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0s hello everyone and welcome to the latest
3s and final of this series in Equinox INF
6s Focus uh live chat today we've got the
8s director's chat something which I'm
9s always looking forward to because I'm
11s beginning to have something of a paoan
13s reaction whenever I hear the term
14s director's chat because it's telling me
15s that expansion is just around the corner
17s which in this case it definitely is it's
19s only a few days away on the 11th of June
20s you'll be able to try out the new
21s expansion and joining me aptly for the
24s directors chat uh game director CCP
26s retardi and creative director CCP Burger
30s uh we're still heads down here at CCP
32s you know I'm putting the crosses on the
35s t's and the dots on the lowercase JS
36s getting the expansion ready for you CP
38s retardi CCP Burger what's the mood
40s around the office how are things
42s going anxious I think yeah PR exci and
46s Jitters anxious but excited too it's a
49s for sure yeah it's for sure it's an
51s emotional roller coaster because uh
53s obviously you want it to be great you
54s we've put a lot of work into this over
56s the last several months um and it'll
58s soon be in players hands so you can
59s start pulling it apart so the last three
61s expansions that we've worked on uh
63s Uprising vidiian and Havoc have touched
65s on many many areas of of Evon line but
67s have had sort of like a consistent sort
69s of focus on losc I think it's fair to
71s say with the reinvigoration of factional
74s warfare the introduction of new factions
77s um the uh uh Insurgency mechanic which
79s came along and has proven to be really
80s really popular and now for equinox after
83s giving so much attention there for a
84s while we're kind of like pivoting a
85s little bit and looking a bit more
86s closely at nsec for the first time in a
89s little while what were sort of some of
91s the things that led to the decision to
92s say that like okay loac is is going to
94s be okay for now and we're going to turn
96s our attention over
97s here yeah so if I if I maybe kick things
100s off uh yeah we've been kind of you know
103s after we went back to expansions uh
105s We've we've kind of last three expansive
107s expansions have been focused on on uh
110s low and we've been but we've been kind
113s of thinking about noac the whole time
115s and we've been kind of rather than going
117s into into nsac where you know a lot of
120s the the player-to-player politics is
121s happening a lot of the kind of these
123s ideas of control and and things like
125s that going on we wanted to use uh a
129s different area of space of trying out
130s some of the hypothesis that we've been
132s flowing with um so in many ways you know
136s not to not to Discount the discount low
138s or discount work we did in low like it's
140s absolutely fantastic but these have been
142s kind of you know we've been allowing
144s ourselves to try out different
145s hypothesis and different ideas that have
147s been floating around for a while uh
149s before kind of the full step into into
152s into n so this um econox definitely
155s marks the first expansion uh where we're
158s kind of taking these steps into what
160s does owning what does owning space mean
163s what does uh territory control mean and
166s and things like that so we we're very
169s excited to get this into players hand
171s and get players uh uh really hammering
175s on these new features and and figuring
177s out new clever ways to to you know break
180s our brains and ideas and and figuring
182s out new ways to to uh yeah shoot each
186s other in the face cool more the
190s sandbox yeah I I mean I know that um
193s with the at the moment in nsec there's
196s really not much difference between one
197s system or another there are obviously
199s some aspects like geography how many
201s gate connections it has how close it is
202s to sort of jump off points and LC and of
204s course there's TRC which is sort of a
206s nebulous thing that just sits under the
208s surface of of nsec in general
210s but with the the new sovereignty hubs
212s that are coming the consolidation of the
214s ihubs and tcus that that that represents
217s the the sky hooks Supply chains of
219s resources that will be needed to
220s maintain um sovereignty upgrades um it
223s it we're putting more objectives it's
225s fair to say I think into space so there
227s you know as as a either as a harassment
230s utility or as a precursor to an invasion
232s there will be strategic points that an
234s enemy might want to sort of strike on to
236s try and sort of I guess like soften up
238s the ground a little bit before the next
239s steps in the
243s 100% um a lot of what we have been
245s trying to do is to to put way more
248s objectives in
249s space uh put PE more people into space
252s always that's kind of like a a rule of
255s thumb for us um and basically applying a
259s lot of these things that we learned from
260s faction Warfare about like um small
264s medium large objectives is something
266s that we really want to kind of uh take
268s as a as a as a core part of the vision
270s so that everyone can participate so
273s we're we're basically get everyone in
275s space but also not just into space for
277s something but like something meaningful
279s and something that fits their
280s capabilities so they can build up
282s confidence and be a part of like a
284s larger organization so everyone has a
287s role to play is is one of our things
289s what I mean by harassment of course is
291s like for someone mentioned in chat was
293s like the metox mo drill which people
294s will be anchoring to Harvest Moon
296s resources people will be able to uh blow
298s those up fairly easily that'll a source
300s of contestable income kind of like the
302s old poses which used to sort of like
304s just scoop up moongo and people would be
306s like fighting over the best moons
308s because the metox can also go into
309s Wormhole space and into loc so that
311s should spread the influence of that uh
313s that particular structure plus the
314s things that they uh are fed with the
316s reagents the um superionic ice or CP
320s calls it supersonic ice and um magmatic
323s gas which will have to come from Sky
325s Hooks and other parts of space to
326s maintain their fuel that those resources
328s unlike Workforce and electricity aren't
330s just you know transported sort of
333s mechanically by the system throughout
334s the throughout the network they actually
336s have to be collected and transported by
338s players so they'll be indictable they'll
340s be raidable U you'll be able to steal uh
343s those reagents from other players
345s skyhooks if they're you know not reative
347s react quickly enough when you show up
348s with your rating party to snatch them
350s away um so yeah hopefully there's a lot
352s more opportunities for engagement
353s that'll be coming in in um with the
355s Equinox system from aw TM uh in this
360s yeah definitely and this is a big thing
362s that we really want to focus on this
363s idea of you know there are multiple
366s multiple ways multiple kind of levels
368s you can enter the system into you know
370s if you're you know if you want to claim
372s space and set up your own Skyhook for a
374s for a very consistent flow of um these
377s resources or if you want to go and
379s siphon them and steal them and kind of
381s play more of the that that type of a
383s game so or them from the market from
385s somebody else who's done all this
386s stealing and siphoning yeah absolutely
388s so there are like there there angles to
391s to solve this person yeah uh and of
394s course on the back of that is you know
395s um this will require a restructure of a
398s lot of the uh nullsec infrastructure
400s that many alliances have had in place
401s for a while and probably taken for
402s granted for a while that's obviously
404s going to be a challenge for some
405s alliances but also just sort of uh uh
408s you know scrambling the Rubik's Cube a
409s little bit I know people will be hitting
410s the spreadsheets really really hard
412s trying to figure out where the best
413s systems are because you know not like I
415s said not all systems are created equally
417s now if you have a particular class of
418s star and a particular type of say an
421s abundance of say plasma planets in your
422s system that's obviously a logical uh
425s candidate for a you know an important
427s system a capital system uh somewhere
429s where you want to set up because you'll
430s have the energy to run lots of
432s sovereignty upgrades in that systems and
433s you'll have to route your Workforce in
435s from elsewhere as as some of your
437s reagents so a lot for a lot for the big
439s Galaxy brains of the alliances and Eve
441s online to think about in this expansion
443s and of course that might also require
445s them to rationalize how they've got
447s their an plexes deployed because they
449s may you know you may have had an anx
451s Network set up a certain way now for
453s several years but with Equinox perhaps
456s the same systems that those anes are in
458s today uh won't be able to sustain that
461s same number of network so that will have
463s to be refracted as well so this is like
464s a peripheral you know peripherally it'll
467s also probably affect projection a little
469s bit and it'll be really interesting to
471s see what happens with that because we
472s know from the player base and from
