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Known Issues:


  • There is an issue currently preventing Mac clients from starting. We are working on fixing this one as soon as possible.


  • Shadow War - The Stellar Transmuter Tech Research Hand in site for the Gallente Federation in Intaki can sometimes be inside the EDENCOM Stellar Observatory site.

User Interface:

  • Overview - Unable to remove any tab in the Overview Settings Tab section.
  • Chat channels are sometimes opened on the wrong character after character logoff and then selecting a different character.
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Please use this thread for reporting and tracking of any issues found in the 21.03 version of EVE Online, first released March 14th 2023.

Quick Info:

Other Information Threads:

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Known Issue:

  • macOS clients are not launching.
    Updates as we work to resolve it will be posted Here.
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Do you happen to know which mission was affected by this? It would be awesome, if you could send a bug report about this.