last two or three years
4282s but we're not just a family
4284s we're all members of different groups
4286s both formal and informal
4288s some are welcoming some are invite only
4293s some are merit-based and some are simply
4299s circumstance when we belong to a group
4301s you've already gone through three stages
4304s categorization who am i
4306s and which group do i identify with
4309s and you're also in identification who
4311s are the other groups
4313s and how do they look and behave
4315s and ultimately in comparison how are
4318s they like me and how are they unlike me
4323s for these three stages it's good to have
4324s a common language
4326s humans thrive off of creating emotional
4329s response to others
4330s such as fear respect or desire
4334s and within the eve community there are
4336s three
4337s strongest emotions that we identify
4339s unity i have a sense of belonging
4342s valor i'm proud to be one of the best
4345s and duty i help each other and feel good
4347s about it
4348s and we want you to help you
4351s to express those to others
4354s now social expression was not invented
4357s in the 20th century
4358s lords on the battlefield
4360s needed to identify each other
4362s they needed to
4364s either attack or avoid or flee an
4366s opponent
4367s and rally their troops
4370s through heraldry
4371s they would express heritage
4373s achievement experience
4376s importance and wealth
4382s so how do i see myself and most
4384s importantly how do others see me
4386s and what do i want them to understand
4388s about me
4390s i'm a badass with tattoos i fly a blink
4393s battleship
4394s i'm a proud member of university
4396s university
4398s but i'm also
4399s holding a high quality rank
4401s and i'm an alliance tournament winner
4404s and i feel kinship with the caristas
4408s which brings us to
4410s who are we and what do we stand for
4413s we're world war b survivors we're
4415s charitable
4417s we're friends in real life and we come
4418s to fanfest to meet each other
4422s and we're proud to present our vision of
4424s heraldry for eve online and a path to
4427s the following elements of achievement
4431s lines logos and patterns on ships
4448s the super carrier holograms unlocked
4450s incredible opportunities
4453s holograms that change and grow based on
4456s your achievement like standings
4460s or kill marks
4466s and attachments
4474s unlocked by the new art and graphics
4476s technology presented
4481s before i that
4483s next year
4487s i promise
4489s i've been trying i've been trying
4491s uh holograms and billboards
4494s instructure skins ambience and logos
4505s and a vision of a fully customizable
4507s structure and ship
4512s so heraldry will be acquired through
4514s interbus credits
4515s a new in-game currency that cannot be
4517s bought directly
4519s only earned
4520s it can never be traded between
4522s characters cannot be sold and does not
4524s have an exchange rate to any real money
4527s plex is or any other currency
4537s every character can generate into bus
4540s credits through select activities
4541s engagement
4543s made for players
4544s by players is the first activity that
4546s will grant ibc's
4548s i'll talk more about that our 11
4550s presentation tomorrow in addition
4552s characters will generate ibc's to the
4554s corporation while they are members
4556s so corporations and players can both buy
4559s heraldry which is non-tradable
4564s and omega is the key it already gained
4567s stable xp and access to all skills but
4570s omega clone state will give a major
4572s boost to andy and all acquisition of ibc
4575s for those that are interested i'll cover
4577s this core loop and explain enterprise
4579s credits in full detail tomorrow so be
4581s there
4584s this obviously needs updates to the
4586s fitting window
4587s so we'll unify the experience between
4590s herald's vein modules
4591s and here's a very quick visualization of
4593s what it could look like with this new
4595s opportunities
4597s logos
4599s holograms
4601s holograms
4603s logos
4604s dyes
4607s ceo holograms
4611s and uh who wants to build the statue of
4613s their ceo or even yourself
4616s i think that's a pretty good goal
4621s and this is the full
4622s full suite
4626s so
4628s pausing a bit we're hard at work for uh
4630s mostly account benefits
4632s and progress against this fairly long
4634s road map is very promising
4637s we're absolutely committed to our a
4638s tiered reward system to benefit our
4640s veterans and i have no further update
4643s today nor this fan fest but this is a