473s talking to the CSM um a projection is a
476s big concern and is kind of it's kind of
479s Handy that as a I mean I'm not saying
480s it's completely by accident definitely
483s some thought went into it as well but
484s another component of our approach that
486s we've taken with Equinox will mean that
488s um those things will have to be sort of
489s rethought and rationalized so that um
492s their networks are sustainable yeah
494s absolutely and and I mean un lexes and
497s projection is is a big topic here and
500s this is something that we are we're
502s we're thinking about a lot and there are
503s going to be some I mean with Equinox
507s like the use of an sulex will definitely
510s be impacted then we will change kind of
511s how people will approach them and this
513s is we definitely want to see how Equinox
516s plays out and we know with big changes
520s like this there is always there's always
522s a grace period that we need to kind of
523s we need to kind of hold on hold back for
525s like couple of months because it's only
528s you know come kind of August September
530s October we where we really start to see
533s the impact of these changes to
535s projection and things like that so uh
537s this is very high on our list and this
539s is one of the top priorities uh uh for
542s the latter half of the year to to really
544s deep dive into into these into
547s projection and and the the uh
550s interesting challenges around it in E
552s today but first we want to see the
554s impact of of these new Sol chenes of the
557s new reagents and Workforce and how that
560s will affect uh uh kind of these networks
564s yeah which we dem sorry go
566s C uh no I just wanted to expand on the
569s so on the graphy so this has been
571s something we've been working on for over
573s three years now is to to make space more
576s diverse uh and geography matter more uh
579s with regard to resources but also travel
582s um it's been kind of stag it used to be
584s stagnant um and these are these are
586s solved things now uh what we want to do
589s is we want to keep the flexibility and
591s the freedom in the agency to have travel
593s to have like control their travel to
595s control their Logistics control their
597s resources and now we're finally getting
599s into that place of of of uh of
602s customizing space something that we were
605s basically talking about for been for a
607s very long time um and also I would say
611s increasing a little bit the effort of of
614s maintaining Logistics Network without
616s kind of cont completely uh making
618s Logistics directives hate their
621s lives we're not basically just you know
625s uh it's a it's a de Gentle Touch on the
629s on the system MH uh but I think there's
631s a a lot of give and take here uh finally
633s being able to kind of customize more on
635s their
636s resources uh alleviate a lot of the
639s pressure on jump freers well like uh
641s there's just it kind of to me it's the
645s culmination and I would say uh
649s Harvest like this is this is the first
652s of the Harvest expansions where you
653s actually see like all of these things
655s come together right it's good so I can't
657s wait it's good to hear you say that
658s because I mentioned you know the the
660s trilogy let's call it that of the um of
664s the the low SEC experiences that we've
666s just had and CP burger also you know
669s sort of like indicated this was the idea
672s before that this is like kind of once
674s again we're just embarking now on a on a
676s New Journey that's going to sort of go
677s on for a period of time we'll be
679s iterating on the things that we added
680s we'll be adding new things um we'll be
683s thinking about the future of of war in
685s New Eden what that's going to look like
687s and as we've covered in the the previous
689s streams that we've done on this we've
691s been talking about the actual nsac
693s aspects but also the home front stuff
694s and the Skinner stuff which we talked
696s about earlier in in um the InFocus
698s series of streams we'll continue to rate
700s on like the people's ability like you
701s know personal expression ship you know
703s ship skins and their the way they
705s express themselves uh and of course you
708s know yeah the the improvements that have
710s come to the corporation projects in this
713s in this expansion we're refactoring the
715s uh Corporation management UI window so
717s it's just a little bit more sensible and
719s in line with the rest of the the
720s features in the game so the the future
723s is bright but we've spoken at length
725s over the last few weeks both here on the
727s stream and in various Dev blogs about
729s these four big ticket items you know
731s Equinox itself the new ships the home
734s front and the Skinner there's a bunch of
736s stuff coming in this expansion though
737s and this is probably the payoff for
738s tuning into the stream right now there's
739s a bunch of stuff coming in this
741s expansion which we haven't talked about
742s at all yet you know the bundle of joy
745s let's call it the the the icing on the
747s cake the cherry on the icing of the cake
750s um and to talk about those a little bit
752s we would like to introduce you to uh uh
754s someone who you may not be familiar with
755s that's been working at CCP with us now
757s for a while CCP aami let me uh yink them
761s into the room hello CCP akami welcome to
763s the stream he everybody super nice to be
766s here um this uh Cami is yet another
769s director so now in addition to the game
771s director and the creative director we
773s have the game design director uh before
776s we sort of launch into what's uh what he
779s uh his to talk about could we maybe just
782s tell the people gather at home what is a
784s game design director and what do they
787s do yeah I think I think of game design
789s direction as designing the design team
791s so I'm here really to work with our
794s super awesome solid design team that we
796s have already and just help them organize
799s facilitate themselves uh understand how
801s they want to work with our players and
803s take player feedback into account as we
805s design things um how they talk to and
808s work with burger and snort and just get
810s our design team basically the strongest
811s team that it can possibly be delivering
814s like excellent content for you guys so
815s that's that's really my role here is is
817s working with the designers on on that
819s sort of level nice one and just how long
821s have you been with CCP at the moment in
823s this
823s role uh I think it's been five months
826s officially yeah I think it's about five
828s months right on that's not long
830s enough yeah I know it all now everything
834s by heart so yeah no I mean we' we've
836s missed you in the the past I know I've
840s I've seen you being I mean I didn't
842s actually get to speak to you until uh
843s recently because you're not yet you're
845s located in Iceland but um I I've you're
848s like white on rice as they say all over
850s slack all over the internal Wiki uh
853s doing game design documents and just
855s like pushing you know shaping how this
857s our systems work which is really really
859s cool um but as I said you're here to
862s talk about a little bit about what we're
863s referring to internally just sort of
864s like casually as the bundle of joy um do
867s first of all do before we talk about
868s specifics do you want like can explain
870s what we mean by that when we say a
872s bundle of joy I thought I was the bundle
875s of joy
877s um H uh yeah the bundle of joy is really
881s just a bunch of different pieces that we
883s kind of tried to pick off and didn't
885s really fit with like one specific thing
888s like piece of the game like nulc or uh
891s anywhere else and all it is is really a
893s bunch of updates to like meta changes
895s like game balances we've seen this part
898s of the game getting a lot of feed back
899s can we do something to give it a bit of
901s a bump and there's a lot of stuff that's
903s feedback from CSM and the player
905s community as well that we've tried to
906s take like tackle and just get a bunch of
908s little pieces kind of in there to to
910s boost everything else kind of
911s surrounding the expansion so at a high
913s level that's the bundle of joy all right
917s well let's should we just get started
919s like I said sure a lot of people who are
922s watching wouldn't have seen much of this
924s coming but would we like to start by
926s talking about the 74 and carrier idea
932s um yeah I think I think carriers are a
934s great place for us to start so talking
936s about the capital ecosystem like this is
938s something that we're really committed to
941s uh creating vibrant and sort of
943s challenging gameplay for all aspects of
945s the game and with that in mind we've
947s been thinking about carriers and taking
949s a look at some of the stuff we want to
950s do there so there are some carrier
951s changes coming and the philosophy here
953s is like where do they fit in the game
956s like we've we've kind of taken a look at
957s what their role was and what they're
959s doing and how do we shift them into
961s something that is interesting and
962s meaningful without just kind of tuning
964s up their damage or or hit points or
966s something like that uh so we've thought
968s about carriers as really having movement
971s oriented and positioning oriented
973s gameplay so that's their strength in the
975s game and with that in mind there are
977s three new things uh that you can expect
