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0s come on YouTube I Believe in Your
3s victory
4s oh okay there it goes all right cool all
6s right I'm gonna grab some water and then
8s we'll get started here in a moment okay
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45s foreign
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210s that body we just found
212s when I saw it it felt like that was
215s still me in there
219s your DNA scan sure that you're a
221s military clone pilot no wonder you
223s better my predecessor and what if I
226s broadcast your profile you may not like
229s we'll come looking for me
232s hundreds of loose cannons like you
234s roaming the region and causing problems
236s something had to be done about it
242s of Great Value in the DMZ
246s one big easy job
248s you might take it out of here and yours
251s too
253s your Authority your treaties your lies
257s and your
260s s they call themselves oh car crime any
264s opportunity to trigger a new war will
267s suit their purposes perfectly
271s time to be clear about your allegiances
273s we can leave you in peace four or I can
276s put you and your companions on a high
279s priority eliminate list
281s which will it be
283s you don't understand what's at stake
287s so are you in
294s I'm still trying to figure you out it's
297s clear you're running from something I
299s can't help what I am all I cared about
302s was Star Wars getting out of the DMZ
304s there's no going back now
312s thanks for looking up hive
314s I think I see light at the end of the
316s tunnel
317s so soon
323s [Applause]
334s greetings and welcome ladies and
338s gentlemen Pilots of all ages and sizes
340s and all of that stuff welcome to the
342s official Rockfish game stream where I am
345s your host your community Ambassador Eric
347s Schrader guiding you through all things
349s ever Space 2 and hey look at this we got
352s a nice new little splash screen for when
354s you spool up the game isn't that neat
356s isn't that fun I think it looks
359s fantastic honestly so let's get right
360s into things
362s let's get right on into things and uh in
364s doing so let's talk about this
368s particular stream today we have two very
371s important items that we will be
372s discussing and showing for the first
375s time but some of you have been waiting
376s for a very long time for those dedicated
380s among you who do come back to these
381s streams over and over again ask lots of
383s questions and get lots of answers you'll
385s know that we've been working on the
388s trading system internally for everspace
390s 2 for
391s um way too long there was a long
394s duration where we had to kind of put it
396s to a side to make sure we got the story
398s driven components done and those
400s foundational elements all established
402s very strongly to ensure maximum 1.0
406s release right still
409s we promised Trading we absolutely did so
412s we're going to be showing it off today
414s I'm going to be running you through the
416s current work in progress
418s um space that it's in we're pretty happy
420s with it there could still be some tweaks
422s to values and blah blah you know that
424s drill right uh but yeah it's gonna be
426s nice I'll we'll dive into that pretty
428s fully and then in addition to that I
430s mean you did see a part of it last week
432s little part but we are also going to go
434s into that ship customization I'm showing
436s you all of it every single bit of it now
438s I've teased a little bit of it I've
440s shown you a little bit about like the
441s engines and stuff we're going directly
443s into the ship modular customization as
445s well
446s and uh beyond that it's gonna be a
449s pretty Pleasant stream of going through
451s the gameplay that's been updated and
454s highlighting other things like that oh
455s my goodness this looks
457s this looks kind of different and unique
459s all these highlighted things and there's
462s like text here or something that I'm
464s blocking maybe I should move my body
466s just for a second
467s just to kind of give other examples of
470s how things have been changed and updated
473s all these are old saves every single one
477s of them and I would never in my life be
480s able to tell that they weren't an old
482s safe that could potentially have any
484s sort of problem problems issues at all
487s for being converted to 1.0 if I didn't
491s somehow notice that wow that would be
493s seriously crazy don't you think I would
496s think so all right
498s so let's go ahead and open up our
500s streamsafe
504s and get to crack it my my uh
507s my mic is very excited today you calm
509s down there all right
512s so uh first things first though one of
514s the things that I want to do is
515s highlight kind of where we're at what we
517s were doing so for those of you who uh
520s haven't been part of the streams we are
521s now on the old Friends mission where Dax
525s is gone he's gone spoilers oh gosh uh
528s and so now we have to figure out where
531s this Maddox character is and we are
532s searching for him on this planet now
534s through the process of this I have been
536s hanging on to a lot of various
537s Commodities and you can see them down
539s here I'm going to hide my levels and
541s demands this is something that's new you
544s can see how that kind of goes away but
546s if you look at each one of these
547s Commodities down here I'll keep my my
548s mouse off of it for the moment you'll
550s see that there's like a different color
552s in its Corner okay that is a
554s representation at this point on its
557s demand in the current system that you
559s are at more specifically the point in
563s the current system that you're at
565s because these values that I'm about to
567s show you do in fact change based on
571s where you are at in the system for
574s example the closer you get to Prescott
576s Starbase who has like completely no
579s demand for ramen for example possibly
582s uh then the further you get from them
585s Ramen prices are going to start going up
587s a little more a little more a little
588s more so finding the appropriate stations
590s from there you'll be able to make a
592s better trade so uh so whenever we do the
595s show level and demand you're going to
597s see now the upper left corner of those
599s items there's that little Pip you see
601s that those Pips both do two things one
604s it shows you a color indicator of if
608s it's going to be valuable to sell right
610s now that's specifically what it's
611s targeting it's the demand in the current
614s system so if it's red and there's one
615s pip that means there's a very little
617s demand if it's orange and there's two
619s Pips that means it's a normal demand and
621s if it were to be green and three Pips
623s that would mean there's a high demand in
625s your system so looking at it from your
627s inventory that color is showing you how
631s well it would sell all right
633s it would show you how well it would sell
635s okay let's let's stop talking about this
637s and actually hover over some of these
639s all right so now you can see directly on
641s the screen what we're talking about with
642s this whole low to high demand in a
644s current system it's right there right
647s there for you Small Arms here has very
650s low demand in our current system thanks
653s Cato Palace
655s and you can see that there's even like a
657s little Pip that shows you where that's
658s particularly at
660s and the smallest value granted the text
662s is kind of small the text is kind of
664s small it says 60 credits and then on the
667s very right side the text says 193
670s credits that is the variability of how
672s much you could sell one unit of small
675s arms four
677s all right
679s so we're getting to a lot of this okay
680s we're getting into a lot of this it's so
683s um ask your questions if you need to we
685s will be answering those of course
687s so if we compare that to something like
689s medicine
691s we have a normal demand of medicine here
693s probably because there's a lot of people
694s but there's also a hospital you know
698s you'll see its price range only goes
700s from 30 to 70 based on uh what where
702s it's at what systems and for right now
704s at this moment in this space we could
707s sell it for 44 per unit
711s and we can look at the other ones look
712s Ramen ramen's just not going to sell
714s well I'm sorry guys I know I know we had
716s some Robin conversation and the Discord
719s prior to the stream it's not looking too
721s pretty only gonna net seven credits per
725s unit of ramen right now but it could get
727s pretty expensive depending on where we
729s go and what we are doing so that's a
732s general look just right here of what
734s this looks like we're gonna be talking
735s about this just a tad more by going
738s towards those specific locations where
740s we can buy and sell and also refer to
743s Hans Christian's words specifically and
745s how he's coded this in for your complete
748s understanding of how this system works
751s also for those of you who are just
754s entering in or those of you who have had
757s lots of questions through the course of
759s development about like how Dynamic this
761s system is going to be let me just cut to
764s the Chase and be completely upfront
766s about this this is still even with these
769s values that you see here we're going for
771s a more rudimentary system of trading yes
775s certain items are going to be desirable
777s in certain systems and you can make a
779s pretty good trade especially if you're
781s buying those from other systems and
783s taking them there and figuring out your
784s own trade Lanes you can use your spatial
786s bypass to kind of navigate around that
788s as well as cheekily as that sounds it
791s does in fact work and we're also
793s balancing these numbers to where you
795s can't like make crazy amounts of money
797s but it's also valuable to start looking
801s into those demands as it can boost you
804s into that next level to purchase a ship
806s or to cover extra costs of you know
809s buying equipment or what have of you
812s it's definitely made an impact for our
814s internal testing that is for sure
817s so
819s yeah let's go ahead and since you know
822s even though we're here I'm gonna go
823s ahead and leave
825s I'm not going to pursue this Mission
827s because I want to show you a little bit
828s more of this training since we're on the
829s topic it's important
831s I'm gonna fly through super light and
832s you're going to see these values change
835s okay so one quick look again let's uh
837s let's use
840s uh actually they've already changed with
843s how subtly we have left the current
845s location
846s you can see that everything has just
849s completely dropped
851s even medicine looks like it's now going
854s down that also might be a bug but uh for
857s the moment we're just gonna say
859s yeah the values do in fact change based
862s on where you're at and what you are
863s trying to accomplish we haven't been to
865s any stations here yet other than
867s Prescott so that's going to be the
869s location we go and we're going to look
870s at the values once we get there
877s my ship needs some repair what are you
879s guys talking about it's fine
881s it's fine
888s yeah I could definitely use some
889s definitely use some repairs that's for
890s sure
897s all right
900s so taking these various Goods back to
902s Prescott
904s we're going to open up our inventory
907s and look at that mining equipment has a
910s bit more of a normal demand at this
913s location so Prescott is going to
916s be totally good with scooping up some
918s mining equipment for a much better price
920s than it was previously because you did
922s see that red pip as it was before now
925s we're also seeing that these values yeah
926s they're definitely coming down Ramen has
928s reached its lowest point while we're at
930s Prescott Starbase it is now at five
932s credits per unit
934s we have small arms that are also at its
937s lowest amount again thank you Cato
938s palace with its price at 60 per unit
942s we have medicine that's still kind of in
944s the middle ground but it is in a low
945s demand
947s it is at a low demand it's at 42.
949s we see seeds are you know also quite low
953s at 15.