4645s high priority for us let just wanted to
4647s know that
4650s we all want stronger organizations that
4652s can recruit train and retain new players
4656s this is why we're investing in a lot of
4658s support like better tools
4660s social income which i'll talk about
4662s tomorrow
4663s analytics and planning through
4664s spreadsheets in space
4667s improved retention and with a particular
4669s focus on less griefing
4671s and smarter training as we've seen today
4674s air academy career program and improved
4677s career agents
4680s so we're going to be investing heavily
4682s into the vibrant metropolis pillar
4684s because it's important for both new and
4686s old players to log in every day
4689s and feel that the world is living
4690s breathing and adapting and filled with
4693s new opportunities
4694s this is a real commitment and not
4697s something we can do in a patch or two
4700s but we're not going to go into a cave
4701s either and come out with a perfect
4703s solution in 12 months we want to keep
4705s the rapid release spirit alive adjust
4708s iterate and improve
4710s and i hope to see you again tomorrow
4711s where we share additional clues about
4713s this
4714s but now i'd like to welcome
4717s ccp aurora will explain to us what this
4719s strategic commitment really is
4727s thank you very much
4730s all right everyone hello
4734s so let's talk about gameplay
4737s in particular
4739s let's talk about faction warfare
4744s i am very pleased to announce
4746s that the living universe team will be
4748s dedicated to faction warfare for not
4750s just the next release
4752s but potentially the next few years
4756s faction warfare is an incredible
4759s area of the game with many more
4761s incredible stories that have been formed
4763s in it
4764s however as we know it's also an area of
4767s the game that has really needed some
4769s love
4770s for quite some time
4772s we're committed to faction warfare as
4774s our primary focus
4775s not just for a single update
4778s or even a whole expansion
4780s but potentially for years to come
4783s we're looking at faction warfare as an
4785s avenue to deliver new content to the
4787s game
4789s this could include things like updates
4790s to structures
4792s to territory control how you take
4794s sovereignty or how you capture faction
4796s warfare systems
4798s plus balance new modules almost
4800s everything could be delivered through
4803s faction warfare stories driven by you as
4805s the players
4810s to accomplish our goals in faction
4811s warfare we need to update how players
4814s declare their allegiances to
4816s factions in eve
4819s we'll be introducing a new allegiance
4821s system
4822s so instead of having to join a specific
4824s corporation inside a specific alliance
4826s to join a militia
4828s instead you can simply
4830s declare your allegiance inside your
4832s current group
4839s the new allegiance system will be
4840s separate from but connected to the
4842s standing system so for example you may
4845s not even have to
4847s you may be able to simply declare
4849s allegiance to any group that you choose
4851s however they might not accept you if
4853s your standings are not high enough
4856s if they don't like you they don't want
4858s you
4859s and you should be able to align yourself
4861s with the faction of your choice whether
4862s that be an empire faction or perhaps one
4865s day
4866s even a pirate faction
4873s and of course the factions in eve are
4875s wide and varied
4877s they each have their own agendas the
4879s things that they want to accomplish
4881s and
4882s they are going to have their own goals
4884s in the game and to their armies and
4886s their allied players they're going to
4888s pass down objectives to you
4890s to ask them to
4892s for help completing
4895s players that help their faction achieve
4897s their objectives will be rewarded
4899s and the success or failure of these
4901s objectives is not predetermined
4904s if we tie a feature to the game for
4906s example
4908s the caldari are working on a new navy
4910s ship
4911s or something along those lines and they
4913s fail in their objective
4915s it may not it may simply not be released
4920s at least for some time
4924s whatever the outcome you will leave a
4926s lasting impact on the shape of new eden
4931s as a faction loyalist we want you to be
4933s able to
4934s display your loyalty proudly
4936s through systems such as the heraldry
4937s system which ccp ratati just introduced
4940s and
4941s be rewarded for your loyalty as you