979s with carriers in this expansion the
981s design team has done a great job sort of
983s uh coming up with and working on the
986s first is they all have a new innate
988s ability called a conduit jump so all
991s carriers will have this and this lets
993s them uh basically jump between systems
997s and carry up to 30 combat sub Capital
1000s ships with them and that's with Max
1002s skills trained and everything uh so
1004s thinking about them sort of uh being
1006s able to transport small fleets and
1008s deploy small fleets into combat that's
1010s their first big sort of
1012s overhaul second thing all right stop me
1014s if you want to jam on any this this is
1017s in the patch notes but I just like my my
1019s detail in mind is they said it's an
1021s anate ability which means on patch day
1023s all carriers will have this ability uh
1025s with the minimum level set to five uh
1027s and there will be a new skill that you
1028s can train that per level adds five more
1031s so you'll be able to do five by default
1033s with a carrier and then train up to five
1035s levels for five more space friends per
1037s level up to a maximum of
1039s 30 that's right proceed yep all right
1043s awesome yeah so the next one that's uh
1045s pretty exciting is uh more around um the
1049s carrier survival and how it kind of fits
1051s on the battlefield right now so we know
1053s that they're a bit of a slow ship and
1054s that they can get kind of like jumped on
1056s and and have have challenges with that
1058s so there's a new module that they can
1060s they can have which is called a capital
1062s micro jump drive and what this does is
1064s it lets them spool up and jumps them for
1066s 250 kilometers so this is a uh get out
1069s of combat sort of
1071s reposition um module right
1075s on uh and the last one which is really
1077s exciting I think and has a huge impact
1080s on how carriers are going to work in
1082s combat is it's pretty similar uh but
1085s this one's called the capital micro jump
1086s field generator and when this one spools
1089s up it jumps uh the carrier and nearby
1092s ships Ford 250 kilometers so this can
1095s move uh sub capitals uh as well as
1098s capital ships um combat ships basically
1101s uh and this is like really strategic for
1103s repositioning people on the battlefield
1105s so I'm really excited to see how this
1107s lands and how people use this in their
1109s in their combat strategies yeah people
1111s already call the Kush I think they I
1114s think it's Landing pretty well so far uh
1116s but so uh and just to expand as as with
1119s before this this will be for the the
1121s field is about I think it's a 10 km
1123s radius around the carrier and it'll move
1125s up up to 50 sub capitals or up uh or
1129s sorry up to 50 sub 50 sub capitals and
1131s up to four capitals even if they're in
1134s Siege or triage uh or the or the or the
1137s sub capitals are in Bastion mode
1140s so that's kind of interesting uh what do
1143s you think twitch
1145s chat I think this is super interesting
1147s yeah I think it's super cool I love U
1150s I'm I'm a big fan of of of uh kind of
1154s identity for ships it's something like
1156s that I've really tried to kind of push
1158s for for some time and fundamentally it
1161s it like I I'm a World War II kind of
1165s buff and I love battleships and and
1167s those kinds of things I think having
1169s that identity super clear for each of
1171s these ships what's a destroyer what's a
1174s frig it helps new players also like
1177s understand like how to what to do what
1179s roles to fulfill in a fleet Etc even if
1182s you have like specific Eve roles to then
1184s later to fulfill but the kind of like
1186s original Fantasy is something you come
1188s with from the environment into the game
1190s like and you kind of you have some
1192s assumed knowledge um and carriers have
1195s just and supers super carriers have have
1197s kind of like
1199s I've been waiting for a long time to get
1201s like more of this Mothership fantasy and
1203s this this is really fulfilling that yeah
1206s just to clarify however this is only
1207s applying to carriers just in case anyone
1209s because CCP reard mentioned super
1211s carriers then this this this these
1213s modules these changes are just for like
1215s the Baseline carriers which is which is
1217s great and I think it's a I think it's a
1218s much more interesting and creative way
1220s of doing something with carriers just
1222s rather than adding a few more HP or you
1224s know adding a bit more DPS or something
1226s like that giving them a defined role
1228s because they kind of been squeezed out a
1229s little bit with how effective Marauders
1231s are and also you know how effective
1233s dreadnots are so giving them a defined
1236s role it's basically like command
1237s destroyers right you're you're creating
1239s a a class of ship that has a very
1240s specific Battlefield utility in addition
1243s to its pre-existent you know fairly
1245s considerable um DPS ability and it and
1248s this tank but now it's just got like a
1250s it's got a little something extra that
1252s makes you will make get people's heads
1253s turning about how we can use these
1255s things on the battlefield rather than
1257s leave those at home because it's
1258s obviously just better to bring a bunch
1259s ofers or obviously better to bring just
1262s bring a bunch of dreadn which is super
1264s cool um now there was also something to
1266s do with um uh Titan doomsdays CP comi
1271s yeah yeah that's right they're getting
1273s uh they are getting a buff so I think we
1275s weren't feeling like they were sitting
1277s where we wanted them to be based on
1279s where the meta was currently looking at
1281s other ships sort of effective hit points
1282s and stuff and so they are getting a buff
1286s significantly nice so basically what
1288s that down to for people at home is that
1291s Titan doomsday Max damage will now be
1293s increased to about 3 million HP with Max
1296s skills which I think is about is it a
1298s double of what it is now or is it a 30%
1301s increase forgive me I sort of checked
1302s before the stream but is something that
1304s vicinity but with you know with the
1305s introduction of really powerful subc
1307s caps like Navy dreadnots and Lancer
1310s dreadnots this kind of brings back the
1313s the the ability for the Titans to
1315s dominate the battlefield a little bit
1316s the way you think a ship of that scale
1318s should
1319s um because Navy dreadn it's incredibly
1321s tanky and would just be able to you know
1323s can shrug off a DD blast but now they're
1325s sort of on noticed again if but on the
1328s Proviso that someone has uh the courage
1330s to like put a Titan on the field and
1332s commit that to the
1334s fight um so hope you guys will enjoy
1338s those changes that sounds like it's
1339s going to be a lot of fun um we're also
1341s doing some changes around some sort of B
1343s rebalancing and met changes to some
1344s other areas of space I want to talk
1346s about pochin next Um this can has come
1349s about through an extended period of like
1351s I want to say very constructive
1352s consultation with people who uh live in
1355s poven and also through the CSM and other
1357s resources like that a few years ago a
1359s whole bunch of uh this is PRI pre-u
1361s prising a whole bunch of faction Warfare
1363s alliances got together and essentially
1365s made like a problem statement uh
1367s document and said CCP we want you to
1369s give this some attention and the the the
1372s way that was presented and the way that
1374s the dialogue that ensued really helped a
1376s lot with us shaping what we did in
1377s Uprising and similarly I want to commend
1379s the PCH Community because they have also
1381s sort of taken that kind of approach as
1382s like okay let's let's actually put our
1385s heads together and try and articulate
1386s what the problems are um and present
1389s those to CCP so that we have like
1390s something really really good to chew on
1391s when our game designers are trying to to
1393s solve these problems so we are making
1395s some before anyone gets too excited
1397s we're not like turning poch ven on its
1399s head but we are making some changes
1400s which have been long requested which we
1401s hope will um make it uh uh improve the
1404s quality of life of people living that
1405s area space uh CCP or Ki or burger or
1409s rard whoever would like to speak to
1411s those I can speak to the big reason and
1415s then you can so there's what we really
1418s like is when the like the uh domain
1421s expertise Lobby group comes together and
1424s kind of pitches something that's kind of
1426s like a these are we all kind of agree
1429s that these are pretty logical fixes so
1432s it's not like a like a a real Lobby
1435s where you're basically just like pushing
1437s for your own interest like
1439s um over everyone else's yeah uh we
1442s really like these uh I think it was
1443s called the manifesto originally so like
1445s I I really like these
1447s manifestos um and these are really
1450s reasonable um and then we had a full
1452s follow-up talk about some of these
1453s changes we're going to talk about now so
1455s it's kind of good intro at the CSM this
1458s spring great CSM like uh meeting um it
1462s was just really constructive the whole
1465s days I was able to do like do way more
1468s meetings than I can usually do and we
1470s ended up with really good consensus on