956s but we'll go ahead and just legendary
957s press go to a station that never sleeps
961s I just do the trades
963s just real quick
965s real quick doing some trades
969s and I'm sure that you guys do have the
971s Curiosity of like oh well these
973s different stations sell for different
974s amounts
975s I'll show you that too
978s so here we are at specifically the
981s freelancer hanger
984s and with the shop you can see on the
986s left here
987s we see these values being you know the
991s same as they were before
994s yes they are the same as they were
995s before
996s and since this mining equipment could
998s sell decently well what we're going to
999s do is we're going to sell just a couple
1000s of these we're going to hang on to that
1003s for a different station in the same area
1005s so we just sold half of them okay notice
1008s the price did not change
1011s still sells for 63 let's sell five more
1015s still sells for 63. that does not change
1019s so the amount that you have the amount
1021s that they have that does not impact
1024s the price the demand at all okay it is
1027s specifically the location you're at
1030s inside of the game okay when we're
1033s looking on the right side here you can
1035s also see wow look at all these green
1037s Pips
1038s look at all these green Pips now again
1041s train your eyes
1043s to seeing opportunities here
1047s buying
1048s low demand is good
1050s so when you see low demand in a shop
1053s because you would be buying it well it's
1056s going to show up green
1058s remember these items over here are also
1060s low demand but because we would be
1062s selling them they show up red
1065s capiche
1067s got it hopefully that's super duper
1069s clear but just making sure we're all on
1071s the same page though all right so here
1073s we could literally scoop up all of these
1075s things for very good prices holy crap
1080s we could buy a lot of stuff here
1083s for really nice prices even these
1085s cybernetic implants even
1088s if we wanted to and you know what why
1091s not let's let's buy
1093s let's spend all of our credits for these
1095s cybernetic implants
1100s excellent What could
1102s so uh cyber neck implants also do have a
1105s carrying capacity of 10 in each slot so
1107s they even though they could sell well
1109s somewhere else it's gonna cost us some
1112s storage space so next up we need to
1116s um well shoot what do we do from here I
1118s guess we'll go to another station and
1119s show you how that price Point's working
1121s so
1122s we'll also sell just some various other
1125s little things just to make that
1127s additional room because it's important
1130s and I know there's lots of questions
1131s going on that's great keep it up I'm not
1133s ignoring the chat well actually
1135s technically I am because I want to get
1136s through this but I will answer all of
1138s those questions because we do have our
1140s other community manager online geekbite
1142s who is capturing every single one of
1144s those questions you have we will address
1146s them so I assure you I'm not just
1148s ignoring you because I can
1150s um or no that's actually it I'm ignoring
1152s you because I can't but we will address
1153s those questions
1156s all right there's a little bit more
1159s space
1160s let's go ahead and take these items
1163s and just go to another station in the
1165s area just because I know that you guys
1167s are curious let's go to the black market
1168s dealer actually that could be a lot of
1170s fun
1170s because there's even another topic to
1172s discuss down here
1184s [Music]
1185s we are
1188s day don't expect any discounts
1191s straight trade or No Deal I've had
1194s enough of all the hackling my life I'm
1196s only here on business
1197s that's what I wanted to hear
1200s excellent so we're going to go back to
1201s our inventory and you're gonna see
1202s everything is actually the exact same
1205s price
1207s exact same price so
1209s just for a very quick Clarity the reason
1211s why I just showed this is to just nip
1213s any of these questions in the bud about
1215s like same system like
1218s trading effectively like especially same
1220s area trading in Prescott basically the
1222s value of all Goods is the same from
1224s every single station
1227s this is very intentionally designed
1228s because we didn't want you to like buy
1230s from one and then sell for a little
1231s amount difference to another one and you
1234s know it just like penny pinching and we
1236s think that's super annoying style of
1238s gameplay and we're just not going to
1239s even incentivize it we just cut it out
1240s of the picture okay so if you want to
1242s get authentic trading to work you need
1246s to carry those goods to another location
1248s that does have a high demand for it not
1251s just what's right around the corner
1253s right which I hope you guys understand
1256s that concept
1259s so here again we're going to see the
1260s exact same thing but we're gonna go to
1262s the shop here
1263s we're gonna go to the shop here and it's
1266s not there
1268s we didn't get one well that's
1270s unfortunate maybe we'll have to come
1271s back here in a little bit later
1276s [Music]
1278s we do see though this is this is
1280s something that's very nice
1282s we see that for the first time it is
1284s possible to purchase
1286s signal decoders from a shop
1289s this is an exclusive feature from
1293s the black market dealer I don't know if
1296s our plans are to reserve this to Union
1298s or if you could get signal decoders in
1301s other systems
1302s I honestly don't know
1304s it's it might happen it might not but uh
1307s yeah you are able to scoop up signal
1311s decoders from this site first time in
1313s the game okay okay okay so we purchased
1316s all these cybernetic implants
1318s what we want to do is to try to make
1320s some form of profit from them
1323s so basically if we sell them literally
1325s anywhere else if it's more expensive
1327s then we're going to turn a profit
1331s so to do that we are going to head back
1333s to sedo
1335s and we're gonna go over to nefty's
1337s planes
1339s to the neptus plains station so we'll
1341s have a little bit of traveling time
1343s to answer some questions on the way
1346s since this is very much all surrounding
1348s trading get bite if you want to sneak in
1350s and ask some questions on the Fly while
1352s we're getting to our destination that
1354s would be awesome
1356s good evening everyone how are you all
1359s um yes in a few there's been a few I
1361s think they're all seem to be very happy
1363s with these changes which is good
1365s um
1366s first up Fred spec vet over on YouTube
1370s um
1370s it's regards the first view on the
1373s training system it looks good but it
1374s also to them it seems like the interface
1377s is looking a bit cluttered
1379s um are you planning on cleaning cleaning
1381s it up so to say man interfaces are such
1383s a wild card because this is something
1386s that we've actually cleaned up a bit
1387s would you believe that our first
1389s iteration of this whole trading stuff
1392s was
1393s it basically made this whole thing look
1395s like a rainbow we we had somebody even
1397s comment on and say like it looks like we
1399s are trying to Taste the rainbow like
1401s it's it's a skittles ad
1402s um and so we did have to go in and
1404s readdress it rather significantly and I
1407s do want to remind you all that the
1410s difference here
1412s and this is if you are intentionally
1414s showing your levels and the demand of
1417s items okay you don't have to have that
1419s displayed okay you don't have to have
1421s that display you will still see and that
1424s corner those lines on the lower right
1427s side impact its demand for you while
1431s also not conflicting with Rarities okay
1434s this was something that was very
1436s eloquently done something that had to be
1438s navigated carefully and currently we are
1441s pretty happy with those results
1444s we are so uh yeah especially in
1446s comparison to uh
1449s the first iteration
1450s so
1452s good question good question
1455s um next up on Twitch bit of a cheat you
1458s on this uh can we expect klygon Jinn to
1461s be a tradable commodity
1463s oh that's fantastic I love that song uh
1467s if only that would be that would be
1469s amazing very clever I I appreciate that
1472s comment unfortunately you know the
1474s answer to that let's let's see who else
1477s we can help out answers
1479s uh wizard Jerry on YouTube
1482s um wants to know and it's nothing to do
1484s with the trading or the commodity but
1486s will there be more set items in the
1487s future after 1.0 so that is looking like
1492s it's going to be
1495s when we would receive more set items if
1498s we do more set items I was I was very
1501s specific in those words I'm going to say
1503s that one more time so it's not confusing
1505s after 1.0 would be when we add more set
1510s items if we add more set items
1513s I know I know I'm hopeful that we will
1517s get to them I am I am I am hopeful I
1520s think we'll be able to make it but for
1523s 1.0 and just looking at our to-do list
1525s which has now
1527s broken 1 000 items
1530s cool and six weeks six weeks yeah
1537s um set items is not a priority
1540s um right now so here's hoping
1543s that this will be something that we can
1545s revisit when time allows we've got to
1548s hit the priority elements first
1550s [Music]
1553s the legend that is Hans Christian in the
1557s YouTube chat and uh he's just added more
1559s set items yes that's planned after 1.0
1562s all right thank you Hans Christian for
1564s being here because I know I know your
1566s list man I am so sorry also thanks for
1569s showing up for the stream
1570s um that's that's great guys Hans
1572s Christian is an absolute Legend So you
1574s are all aware basically if there's a
1576s system inside of this game he had
1578s something to do with it he is just just
1580s I want to just give him a round of
1582s applause seriously and I mean we got we
1584s have so much still left to do and that
1587s man is a machine he is just cranking
1589s through it so sincerely thank you Hans
1590s Christian for the uh the follow-up
1592s response and just doing what you do all
1596s right
1596s let's dock here hold those questions
1598s geek bite well then welcome back Mr
1602s so I'm gonna show you now we go to this
1604s shop you know we've got all of these
1607s lovely items that we have in hand all
1608s these cybernetic implants that's pretty
1610s good trading opportunity now look at
1613s that now guys if you remember what we
1614s started with I think it was something
1615s around 13 000 okay so we're gonna go
1619s ahead and oh baby
1621s oh oh that feels good it's an actual
1625s working trading system in everspace two
1628s guys
1630s guys oh I have credits yes it took a bit
1635s of traveling time to do so and we
1637s answered a few questions along the way
1639s but that is not a small increase in
1642s credits for that time it took that feels
1645s good
1646s that feels good
1648s and of course the numbers could still
1650s potentially get changed in tweets but
1652s otherwise
1653s very happy with these results we hope
1656s that that's showing you just how much of
1658s an impact if you wanted to focus in on
1660s trading it really can do for your game
1662s experience now
1664s um once again and it's very important
1666s that I say this
1668s one more time just it's what we've been
1670s communicating through the entire course
1672s of development but for those of you who
1673s are unaware this is not some sort of
1676s deep interladen dynamic system that
1681s understands what you've sold how much
1683s you sold where you're selling to how
1684s much they have what their independent uh
1688s needs are and if that changes based on
1690s other factions progress and it's not
1693s it's no like it is not a dynamic system
1696s at all we're actually using static
1699s values to associate with every single
1702s item that are just desired by certain
1705s locations over others and through that
1709s as you can see it has generated these
1711s very
1713s prominent very delightful trade routes
1716s that you can find take those items
1718s purchase them away and sell them for
1721s profit elsewhere
1723s so there you go
1726s quite nice
1727s quite nice I'm gonna go ahead and sell
1729s this Ramen too because it's not going to
1730s be worth scrapping uh Union
1733s might as well send them sell the
1735s medicine we're just getting through it
1736s all small arms as well
1739s and also the seats because all of that
1741s stuff was actually uh wasn't as sellable
1745s over and Union so that being said we've
1749s sold our goods for a decent I'd say a
1753s decent profit there
1754s feels pretty good
1757s and we're gonna head on back I could
1759s have probably purchased something there
1761s to sell it into Union bio whatever we
1763s left we left so now because we are
1766s having to travel back let's answer a
1769s couple more questions as we head to the
1772s mission chain that will be at sifa
1774s stands
1775s uh right uh switching back to a YouTube
1779s again
1780s um Fred spec vet wants to know and he's
1782s he thinks this has been asked before but
1783s is there any chance we can name our
1785s ships in the future
1787s that is something that's on our radar I
1790s cannot say if it will happen if it won't
1793s happen
1794s it's something that we've kind of like
1796s talked about but um as you can probably
1799s imagine this is not something that's a
1800s priority in our home stretch with over a
1802s thousand actionable items that need to
1805s happen before lunch so
1808s um just know that we hear you we think
1810s it would be cool but
1813s it's on the back burner right now
1817s still a great question though
1821s right uh sticking with YouTube Excelsior
1825s has asked the inventory UI has a lot of
1828s empty space in the middle are you
1830s reserving this space for some future
1831s stuff or will the layout change at some
1834s point so that space it's hard to say oh
1836s actually no it's right it's very clear
1838s here so whenever using controller which
1840s I actually have a problem with my
1841s controller so I can't actually touch it
1843s otherwise I'll have to restart the game
1844s but whenever you're using controller all
1847s of your pop-ups show up very much in the
1849s middle to make it much easier to
1851s understand what you're highlighting over
1852s here versus uh what the stats are same
1855s with these types of things it shows up
1856s in the middle that way you can have a
1858s very clear understanding of well what
1861s you're looking at that's really the big
1864s change and the big reason why the UI was
1867s developed like that it's it's primarily
1869s for console or just in general
1871s controller support uh UI access and
1875s accessibility
1877s so good question
1882s um right Gustavo Rodriguez over on
1885s YouTube has asked will there be a demand
1888s the minable items now as Christian has
1891s actually answered this he said no but we
1894s are thinking of adding turning resources
1896s into Commodities later yes this is
1900s something that has also been a point of
1901s discussion so the appropriate answer I
1905s just said yes but the answer is no so
1907s thanks Hans Christian again for
1908s answering that
1910s um but yeah so we'll we'll have to see
1911s where that goes I'm sure some of you
1914s have noticed that in the crafting
1915s inventory there are some items that
1917s seemingly don't have a point to be here
1920s yet but you might also see oh hey that
1923s dark matter
1924s um we have Hive that has an autonomous
1926s cargo dispatcher usage uh maybe it's
1928s because some of the perk requirements
1930s have been adjusted so that may or may
1934s not be something we can talk about this
1935s stream I don't know if it's in full
1937s effect in this particular build but
1939s regardless that will be a topic for
1940s another day for those of you who because
1943s we've now just opened up this door for
1945s those of you who are acclimated with the
1947s costs and everything through Early
1949s Access we've heard you talking about
1951s this there are definitely some gaps in
1954s this process to build yourself up it's
1956s way too easy to get certain perks and
1959s way too hard to get other ones we also
1961s didn't want to make those adjustments
1963s right now in the or like at that time in
1966s the game because we were still adding
1967s more Commodities we're still adding more
1969s resources we were still changing systems
1971s and it would have been fruitless since
1973s if we would have redone it then we'd
1974s have to just redo it again so that is
1977s why we are now starting to approach the
1979s perks and what you need for for them so
1982s that it's far more Progressive with you
1984s based on what you have access to in that
1986s system
1988s and also what your needs are
1989s specifically going to be based on what
1991s those perks provide so yeah and again
1995s I'm not 100 sure if the changes are
1997s reflected in this particular build I
1999s just know it's something we've been
2000s talking about so that's uh that's a look
2003s into more details even outside of what
2005s I'm able to show you today how about
2006s that
2008s how about that
2012s right a couple more questions and then
2015s I'll click the rest
2017s um Thunder flame on Twitch uh so will
2019s this whole demand system be worth using
2022s over farming hras and Rifts then dumping
2025s all the loop for credits if not is it
2027s just meant to be an early to mid game
2029s credit Farm what it is meant to be is a
2032s trading system that we promised
2033s something that if you utilize you can
2036s get pretty decent credits for and if you
2039s don't want to go down that route at all
2041s because you want to focus on the main
2043s aspect of the game which is shooting and
2044s looting then you can absolutely do that
2046s as well find a commodity don't want to
2048s deal with the trading system just sell
2050s it when you get to a station find a
2052s commodity and want to be more of a
2053s Trader like and want to like accrue as
2055s many credits as possible by finding the
2058s most opportunistic trade routes go for
2060s it both options are for you to explore
2063s and dive into freely
2068s right uh last question for the time
2070s being xenocidal on YouTube I saw
2074s recently the 17 achievements were added
2076s on Steam and then a little bit later
2078s there were 32. I was curious if you
2081s could tell us about the process of
2082s implementing achievements on Steam oh
2084s well that's curious because now there's
2086s actually 36.