4943s fight for them both as you help them
4945s achieve their objectives and simply for
4948s following them through time win or these
4952s now let's take a look at the state of
4953s faction warfare
4955s at the moment there's 180 systems in
4957s faction warfare each of them are nearly
4959s identical in terms of gameplay
4964s players fight over control of these
4965s systems but
4967s the territory itself doesn't mean very
4970s much
4971s beyond where you choose to maybe set up
4973s your gate camp
4976s the capture of a system plays almost no
4979s role on the space around it
4981s if you capture the system there's no
4983s effect on the neighboring systems
4985s there's very little detail to the shape
4987s of space where there could be some
4989s with this in mind we're looking to add
4991s more meaning to the geography
4993s of space and faction warfare and
4996s eventually beyond
4998s and we're looking to accomplish this by
5000s creating a frontline system
5002s this would be a dynamic system where if
5004s you capture space
5005s it will change the
5007s nature of the space that you're in
5010s for example in this example if you're in
5012s a system which borders an enemy
5014s controlled system
5016s that system will be declared a front
5018s line
5019s these systems would have new content
5021s higher rewards and strategic advantage
5024s for fighting in them
5026s we're also looking to update the tempo
5028s of faction warfare space such that these
5030s systems would be slightly faster to
5031s capture than the surrounding space so
5035s if you want to push into enemy territory
5036s it might be better to do so from the
5038s front line not that it's going to stop
5040s you from sneaking behind
5042s and taking systems in their back lines
5045s systems adjacent to the front line would
5047s also be somewhat unique so these are
5049s systems that are adjacent to the front
5051s lines but not
5053s adjacent to an enemy control system
5056s we're currently calling these command
5057s operation systems
5059s these systems would have their own
5060s unique traits
5062s content and
5064s tactical
5066s value we'll talk more about that
5067s tomorrow
5069s all of these systems
5071s uh all other systems that are neither a
5073s front line or a command operation system
5075s would be designated as rear guard
5076s systems
5078s rear guard systems may be less lucrative
5080s in terms of faction warfare rewards and
5082s slower to flip however it may still be
5084s possible to sneak past and take attack
5087s them from behind
5092s on top of the front line system we're
5094s also looking to build a new system of
5095s objectives
5097s rather than simply an endless tug of war
5099s as faction warfare is now we want the
5101s factions of new eden to declare
5103s objectives in space and we want them to
5105s be real and meaningful things that you
5108s can help them accomplish
5110s players allied with their factions will
5111s be able to clearly see what their
5114s faction's objective is and they'll have
5116s to work with the frontline system to
5118s push it into that space capture it
5120s achieve their objective and be rewarded
5123s appropriately
5125s when and if they succeed
5129s frontline systems are still in the
5130s exploration phase and we'll be talking
5133s with you more about these concepts at
5134s the faction warfare roundtable
5137s in the more near future the cd green
5139s update is slated to hit tranquility this
5140s coming tuesday this is the key art from
5142s that
5143s this update features reductions in the
5145s cost of all of the capital ships
5147s creating a very clear balanced scaling
5150s from dreadnoughts to carriers to faxes
5155s it also contains updates to the
5157s reinforcement of medium structures which
5159s we're not done with
5161s speaking of structures
5163s structures are an integral part of the
5165s ecosystem
5166s we want to make sure that there's a
5167s healthy balance for them in all areas of
5170s space
5171s and we want to ensure that the
5172s experience that you have when using them
5174s is a good one
5176s it should be as epic and
5178s large scale as it is
5180s when you are
5181s undocked
5184s given that
5186s and
5187s you guys spend a lot of time docked
5189s like
5191s a lot of times it's kind of a problem
5193s actually you should
5194s anyway uh
5197s given that that's unlikely to change
5199s anytime soon we want to ensure that your
5200s experience while docked is a really good
5202s one it should be immersive um and
5205s so with that in mind we're updating the