1473s both like near and Midterm I think
1476s objectives um so I'm uh one of these was
1479s it was pochman we all agree that there
1481s are both issues with isk Faucets in the
1484s for the economy but also just like how
1487s it works like seagulling Etc same thing
1490s with um wormholes same thing with some
1493s of the ecos like other domains in the in
1495s the game so uh that's kind where it came
1499s from it's either raised or championed by
1502s the CSM uh this spring uh as well as
1505s just like some of the um other kind of
1509s we call them orphans like the things
1511s that like just never get fixed they like
1514s we were able to pull a lot of them into
1516s the into the into the team and say like
1520s kind of you can pick and choose like
1522s yeah just go wild but I think on the
1524s solutions I think Greg yeah
1529s a tiny bit to that um yeah I need to
1532s like give a huge shout out on to you
1534s know uh to the popor community for the
1537s for the manifesto uh what was also great
1539s about it is not only did they bring kind
1541s of you know they brought some solutions
1542s to the table like potential Solutions
1544s but the real power was how they came
1547s together and they managed to articulate
1549s the problems that we're facing really
1551s well because it's if you just bring
1553s solutions to the table like you kind of
1555s you start to kind of run in circles you
1558s know trying to fit problems to the
1560s solution it's way better when you can
1561s articulate the problem then we can kind
1564s of you know use our design jobs and and
1566s kind of start a very active dialogue
1569s about what how to solve these problems
1571s and you know what what angles you could
1573s you could kind of view it from because
1576s it's not you know even if even if
1578s there's a problem here the solution
1579s might be somewhere else like changing
1581s somewhere in a different spot might fix
1583s this this this um this problem so it was
1587s a really good instead of Nerf accent
1591s yeah turn off y
1593s yeah let's not keep twitch chat and
1595s suspenders any longer in fact CCP K if
1597s you just want to run through the pochin
1599s stuff we're going to talk about the
1600s incursion stuff we're going to talk
1601s about the trick Levan Mo Victory systems
1603s Etc yeah yeah we can just hit these ones
1606s pretty quick and and go through them at
1608s a high level I think the philosophy from
1610s a design standpoint here is that is is
1612s wanting uh sort of fairness for risk and
1615s reward oriented gameplay and commitment
1617s from players and so that's the theme
1619s with a lot of these changes uh so with
1621s the observatory flasho site in poshen
1624s this is the first one uh We've added a
1626s second pocket to the site so now uh
1629s payouts are happening in that second
1630s pocket you have to be there in order to
1632s to to get that reward and there are some
1634s new uh NPC behaviors that that are going
1637s to create some interesting challenges
1639s for players so a little bit of a shift
1641s in this one uh again just creating sort
1643s of more fairness for committing to the
1645s to the site um next one stop me if you
1649s want to jam any more on those but
1651s incursions uh yeah so so similarly uh
1654s incursions we thought there were some
1656s interesting opportunities here uh so
1658s there's some changes in HEC and LC no no
1660s real changes in in nsec um but in HEC uh
1663s the sanche mothership won't appear until
1665s three days have passed um and so we
1669s think that this kind of um uh incursion
1673s is a great place for players to get more
1674s comfortable in a group setting early on
1676s in the game so giving a little bit
1677s bigger of a window of opportunity here
1679s for players to uh engage with this
1682s content is is something we're looking
1683s for and in losc the sanche mothership
1685s won't appear for until a day has elapsed
1688s um so that's one of the the bigger
1690s changes there uh what do we have next on
1693s this list uh home front operations
1694s there's just a bunch of quality of life
1696s changes you guys can probably see more
1698s of them in the patch notes uh coming up
1700s uh soon and then yeah there's the
1702s Travian minor Victory systems uh so now
1705s the triglavians won't Target newer
1707s players that was kind of a bigger
1708s problem so anybody who has uh like no uh
1713s or or not NE non- negative standing
1715s basically is not going to be a Target um
1717s and they're going to be able to be
1719s cleaned up a little bit more too so uh
1722s the the where posts around Stargate
1724s stations and upwell structures won't
1726s respond any longer after they're
1727s destroyed so that's another big change
1730s happening
1732s there um yeah next up I guess we're
1734s going into factional Warfare stuff
1738s uh shall I just get into it or do you
1739s want to do you want do you have anything
1741s you want to on this one go uh yeah so so
1745s just going to hit this one pretty quick
1746s uh which is that fobs are now more
1749s likely to be closer to the front lines
1751s rather than rear guard systems uh so
1754s that's an Insurgency ql Q change from
1756s the community so we're happy to to put
1759s that one in there um uh we've got NPC
1763s behavior on Battlefield sites that have
1764s been changed to promote killing NPCs
1766s rather than uh kiing
1769s um uh kiting them out so promoting more
1771s fights uh opportunities like that uh the
1774s faction signature radius suppression
1776s modules are going to be a new thing
1778s exclusive from the pirate laundering
1780s site uh this adds some value there to uh
1783s to some Insurgency
1785s content um yeah stop there if anybody
1788s else wants to contribute
1790s and talk about kind of in faction
1793s Warfare and I mean we we even if we're
1796s focusing on on N now we're still kind of
1798s keeping an eye on on the content we put
1801s out in in havoc and in in Uprising and
1803s Meridian so we're you know constantly
1806s kind of looking at this and and there
1807s are some more kind of smaller changes
1808s and tweaks that we're also doing to FW
1811s space and uh make sure to to uh dive
1815s into those in in the Epic PCH notes that
1818s are are are coming out very soon Yes
1821s actually on that note we are sort of
1823s just moving through briskly now through
1824s these changes but specifics will be
1826s available around about the time this
1828s stream concludes we'll be publishing the
1829s full patch notes for equinox so you'll
1831s have all weekend to chew on those before
1833s you jump in and start playing it on
1834s Tuesday so uh we'll let you know as soon
1836s as they go live but you can always just
1838s go to the evl website and start spamming
1840s F5 uh please carry on CCP
1844s orami yeah sounds great so the next one
1846s I think is great to talk about some
1847s design philosophy and and Eve as well uh
1850s some LP store and Industry changes kind
1852s of coming down the pipeline um we love
1854s to think that the you know having the
1857s majority of content that exists and Eve
1859s be something that players create is
1860s really the best game we can make so some
1863s of these changes reflect that um so the
1866s first one just just just quickly is that
1868s T2 Capital guns and crab beacons are
1870s going to be cheaper to produce we want
1872s to see those the use of those kind of
1873s like increase a little bit right now we
1875s feel they're a bit too expensive so
1877s that's just a quick balance change that
1878s we're making um after that uh the bigger
1881s one that I'm I'm kind of interested in
1884s is that pirate and faction ships uh are
1886s no longer purchasable in LP stores inste
1889s you can only buy their bpcs so uh we
1892s really want to encourage players making
1894s ships and and the industry behind this
1896s and with that to encourage that there's
1899s some additional balance changes so we've
1900s also looked at the costs of making those
1902s ships and make sure that they're feeling
1905s a bit more balanced and Equitable some
1906s were a little bit more expensive than
1908s others and didn't really seem as viable
1910s to make so uh We've adjusted those kind
1913s of costs to be uh a little bit more fair
1916s so that we're seeing more more ships
1917s created
1918s we're also removing the neurolink
1920s conduits uh as a part of manufacturing
1923s the ships they were too expensive they
1924s just were kind of a hindrance rather
1927s than helping this and instead there is a
1930s uh a new component called net resonators
1932s that you can buy with LP at the sort of
1935s uh pirate faction specific stores so
1938s yeah this is a a big change I think it
1941s aligns really well with the philosophy
1943s of Eve's design and I'm excited to see
1945s how it turns out CCP rard B you were
1947s very Tor about this one this has been a
1949s long-term thing on your wish list as
1951s well hasn't it it it's just a it's a
1955s thorn in my side for so long like it
1958s just doesn't make sense to buy rade
1960s ships like it's an it's a game about
1962s player driven economy like um just a
1965s relic that we finally got the the the
1968s time to fix um it it really fits well
1972s with the kind of LP Focus that we have
1974s been going on for for years it basically
1976s all started with going into lowc
1979s uh you know highlighting LP like working
1984s more making more making it more fluid in
1986s the economy using LP more so basically
