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4s when you come into new Eden the world is
7s your oyster you can become whoever you
9s want to be it's epic scale that spans
13s 7,700 solar systems it's about these
16s human emotions this human interaction
18s it's the capsuleers that are actually
20s creating these worlds and with vard
23s coming in you have the opportunity to
27s shape the platform that future
29s Generations will tell stor
40s in the vision for Vanguard is a true MMO
44s FPS it's a long-term vision and we want
47s to follow the footsteps of EV on line
49s our MMO that we've been building for
51s over two
52s decades what we have in E on line or
54s Fleet battles kind of the epitome of
56s high stakes gameplay it's high stakes
58s gameplay because it's a single shart
60s game
60s and everything we're fighting or using
63s or building or losing is all a part of
65s the player made economy all of this loss
68s is someone's time and effort to build
71s that and when it's lost the economy
73s needs to replenish it and no other game
75s really has this the vanguards are the
78s next step in Clone mercenary Evolution
80s continuing the S of T 4 they are an
83s advanced but a bit prototype technology
87s that has been invented by The deathless
89s Who is a major NPC and the faction on
92s the Eve side plry Conquest was probably
95s the most unique and interesting part of
98s t f 4 it really had true mercenaries you
101s had corporations fighting for planetary
103s districts actually owning them you had
106s corporations actually lining up their
108s best members but also filling in with
111s actual mercenaries that they call
113s ringers you call someone at the middle
115s of night and say I need the best of the
117s best to help me win this District as it
120s does you will get a game that is meant
123s to be a successor to Dust 514 if you're
127s a non FPS playing Eve player there's a
130s lot of potential here we're talking
131s about adding game play that is deeper on
135s the economic side and has better
137s planning than the faction Warfare
139s advantage that we had in D 54 we want
141s players on the Eve side to actually
143s become content creators for the Vanguard
146s players the contracts that you're doing
149s are actually being created by other
150s players or the items or Contraband that
153s you're shipping off planet is actually
155s being used by players in a grander
158s economy someone is picking up that
160s Contraband and smuggling it to a
162s different place in the space game using
165s it to create illegal boosters or
167s implants this is what a Sandbox gameplay
171s means and this is also the unique part
173s of E
174s online a lot of people know about Eve
176s and a lot of people read about Eve but
178s they've never kind of taken the step
180s they find the game maybe too scary they
182s find the idea of multiple solar systems
185s a bit daunting but with I vangard we see
188s this as a great opportunity for people
190s to join new eeden in a new way and
194s contribute to the history of tomorrow
197s we've managed to build a very strong
198s Foundation we've battle tested it quite
201s thoroughly through the play tests and
202s the Sol this event and now we're at the
204s point where we need to gather all the
206s feedback we really need to start kind of
208s thinking about the future and making
210s making sure that what we're building now
212s can outlive us all and this is where
215s your input becomes very valuable the
218s broad vision is huge and it's very
220s difficult to break that down and make
222s that work so we have to take small
224s chunks at a time so we make lots of
226s internal product types try lots of
227s things out not everything makes it into
228s the final product we throw a lot of
230s stuff away that just doesn't work and we
231s try and cover as many play Styles as
233s possible so we're trying to look for
235s things that are either low skill or high
237s skill or low duration long duration and
239s that's how we help shape our sessions if
241s we can cater for as many play Styles as
243s possible then that helps us have a
245s broader range I'm looking forward to
247s other players getting their hands on the
248s new prototypes that we working on behind
250s the scenes and maybe opening up to the
252s founders we like to expand the Adaptive
255s Weaponry concept into suits configure
257s weapons you go out and shoot people and
258s they've got a counter to that so they're
260s maybe bolstering their Shields or their
262s movement speed or abilities that can
263s help you cter
268s those we are looking at a big release in
271s November it will be a release similar to
274s solers an expanded iteration of what we
277s already delivered until then we're
279s looking at private play tests under the
281s founders access umbrella and to be
283s eligible for those events you have to be
286s a part of Discord we are going to offer
288s a direct access in the future basically
290s a one-time purchase without any
292s subscription first things first join the
295s Discord join the family and I'll see you
298s there