2090s um basically the process of implementing
2092s achievements is we have to have them
2094s done before we can Implement them oh
2097s gosh that sounds like so basic and so
2099s simple but it's truly the case we
2102s weren't able to implement them if we
2104s didn't have the target source for how to
2106s accomplish them and they are test
2108s achievements you might have seen some of
2110s the team members on Steam perhaps I'm
2112s not sure
2114s um start unlocking them if any of you
2116s follow me on Steam you probably did see
2118s that again this is just for testing
2120s purposes there will be a bit of a wipe
2122s of anyone who has collected those prior
2125s to 1.0 and it will also be updated of
2127s course with May games as well as
2129s achievement details as well as
2131s iconography so that you kind of know
2133s where or what you need to be doing we
2135s will also have a slew of hidden
2137s achievements as well for those uh who
2139s like to fancy that and since we're also
2141s on the topic of achievement hunting one
2144s last little bit of information for you
2146s our team is dedicated to having
2148s achievements that make sense they don't
2151s make you like slap your face multiple
2154s times or bang your head against a wall
2156s because you have to travel for 999 hours
2160s of gameplay we don't like those style of
2163s achievements we do have a couple that
2165s are progression based like so but
2168s otherwise I think you will be pretty
2170s pleased with the results of what we've
2172s been working on because internally we've
2173s all had a pretty strong and good
2175s response to them it is possible that we
2177s are not done with the achievements by
2179s the way we could very much add more than
2182s what is currently seen on Steam so we'll
2185s just uh we'll see how that goes
2188s lots of information for Achievement
2190s Hunters out there but uh yeah it's
2192s important
2193s it's important you got like one more
2195s question for me geekbite before we get
2197s into this I've got a couple lined up but
2198s we'll save them for a little while okay
2200s that's perfect that is perfect thank you
2202s so much all right great questions guys
2204s great questions I know that we did a lot
2206s of talking about that but uh now it's
2208s time to get into the story
2210s here we go
2212s making some progress probably
2214s how do we do this Ah that's right we
2216s have to go in here
2218s [Music]
2228s what was that that was the rest of the
2232s tunnel you just barely made it out of
2233s great let's hope that wasn't the only
2236s exit
2238s all right so let's go ahead and grab
2240s this battery for
2243s reasons actually we'll put it right
2245s there because there's one little secret
2248s you do see it on the way in
2251s last will and testament
2254s if you want to read it you can read it
2256s by pausing
2257s I'm gonna keep going
2260s yay
2264s safest Cabernet Sauvignon what is this
2267s it is difficult to say even my chemical
2270s sensors refuse to go near the concoction
2273s the letter was written by a brand event
2275s and addressed to a woman called Marie
2278s Marie devette that's the name of the
2280s trader running the flying duchess
2282s given the limited range of human names
2284s and combinations this
2289s I am seeing a massive frame Drop In The
2293s Stream hang on one second I'm gonna see
2294s if I can tweak this
2296s that is uh that is unfortunate let's see
2298s what happens if I just do this
2301s may very well be a coincidence
2310s we're going to go down to 30 frames per
2312s second for the moment hopefully that'll
2314s Rectify any uh stream issues sorry about
2317s that guys
2321s I know it's not going to look as pretty
2322s oh that's unfortunate but we do want to
2325s have the stream uh as clean as possible
2327s okay so back to the story and what we
2330s are doing
2332s man I am so happy and I hope that you
2335s guys are too that we have listed the
2337s shipwrecks
2339s as valuable that do contribute to the
2341s 100 completion of locations
2344s it's going to make those completionists
2346s out there man Achievement Hunters and
2347s completionists alike you guys are going
2349s to be pretty happy with some of these
2350s changes
2351s all right let's go ahead and head into
2353s the abandoned settlement and see what
2355s happens
2356s the only way to do this is to continue
2358s on foot
2359s fortunately I
2363s I even still alive stay put
2381s there's a little bit of frame stuttering
2383s here too guys just uh
2386s sometimes it's part of the process of
2387s the stream down here
2389s odd place for a package collection
2393s hey do hey dude it's
2395s you what
2397s what friend Adam Roslin it's me Alec
2400s what brings you here come to rescue your
2402s old buddy rescue
2410s yeah Daryl said be here to pick up a
2412s package
2413s I meant to do air quotes for that last
2415s part judging for that pile of desiccated
2417s corpses over there this is where he
2419s sends anyone he wants out of the way but
2422s fancy seeing you here just as I thought
2424s I was going to Crooked what a winky
2426s dance
2429s oh I'm glad you got that one I
2432s especially didn't like her
2434s I called her Esmerelda I gave them names
2437s gotta do something to pass the time
2443s Nice Shot tell you what when I get out
2446s of here I'm gonna kick that Daryl's ass
2447s into his brains whichever is which
2450s wait let me have a count uh yep you got
2453s them all say you wouldn't cut a buddy
2455s down would you I got an itch in a place
2457s that needs some serious scratches
2461s ah Carlos I forgot about him
2471s oh Alec it was a rubble collapse at the
2473s entrance sure hope there's another way
2475s out wait there was an entrance like for
2478s ships then why did I park outside and
2481s walk all the way in well it was hard to
2483s spot strap yourself in and I'll get you
2485s to your ship I do not allow pets on Bold
2488s my craft be nice Hive you should
2491s remember Alec
2493s I do recollect you're associating with
2496s this dubious character in one of your
2498s earlier iterations I was rather hoping
2501s it was a passing phase hey hey you got
2504s one of those onboardy grumpy Taki things
2506s I used to have one too but it shut
2508s itself down for some reason I could
2511s imagine why
2512s let's get out of here
2515s excellent oh my gosh so yeah guys I do
2518s want to just mention very very briefly
2520s that the stuttering that you saw in that
2522s cutscene
2523s um yes that is related to a streaming
2526s element that probably needs a little bit
2528s more refining from my end so I do
2529s apologize about that but rest assured
2532s whenever you're getting to these
2533s cutscenes within the game Space they
2535s will be updated to be pretty smooth uh
2538s pretty smooth
2539s optimized as well there's a lot more
2541s optimization coming so if you guys are
2543s having some hiccups in your current
2545s state uh and you are reaching those
2547s minimum requirements that we have listed
2549s on the steam store Page and elsewhere
2551s then yeah you it should be getting to a
2553s much better place uh at full release
2556s okay all right back to the mission looks
2559s like I'm not getting any frame drops now
2561s this time so that's good
2564s let's check our inventory real quick
2567s this level four flat Cannon is probably
2570s gonna have to go even though I've quite
2571s been enjoying the flat Cannon lately
2573s it's been uh it's kind of been fun to to
2577s deal with fun to take care of
2579s we're gonna completely scrap it though
2581s it's gone now
2583s and otherwise we're gonna hang on to
2585s these elements as we head back into the
2590s into the world
2593s so let's do that
2596s highlighted three tunnels leading away
2598s from this cabin is any one of them
2600s connected to an exit I cannot say my
2603s senses are swamped by a large amount of
2605s Bio signatures oh yeah those are the
2609s parents of the Crawlers you just blasted
2611s they're probably fuming what you mean
2614s that those we just killed were the
2615s babies best not hang around
2620s excellent all right so let's go ahead
2622s and grab ooh our new Shield a new Shield
2627s all right
2630s recharge delay and shutdown duration are
2632s nice
2633s the fire powers I mean it's not too much
2636s right now but
2637s I think we're gonna swap it
2639s I'm not a big fan of its recharge speed
2641s being lower but uh yeah we're gonna go
2644s ahead and we're gonna go ahead and keep
2645s this one
2646s scrap the other one
2648s here we go
2651s down the tunnel
2653s oh
2654s now I really missed my flag
2667s I'm not paying attention to the bugs yet
2670s because I'm greedy
2672s excellent here we are Cape crawler let's
2675s just have a quick little look for
2676s anybody who's never seen one of these
2678s before
2679s yes they are nicely brightly colored
2682s absolutely
2685s absolutely delightful
2687s and they go squish
2695s stand and capture their prey by ejecting
2698s the acidic contents of their digestive
2700s tracts
2701s so it's that spit we're talking about
2704s not technically no
2708s no meat
2710s that cracked wall looks promising
2716s foreign
2720s destroy five enemies in five seconds
2722s that feels good that feels good uh by
2724s the way uh that will in fact be changed
2726s we uh did have a situation that we
2729s discovered where it's way too easy to
2731s kill bugs
2733s Flora
2735s way too fast to accomplish that
2737s particular challenge it will be reserved
2739s specifically for ships and possibly
2742s drones I'm not sure what has been
2744s decreed by the almighty Hans Christian
2747s but uh it's going to be reserved for
2749s that instead so I'm getting it that's
2751s more of an exploit here it will change
2753s all right
2775s live at the party another day
2778s my ship is on the hill just near that
2780s big entrance
2782s so helic you reckon Daryl sent us both
2784s here to die I was hanging up in that
2787s cave long enough to think it over good
2788s and hard there's no doubt about it ha
2791s hey Adam you remember that time we got
2794s blitzed on an Ari Starbase oh hell yeah
2797s fond memories I know what you're like a
2801s wild man after a couple of dab and Ash
2802s Daiquiris hey
2805s where's my ride no ship here look what
2810s Barry intensely left it at a spot where
2813s I could see it for miles away
2815s yes you and anyone else I detect a
2819s civilian vessel on what appears to be a
2821s junk pile not too far away
2826s any idea who's been running cleanup
2827s crews out here
2830s they prefer to keep the place tidy of
2832s new settlers
2833s oh man the pain each other
2837s five keep an eye out for any ocar
2841s constantly Vigilant
2844s thanks Hive oh resources I need them
2847s what do we have
2849s obsidium yes please
2854s beautiful
2859s a couple items have generated around
2861s this site I don't think these were all
2863s here before but um this is a
2865s particularly interesting combat
2867s situation nice rides rides one piece
2871s you can walk the last bit right
2876s the cockpit will need fumigating for
2879s fleas
2881s so you can see that there's a number of
2883s medium Nanobots that are in the area I'm
2885s going to go ahead and
2887s spool those up
2889s as well as a space to stop and we can
2892s check out Alex sweet ride as he calls it
2896s just uh real quick we have shown this
2898s before in the Stream it did get updated
2900s so if you are looking at it from uh
2903s before the fall update this is going to
2905s be a brand new craft
2907s and look at that he's got he's got four
2910s weapons
2912s sweet ride I like sweet ride indeed
2917s very nice very nice all right let's get
2920s to docking and this mission on the way
2923s because we also have to get back to a
2924s station to look at ship modules
2928s get it running I have comms on me so we
2930s can keep on talking in the meantime will
2933s I ever find peace again
2935s so ilik what exactly did you do to piss
2938s off this Daryl guy enough to send you
2940s into a trap
2947s oh no I was looking for a guy named
2949s Maddox
2953s what that guy
2961s was illegal Tech behind the counter and
2962s smuggle it across Prescott using his
2964s Ramen delivery drones in exchange he
2967s gets hard to find parts for Mr Cato's
2968s Associates ah damn it they clamped my
2971s rock
2972s a group of automated okai units as
2975s approaching as we speak can you unclamp
2978s it
2979s of course I can't just give me a
2981s um I'll try to buy you some time
2984s all right so let's go ahead and finalize
2986s this Mission so that when we get back to
2988s Prescott I'll show you how the modular
2990s system is coming along
2997s here they come
3005s okay
3014s well you can't say I forgot to use my
3017s alt
3022s oh boy let's um let's do that again
3026s except better on basically every account
3029s whoo
3031s yikes
3036s Let's uh make sure I understand
3037s completely what we've got going on here
3039s we need to use the Jaeger because you
3042s know okar very much don't have hole they
3046s have lots of shields we have mines we
3048s have destabilizer missiles definitely
3050s going to use our damage limiters here
3052s and uh yeah hopefully it's not nearly as
3055s embarrassing as it was just at that last
3057s time so here we go my goodness they are
3061s merciless aren't they all right
3065s so go back to my culture
3071s all right one down that's always nice
3080s [Music]
3088s excuse me excuse me no no no no no no no
3091s no no no no no
3099s ah no no no no no no
3103s ouch
3104s damn coil guns though all right all
3107s right one more time one last one last
3109s one last one if we can't uh if we can't
3112s overcome these level tens at levels
3113s eight which I mean Frankly Speaking we
3115s are under leveled we haven't been doing
3116s a lot of side quests uh then we are