1988s it's just like probably the third third
1990s fourth fifth wave of just kind of the lp
1993s economy and Industry uh fixes just to
1995s make it modern and and exciting
1997s fundamentally to make it more
2000s approachable from everyone like if if if
2003s something's a niche and you need to
2005s learn very like many different things
2007s and it's like a specific style of
2009s gameplay it's just like unlikelier that
2011s people participate in because it's a
2013s black boxing don't understand it if if
2015s LP starts be just more
2017s understandable uh Works uh the same way
2020s corporations can tax it like now like
2022s everyone can just do what they want to
2024s do which is like fundamentally the
2025s freedom that we want to go for and we've
2028s also seen like we've seen a lot of
2030s younger players kind of go into faction
2032s Warfare so like it makes more sense to
2035s get young you know Young capsuleers into
2039s corporations um and they're running like
2041s they're running plexes uh you know even
2044s as young as as day two or day three uh
2046s so they're generating like meaningful
2048s revenue for for uh corporations um which
2051s can then be spent on all these awesome
2053s things in the on the lp
2056s Market I think the lp generation last I
2059s looked um was up at least
2062s Sixx since since Uprising so just an
2066s overall impact on the economy
2068s has sixfold uh increased the just the
2071s generation of LP and the throughput and
2074s like just the health of the economy so
2077s something to celebrate and we're not
2079s we're not done yet yeah yeah um there's
2083s a little bit more for coming for
2086s something else you can send your LP on
2087s coming soon as well especially for a
2089s carrier pilot uh we're introducing a a
2092s full Suite of of Navy variants of uh
2095s light Fighters and support Fighters so
2098s they'll work kind of like the way Navy
2099s drones do they'll be a bit tankier than
2101s Tech 1 or Tech 2 drones uh but they
2104s won't do as much DPS and they will be
2106s slightly or they'll be less effective at
2108s ewar rolls of support drones so it's a
2111s it'll just be another component thrown
2112s into the mix for um carrier pilots to
2115s make a decision about whether they want
2117s to stock Tech 1 Tech 2 or now Navy
2119s faction drones as well that'll be on the
2121s menu
2122s too um but carry on we're going to talk
2124s about wormholes next I
2125s believe Yeah final one up uh this again
2129s the C5 and C6 Wormhole sites have gotten
2132s some some balance changes uh really this
2136s comes back to again the the concept of
2138s risk and reward and commitment so uh a
2140s lot of the escalation sites are now sort
2142s of balanced to reward players who are
2145s committing with capital ships and kind
2146s of demonstrating that level of risk that
2148s we originally intended in those sites so
2151s uh yeah we'll see some AI behaviors that
2153s are um basically rewarding the players
2156s who do commit and do risk those ships uh
2158s to to those sites so that's that's one
2160s of the bigger changes
2162s there awesome um I'm sorry I was just
2165s reading twitch for a second um yeah so
2168s so now when people are doing a wormhole
2170s specially trying to escalate the sites
2172s they can't just like put their steak on
2174s put the capitals on the grid to spawn
2175s the extra Drifters and then bail out
2177s because if their capitals leave so do
2179s the extra Drifters so uh you'll have to
2181s put your anti on the table and leave it
2183s there for the duration of the fight so
2185s if you're living in a wormhole if you're
2187s hunting through wormholes rolling and
2189s looking around for targets and you come
2190s across people who are uh doing PVE
2193s they're going to have to uh there's
2195s there's a the chance it'll be like the
2197s good old days uh where you know you find
2199s an nag or something like that you can
2201s you get a tackle on that and then things
2203s can snowball from there and'll be uh you
2204s can turn into really exciting
2207s brawls all right um I think that's sort
2209s of like the extent of those like the
2210s bundle of joy surprise changes we hope
2213s they all sounded pretty good to you once
2214s again full details on the patch notes
2216s coming at the end of the Stream
2218s uh CCP aami thank you so much for
2220s joining us uh we'll let you off the hook
2222s now though and I do look forward to
2224s meeting you one day soon in rikic yeah
2227s hell yeah super nice to be here all
2228s right see you later and I'll just bring
2230s it back to myself burer and CCP retardi
2234s all right um I think we've got we've got
2236s one other director sort of up our
2238s sleeves who's just sort of been chilling
2239s around in the in the back at the moment
2241s but before we bring in CCB GOI is there
2244s anything else with regards to that that
2245s that Suite of changes that either of you
2247s want to talk about
2249s uh I think
2250s the one of the biggest kind of things
2254s that we knew we needed to fix and just
2256s we're waiting for the opportunity was
2258s Wormhole isk
2259s faucet and I'm um really happy with with
2265s uh what we've done um there's a lot of I
2268s would
2269s say uh there were a lot of good feedback
2272s uh from worm H holders um kind of
2274s preemptively trying to Nerf themselves
2276s so that we wouldn't
2278s and I think I think it ended up in a
2281s really good solution where we actually
2283s instead of trying to tackle like raw
2286s faucets like add more um add more risk
2289s add more
2290s commitment um and change the kind of the
2293s ship profiles uh the the loot
2295s distribution so I think it's a a super
2298s elegant solution uh that should not be
2301s just like Nerf 20% we want to we want to
2305s have people do these sites we want to
2306s have uh people out there and I want
2308s people to be targets when they do
2311s that on all right we've also got some
2314s graphical updates which have been coming
2315s which will be coming in the next
2317s expansion our team has already done a
2319s fantastic job as hopefully you've all
2320s seen with the new upwell structures with
2322s new upwell ships but there are a few
2324s things which haven't really we haven't
2325s really put a spotlight on yet so to talk
2327s about those we're going to bring in uh
2329s CCP goggi who is looking very very much
2334s like an artist right now you just need a
2335s baret um uh CCP the art director uh
2340s of Eve online I think we've had in
2342s streams before hello hello sir how are
2344s you doing how are you feeling about all
2346s the stuff that's coming from your area
2347s and showing up in Equinox soon yeah good
2350s you have just been chilling in the
2352s background like you said um yeah we told
2354s him we told him we'd be like 10 minutes
2356s and he' be on the air and it's been 45
2358s so drinking three
2360s coffees smashing Red Bulls ttch chat he
2363s looks like a wormholer
2368s yeah no I feel really good about it um
2371s like you said it's uh it's been a really
2374s art heavy um uh release for us uh lot of
2378s big assets um you know the Skyhook you
2382s know all the structures moon miner sof
2384s hub for ships and support with Skinner
2388s so you know those are kind of the main
2390s things we've been focusing on
2393s um yeah and like I said they're all big
2397s projects um but on the side you know
2399s we're always trying to um update Eve as
2401s you know so we we ran into some issues
2405s you know when supporting especially the
2407s Skyhook you know and then kind of
2410s surface the problems of planets
2414s proximity with planets so you know kind
2416s of found some time to look at those yeah
2419s if you're going to be spending that much
2420s time around the structure that's just
2422s above the surface of the planet you
2424s might notice a few pixels on the planet
2426s Texas it's probably fair to say yeah
2428s just a few just a few all right show
2430s show in a bit yeah um what I was going
2432s to actually what I was going to start
2434s with there is just like the the VFX
2435s updates that are coming for for for
2438s bombs uh which is going to which looks
2441s really cool because recently we
2442s renovated the missiles and they look
2443s dope so now we're getting onto bombs as
2444s well and also some new explosion types
2447s are that are going to be coming so let
2448s me just like uh we'll just quickly put
2451s I'll throw them on the screen and we'll
2452s just like uh talk through them so first
2454s of all here is a comparison of the top
2457s is the bomb VFX looks in the game right
2459s now and down the bottom is how it will
2461s look in Equinox so it's just may been
2464s made a lot more interesting and exciting
2466s and sort of like brought more into line
2468s with the um the new missile explosions
2470s that I mentioned before so that'll look
2471s really really cool if you and your squad
2473s are doing a bombing run here's a closer
2475s look at the individual bombs one by one
2478s you also see that the actual radius of
2481s the explosion is now sort of better
2483s graphically
2484s represented so these will be really uh
2487s really cool up on uh nsec uh battle
2491s grids and things like that and the void
2493s bomb's got a really really sweet look to
2495s it and the new explosions that I alluded
2498s to so these new explosions have been
2499s authored for um the new upwell ships
2503s that are coming uh the new upwell