5207s docking experience starting with
5210s upwell citadels
5244s so
5268s these new hangar experiences should feel
5270s more like you're inside the docking bay
5272s of a busy station where you can see the
5274s other ships docked around you uh rather
5277s than feeling like you're in kind of your
5278s own private hotel room
5281s you should see the station services
5283s around your docking bay as well
5286s things like aura and perhaps you'll even
5287s be able to interact with these things
5289s directly in the future
5291s at the moment we're looking to show
5293s other ships with you and
5296s when we say other ships we mean
5298s a lot of ships
5300s so this is the scale that we're going
5302s for that you can see in this clip
5304s at first these will be the other ships
5306s currently in your hangar so you can kind
5308s of look at them as like a pedestal of
5309s your trophies
5320s and then potentially in the future it
5321s may also show other players in station
5324s with you
5331s and of course
5332s larger capital ships will be getting
5334s their own updated docking bays too here
5336s is some concept art from our wonderful
5338s artist lorenzo
5344s i have no idea if you can spin it yet
5350s we're also looking to connect the hanger
5352s interior more to the outside world by
5354s indicating the status of the structure
5356s here for example you can see a structure
5358s which is under attack with fires
5361s bursting from pipes and electrical
5363s explosions sirens blaring whole warning
5366s uh being displayed right in the station
5369s this is obviously a very early work in
5371s progress
5372s but it should be really cool to get a
5374s really visceral feel of exactly how your
5376s station is interacting with the outside
5377s world
5379s that's all i have for you today if you'd
5380s like to hear more please join us at the
5382s faction warfare round table and the
5383s living universe presentation where i'll
5385s go a lot more in depth on the sort of
5387s things that we're looking at for faction
5388s warfare
5390s and with that i'll introduce ccp loki
5401s thank you
5408s hi there i'm ccp loki and like so many
5411s of you i've
5413s been here for a while
5418s but usually i stay more in the shattos
5421s pulling some strings and during my time
5424s here at ccp i have sort of
5426s been up to all kinds of shenanigans you
5429s may remember some of these
5433s uh and my sort of passion here at ccp
5437s have mainly been two things one
5439s uh create entertainment and try to avoid
5441s being shot
5444s and
5444s the second part is
5446s world building
5449s i'm quietly
5451s quite obsessed with world building and
5454s as you may be seen here earlier today we
5456s are doing a lot of things to
5460s increase the immersion into eve
5463s and
5465s sort of
5466s make
5470s make make things sort of come alive
5472s inside new ethan instead of eve
5476s in my mind eve is the game
5479s new ethan is this
5481s other universe where empires are
5483s endlessly fighting
5485s you guys are like an attack at long
5487s feuds and fighting wars out in in
5489s nalsack
5490s and
5492s just like those stories that have been
5494s created throughout the years
5497s when we introduce new features
5499s they should be
5500s giving their own origin story
5503s and even more than that you the players
5505s the capsuleers should be able to
5507s participate
5508s in that story
5510s so today
5512s i want to talk to you about how we're
5514s going to release future expansions
5516s by using narrative driven development
5520s and arcs
5524s mere
5525s as you've heard we are moving away from
5526s quadrants
5528s and instead we're going to start
5530s creating story arcs
5532s arc will allow you to participate in the
5534s story of new eaton as events takes place
5537s a new discovery just discovered inside
5540s new ethan
5542s in many cases you'll be able to directly
5543s impact on how and when for example new
5546s ships modules or features come into
5549s existence
5551s the first arc has already started so
5553s there are clues out there
5556s but
5557s understandably i can't give you any
5558s details that will sort of defeat this
5560s purpose
5562s now some of you may remember stuff like
5565s the
5566s lead up to
5578s platitudes
5580s blandishments lies
5582s you of all people know that concord and
5584s the empires have no interest in common
5586s with you they have done nothing for you
5589s they shall do nothing for you
5592s how long will you listen to their empty
5594s words