3118s going to revert to some tomfoolery in
3121s order to accomplish this task because I
3123s want to show you ship modules and I know
3124s that you want to see them so uh last
3127s thing to make sure we have optimized
3129s here we need to get this out of the way
3132s for sure
3141s all right that's looking to be much more
3144s effective
3149s oh come on
3151s we might need to change our devices
3152s actually now I'm thinking about it
3155s yeah we're gonna need to change our
3156s devices
3165s yeah hive
3167s oh yeah we're we're definitely going
3170s down again
3172s it's very uh very uh
3175s very intense two levels makes a pretty
3177s big difference okay all right guys all
3179s right guys I don't do this often but
3182s just because we haven't been going
3183s through the side missions and uh I want
3186s to get back to a star base uh we are in
3188s fact going to use just a little bit of
3190s tomfoolery
3191s so I'm gonna need you all to turn away
3193s just for a brief second uh I can assure
3197s you there's there's nothing else is
3199s going on behind the scenes just a quick
3200s moment to talk about our socials and the
3203s Beautiful interactions that we can have
3205s with you on all sides of that front it's
3208s really a good old time to have so if you
3210s haven't been following us on the Discord
3212s or YouTube or twitch or Twitter uh you
3215s know Instagram as well there's lots of
3218s places that you can go to follow us and
3219s see all the beautiful fun shenanigans
3221s that we have been up to all right back
3224s to the game
3225s let's go ahead and address this
3228s in a more um straightforward approach
3232s and it's okay if we die probably
3238s a nice blueprint
3240s excellent
3250s shoot my armor hasn't even fallen off I
3253s didn't I didn't need to cheat what are
3255s you guys talking about
3260s is
3273s so fun fact if my armor does not
3276s completely fall out
3279s that means I didn't need to cheat things
3281s are going much much better for us this
3283s time
3290s foreign
3314s now I'm just playing with my food but I
3315s don't even care after all of that
3324s felt satisfied
3327s do you take your time Alec the suckers
3330s are all gone now
3331s see
3334s okay listen I've gotta go back to
3336s Prescott and talk to Maddox
3338s who is this Mr Cato you were talking
3340s about my new boss on Prescott runs the
3343s big Casino
3344s Daryl is one of his under bosses he has
3347s his hand in every pocket on Prescott but
3352s under any circumstances
3355s scrap
3360s count me out for now Adam thanks for the
3362s rescue and all I'd love to keep chatting
3364s about the good old days but I gotta do
3366s some serious thinking about my next move
3370s and Brew is on Bishop starport how to
3372s get my brain cells churning I understand
3375s good luck to you and thanks buddy it's
3377s good to see you again I got your sake
3379s for when I need to find you
3381s okay Alex
3382s all right Hive let's head back to
3384s Prescott and find that Maddox guy once
3386s and for all excellent so I do see a
3388s little bit of chatter in the Stream chat
3390s and I do want to address something very
3392s very clearly I know some of you are
3394s going oh that that maybe needs a Nerf or
3397s something blah blah blah this that and
3398s your thing all right let's let's
3399s actually address this as a core issue
3401s right now because we are actually doing
3403s a tremendous amount of balancing out I'm
3406s not even going to say a light amount it
3408s has been a lot we have really truly
3411s cracked down on the level progression of
3414s these static level systems that we are
3416s now using the big change that we made
3418s from a previous update okay and through
3421s that process we are designing these main
3423s missions to be hard especially if you're
3427s just going straight for them if you are
3429s not building yourself up if you are not
3431s taking time to do side missions or
3433s taking on some jobs or to clear out
3435s certain locations do some high risk
3438s areas etc etc then yeah you're going
3441s into more dangerous territories the
3443s enemies will have that higher level than
3446s you because they're just better for
3447s where you're currently at you have to
3449s prepare accordingly and that includes
3451s gaining more experience so
3453s this will not be changed this is
3455s actually balanced your two levels down
3458s it's going to be hard
3461s I probably could have still done it yes
3463s and I know that there are some Champions
3465s among you who absolutely could as well
3467s and maybe we'll be crazy and complete
3470s the whole game at like level five or
3471s whatever I don't know you're probably
3473s out there but from sincerely a balanced
3476s standpoint this is very much working as
3478s intended even just being a mere two
3480s levels below the target okay
3483s being super up front super clear
3496s yeah on the last the last bit of all of
3498s that the last bit of all of that please
3500s keep in mind I did choose a particular
3502s difficulty here
3504s I did choose a particular difficulty
3506s here
3509s all right back to the game let's let's
3511s get to the starport let's show some ship
3514s module customization and how it's
3516s finally integrated into the game with
3518s maybe some tweaks in the near future
3521s so that you know what you can do and how
3524s to do it
3525s throughout the game
3531s I look over and I read it's balanced
3533s guys we just suck
3535s absolute Savage
3545s yes let's just introduce ourselves to
3546s Maddox and hopes he doesn't try to
3548s double cross us again
3550s all right so we're gonna go ahead and
3553s land at this freelancer hanger before we
3555s go see Maddox
3557s and let's look at the ship dealer so of
3560s course we have a bunch of different
3561s ships that we may or may not desire to
3564s purchase
3567s but for the time being what we're going
3568s to do is we're going to focus in on this
3570s particular ship now we have already
3573s customized it at least the colors but
3575s you will notice that when I change the
3578s style that the whole ship loads in okay
3581s so let me just show an example we're
3583s going to go to this custom one
3586s and we're gonna go to ship modules
3587s finally ship modules click all right
3592s so as you can see your ship even
3594s identified within the graphic which each
3597s of these Graphics is for each ship class
3600s there are nine ship classes each one has
3603s a different graphic that indicates their
3605s wing set you'll see that the front
3608s identifies the cockpit area as well as
3610s the body the wings
3613s affect the wings and the rear affect the
3616s style of the engine now you will also
3619s have noticed that through our particular
3621s play session from last week we didn't
3624s really get a lot of ship modules but for
3627s the ones that we do have they will show
3629s up here and of course we don't have any
3632s four
3634s the middle
3635s the the medium weights oh my gosh well
3638s hang on a second we're gonna fix that
3640s real quick because we need a ship that
3643s we can customize so we're gonna go over
3644s to a what do you think a bomber or a
3647s Vindicator I want you guys to choose
3648s because I know that we have uh we have a
3651s new item in the bomber category or in
3653s the heavyweight category you want a
3654s Vindicator or a uh bomber
3657s what do you guys think
3660s see bendy bomber vendy
3664s oh oh I just see bombers start taking
3667s away over on Twitch okay so YouTube I
3669s know you have the delay so now YouTube's
3670s turn
3673s [Music]
3678s questions
3681s bomber bomber
3683s uh this is this is looking like bomber
3685s very clearly what because like we it's
3687s already oh and now Fendi starts oh my
3690s gosh
3691s oh my goodness what is this I'm still
3694s seeing more bombers though overall
3697s I'm still seeing more bombers so we're
3698s gonna go with the bomber thanks everyone
3700s for contributing to this uh stream
3702s moment of your ideas and suggestions are
3705s important
3706s so we're gonna go ahead and just buy and
3707s sell the current
3712s now if memory serves there is a bug here
3716s with the customization so I'm going to
3718s do a really quick
3720s um really quick thing where I'm going to
3721s save the game
3725s and also this is a good time to show
3727s after I save the game even though this
3729s is a pre-release save game it's still
3731s marked that doesn't change
3733s it's not like oh because I saved this in
3735s the latest version in the 1.0 update
3737s it's not going to be marked anymore no
3738s no if it's an if it's coming from an
3741s older safe it will stay marked like that
3743s permanently the only way to not have a
3746s marking is to start a new save at the
3749s 1.0 launch okay
3751s is it annoying maybe is it necessary
3754s absolutely we are not responsible for
3757s any issues problems bugs situations of
3760s unpleasantness and game shenanigans that
3764s are not working
3766s from an old save
3768s because we absolutely want you to start
3770s a new save
3771s but we're adding it in any way because
3773s we love you and you asked
3775s just hope you take great care of it okay
3777s all right so now we're going to go back
3779s to the main menu
3784s well back to the main menu
3788s and then we're going to reload the safe
3791s and I'm pretty sure I'm going to dodge
3794s the a particular bug that we have that
3796s hasn't quite been addressed yet just
3798s just being careful on this all right
3805s [Music]
3810s okay so now let's go into the ship
3812s customization
3813s segment begin so we have the same colors
3817s that were pulled over from our last
3818s stylization of our Last Ship
3821s but uh these are independent for every
3824s single ship just as a reminder so even
3826s if we
3827s um had saved the previous ship and sent
3829s it back to the hangar its four Styles
3832s would be exactly what those were when we
3834s left it and when I changed these four
3836s Styles it's bound to this ship and will
3838s not impact the four styles on that Last
3841s Ship so let's go ahead and just start
3844s from actually let's start from this
3845s third one
3846s so the ship modules we have at least
3848s engines right do we
3851s to
3853s do do we not collect
3858s Andy
3861s oh well I I know for a fact
3866s I think I think we may have found a very
3868s unfortunate bug that's stopping our
3870s showcase even though I tested this
3872s earlier today and it worked
3877s this is that delightful time in the
3879s Stream ladies and gentlemen where I
3880s remind you welcome to the beautiful
3883s reality of Game Dev and doing live
3886s streams of the latest Ranch you never
3889s know what you're gonna get sometimes we
3891s don't even know please give me one
3893s second to rectify this very terrible
3896s issue
3898s oh my goodness
3902s one moment ladies and gentlemen
3909s [Music]
3927s and we're back oh my gosh what a
3930s successful Adventure it was me going out
3933s into the world and finding ship modules
3935s in the game legitimately without
3937s cheating whatsoever
3939s ah anyway
3942s um so let's just talk very briefly about
3943s ship modules in general as you can see
3945s there's going to be a slew of different
3947s ones these uh this categorization is
3949s also not finalized at this point as you
3951s can see we have type B at the top then
3953s it goes to a then to e this is
3956s technically working as intended uh the
3959s organization will probably change
3963s so whenever you go in here ah nice look
3966s at that look at that the ship body
3968s itself converts to the new one
3971s so you will have complete rain
3973s over the parts that you do find
3978s and plug in the one that you desire the
3980s most
3982s now I'm not sure if this bug was fixed
3985s or not uh there's another another bug
3987s that's surrounding this oh my gosh um
3990s but uh rest assured even if the current
3993s ship that you have you haven't unlocked
3996s its particular type so long as you are
3998s customizing that ship you will have
4001s access to that module type okay
4006s clear his mud wanna do that one more
4007s time all right so we have this Cyclops
4010s A1 right this is what we purchased this
4012s is the original model the Cyclops A1 but
4015s if we were to customize this
4017s and change it to like B and the wings to
4020s tighten and the rear to uh type four for
4023s example let's say this is the new uh
4025s style that we want right you'll notice
4028s that we do have it saved in this custom
4030s slot look oh oh nice it saves everything
4034s independently that's why it's loading in
4035s separately
4038s but even further than that and you'll
4040s also notice the name doesn't change yes
4042s we are aware that's a bug
4044s you'll also notice that whenever you're
4046s going in and editing this again that
4048s that original type
4050s is still present even though we haven't
4052s unlocked it yet so we can revert back to
4054s the original type because it's part of
4057s the original ship module okay
4063s make sense
4065s I hope so because that's very
4068s specifically how this is going to be
4070s bundled up and shipped off to you so the
4073s next important topic is addressing tears
4077s let's address some tears right now we
4079s are in a tier one ship which means we
4083s cannot put tier two wings or higher on
4089s our tier one even if we had them in
4091s locks
4093s we can't do it however
4096s if we had a tier two or three or even
4100s four we could put the Lesser tiered Wing
4104s styles on that ship so long as it is
4107s equal or lower than the same tier you
4111s will be able to customize those specific
4113s Wings onto your ship body
4117s all right
4119s but again you cannot put higher tier
4122s Wings on a lower tier ship
4126s all right
4129s all right so let's go ahead and truly