2505s structures and existing upwell medium
2509s and large structures so uh CCP goggi uh
2514s I believe a lot of this V VFX work done
2517s is done by CCP M and CCP Savor y that's
2521s it thanks for the kind you covered it
2523s pretty pretty well okay let's just sit
2525s here in silence for the next 90 seconds
2527s while this video finishes you really
2529s want to be a director yeah it's it's
2531s really nice update I mean we're always
2534s trying to update um if uh there's so
2537s many areas where we kind of want to
2540s touch up on VFX always a big one so um
2543s it's nice to see this update and
2545s especially like tying it like you said
2547s you know the radius indicating where
2549s where you take damage and and things
2550s like that so um yeah we look for
2553s opportunities to update um things like
2557s this whenever we can and have time and
2560s um yeah goes really nicely with the
2562s missile update that went up I love this
2565s one you see the stars get Warped a
2567s little bit just before the explosion
2569s like there's like a reactor going off it
2570s looks incredible and there was a note on
2573s screen before which some people may have
2574s noticed it said authed for tie-dye uh
2577s which essentially means that uh as my
2580s understanding is like in terms of the
2581s way the explosion executes and how much
2583s detail there is in it we realize lot of
2586s these structures might be exploding
2587s while there's time dilation around and
2590s uh so that's been taken to account as
2591s you can see here with sort of the the
2594s Majesty of the explosion being uh
2595s captured in slow motion for people who
2597s might be watching it at 10% of normal
2599s speed so for better or worse uh you'll
2603s have something pretty to look at once
2604s you win an objective on a Tio fight
2607s yeah it's really nice
2610s also yeah all right that's all I was
2614s going to show though uh you've got
2617s uh some stuff that you wanted to present
2619s as well uh with regards to the new
2621s planets just to sort of walk us through
2623s those yeah can do that so let me I'll
2627s share my screen now okay y go
2630s ahead cool all right I'll bring that up
2633s I'll punch it up on the main view screen
2635s so yeah so so like a mentioned before
2638s you know we're uh always looking to
2641s update um you know whether it's ships
2645s that are kind
2646s of yeah getting quite old need need
2649s model updates or textures or VFX or
2651s whatever uh so we're always on the
2653s lookout for those when we have time um
2656s but then sometimes you know these
2657s problems kind of surface uh tied to to a
2661s release and in this case it was um yeah
2664s the Skyhook being in or gaml in close
2667s proxim it with planets um so the ask was
2671s in the beginning like we wanted to have
2673s the sky hook you know very close like
2676s there were numbers thrown around like
2678s 1500 kilometers to a planet and like we
2682s wanted to have the distance uh like the
2686s same between planet sizes so you kind of
2690s so we can emphasize uh I guess the the
2694s scale difference of
2696s planets which we quickly figured out was
2699s not going to be possible because of
2701s course scale difference in Eve is
2703s um extreme to say the least so
2708s um you
2710s know I think it's like from the smallest
2713s planet to the big ones biggest ones you
2716s know it's like a multiplier by 50 or or
2719s more you
2720s know so but looking at this though you
2722s know you see uh the textures are just
2724s not holding up here in the background so
2727s um
2728s so we decided to have have a look at
2731s what we can do with you know tiling
2733s textures more and and relooking at just
2735s the planet shaders so um so we gave
2739s ourselves some uh gave ourselves time to
2741s kind of look into that so I can show you
2744s here some of the old planets um I'm just
2747s going to jump into a ship here
2750s and
2752s maybe just just in the spirit of Equinox
2756s I'm going to make it and pink for you
2759s guys yeah
2762s um is that okay Burger you prove this
2766s it's okay yeah yeah I'm I'm big for pink
2768s man always but here you see one of the
2771s old ice planets and kind of what we're
2773s facing what we're dealing with and um
2779s so uh so there is you know we haven't
2781s looked at the planets for a long time
2783s and so when we started digging into it
2786s we just saw a lot of stuff had broken
2789s and
2790s um and we found a lot of stuff that we
2793s can kind of improve and I'm jump into
2797s here another client graphite version
2800s here that I have um so here you see uh
2805s not a pink ship this time but an updated
2808s ice planet and you see the textures are
2810s um holding up a lot
2813s better um you know so some of the things
2817s we did uh you know fixing presets or
2820s reworking them tiling um up upscaling
2825s textures uh most if not all to 4K I'm
2828s not quite sure we also um tried to
2833s create more variation within each planet
2836s type um and a lot of fixes like on the
2840s temperate ones the details in the ocean
2843s layer had kind of
2845s disappeared um yeah well I could p on I
2849s could also just show you maybe a few
2851s more if you want to
2854s see loader up a few
2858s here
2860s so oh you have amazing Powers you can
2862s just spawn endless planets yes I can I
2866s can spawn planets uh I can show you the
2868s planet spawner if you want
2870s to this is I mean here I was thinking he
2874s his camera just reminded me of shen
2875s Connor and the Nothing Compares film
2876s clip but oh thank you he able to make
2879s planets as well it's full surprises H so
2883s here we have a planet spawner and we can
2884s kind of changed planets and something
2888s missing ah
2890s yeah we can jump
2893s to Lava planets yeah and you spawn them
2898s and they magically appear
2901s here but I wanted to show you like so
2905s here you see now the kind of uh the
2907s variety with we have within ice Planets
2910s For example
2912s right
2914s so we're getting a lot more
2917s um yeah nicer variety within each
2921s class yeah so we've we've like we've
2924s always had a tiny bit of variety within
2927s planets like Baron planets there is
2929s variety but they're all just so similar
2932s and uh one of the things that we're
2933s playing with now is is really pulling in
2936s kind of kind of ping the boundaries of
2938s of what colors we we can use and the
2940s color spectrums and just kind of make
2943s each each system feel more unique allow
2947s kind of each system to kind of it's your
2950s home and and and you know the planet so
2952s yeah here for instance you can see the
2954s baron the yeah huge variety yeah these
2957s are the new uh versions of Baron so
2960s we're introducing a bit more color and a
2962s lot more variety within them W and yeah
2966s when you can see kind of hold on jump
2969s back to the caracal here ah so you can
2973s see what how the textures are holding up
2975s you know a lot
2980s better I had I hadn't seen most of these
2982s until just now these look fantastic yeah
2984s me too it's really nice and
2989s yeah the lava plet as well they're so
2992s yep I have them here also y plasma super
2997s cool yeah so that we also changed the
3000s like the plasma and lava uh quite a bit
3002s hold on I need to find them I this is
3005s probably too much to hope for and I'm
3006s just having like you know one of my you
3008s know player moments here it's like do
3010s the do the more active lava planets
3014s produce more magmatic gas than the less
3016s active ones or is there is a
3017s relationship there or is it just no so
3020s okay we didn't have time to go that deep
3022s into it but um it's something we've
3024s talked about a lot is like this Mor
3026s logic
3027s and uh also like within I can show you
3030s with the temperate ones we're starting
3032s we have some glaciers on on some of them
3035s so there's you know there's a bunch of
3037s ideas to kind of hook up
3039s more
3041s um I guess to make it makes more sense
3044s yeah but like this time around no it's
3047s just they're just spawned like
3050s this I'm just super happy to see this
3053s because I I think maybe one two years
3055s ago remember when the like Ultra highr
3058s pictures came from Saturn
3061s Jupiter and like it was just so like
3066s cool to see them like this kind of hyper
3069s detailed and like way more variable than
3071s like than you expected with these
3073s planets uh same thing with the Sun so
3075s like seeing this imitated here and or
3078s even kind of beyond beyond reality here
3081s is super cool
3084s yeah and it's also interesting because
3086s we are I mean we've also been working
3088s really hard um on one card and one card
3091s happens down on the planet so so that's
3093s also kind of opened up a really good
3095s conversation about okay how do they how
3098s do they look how do they feel how do
3100s they you know what are the materials
3101s that are kind of what are the planets
3104s made of and and that kind of allows us
3106s to play with colors that are a bit
3109s Wilder and bit kind of pushing the
3111s bounds without you know maybe becoming
3114s too Fantastical but but absolutely it's
3116s it should know just be kind of gray and
3118s brown
3120s um exactly we and there is you know
3124s opportunity to to push this a lot but uh
3127s I think it's super nice for the kind of
3129s first even you know yeah first update
3134s with planets for a long time so I think
