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23s your source of news for Eve online
26s the new direct enlistment feature allows
28s you to participate in factional Warfare
30s without having to leave your current
31s player Corporation or Alliance personal
34s enlistment allows you to enroll via this
36s new pathway but you can still join
38s factional Warfare by joining a militia
39s Corp which comes under group Enlistment
42s following the Empire Frontiers event
44s last year new Eden's big4 find
46s themselves at different stages of
47s advancement in the race to take
49s advantage of triglavian Technology
51s stellar transmuter and transport relay
53s Tech can now be used to create
55s Interstellar ship casters with success
57s granting an Empire the ability to
59s project ships from their HQ system
60s directly into factional Warfare conflict
63s hotspots
64s speaking of ship casters by
66s participating in the new Shadow War
68s event you can help your Empire win the
70s race to build one first research data
72s node waylaid Courier and besieged
74s laboratory sites present opportunities
76s to hack fight and Salvage for secret
79s research fragments that can be used to
81s manufacture completed data cores that
83s can then be delivered back to your
85s Empire for awards and progress points
88s each of the sites are aimed at different
90s classes of ship and all the sites
92s contain hostile NPCs to defend against
95s in addition those who are out to steal
97s the best loot from under your nose will
98s be putting themselves In Harm's Way as
100s these sites will give suspect Flags to
102s anyone entering them
104s participating capsuleers who served
106s their chosen Empire well can also get
108s personal progression rewards throughout
110s the event these rewards include new
112s combat boosters tailored to specific
114s Empire ship characteristics and 11 fresh
116s ship skins for each Empire including the
118s all-new penumbral Shadow skins
122s Paragon have now made emblems available
124s on all remaining ships in Eve player
127s Corp and Alliance emblems on all
128s battleships carriers super carriers
130s Titans and all remaining dreadnoughts
133s battle Cruisers and Freighters are now
135s available in Paragon stores
137s these can be obtained by completing
139s Paragon agent missions for evermarks and
141s then trading those evermarks in for
143s emblems the closed beta for the Eve
145s online Microsoft Excel add-in is
147s currently underway
149s the add-in allows players to log in and
151s pull in-game data directly into
153s spreadsheets and as it moves closer to
155s release it's worth thinking about how
157s you can use this tool to your advantage
159s and keep an eye out for any players
160s involved in the closed beta sharing
162s their progress
164s you still have time to get your
166s character on Eve's incredible 20th
168s anniversary Mosaic and become part of
170s the fabric of new Eden
172s to get on the Mosaic just complete a
174s daily challenge on three occasions
176s between now and the 22nd of March these
179s challenges will alternate between the
180s Skilling spree mining Blitz and skillers
183s in the abyss be sure to keep an eye out
185s for more celebrations to come for Eve's
186s 20th in addition there is a sale on
189s select character Apparel in Eve online's
191s in-game new Eden store so if you want to
194s look your best for the Mosaic Now's the
196s Time to grab some Fresh Threads to
197s display on your character Avatar
200s there have been skirmishes between B2
203s Imperium winter Coalition and panfam in
206s the fade and pure blind regions of
207s nulsek players reported Mass super
210s Capital movements toward the regions and
212s just this week we've seen massive
213s battles involving thousands of players
215s in x47l attack q and infrastructure in
218s surrounding systems these battles are
221s featuring new strategies and ships so
223s it's worth keeping an eye on this sector
224s in case engagements continue to flare up
226s and throw the region into deeper
228s conflict as well as presenting
230s opportunities for resourceful
231s industrialists
233s The Ninth Annual player runs stay frosty
235s frigate free-for-all took place in the
237s system of uleta on the 11th of March
240s this event saw insane numbers of
243s frigates destroyed with the organizers
244s providing many thousands of fully fitted
246s ships for allcomers to hop into and
249s wreak destruction on a massive scale
252s a new 6v6 PVP tournament called the
255s captain's cup is currently running and
257s will be live on CCP TV from 1700 UTC
260s onwards over the next two weekends
263s the tournament has a low entry cost and
265s features a rule set similar to the very
267s first Alliance tournament in that only a
269s limited selection of hulls can be
271s brought along
272s with a twitch prediction tool you may
274s even be able to walk away with a few
276s extra skins in the bag
278s like the sound of exclusive new skins
280s and discounted Plex get yourself to the
282s Eve store
284s select Plex packages are now 10 off and
286s come with free zydrine burn skins until
288s the 20th of March that's all for this
291s episode of the pulse thank you for
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