5595s in recent days as is their pitiful habit
5599s concord has made use of you to advance
5601s their own agenda
5603s these free trade outposts you have so
5606s willingly cleared of my associates have
5608s been taken over by concord's worst the
5611s cerro
5613s perhaps you don't believe me
5615s check for yourself i have broadcast the
5618s new signatures of those sites to all
5620s why should you not destroy the sorrow
5622s bully boys they have always sought to
5625s control you
5626s do their bidding no more
5628s open your eyes seize your destiny and
5633s if you would
5634s join me
5636s the deathless
5643s mike get a lot more of these keep your
5646s eyes open there are clues there are
5648s things that you need to find out it's
5650s like during this beginning times of each
5653s arc
5654s there will be complete radio silence
5657s from us we will not tell you what ships
5659s we're building what whatever we're going
5662s to pull into the narrative we want to
5664s use the narrative to tie everything
5666s together everything you've seen here
5667s today the allegiance system the
5669s frontline system everything is tied
5671s together in a narrative so the universe
5674s feels like a living universe it's alive
5676s it's vibrant
5679s as the story as the arcs progress and
5683s things become more clearer
5685s you will probably start to see a lot
5687s more of what's coming up inside the game
5689s and you will be clear giving like very
5691s clear objectives
5693s most likely by your faction which you
5695s have pledged the legion to to
5697s make that thing come into reality the
5699s faction might actually pit you against
5701s one another
5703s so
5705s you know
5706s to get something like if we were doing
5708s citations today they would you would
5709s actually have to do a lot more to have
5711s the citadels actually come into the game
5713s and you know theoretically we had done a
5716s citadel for each empire maybe the
5718s caldarium ones would have their citadel
5720s first and the next you know first astor
5722s who's first and the
5724s you know amar maybe six months later
5729s and these things can you know those
5732s things that we're asking you to do it
5734s could be something related to the
5735s frontline system it could also relate
5737s you actually to solving puzzles it's you
5739s know
5740s because the whole idea is that
5744s we want to create
5748s an experience that
5751s doesn't sort of feel repeated
5754s we're not trying to construct the system
5755s here we rather we want
5758s each and every
5760s arc to be unique have its own twists and
5763s turns and
5764s various outcomes this is not a game
5766s mechanic per se this is not a system
5768s that happens again the same way again
5771s and again again
5772s and i know some of you are not really
5775s taking part in this
5776s mechanic but still you should feel that
5779s something is going on in the world so we
5781s will start putting we're ramping up npc
5785s fleets we're ramping up you know stuff
5787s like this where we put half-built
5788s structures into the game we we will
5791s start dressing the world up and you will
5792s actually start feeling and seeing the
5795s universe come alive
5803s of course not everything can be
5805s explained narratively
5807s or in character and tomorrow we'll talk
5810s more in details about the future
5812s expansions
5814s and how they are delivered we'll also
5816s get into more detail about arcs and the
5818s narrative development
5821s so i'm hoping to see you as many of us
5823s possible here at the lemon tomorrow and
5826s of course we're always open to ideas we
5828s in the past it's no secret that we have
5830s kept our like during the uh all lead up
5833s to the abyssal death space we keep our
5834s ears very close to the track and we have
5837s on more more than one location sort of
5840s implemented your ideas into this whole
5842s thing this is a bit like directing a
5845s movie where you are reactors and
5846s everyone is improvising
5848s it's a bit chaotic but it's a lot of fun
5851s so i hope this you know i really hope we
5853s can entertain you and entertain
5855s ourselves at the same time and you know
5858s thank you and hope to see you tomorrow
5860s thank you
5871s ah the shenanigans
5874s so
5876s with this complete rethink of functional
5879s warfare
5881s we're also setting up for a strong
5882s foundation for new players to graduate
5885s into
5886s if it's gathering resources
5888s or hauling ships to the front lines
5891s they will have a strong purpose in the