3136s it's uh yeah it's really interesting
3138s really nice update along with everything
3140s else that the team is produced like I
3141s said before the new structures new ships
3143s um just a really nice trying to make a
3147s pink planet for
3148s you you can only go so far all right
3151s going have to talk to uh CCP Amino who
3154s works on this tool yeah I have it
3156s hardcoded it's not
3160s possible CH
3162s channeling yeah all right well thank you
3165s very much for walking through CCP
3167s we've just got a coup we're almost
3169s towards like the the time for the stream
3171s but we still got a few other things we
3172s want to cover so um we can bid you a due
3176s and uh I'll just sort of like wrap up
3178s the last couple of things with CCB snor
3180s CCB
3182s CC thanks for having me I'll go back and
3185s chill yeah no wor you can put your feet
3187s up now I have eight more Reds it'll be
3189s fine it into
3191s black all right okay so that's all been
3194s really really sweet um but there was a
3196s couple of things there was a Dev blog
3197s that came out today which sort of um was
3201s uh relevant to sort of like the Cadence
3203s of um how Equinox will actually unfold
3207s so when the expansion comes out on 11th
3209s of June there will be a day two and then
3211s a day n addition to day is day two is in
3216s two days later day nine is in nine days
3217s later the 20th of June additions to the
3220s content in it will be progressively
3222s unlocked so um would one of the two of
3225s you like to talk a little bit about that
3227s Cadence yeah absolutely so
3230s um so the expansion is coming out on the
3232s 11th uh and uh there's a lot of amazing
3236s things and and I know that there's a lot
3238s of uh nsac uh uh Community the NC
3244s Community is definitely starting to map
3245s out uh different planets and different
3248s planet types it will take a couple of
3249s days for for uh people to build up um
3254s Sky Hooks and and uh kind of the the
3256s base infrastructure so we will actually
3259s have have uh so by kind of day three we
3262s will be a people players will be able to
3264s start building the the auton minor and
3267s um then on the 20th we're actually going
3269s to we're going to give people like kind
3271s of a week's window to to get things
3274s going before um on the 20th where
3277s actually we're going to have a follow-up
3280s uh opening where people can actually
3281s start moving uh moving their their uh
3285s kind of s to the new S hub kind of
3288s swapping the systems over flipping
3290s between let's call let's call Legacy s
3292s and the the new sovereignty system yeah
3295s but but on top of that we're also um
3298s we're we're also going to be rolling out
3300s with Skinner on on June 11th and people
3304s will be able to players will be able to
3305s uh to start digging up all those awesome
3308s colors around space and and customizing
3311s their ships uh players will be able to
3314s like you know decide if they wantan to
3315s if they want to apply the skin to their
3317s own ships or if they're actually going
3319s to stockpile them and and uh add them to
3322s the uh Paragon store uh kind of player
3325s store which will be opening on on June
3327s 20th we wanted to kind of hold back on
3329s the store for like a week so or nine
3331s days so players can like build up good
3334s um a good stock of of skin so the store
3337s doesn't open up empty and we're
3339s extremely excited to to see uh what
3343s players will come up with uh we are
3345s going to allow you all to pick if you
3347s sell your skins for Plex or isk um
3350s that's up to you um so so that's going
3354s to be a big one uh so
3357s and also on the 20th um the next E1 cart
3361s uh there's a major update to E1 cart
3364s where we're going to open up a a new map
3369s um on a tempered Planet uh vegetation
3373s for the first time in a in a Eve Suter
3375s ever so that's going to be interesting
3377s to see see kind of how people and water
3380s good and water and water yeah yeah there
3383s hasn't been like proper water before as
3384s well never water never
3387s and uh I played a build this the other
3389s day weapon modification as
3391s well sorry weapon modification as well
3394s yeah 100% weapon modification uh some
3397s new challenges uh lots of new content um
3402s y it's a it's a it's a major major
3404s update it's like vastly improved
3407s shooting it it it's a it's a big
3409s overhaul it's a it's a real build yeah
3411s that's from the last one it's uh it's
3413s radically different I only got my chance
3414s to get hands on with it first time the
3416s other day not always a new map Great uh
3418s but the persistence between sessions as
3420s well so if you in a session you get some
3423s cool mods for your weapons like can get
3425s stuff you slap on like different Optics
3427s things that increase its rate of fire or
3430s damage and that sort of stuff if you
3431s extract with those you can keep them in
3433s a stash and you'll be able to equip your
3435s weapon for future outings with it so the
3438s weapon is getting taller rather than
3440s going wider with more weapons you the
3443s the flexibility of the weapons will come
3444s from how you choose to customize it
3447s and C Burger alluded to it before there
3449s were a couple of sites which really
3450s surprised me where your squad kind of
3452s has to we've had mining in the game for
3453s a while but now there are sites where to
3456s get the thing your squad has to sort of
3458s like to an extent synchronize their
3461s activities around a certain site like
3463s pull a lever here at the same time cut a
3465s panel off and that can trigger a
3467s response from p uh from from NPCs and it
3470s really changed the vibe I was getting
3472s from the game like I can the the scope
3476s of the
3477s was becoming more apparent in front of
3478s me like where we actually going with
3480s this like we've said in some previous
3482s interviews with um CCB Collins this
3484s isn't just an extraction shooter this is
3486s like a Sandbox shooter um where bringing
3489s you know with the mining Edition we're
3490s basically bringing careers into the FPS
3492s as well it's uh I'm really excited for
3494s it it's it's it's shaping up to be super
3496s super cool and this play test if you if
3498s you've kind of like fell off a little
3500s bit for the last two or three play tests
3502s because there were only being
3503s incremental improvements definitely get
3505s back and try this one again because it's
3506s a completely new ball game yeah and I
3509s mean our goal is to uh the reason why we
3511s opened up the doors this early is
3512s because we want to develop this with the
3515s community uh so there's a lot of
3517s community feedback that we're actually
3519s taken into into this build and this is a
3521s build that the team has been uh the
3523s vanard team has been building for for
3526s they've been working on this build since
3528s um November so there's a lot of like
3531s multiple months of work uh com together
3533s here that we're rolling in rolling out
3535s um this is uh I mean we have a fantastic
3540s the vanard team is absolutely fantastic
3542s it's a lot of like FPS veterans um
3545s there's a lot of like knowledge sharing
3547s happening between the the flying in
3549s space team and the boots on the ground
3551s team um so it's it's the development of
3555s Ward is really pushing forward both um
3559s the flying in space experience and the
3560s books on ground experience so I'm very
3562s very excited to to get this in front of
3565s everyone get people fly
3567s people shooting each other in the face
3570s we want to big a big build a bigger
3571s Universe we need more new fresh blood
3574s into the universe and um it it it's
3578s healthy for for Eve to get more more
3581s people in more ingrained but you all
3584s everyone who has an Omega
3587s account are able to download and play so
3590s yeah just try it it's literally free for
3593s you so just come on down play it um and
3597s kind of make the world a bit more
3599s versatile more flavorful with more types
3601s of people absolutely yep um and uh we we
3607s mentioned Skinner and Vanguard but of
3608s course like as we mentioned home front
3610s new core projects are coming which will
3612s enable uh small organizations to
3614s basically run their own SRP which is
3616s kind of huge I I know a lot of people
3618s might have heard that news and like oh
3619s we've already got at SRP but most of the
3622s big alliances who have like the the
3624s numbers and have their own it
3626s infrastructure for example will have
3628s this basically taken care of but this
3630s means that your smaller organizations
3632s can also um you take advantage of tools
3634s like that for when it comes to um for
3637s when it comes to reimbursing ship losses
3639s after fights so it's not a redundancy
3641s it's an expansion of this thing which is
3644s usually only available to very sort of
3646s distinct well equipped groups and
3648s democratizing it and making it available
3650s to everybody and that's in addition to
3652s the new tasks such as for for example
3654s like you know uh tracking Salvage
3657s and things like
3658s that um
3661s and I think we've sort of like come to
3664s the end of the material for the stream
3667s today yeah do you both feel that way
3670s like um I just want to make sure I
3672s haven't overlooked anything important
3673s that we want to talk about but I think
