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Excel-lent news capsuleers,

The Monthly Economic Report for September is ready for your enjoyment.

Click this to view the report → REPORT

As always there is also the downloadable data for you here to do with what you please.


8 months ago - CCP_Paragon - Direct link

If you have downloaded the data, there’s a few lines in the sheets in the downloadable data that were not pulled correctly.

The correct one is being worked on and I’ll let you know when the new one becomes available to download.


Economic Capsuleers!

The Monthly Economic Report for October 2022 is now available!

You can download all of the raw data used in this report here. Each image can be enlarged by clicking on it.

0_produced_vs_mining_vs_destroyed.png 1 regional stats 3_asteroid_ore_volume_history.png 3_asteroid_ore_mined_by_region.png 3_gas_volume_history.png 3_gas_mined_by_region.png 3_ice_volume_history.png 3_ice_mined_by_region.png 3_moon_ore_volume_history.png 3_moon_ore_mined_by_region.png 2_destruction_value_by_region.png 3_mining_value_by_region.png 3_npc_bounties_by_region.png 4 production value by region (2) 5_trade_balance_by_region.png 5_trade_balance_m3_by_region.png 6_trade_value_by_region.png 7_imports_exports_net_exports.png 9_sinks_and_faucets.png 9_top_commodity_faucets_history.png 9_top_sinks_and_faucets_history.png 9aa_services_breakdown.png 9b_money_supply.png 9c_money_velocity.png 9d_economy_indices.png 9ea_index_value_decomp_consumer_price_index.png 9fa_index_value_decomp_mineral_price_index.png 9ga_index_value_decomp_primary_producer_price_index.png 9ha_index_value_decomp_secondary_producer_price_index.png 10a_ess_regional_stats.png 10b_ess_mainbank_thefts.png 10c_ess_reservebank_thefts.png 11a_abyssal.png 12a wormhole import export

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