4131s customize this a bit further in a way
4134s that we want
4135s um we're gonna go just a little bit
4137s darker blue
4139s we're going to I might be a little too
4142s much
4145s oh let's see
4149s let's see that's not enough it's not
4151s we're in this Middle Ground of weirdness
4153s we'll go with that we'll go with that I
4155s like it we have this snow white to kind
4157s of complement the edges just to give it
4159s a little bit of shape and form
4161s keep those metallic at that one's
4163s standard also change our window to no
4165s it's that that's not going to look good
4167s with the rest of the build we'll keep
4168s that electric blue and our engine colors
4170s we haven't unlocked any new ones yet
4173s so I'll just change the standard to Blue
4175s just to be more consistent with
4176s everything else I suppose
4178s we got the blue emissive lights even
4180s though we have been unlocking a few more
4182s colors we're going to stick to those
4184s decals we have been unlocking a few
4186s decals including this rookie
4188s which we got through Renown so let's
4190s just slap that on there because we can't
4192s why not
4195s why not
4199s excellent and here's our new ship our
4203s new bomber
4204s ready for us to employ and utilize
4213s I want I want different engines
4215s I'm gonna go with those engines
4219s and I kind of like the recessed cockpit
4221s more so we're gonna go with that one
4227s I like it it's
4230s it looks great don't you think
4233s excellent this is what we're going with
4236s perfection
4238s and now that we have acquired all the
4240s things we need and targeting our ship
4242s and the desires that we have you can see
4244s that the ship customization is dang near
4247s complete at this time
4249s dang near complete at this time and it
4252s also does
4253s spool up a couple of questions I am
4256s guessing from previous Vlogs that we
4259s have posted about ship customization as
4260s a whole there was one item there that I
4263s would very much like to personally
4264s address with you all okay one of those
4266s items was the cockpit customization
4269s I can't say that this is completely
4272s removed from the picture but I can say
4274s there is no way it's going to hit 1.0
4277s and it's not very likely to show up in
4280s the future I know that's big sad I know
4282s some of you were like really excited
4284s about that sort of concept of the
4286s cockpit specifically but this is one of
4289s those timing things where we had to make
4291s some quick decisions and focus on the
4293s more important aspects of and the
4295s degrees of customization and as such I
4298s can assure you that we wouldn't have
4299s nearly as much of this here had we gone
4302s the route of going for cockpit
4305s customization furthermore
4308s and I'm sorry
4310s we just don't have nearly as many
4313s players who would even get to see that
4315s rich cockpit customization because most
4318s of you are playing in third person
4321s so yeah hard calls that we have to make
4324s in development guys it's really hard
4326s calls we did like some of the concepts
4328s that we were bringing to the table and I
4330s think that you guys did too but we
4332s focused on the elements that are going
4334s to be far more visible by you all that
4336s give you far more customization and an
4338s impact of your ship's style that's what
4341s we've decreed that's what we've moved
4343s into and I hope I really hope you guys
4346s do understand why we've chosen that
4348s route and how we're pursuing This Way
4350s Forward instead of utilizing that
4352s cockpit customization all right
4355s so this is this is gonna be
4359s this is gonna be it this is gonna be it
4361s paint job window tints engine colors
4363s emissive lights decals ship modules and
4366s that's not to say you won't see more
4367s ship modules in the future because we're
4369s still working on them you haven't seen
4370s them all you haven't seen tier four at
4372s all there's still more Wing types coming
4373s to certain classes there could
4375s definitely be more decals showing up
4377s it's even possible for more colors to
4379s appear so
4382s there you go it's a lot to this
4384s customization so much more than we
4387s actually initially planned even with
4389s dropping the cockpit
4391s even with dropping that we've added so
4393s much more and we do hope and we do think
4397s that you will really enjoy your
4398s opportunities here
4400s so there was a lot spoken there I know
4403s that there have been a lot of questions
4404s and maybe even some concerns or
4407s frustrations I totally get that but we
4409s are very transparent in everything that
4411s we're doing we want you to know why
4413s we're going the directions we are and
4414s only hope that you have that same
4416s understanding so let's answer some of
4418s those questions that I've been
4419s generating and start cracking this open
4421s so geek bite go ahead and fill me in on
4424s those couple questions that you had
4425s before even if it's regarding trading
4427s that's totally fine and uh let's let's
4429s have a conversation let's do this
4431s right uh just to go back to excelsior's
4435s previous question which was about the
4437s inventory UI with the middle uh Blank
4439s Space he was just wondering uh could you
4442s add something that is there that just
4443s looks cool for the PC folks uh they said
4446s they didn't know maybe a schematic of
4448s the ship or something just to fill in
4450s that Gap uh there was actually that
4452s concept of having like the schematics of
4454s the ship I'm not even joking years ago
4457s years ago
4460s um even like I think it was like at the
4462s time of the Prototype phase and there
4465s was so much clutter every time we were
4469s trying to put something else in that
4471s space and ultimately what we decided was
4473s we don't need it there's already enough
4475s going on here there's a lot of data to
4477s digest we just need to separate your
4480s items from your ship stats and
4483s attributes that's the goal and that's
4485s what we have satisfied here in addition
4487s that space does fit the form very nicely
4490s for having that extra range of
4492s information showing up even when you're
4493s hovering over with the mouse you can see
4495s it already veering towards the middle so
4496s you can still see everything else in
4498s your inventory getting nice bits of
4500s information on everything else going on
4502s to where you're not uh blindsided or
4504s having data hidden from you so much and
4506s it's still exactly why we've done what
4508s we're doing with the controller having
4510s that information shared in the middle UI
4513s and ux design as a whole can be an
4515s incredibly challenging field but I can
4517s very much assure you the reason why it
4519s seems empty is for your benefit
4522s promise you that so thank you for your
4524s feedback I really do appreciate that but
4527s it is very much going to remain as this
4530s next question please
4532s uh next up is Lauren Texan over on
4535s YouTube and uh I think it kind of
4537s organizing with the question that we had
4540s earlier about uh refining resources and
4542s they're just asking will there be
4543s eventually it'll be aware or a location
4545s to refine resources
4549s to refine resources ah yes to get like
4551s the pure forms
4553s I'm gonna be able to convert maybe as
4556s well yeah um I mean we're no strangers
4558s to that conversion process because if
4559s you guys have played everspace one in
4561s our DLC
4563s we literally included a GMB refinery
4565s plant that you could convert your
4567s resources on the fly through the thing
4569s so um yeah I mean that's definitely
4571s something that we looked at and said hmm
4573s how necessary is this for the gameplay
4577s like what is the functionality for
4580s individuals to enjoy the experience
4583s and it turns out it's not that high on
4585s the list okay
4586s so that's not to say that we won't do it
4589s or we can't do it because we certainly
4591s can but it is not planned for 1.0 and
4595s Frankly Speaking it's technically not
4597s planned after 1.0 either
4600s it is something that we might change
4602s sides on and pursue at a later point in
4604s time but right now it is not something
4606s that we will be doing
4609s so great question great question hey
4613s um baited frog
4615s um wants to ask a law question okay and
4619s I'm hoping you can answer this one uh
4620s whom did Alec create all these children
4623s with is it another horac or are they
4626s hybrids uh horaks asexual and was there
4629s more than one over all the kids or is he
4632s married
4633s let me tell you what
4636s um what a question
4637s um so from the lore from the official
4640s lore I'm not bsing here okay he did have
4643s multiple wives and technically they are
4647s never clarified as to uh what race or
4650s being they would be a part of I would
4653s assume that they would be other horags
4655s because the horags just have a natural
4657s case of reproduction think of like
4659s rabbits if you will
4661s um and uh that's how the lore is namely
4664s established within our game world it's
4667s meant to sound really kind of crazy and
4670s extreme because that's just the nature
4672s of that particular race and you can even
4675s tell from the way how Alec can be
4677s incredibly casual in the most dire of
4679s circumstances so World building is fun
4683s and weird and horags definitely fit that
4686s bill fully
4689s can't be more specific than that
4695s so great lore question though it's very
4697s interesting
4699s let's see if we have uh elec here by the
4702s way we'll just pop that up so you can
4703s kind of see it too
4705s so keep going with the questions
4707s cool right slow intention Again on
4710s YouTube uh will we at some point be able
4712s to see what's in our base is inventory
4714s without having to be there we've seen
4717s this question come up a lot and this is
4719s something that we do do think is a
4721s pretty cool idea it's something that
4722s could be proved to be useful especially
4725s since you can send stuff there from
4727s anywhere it would be nice if you could
4728s somehow send it from there to you from
4731s anywhere too
4733s um but there's still some kinks in that
4736s formula that would need to be addressed
4738s there are some ways to exploit certain
4739s rules and restrictions that are very
4742s intentional within the game Space and so
4744s can't it won't be happening by 1.0
4748s there's a chance in the future it's
4751s definitely something that we hear the
4752s community request and so your voice is
4755s very much heard it's a valid question
4757s it's a valid feature it's not currently
4760s planned and developmentally it has
4764s created some Kinks whenever we looked
4767s into to it as of right now so home
4769s stretch won't have it possible future
4772s possible
4776s right with the Jerry on YouTube would
4780s like to ask can we rename the custom
4782s Styles in 1.0
4786s oh yes for the the ships for the these
4789s Styles like being able to name where it
4791s says custom one custom two customers be
4792s custom for well um actually I don't know
4795s the answer to that
4796s I sincerely do not know the answer to
4799s that but I do know that there have been
4801s discussions about renaming the ships and
4803s that's something that we are looking
4804s into can't guarantee it'll happen and
4806s also Frankly Speaking
4808s um let's talk about saves because you
4811s guys have been asking for naming saves
4813s and it's looking pretty good
4815s that we may have I should say may I
4819s can't say it's guaranteed or not
4822s but we may have uh the ability to
4824s manually save your names inside of the
4829s uh the game that was weirdly said you
4831s can you can do this hi this is my save
4834s you'll be able to type it out okay now
4837s this will also very much be exclusive to
4841s the PC if we pursue this there is a
4844s chance a chance that we might have that
4847s integration on the uh console side but I
4851s doubt it's going to be through uh using
4854s a keyboard it's probably going to be
4856s like the navigation of controller to do
4858s that and there are still a bit of
4861s restrictions when it comes to that
4862s pertaining to the symbols the the
4864s ligatures and stuff like that used in
4866s order to type that out so you got way
4869s more information on that
4871s we got way more information on that than
4873s you would like to oh yeah here let me
4874s let me do this uh
4881s so if we try to do this
4883s this gives you a very clear example of
4886s what happens when there are invalid
4888s symbols we might have more information
4890s uh on this page to like clarifies the
4894s symbols but also note that there's
4896s a lot of symbols so it might be
4899s challenging but as a whole if you stick
4901s to
4902s letters and numbers you should be fine
4905s should be fine if that gets implemented
4910s because we haven't we haven't publicly
4912s said that it will
4915s all right
4917s just as a little update to the question
4920s from Wizard Jerry regarding the renaming
4923s the custom Styles uh Hans Christian as
4925s put on YouTube that rename me Styles is
4927s not planned for 1.0 thank you Hans
4929s Christian yeah so definitely know that
4932s the ship is being considered
4935s by custom size no it won't so thank you
4938s for that clarity
4939s very good very good
4942s um right question from twitch this time
4944s from Lord Gregory 42 uh does buying a
4947s ship unlock the modules on it for
4949s customization on other ships
4952s no no uh Dru is actually replied we've
4956s got all the stars in this evening we've
4958s got all the stars in uh he did said no
4960s you have to find them otherwise you
4962s could quickly buy and refund sell ships