3674s we've covered it all pretty much I think
3676s the new daily goals are are like I look
3681s a lot ex y car on seeing them um again
3686s it it uh it it's basically getting more
3689s people into space that's the core of it
3691s yeah trying to to make it more um also
3696s kind of palatable so that you have
3698s something like literally like that you
3700s can do so the splitting the daily goals
3703s into kind of career focused should like
3705s alleviate a lot of the problems that
3707s players had before of like go kill 10 15
3710s uh NPCs in the abyss like that not not
3713s necessarily something that you can just
3714s like do but more of uh it's more of like
3718s a primer of just like kind of undock and
3720s do something like you're going to be
3722s fine every day you'll have four things
3723s to do one for each career you only have
3726s to do two of them and they're all the
3727s same for every single player so you can
3729s do them with your alts and things like
3730s that if you want yeah exactly um and
3733s then uh sugar on top Plex reward for
3737s that um two very interesting things we
3740s wanted we basically just want to kind of
3742s uh see where it goes it it's kind of fun
3745s it it's kind of fun to to to uh
3748s collector Plex to be able to tip like
3750s buy Omega or buy some skin components or
3752s or something but just we just want to
3754s kind of embrace the freet to-play aspect
3756s of it let people try out this premium or
3759s the hard currency sell it for risk if
3761s you want because that's actually going
3762s to be healthy for the game in the long
3764s term if we have a a low kind of uh or
3769s like kind of behind activity income
3772s stream of Plex and you just want to sell
3775s it we're going to create a a healthy
3776s supply of Plex into the market uh maybe
3780s reduce the price and kind of get the
3782s ball rolling a little bit so like this
3784s is a it's a very interesting economic um
3788s kind of evolution of the game right
3792s on all right well uh ccpb if you're
3795s watching you can press the button for
3797s the patch notes now if you want you can
3798s publish those and those are those will
3800s probably go live on the EV online
3801s website in just a couple of minutes so
3803s you can start pressing
3804s F5 they are ridiculous long I think
3807s cated there if you if you're into
3809s reading science articles from journals
3813s like nature it's like uh two and a half
3815s science article long uh and that's not
3818s even counting text on
3820s images yeah no it'll be a lot of
3822s scrolling so if you got one of those
3823s mice where you can click the button and
3825s you you just give it one spin that's
3826s probably what you want to do rather than
3828s have to sit there and you you'll get RSI
3830s and your middle finger and your index
3832s finger um okay I think we're done
3837s um uh not that I'm impatient to leave
3839s but I just don't want to like overstay I
3840s welcome um the the patch notes are
3843s getting published uh you've got all
3844s weekend to check them out the uh E
3847s online Equinox will be going live on
3849s 11th of June at downtime so you got that
3851s look forward to um thank you for coming
3854s and hanging out on the stream I hope you
3855s found uh the the new information the
3857s bundle of joy stuff really really
3859s exciting there's even more stuff in the
3861s patch notes we probably haven't even
3862s covered yet and of course the details
3863s about all the things that we have spoken
3865s about uh any closing thoughts from CCP
3867s burger or CCP
3869s RAR uh I'm just excited to to continue
3874s this journey with you all like we've
3876s been we've been uh trying to kind of
3880s keep a bit more focus on these
3881s expansions with with kind of kind of a
3884s continuation of the of the narrative and
3886s the story that we're we're trying to
3887s tell that you know that being the actual
3889s lore of the game or kind of the focus on
3892s War the future of war the focus on on
3894s ownership and and making space your and
3898s you know making it your own and now
3900s we're doing it with with even more
3901s structures with uh you know personalized
3903s ship skins uh I'm looking forward to
3906s seeing the the uh I don't know football
3910s football uniforms or arm uniforms that
3913s corporations and alliances are GNA start
3916s flying in um I I can see I can
3919s definitely see lots of lads of uh B
3923s looking ships flying around space I know
3925s that there are couple of bees around CCP
3927s that have been like practicing their
3929s skills and and there's also a lot of
3931s people from other corporations and
3933s alliances that have been like playing
3935s with their Alliance colors to make sure
3937s that they get it just right um and and
3941s you know we've been focusing on
3942s friendship and strengthening
3943s organizations and
3945s corporations
3946s uh there's a lot there are lots of
3949s fantastic things coming out in this
3951s expansion there are loads of things that
3953s are kind of precursors to to things that
3954s we want to do in future EXP expansions
3956s so we'll keep a close eye on that and
3958s and uh I'm actually really excited to to
3961s kind of see what you will do with the
3964s with the tools that we're giving you all
3967s uh I know I've found a couple of ways
3969s like quirky ways that I'm GNA kind of
3971s mess with space and but then kind of
3975s yeah how that will kind of lead us into
3977s the future that's a that's a that's a
3979s the next fantask to take on speaking of
3982s things what they'll create I wasn't I
3983s wasn't planning on showing this in the
3984s Stream but you just reminded me about
3986s CCP Devil's excellent esimu skin uh I'm
3990s just going to quickly plun that on here
3992s so people at home can can check it out
3995s uh let me just go fit to screen uh brace
3999s yourselves there you go it's the uh does
4003s that look familiar to
4006s anyone so if youve ever been to you been
4009s to sanfest in Rick you you will you've
4013s only seen this at like 4 a.m. in the
4015s morning downtown ra half drunk not able
4019s to stand on both feet this is like the
4021s savior of your life so so this is a
4024s honorary this is a honorary ship skin in
4027s in E onl I just see Tim Robinson's like
4030s suit that's all
4032s I it's Ste got mustard on it oh my
4036s God great this is I was gonna say like
4040s there's a little bit of like trepidation
4041s and fear like in my head I'm I'm I I
4045s take my n narrative and my science
4047s fiction seriously so like I I I don't
4049s want to be immersed broken but let's see
4053s what people do I think um there's a
4056s there's uh freedom is more important
4058s than my my sensitive I ultimately see
4060s Spirit tell the hot once what a heart
4062s the heart wants about a year and a half
4063s ago I tried to like all right let's get
4065s serious about Alliance logos let's just
4067s have cool ones you know that look
4068s awesome and sci-fi and futuristic and
4071s the I got people on Reddit revolted uh
4075s so I'm like all right okay fine wuss all
4078s day long go nuts um I have a line I have
4082s a line but
4083s like it's a different line U oh and I
4087s was gonna add like so speaking of the
4089s future um uh the plans are very much
4094s already taking shape and I just want to
4096s let people know that you'll probably not
4098s have to wait long after the actual
4100s expansion launches before you'll be
4102s hearing again from C rard and CP Burger
4105s about the sort of like the vision for
4106s Evon line as we move into the summer
4108s expansion uh excuse me the winter
4110s expansion I'm Australian the seasons are
4112s opposite into the into the winter
4114s expansion uh towards the end of the year
4116s so that'll that'll probably actually be
4117s coming hot on the heels of the release
4119s of equin itself once the dust has
4121s settled a little
4122s bit yeah uh 100% um actually like I'm
4127s I'm already in that mind mindset for
4131s like some time thinking about the next
4132s expansion and the the one Beyond because
4135s uh
4136s once we've we've selected the expansion
4138s features and we've the teams are are
4140s rolling I kind of I can safely eject
4144s myself from the like execution
4146s production pipeline there are directors
4149s uh across the company and more people
4151s that ensure quality and follow it
4153s through so berer and I berer has
4156s actually been doing a lot of quality
4157s control and Skinner I can tell you like
4159s he's been spending more time and Skinner
4161s I think than anyone um but uh we have uh
4167s really interesting awesome things
4169s planned up uh for for expansion uh in in
4172s the fall and the teams will just be
4175s ready to roll into them we're really
4177s early with this we're all we're truly
4179s getting better at it so we can't wait to
4181s talk about it more kind of like you know
4184s sometime summer I guess but like let's
4187s just celebrate this expansion and and
4190s and uh look forward to the next one
4193s right on okay then
4197s we hope you enjoy Equinox CP hit the
4199s press the button um and uh from all of
4203s us here thanks for tuning in and we'll
4205s raid you off somewhere else yeah I
4208s actually just my my Discord just went on
4210s fire every Discord Channel I I'm in just
4213s pinged all uh notes are out so all right
4217s okay all right go read all right read
4219s right we're g for real this time goodbye
4222s bye bye bye go bye