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Since Tuesday, Lag in EVE Online is becoming a noticeable problem even on Streams.

For me its a very noticeable issue on undock, creating a 30-40 sec hiccup. Before any inputs start.

I have been forced yet again, to downgrade the graphics trying to fix the problems.

But EVE Online is eating resources like mad house. Overheating, and lagging immensely.

Here is some of the notes I have on seemingly causes of lag.

When CCP did the graphical update.

They hard coded reflections to the render level. So if you are in Low no reflections. But as soon as you tick upwards into medium render, reflections come on, are either high or medium. And there is no way to shut these off. Computer seems to go into instant overheat.

Yesterday I apparently was getting lag as I was being hit by missile fire. Every time a missile hit the system would stutter input commands and even turret interactions would hang.

If the rate of fire goes below 1sec [tick rate] lag stutter becomes absolutely atrocious.

There is noticeable lag issues between jumps entering a jump gate, then exiting causing a massive delay [almost like the undocking delay at the moment.] Almost exactly like the situations in Jita system I have been experiencing for the last 6 months. Probably the gate jump issue is related the graphics of the gate jump itself. [Can we disable this to see if it helps performance?] When the system "updates" the route of the system, we have a noticeable delay in game. [This used to only happen in Jita, now its happening elsewhere in game for me.]

Alot of this new updates are stacking on top of older code, which is causing weird problems.

The most recent changes to the UI the free floating UI system, seems to have added more problems. One particularly annoying issue, is new conversations now generate tons of stacking UI that have to be manually manuevered back into the chat tabs.

Also another important question. I have noticed my shared cache for EVE Online has been growing monstrously large. Last time I checked it was about 10-15GB. Although I have cleared cache recently down to 2GB.

Another question...was checking some personal data files in EVE online, but it appears that all communications between the system and the files stopped around 7/2022. Which is when the lag and other problems started to get out of control. Could it be possible there is a new server code being applied to EVE online that is causing this?

Been Interesting indeed.

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Your last paragraph might be giving a hint: Please check if the client has proper permissions to write logs to your documents folder. If the client fails to write combat logs, then it can lead to client performance problems.

You can start LogLite once from the launcher before starting the client, and if this is the case, then there will be a lot of errors about failing to write files.

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Originally posted by MILINTarctrooperALT

How would I go about this?

Ironically information isn't going to the document folders its going into C drive.

I just cross checked it, its generated two logs. per day. For Game Log.

But this chat log though, I have every conversation I have had from 2020 to 2023 logged here and all the innane commentary I didn't interact with in it as well.

Maybe its dropping too much information into the logs and lagging out? [Might explain the Jita issue if the logs are having a hard time processing the massive amount of traffic.]

Could also bookmarks affect this as well? Or other stored data in the game?

Which information is going into C drive? To what location there?

As long as these log files are still being generated, then this should be fine and should normally not cause this lag. These folders can get huge, but this should normally not cause problems for the client (although I would still recommend to clean them up at some point a bit, as it can cause load for Windows, especially when you search for files and similar).

Best would be to check in LogLite, if there are any errors being spammed massively, which could then explain the problems.

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Originally posted by MILINTarctrooperALT

Checking Loglite

I think I have found something odd.

But it might be enough of something to have your guys look into.

Some of the services will go 0.000s/r

But I am noticing some stuttering at 0.300/0.400s/r. For each service attached.

But another seems how the code between undock and the various processes for the stations and other materials is handled. I undocked from an NPC station...and it didn't generate behind me for a rather good time.

Feel free to send a quick bug report at https://community.eveonline.com/support/bug-reports/ with the logs attached, then I can take a quick look and see if anything weird stands out.

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