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Transcript (by Youtube)

1s just watching thousands of space nerds
4s descend onto a tiny volcanic rock in the
7s Mid-Atlantic
9s it's something that you cannot recreate
11s anywhere else
12s [Music]
15s every single time you'll learn something
18s new you meet the new person their story
20s is different
21s inspires us to make the game better
24s there is no tip to leave flat and so you
27s kind of end up with this real Melting
29s Pot of players within the game and I
31s think that's why it makes these
32s conventions so interesting
34s to have a beer with each other and to
38s try and scheme with each other and to
39s talk this is the whole meta game
42s this is the metagame of the metagame
45s it's all the players together
48s without everybody coming together there
51s would be no game
53s is huge
54s [Music]