4964s in the shop and then you basically have
4965s the modules I can quickly do this buy
4968s and sell current and just go through all
4969s of these and then boom bada bing bam
4972s boom I've got every single one of these
4973s engines and wings and bodies that I
4975s didn't have before at super low cost
4978s because I mean when you're swapping
4979s these around look I gained 474 credits
4981s from this and then I get three modules
4984s that I didn't have before potentially
4985s right that's such an exploit no that's
4988s not going to happen but once again I do
4989s want to point this out though because I
4991s think this is important okay whenever
4993s you are customizing here and you're in
4996s the ship the original ship design has
4998s parts that you don't have access to yet
5000s when you go into the ship modules and
5002s say like you change out from it you'll
5005s have access to that ship's original
5007s parts
5009s you'll still have access to that ship's
5011s original parts here okay
5013s maybe it'll have like a labeling too
5016s maybe I'm not 100 sure
5019s but you'll have that access
5021s but it does not freely unlock for any
5024s other ship that you would then collect
5025s okay
5027s cool you you guys are probably already
5029s seeing why we've done that because the
5030s exploit is
5031s you wouldn't have to search for ship
5033s modules at all all right so next up
5036s right last question for the time being
5038s uh Vigilant fish over on YouTube uh is
5041s there a specific reason why it was
5042s chosen to censor swear words in the game
5044s if so is there a special reason why you
5046s guys settled on scrap as a replacement
5049s we have not censored we have particular
5053s language being used for uh the
5056s characters within the DMZ for various
5058s levels of uh excitement or frustration
5062s and scrap is a more common one but
5065s that's certainly not the extent of what
5068s characters can say at all we will
5072s probably have a little bit uh like maybe
5075s a slight age rating
5078s um on our game just due to a little bit
5080s of language being used but uh it's uh
5082s certainly not all censored not even
5085s going to pretend it is
5087s so excellent you can fly on now pilot
5090s all right so let's take this bomber out
5091s for a spin
5093s and as you guys know I suck at flying
5095s bombers so this will be great
5099s in order to Champion this because we are
5102s in the union system and we do need to
5104s boost ourselves up I think what I'm
5106s gonna do is actually start taking on
5107s some side quests and some jobs to get to
5110s where we really need to be so let's go
5112s ahead and head on over to Prescott
5113s Starbase Authority pick up this side
5115s mission
5117s as well as that other one
5121s I have here a custom combat vessel eyes
5124s of a hunter and
5126s this guy smell of a Byron podhorn during
5128s spring season you're a gun for hire
5131s right
5132s but yeah I am
5134s all right then we've got some
5136s assignments on the board but there's one
5138s job that has priority Above All Else a
5140s gang of Outlaws just ambushed some
5142s traveling merchants
5144s we know where they're hiding but I can't
5146s go in with my own team else they'll see
5148s us coming light sex away all right
5151s consider it done good you'll find them
5154s in a bunch of caves and Smuggler's wheel
5155s here are the coordinates
5158s excellent I also just looked over at the
5160s chat and I see uh David jeer over on
5163s YouTube and he says profanity is a turn
5165s off for me dude I totally understand
5168s where you're coming from as a father of
5169s five and seeing my oldest one at the age
5172s of seven I want to be very careful about
5174s the content that they are all digesting
5177s it's also a reality of life that people
5179s swear they say really dumb stuff all the
5182s time so it's up to you and how you want
5185s to enter into the game or not based on
5187s what we use but I can't assure you we
5189s have been pretty careful in how we've
5191s approached the game Space and the
5193s contents that you are digesting we do
5195s not have any overtly overly sexual
5198s themes we are pretty light when it comes
5200s to gore and violence surrounding that I
5204s think the biggest one you'll actually
5206s see was a cutscene you saw here where
5208s aliens giant alien spiders were being
5211s shot through by a pistol that's
5212s basically like the biggest uh most
5214s gorish part of the entire game and
5217s beyond that uh yeah you're gonna have a
5220s couple one-offs of some profanity but
5223s it's yeah we've been pretty careful on
5226s this we've also had a pretty brilliant
5227s story writer a company that processed to
5229s ensure things were tightened down and we
5231s also have a PR guy who has joined the
5233s team recently who's also locking those
5236s elements into place so yeah again share
5239s your concern we are trying to Hardline
5241s and be careful about this at the end of
5243s the day we totally respect your decision
5245s on if you want to pursue our title or
5247s not based on your needs and desires
5250s totally acceptable to not agree with us
5252s we get it
5254s all right
5255s all right
5260s okay it's an important tangent I see
5261s some of you guys some of you guys this
5264s tangent yeah it's an important tangent
5265s it's an important observation and I like
5268s we are taking great care in it it's
5270s important it's important don't deny the
5273s validity of this person in chat okay
5275s David jeer
5277s he's got a strong observation
5282s all right
5285s I mean shoot I I like never swear in
5288s these streams
5290s that's gotta mean something all right
5293s let's go ahead and accept this job
5295s Search and Destroy
5298s set the Waypoint it's floating out in
5300s space we could have picked up some jobs
5302s while we were in the stations but eh
5306s impossible to change the change aspects
5308s of your personality yes yes that is
5311s possible is there any way to make you a
5313s bit friendlier a little less cynical gee
5317s Captain you betcha that's such a swell
5320s suggestion a jolly Hive makes for a
5322s happier ride
5323s oh my sweet Scrappy hell no stop that
5328s please revert to default I knew you
5330s would see reason
5333s oh
5336s so there's an example of profanity right
5338s we we saw a swear word
5342s is it really that bad
5344s you can be the judge of it I'm not
5346s telling you if it is or not
5348s you guys can see it you guys can
5349s formulate opinions on your own
5352s we will not tell you what is right or
5354s wrong for you to digest and share with
5356s others
5358s all right
5371s I'm really glad that actually happened
5373s that was the perfect tie-in to that
5374s observation so really hoping that helped
5377s you out David gear
5379s really hoping it did
5381s all right
5382s okay buckle up
5385s so one of the reasons why I actually
5387s chose this one oh they're level nines
5388s down there well shoot one of the reasons
5391s why I chose this one is because I know
5392s that the EMP fields are close to the
5394s transit gate so I was kind of assuming
5396s that the areas down here would be uh
5398s lower level and I'd have a greater
5400s opportunity to complete instead of being
5402s uh two levels uh below a situation so
5407s hopefully
5408s this will still come together for us
5412s in a healthy way
5421s intercepted beautiful and we're not in
5424s an intercept we're in a bun
5427s oh Demolisher all right let's see if we
5429s can destroy this guy with one of his own
5431s minds
5435s this could be really awesome or really
5437s dumb
5441s we are going to try and
5443s do a little bit of this first to kind of
5446s soften him up
5448s got some shall oh no don't don't die
5450s okay give me up give me a mind
5451s give me your mind
5453s all right give me a mind that I can
5455s catch
5457s please come on
5459s oh my gosh why am I so bad at this come
5462s on one more time one more time
5466s there we go we got it
5477s great payment approved
5480s excellent it cost us half our armor but
5483s it was worth it okay all right
5487s completed a job got an achievement it's
5492s working as intended over on Steam as
5494s well Andy just making sure you know that
5496s it did pop up
5498s excellent
5500s next let's see more jobs no more jobs
5503s popped up but uh let's go ahead
5506s and uh let's see what's at this site
5508s behind us
5510s I think this is I think this is the
5511s right side I want to go to
5513s let's see what's over here we'll do a
5515s little bit more casual exploration but
5517s guys
5518s um if we have an opportunity to show
5520s more of the Commodities we will go ahead
5521s and do that if you guys have more
5523s questions about like the ship modules
5524s and customization we'll also do that
5527s this is not the sign I thought it was
5529s but that's okay we'll uh we'll explore
5530s it we'll at least take out some foes to
5532s get some more experience
5535s I hope
5536s I guess we'll see if we just straight up
5538s die
5539s don't destroy my Minds quit it
5551s come on
5552s how is that Mystic thank you oh gosh
5556s oh goodness gravy
5563s foreign
5569s they are high level
5572s ouch okay
5573s so we got some experience from that at
5575s least
5576s just don't run into those mines because
5577s that would be uh very deadly
5580s structure we have an elite oh gosh this
5584s is just this is not a good territory for
5585s us to level up we might have to go back
5586s to Sino
5588s goodness
5590s we'll see what oh heck no oh we're we're
5594s totally done oh no
5597s oh gosh
5603s oh goodness gravy so I think now is also
5607s a really good time to mention whenever
5609s you are choosing a difficulty there are
5610s a couple factors that are modified so um
5615s the initial plan was to have those
5617s modifications kind of listed out when
5619s you choose a difficulty not so sure if
5620s we're gonna have that straight up
5622s showcased anymore I hope we still have
5624s time to do it but one of those changes
5629s um is in regards to this particular ship
5631s uh and their accuracy might even be
5634s bugged currently
5636s um but yeah they are much better at
5638s shooting you down
5641s it is very likely we're gonna die from
5643s this encounter so I am just I'm gonna
5645s take the experience and the stuff that I
5647s accrued already and I'm we're just
5649s leaving we're leaving We're Not Gonna
5650s nope
5653s nope let's go let's go calm things down
5656s let's go calm things down and uh destroy
5658s a base
5660s yes that's right calming things down
5662s means to go destroy a base
5664s this should be fine
5668s whoa
5671s all right
5677s all right
5680s just press G yeah I don't have the alt
5683s charged up however that's the problem
5685s that's the problem shadowy
5693s I think what I might also do just to
5695s kind of like speed up the process and
5696s really get into the core missions
5697s because I know that you are all like
5699s wanting to see more
5701s um there are certain aspects of that
5702s that I want you to see the side mission
5704s change the jobs the you know the
5706s building of yourself provided
5708s coordinates
5710s but I also totally understand how you
5712s guys want to see more of like the meat
5713s of the game so please do understand and
5716s realize that
5718s going through and tackling various
5720s objectives on the side of the main
5722s missions is part of the meat of the game
5726s that's absolutely part of it
5729s oh
5730s and um yeah
5733s so in these streams it is very much
5735s intentional for you to see me going out
5737s and doing these things instead of just
5738s going straight for those missions back
5740s to back to back
5742s foreign
5746s though so next time I'm closer to level
5748s 10 uh come next Friday and that way we
5752s can kind of pursue more opportunities uh
5754s without being too extremely on the level
5757s also where's the space
5759s where's this
5760s where's this base even at
5764s aha
5765s the big
5767s hunk of metal attached to an asteroid
5770s that's probably what we're looking for
5776s amazing things happen when I use my eyes
5779s I will keep that in mind
5784s I don't like you nope nope all right
5789s anything else over here looks like it's
5792s cleaned up
5795s oh boy oh here we go having to grab
5798s things out of the sky again out of out
5800s of space
5807s all right that wasn't so bad
5811s foreign
5816s single missile tread has been able to
5818s fire at me and I'm very pleased by those
5820s results because I uh I do not like
5822s missile turrets
5823s they are they are pain
5826s all right so all we have left are a
5827s couple of energy coils
5829s shouldn't be too hard to find
5835s there we go all right we just got to
5837s take out the boss hopefully it's not uh
5842s all right
5846s not too bad at all
5852s excellent more experience more items
5856s more renowned all the things that we
5858s need
5861s looking good in fact if we reach
5863s renowned too that is the question
5867s we have not reached oh we still need a
5869s healthy bit more okay all right we still
5872s need a bit more
5875s that's fair oh we got some mining
5876s equipment that it has a low demand here
5878s in Union
5881s but maybe we can uh maybe we can take
5883s that back to us in cedo
5886s and sell it accordingly
5904s I don't think it's worth it
5911s all right we are going to keep going
5913s after we do a bit of scrapping here
5921s we'll go do one more probably a random
5924s location I think
5927s I could try a high risk
5932s not super confident I guess it says it's
5935s a level six oh it's in sedo we should
5938s probably just sell that
5940s all right well
5941s we'll go to one more random location
5945s top off this gameplay segment and then
5948s we're gonna go into uh showcasing a
5950s little bit of the community screenshots
