14 days ago - CCP_Fleebix - Direct link

Hi Bluelysian, first off I want to say you guys at RvB are, and have been doing an amazing job now and throughout the years. Don’t think that we don’t notice, because we do. You may remember me and a few others just joined RvB Discord a few weeks ago, and we’d love to do an event with you guys in the near future.
Ping me on Discord and let’s see what and how we can organize something together.

11 days ago - CCP_Fleebix - Direct link

Please refrain from alluding to “Curbstomping” whether it be CCP or anyone else.

11 days ago - CCP_Fleebix - Direct link

We’d love to do something with you guys, and as we saw with our Spectre fleet collab there are a lot of newbies out there who want to get their taste for some PvP but are on the fence on how to get started.
I’ll ping you on Discord bluelysian.