5892s war machine
5895s this is a massive undertaking and us
5897s border shift shift the empires will be
5900s forced to react with new tactics and
5903s tools
5905s my sources tell me that due to this
5908s rising tension most factions have
5912s already started funneling
5914s massive amounts of funds
5916s to their innovation ministries
5919s and like that
5921s we want the universe to tell as
5924s impressive stories as you all create
5930s the empires will play a major part in
5933s this story with you
5935s the ritz backstory should not only be
5937s about yesterday
5938s but also about today and tomorrow
5942s with that we after the eve universe
5944s portal last year
5946s where you all can go in and really dig
5948s deep into the eve lore
5950s and we have plans to expand it even
5952s further
5954s we also introduced a new comics last
5956s year the capsuleer chronicles issue 2 is
5959s out now and we have two more issues to
5961s complete this arc
5964s and then we're going to pull them all
5966s together and
5967s purpose a hardcover that you can
5969s actually pre-order right now
5971s pretty cool
5974s so
5976s we've covered a lot today
5979s it's a pretty long one
5982s and
5983s we have a very busy year ahead of us
5985s towards the 20th birthday next year
5988s we talked about all the amazing work
5991s that the
5993s eve academy teams are doing on embracing
5995s new players
5996s with career agents uh coming first and
5999s then diving headfirst into exploration
6003s air career program
6005s a new way
6008s of a new way of finding your way in new
6010s e10
6012s we will welcome new spanish-speaking
6014s players to our awesome awesome awesome
6016s universe
6018s and other interesting things that we'll
6020s be talking more about or fanfest
6026s we've also covered plenty of interesting
6029s visceral candies
6031s lots of visual updates
6033s here's just a tiny bit of the things
6036s that we have planned
6039s more ways to show your identity
6042s new hangers a pedestal for your
6044s achievements
6046s photon ui is in full swing and we will
6049s continue to develop it with your input
6051s and help
6052s and then we're going to dive into the
6054s hud later in the year but that's going
6055s to be a very long conversation we want
6058s to make that
6060s the best we can
6062s we'll talk about more things at fan fest
6065s and then there are going to be plenty of
6066s things that you're going to discover
6068s through play
6071s and then
6072s we touched on some pretty interesting
6073s things on challenging the core you all
6078s with more focus on narrative development
6080s we will start our journey
6082s into more engaging functional warfare
6086s interbus credit is a new way of keeping
6088s your captains engaged
6091s we will continue to do regular events
6093s releases and
6095s expansions
6096s and the first expansion is actually
6098s coming to you for this year
6101s a legion system a new more meaningful
6103s way
6105s to support your faction
6107s and then very exciting updates that you
6110s will discover and unlock through play
6114s pretty exciting stuff
6116s we're still investing a lot in the new
6119s player experience
6121s but more and more teams are starting to
6123s move to features that benefit all
6126s and then into the handshake between the
6128s early onboarding and the evergreen
6130s through functional warfare
6133s we're also investing heavily into the
6136s foundation to set us up for the third
6138s decade
6139s that actually starts next year
6143s where you and your crew will actually
6146s play a key part
6148s there is no time like now
6150s and the future of eve is very bright
6155s i want to wish you all the best fun fest
6157s i can't wait to hang out talk eve nerd
6160s out you know maybe get a couple of ideas
6162s into my head
6164s and to close this off i have a message
6166s from the kaltari state
6167s chairman
6169s akimaka
6170s saraki
6179s cold wind
6180s remembers the darkest of days
6187s when the reigns of our world became
6191s laced
6192s with fire
6198s one warrior's fierce duty
6201s seared a path
6203s to our future
6206s the ultimate sacrifice
6209s made in blood
6211s and steel
6219s we remain culturally
6223s no matter the cost
6232s everything we are
6235s we all to our ideas
6241s a fuel our rise
6244s as the heart of a raging storm
6249s a beacon of strength
6252s and a shrine to our identity
6259s honor
6260s and preserve
6262s your family
6264s your cooperation
6267s your state
6270s without hesitation
6274s without
6276s remorse
6314s you