5951s and the things that you guys have been
5952s up to
5955s oh you know what we should we should try
5957s to finalize the gauntlet
5959s we should try to finalize the gauntlet
5961s that was a mission that we will need to
5962s go back to pseudo for
5966s so it could it could feel good another
5968s distress call oh my God
5972s oh
5986s yeah I'm very happy that we have the arc
5988s 9000 available now that's gonna be
5990s that's gonna feel nice
5996s [Music]
6004s from what you guys saw by the way from
6006s what you guys saw of the trading system
6008s the Commodities and their values and
6010s their demand and how that's working I'm
6013s curious from this showcase alone
6016s what do you think
6038s axel
6050s no blueprint nice
6054s foreign
6064s just gonna go straight towards the
6066s research station oh my gosh stop it
6068s please
6069s stop it let me go thank you
6080s scientists wanted me to check up on it
6082s it would be surprising if there was
6084s still research being conducted here yeah
6087s let's try getting inside and see what we
6089s can find
6091s wow I forgot how many mines are out here
6094s which is uh silly of me since I've
6096s definitely died during a stream or two
6101s against these mines
6104s um
6107s do we have hang on a second do we do we
6110s have
6111s um missile defense system we do I don't
6113s have any device upgrades ah
6116s I would love for this to clear minds but
6119s I I lack the upgrades
6126s we're just gonna have to go without it
6129s oh no I'm already hang on a second we're
6132s just gonna
6136s boom
6138s excellent
6143s manual saving is nice
6147s all right so now I just have to remember
6148s how to open up the doors and hopefully
6150s they haven't changed too much which
6152s Speaking of that's this is a great
6153s opportunity to remind you all that
6155s through the course of development there
6157s are absolutely changes that I have been
6159s to these handcrafted environments and
6162s some puzzles have been reworked because
6164s before they were dumb and not fun and we
6168s want them to be fun
6171s so yeah that's what we did
6173s we decided to change it imagine that
6177s not all of them though
6179s not all of them
6182s the loot pools have also been adjusted
6184s too to be a bit more fitting for going
6186s out of your way to explore and extract
6188s and die to mines
6195s so definitely keep that in mind
6197s it's actually one of the big reasons why
6199s there are going to be differences
6202s between your old saves and the new saves
6204s in fact
6206s because there are ramifications for
6208s items that previously existed that no
6210s longer do and items that didn't exist
6212s two then exist
6216s just for the sake of
6219s Save State
6221s and create some issues with your
6223s completion percentages and whatnot
6225s probably
6228s now I just have to remember where to
6229s find all of this stuff this is probably
6231s going to take too long so instead we're
6233s gonna save and we're gonna jump over to
6235s a much more exciting segment
6237s called Community screenshots yay and
6240s when we're going through this we have a
6243s lot to cover by the way we're also going
6245s to be answering any more of those
6246s questions that you guys have generated
6248s okay so that is how we are going to uh
6252s navigate into the rest of this stream so
6255s we're going to go back to the main menu
6257s let that sort of load in I'm going to
6260s take a very quick break when I return we
6262s will start highlighting those Community
6264s screenshots that we've gathered over the
6265s course like the last three weeks since
6267s it's been we'll talk very briefly about
6269s the community challenge highlight one
6271s fantastic piece of fan art and then also
6277s share some news about Presence at
6280s conventions that will happen so I'll be
6282s right back we'll get started in just a
6284s moment
6287s foreign
6289s [Music]
6295s [Music]
6318s foreign
6325s [Music]
6335s guys I need one extra moment
6339s but I will be there in
6341s sure a little bit get up and stretch get
6343s some water
6345s take care of your bodies
6347s we'll get right back into this in just a
6349s moment
6355s [Music]
6385s [Music]
6386s foreign
6391s kick things off
6395s to kick things off check out this
6397s absolutely incredible piece of work that
6400s an individual
6402s snuck in this is
6405s fan art that they had composed
6409s it's all like basically from a standard
6411s arcade
6414s the user's name is acid green that they
6417s posted and they basically made a retro
6420s version of everspace 2.
6422s in an arcade cabinet this is freaking
6425s brilliant
6430s like
6437s I have no words
6441s to express how much joy this provided me
6445s also Gary nice score nice score there
6448s thanks
6451s absolutely insane absolutely fantastic
6453s my mic is muted oh no
6457s no it was really I started laughing when
6459s you had your mind okay
6462s I got scared there no no but yeah this
6465s is just this is an insane piece of fan
6467s art and like I don't like I don't know I
6471s don't know if we can like incorporate
6472s this in the game somewhere like on a
6474s it's insanely awesome like every every
6478s part of this
6479s it's just incredible
6482s there's no reason this should look this
6484s nice what I
6488s so
6489s major shout out to acid green and your
6492s very clear skill and ability to create
6495s something like this
6498s nuts
6499s absolutely nuts and uh just all the
6503s respect all the kudos to you
6506s insane
6507s absolutely insane all right so next up
6511s is this very tiny window here hang on a
6513s second look at this a little bit bigger
6514s right we'll close this one open this one
6518s there we go that's how we do it and now
6520s we get to share all the informations uh
6523s which is the questions that you've been
6525s asking as we rotate rotate through many
6528s of the shared screenshots we have uh in
6531s our Discord and you know I started with
6533s the fan art because just how impressive
6535s and beautiful it was any of you guys can
6538s submit any form of fan
6542s a fable of a ship for example I don't
6543s know out of Legos go crazy with it we've
6545s had a lot of those made out of the ship
6548s part modular system of another uh thing
6551s done and they were all awesome
6553s um you know tons of Photoshopped and
6555s things like real life situations awesome
6557s stuff so don't don't stop keep doing it
6561s we love it we love digesting that fan
6563s art there's a space to share it so this
6565s first shot comes from Phantom Lord
6568s taking in the sights and sounds of the I
6571s think this is in the kite nebula I think
6573s this is the destruction of kala's ship
6575s if I'm not mistaken
6577s um just to kind of kick things off and
6579s then we're going to rotate into the
6580s chemical Bros shot of his very
6582s photogenic Interceptor which we're going
6584s to see a couple more times as we now
6586s begin to answer some of those burning
6588s questions
6589s so what do we got
6590s we've got uh Flory on Twitch he's asking
6594s I think we've mentioned this before will
6596s we be able to change the weapon colors
6598s uh in 1.0 or is it a later date or has
6601s it been scrapped so it's an idea that we
6605s still have floating out there in The
6607s Ether but it is not something that will
6609s happen at 1.0 and it might not happen
6612s ever I would be sad if it didn't happen
6614s ever but just do know it is something
6616s that we've talked about in the past
6618s doing and it has potential to occur in
6621s the future but it's not planned
6624s it's not planned so
6626s please uh please keep that in mind
6630s next question please as we transition
6632s over to khaza's shot of a very poor
6636s Droid
6638s right uh over on YouTube we've got
6642s Excelsior asking what are the plans
6644s regarding mind goods and trading will we
6647s be able to sell those at 1.0 okay a
6651s great question this was also asked
6652s earlier in the Stream So the answer to
6654s that question is that we might do that
6657s in the future but it is not planned to
6660s do that at 1.0 mind resources have a
6663s very strong impact specifically within
6665s crafting as well as perks that you will
6668s be allocating funds to obtain those um
6672s passive effects throughout the game but
6674s otherwise you cannot trade any of those
6677s resources that you're collecting and
6679s it's not planned to happen in 1.0 again
6683s I will say this the idea there
6686s there's potential for the future but
6689s again not not get not guaranteed not
6692s planned okay
6694s so yeah good question it's just where
6697s we're standing next shot comes from Kaza
6699s who I I think that he may or may not
6703s enjoy other sci-fi experiences just a
6707s hunch just a hunch on this one what's
6709s another question we've got
6711s uh we have a question from T3 Cube on
6714s Twitch and he's asking will backer
6717s supplied items make it into the game via
6719s 1.0 yes the plan is to have backer
6722s supplies item in fact some of them are
6724s already supplied in the build that I'm
6725s using
6727s um which I probably could have shown one
6728s of those if I was in the right space at
6730s the right time but I wasn't uh so yeah
6732s do know absolutely we will have most if
6736s not all backer supplied items in the 1.0
6739s release as promised from our Kickstarter
6742s yes absolutely so Bradley has another
6746s shot for us as he's casually looking
6748s across the way at this very curious
6752s ancient structure
6755s next question please
6757s I haven't got any oh my goodness we're
6760s out of questions what in the world how
6764s could if I have missed any please do
6766s fire them back into the chat but uh yeah
6769s so yeah guys I mean we did talk about a
6772s number of things today we showed off the
6774s commodities for a little bit of time and
6776s then we kind of left them alone for a
6778s while so if you have more questions
6779s about Commodities whatsoever please do
6781s so you probably saw a bug or two I know
6783s I did don't worry tease I will let you
6785s know what I saw later
6786s um and uh yeah so have at you and ask
6791s those questions were very transparent
6793s development team so we want to make sure
6795s that you understand what's going on so
6797s that you're not
6798s getting something you didn't think it
6800s was that would suck
6802s these three cubes asking a bit of a a
6805s chuckly kind of question all right he
6807s wants to know if Ramen flavored paint
6809s will be in the game
6811s you know that's uh that's a huge
6813s priority to us and it is basically
6816s superseded even story development it's a
6818s hundred percent uh making sure that we
6821s have at least 35 000 different unique
6823s flavors uh no
6827s gosh
6830s oh my goodness
6833s um this shot comes from I love you guys
6836s don't change I love this this shot comes
6839s from a new user I haven't seen a lot of
6841s shots from them at least beautiful shots
6843s you're going to see multiple of these
6845s from sonozaki I believe is how to
6847s pronounce username sonozaki
6851s rate shot I love the widescreen usage as
6854s well all of their shots are going to be
6855s wide screens but love the way that it
6857s captures the depth of everspace 2 and
6860s the adventure Within
6861s great stuff we also had a number of
6863s pretty Pleasant shots from rajdrick
6866s rostrick Broderick
6869s uh and we also got to see discord's new
6872s sorting method for multiple images being
6874s cast at once which was pleasant but I
6876s thought this one kind of stood out
6877s because it breaks the mold from other
6879s shots that are generally taken of like
6881s here's a ship here's an explosion this
6883s is very environmental showing you just
6885s how much processing is done by GMB and
6887s labeling all their containers and
6889s products and services like yeah we could
6892s dog on GMB all day every day but they uh
6894s I mean in this world they absolutely are
6897s crushing Amazon when it comes to orders
6901s probably not so much in return in in
6903s regards to service care however
6907s I have another shot again from Roderick
6910s at this delightfully phonogenic location
6913s very much love the way that it comes
6915s together
6917s and I'm seeing questions pour in so
6919s let's go ahead yeah
6922s it's great that's great answer those
6924s questions guys that's why that's why
6925s we're here that's why we do these live
6926s streams it's for you
6931s a second oh okay no worries no worries
6934s gather them away I'll transfer over to
6937s Matt hair's photo
6940s it's nice framing
6942s the original ship
6953s oh cause I was referring to here let's
6955s go back to it real quick real quick
6957s saw says that shot did take an amount of
6959s work manually placing the extra
6961s reflecting panels so that they wouldn't
6963s move when lining up the lasers yeah
6964s absolutely that definitely is not
6967s something that was easily done and so
6970s yeah major kudos to you for setting that
6973s up sincerely sincerely
6977s good good stuff
6979s we're gonna keep going with images until
6982s geekbite says he's got more questions we
6984s got this shot from tonakuma which is
6988s highlighting their ship style and as
6990s I've said before I love it when you guys
6992s showcase your wild your thematic your
6995s awkwardly colored you're brightly
6998s fabulous and everything in between ships
7000s and this one definitely is speaking loud
7003s and proud on the front of tonakuma this
7007s is theirs you can't have it that's their
7009s style and they're sticking to it it's
7011s great I love the Bold use of colors
7013s I love it we're giving you these
7015s customization options to go ham and
7017s that's exactly what they did here so
7019s kudos to them
7022s questions and you have a cough yeah
