6 months ago - CCP_Paragon - Direct link

Hello everyone,

Thank you for the feedback on Photon UI so far! It was extremely helpful to hear everyone’s thoughts on the Drone Window. We now feel like Photon UI is ready to be set as an opt-out beta to gather as much data and feedback as we can on your interactions and thoughts when using it.

In this update we have changed the way the Neocom looks to be more in line with the rest of Photon as well as enhanced the compact mode even further.

It’s completely understandable if you still prefer the old one but we would nonetheless ask that you try it out and then please share if there’s anything that comes to mind that we can improve upon with Photon to make it more functional for you.

Along with the new things, we also did a pass on issues you highlighted, they can be found at the bottom of today’s Patch Notes.