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Transcript (by Youtube)

2s 19 years have passed
4s since independent Capsuleers took to the stars of New Eden.
10s And since their arrival,
13s they have shaken up the universe.
16s The last year alone has been a momentous one for Capsuleers.
21s Records were smashed.
24s Foes were conquered.
27s Flags were held high.
30s New technology was discovered.
34s And New Eden´s Capsuleers came together,
38s united,
39s time and time again.
44s To mark this monumental milestone,
47s Capsuleers are arriving from far and wide,
50s to celebrate New Eden´s biggest trade hub, Jita 4-4.
57s As the party rages on,
59s pilots will be able to put their skills to the test
62s in the Capsuleer Day celebrations taking place across New Eden.
67s And those who participate,
70s will be handsomely rewarded.
74s As we advance resolutely into the future,
77s towards the third decade of EVE,
82s we stand as a beacon of strength,
84s strong in our identity as Capsuleers.
89s So, come and celebrate the 19th anniversary with us.
93s Either at Jita 4-4,
96s or out amongst the stars.
101s And as always,
103s fly safe Capsuleers.