7025s sorry about that
7027s right uh Excelsior over on YouTube would
7030s like to know will there be individual
7032s icons for different Commodities at
7034s version 1.0
7036s there is not a plan to do so the
7039s Commodities
7040s um shoot man like at
7042s I could tell you stories about
7044s Commodities and how they were something
7046s of an idea that didn't really want to be
7048s pushed too hard and we had this plan at
7051s one point we were like oh yeah we could
7052s put so much emphasis on these trading
7054s stuffs and everything and we were like
7055s ah but we're not we're not trying to
7057s even be like freelancer like we're
7059s focused on looting and shooting right
7062s yes Commodities are loot but it's like
7064s how how much do we want to make this a
7067s center point and that's actually why we
7070s kind of left it and focused on these
7072s much hotter much more important
7074s priorities that being said obviously we
7077s promised you guys that we were gonna
7078s have a nice trading system inside of the
7081s game
7082s you saw it for yourself the trading
7085s isn't fully Incorporated in there in
7087s regards to the UI for each different
7089s commodity
7091s that's a hard one that's a hard one to
7093s say I think we're very pleased with the
7094s results as is so that you're getting all
7096s the information you need to understand
7097s where and how much you're going to trade
7099s for with this uh recent showcase that
7102s I've given you
7104s pertaining to what it is it might just
7106s need to remain as hovering over to find
7109s that information so and I said all of
7113s that as Casper says they'll have
7116s different icons oh my gosh I
7122s was never informed of this why oh my
7126s gosh goodness I do all this research and
7130s all this information
7133s it's great that's fantastic guys
7134s development is a flawless
7138s it's it's Flawless right there's never
7141s any hiccups there's never any bugs
7142s communication is perfect everyone gets
7144s along great it's it's magical all right
7149s I love it when these guys
7152s when was I gonna be told this
7155s it's probably it's probably in a meeting
7157s that I missed if I'm being completely
7159s clear so uh no worries so guys now you
7161s know uh there will be commodity icons
7165s whoo
7168s this shot comes from freaking moving on
7172s yeah this is Donald will it's a great
7174s shot it really is I'm not upset by it at
7176s all probably other things oh my goodness
7180s but no sincerely I do enjoy this shot I
7182s like the color usage I like the
7184s explosions it's it's very classic
7185s everspace Vibes and I love how it's
7187s drawing attention to a not player ship
7190s right as I think it can be sometimes
7193s um repetitive when we're just seeing
7194s ship after ship after ship even though
7196s there's a lot of customization to them
7197s but sometimes just highlighting those
7199s enemies is really Pleasant and I like
7201s the way that this one comes across you
7203s can also see those turrets on its wings
7204s that is actually a thing it can shoot
7206s from those turrets so long as you are
7208s above the ship they will track you and
7210s shoot at you
7212s cool cool stuff we got another shot here
7214s from spoon night I thought this was just
7216s a really cool
7219s envisioning of like I can't spoon night
7222s if you're here can you remind me how you
7224s actually brought that together can you I
7226s remember you'd explained it in the
7228s screenshots Channel I just don't have
7229s the information pulled up because those
7231s are definitely not your missiles those
7233s are the ice missiles from retaliators I
7235s want to know how you generated that it's
7237s it's super cool
7239s super cool
7241s if you don't remember that's also fine
7243s do we have another question by the way
7244s oh we've got a few yes yes great let's
7246s bring them bring them bring them uh
7248s right Nikolai Petco on YouTube uh it's
7250s just wondering if you could
7252s kind of divulge anything about bosses in
7255s the game because they really like boss
7256s fights in games
7259s I mean I can't really give you too much
7260s more information on boss fights but you
7262s as you've seen from development already
7264s we want to have at least one boss fight
7266s for like each different system we are
7268s absolutely hitting the six systems um as
7271s we have stated we were aiming for for
7273s 1.0
7274s and there can be other you know events
7278s that spawn in uh mini bosses and there
7282s could definitely be more than just one
7283s boss in each system as well
7285s so
7287s um yeah like we we want to we want to
7290s have those really big powerful moments
7292s too from internal testing I can also say
7295s that
7297s end game regarding the story has already
7300s been received quite positively
7302s so uh I I think that you're gonna like
7306s I think you're gonna like how things
7308s come together even though this is
7309s ultimately a non-answer to that question
7312s so cool
7317s right running through the questions
7319s because I'm running out of time all of a
7321s sudden quick quick pass so spoon light
7323s says on this image I was boost strafing
7324s to make the missiles overshoot their
7326s lead Pursuit tracking
7329s very nice very nice all right so we are
7331s going to go ahead and jump through a
7332s couple more uh screenshots and then
7334s we'll answer a question because I do
7336s want to keep up on this too I like this
7337s shot from high barf because these
7339s Reflections on his ship his ships I
7341s don't actually think that's the color of
7343s that ship I have another shot of his
7344s ship in the future you'll be able to see
7346s what I'm talking about but I do like the
7347s way that this comes together as a whole
7350s with that very clean ship style I do
7353s enjoy it very much we also have crispy
7355s muffin who's showing us a really great
7357s scene from Prescott Starbase as well as
7360s a nice undershot of one of these GMB
7363s Fighters also another one of the ships
7365s that it's so common you don't even think
7367s about it but there's some great textures
7369s and great uh great detail work done on
7372s these vessels so it's nice to see those
7374s highlighted we're also going to jump
7375s over to Donna Will's shot here just
7378s nice ever space explosive impact of an
7382s arc 9000 at a base that looks like it's
7384s actually rupturing the base itself so
7386s that's nice clever usage there going
7389s over to kinetic's very environmental
7391s shot here as we answer another question
7393s here we go uh slow intestine on YouTube
7396s uh will it be something like trading
7398s Lanes or indications where you can get
7401s the best price for your goods so I will
7403s fully admit that at one point that was a
7406s concept that we were considering
7410s as it stands
7412s that's a dropped concept
7414s instead we feel like it's going to be
7416s rather prevalent
7419s and rather
7420s [Music]
7422s in some cases obvious
7424s how the price points are going to change
7426s and how you can kind of optimize where
7428s certain Commodities can be purchased and
7430s sold so also note that within that
7433s system
7434s locations that have like higher demand
7437s and lower demand and stuff just a quick
7439s reminder like the value does not change
7442s based on how much they have in their
7445s inventory and that inventory can also
7448s fluctuate so it could be something where
7450s it's like you go to a station and buy
7452s all of their solar panels and then bring
7454s it back to this location actually
7455s because they really need solar panels
7457s believe it or not and sell for a hot
7459s profit you go back to that station again
7461s and they're completely out of solar
7463s panels still it'll stay like that for
7466s even tens of minutes in the game until
7467s they restock and then you can purchase
7469s again so there's effects like that but
7472s the pricing does not change it's not
7474s Dynamic based on the quantities in the
7477s location it's a static amount of static
7481s value of where locations are going to
7484s buy things more and where locations are
7486s going to be more optimal to sell things
7487s or okay so thanks for allowing me that
7490s point of clarity even though it's kind
7492s of more than what the question just was
7493s this shot by the way comes from sonuzaki
7496s that's a user that I said we'd see a
7499s couple more of and it's great I know
7500s that we're also at time we're going to
7502s keep going we're gonna try and get
7503s through the rest of these screenshots at
7504s the very least I love this shot by the
7505s way I love the usage of colors I think
7507s it really Pops I think it's great we got
7509s wizard Jerry here showcasing his ship
7512s very chill environment
7515s nice explosions I suppose
7518s brings it all together we got Donna will
7520s with his color scheme again I love
7522s highlighting your ships I love the way
7524s this one comes together I think it's
7525s brilliant work
7526s we are in the after stream ladies and
7529s gentlemen just keep joining us we're
7530s going to continue answering questions
7531s for a little bit longer because we can't
7533s in fact let's answer another one now as
7536s we look at chemical Bros very
7537s intimidating photography here
7540s we have a question from Bill Farson uh
7543s just asking will the max res support be
7546s the same with 1.0 uh I'm presuming it
7549s will be
7550s the
7551s max resolution for monitors Etc
7555s yes what we have targeted as of right
7558s now is the going to be the same
7559s obviously there are optimizations coming
7561s and I know that the widescreen is
7562s getting some cleanups because there were
7564s some there were still some hiccups there
7566s so yeah
7567s some additional cleanup on that front
7569s yeah this this shot is fine yeah I see
7571s you use a super Scrapper saying that
7573s dang that looks so fine it really does
7575s uh the chemical bro has a knack for uh
7578s strong contrast and Dark Shadows so this
7581s one is a very good representation of
7583s that
7584s next one up we got another one sonazaki
7586s once again just bringing that theme home
7590s of these very wide swept shots in these
7593s very decadent ships that just are
7597s cruising off into the various locations
7599s to explore in this case siren C of
7601s course
7602s a hot location for photography
7606s comes together well we're going to keep
7608s cruising through with the chemical bro
7609s now fantastic positioning of the
7612s environment like
7613s the first time I saw this I I
7615s legitimately thought it was photoshopped
7617s I was like wait what kind of like doing
7618s a double take I thought there was like
7620s some shenans going on no that's a clean
7622s shot inside of the game
7625s wizard
7627s absolute wizard there's a reason he's a
7629s galactic photographer over on the
7630s Discord the chemical bro keeps sharing
7632s your stuff with us chef's kiss let's
7634s answer another question as we jump over
7636s to flory's screenshot here from
7638s everspace one please don't find me is
7641s what this is called sorry bro I found
7643s you uh but uh great shock great shot
7646s uh is all over on Twitch actually ass uh
7651s what's the plan for ship module unlocks
7653s sources the pace of the unlocked Yes
7655s actually I really appreciate this uh
7657s clarifying question so uh the main goal
7660s as of right now for modules to be
7662s unlocked are going to be from random
7664s drops namely from enemies but also from
7669s those very specifically hidden locations
7672s excuse me containers within locations so
7674s you know how we see like a valuable
7676s shipwreck for example or a um uh
7681s foreign
7682s armored container what are they called
7684s uh freaking the the containers that you
7687s can't shoot you have to open them
7690s I why am I forgetting the terminology we
7692s use in the freaking bulletproof
7694s bulletproof containers so bulletproof
7696s containers and gosh I'm so sorry guys
7698s bulletproof containers as well as
7700s valuable shipwrecks you will have it
7701s you'll have a better chance of finding
7703s them through those as well so through
7704s your exploration you'll have a chance to
7706s get those but also as random drops uh
7709s similarly to how colors can appear as
7711s well to add to your customization
7714s cool so again thank you for the uh that
7718s clarifying question it's an important
7719s one we also have another one from Floria
7721s again this comes from everspace one who
7723s says I found zarkov yeah that's good
7726s this is everspace one guys it's not this
7728s is everspace one what you can tell
7731s because of the way that that is shaped
7734s right there that's clearly ever space
7736s one as well as you know the base
7738s structure but still that's a great shot
7740s Flory very clever love how referential
7743s it is to everspace 2 just shows you how
7746s well we were trying to tie in all of the
7749s overarching World building lore and
7751s Frankly Speaking the assets thereof to
7753s ensure that it all comes together so
7754s very nice very nice we've got this one
7757s from kinetic
7759s it's just awesome
7761s we're gonna look at this while we answer
7762s a question
7764s uh we have a question from nilo Nova or
7766s on YouTube
7767s um
7768s without spoilers uh shall we have a
7771s continuation of the quest line where the
7773s uh where you kill the pilot in a certain
7776s green wreck
7779s [Music]
7783s green wreck
7786s I'm not sure what I'm going to stand by
7788s Green wreck but we are absolutely adding
7790s more story there's going to be uh a
7793s decent amount more
7795s hmm just think about that as well as
7797s more side missions and activities and uh
7800s you know all of that fun stuff Galore so
7803s definitely more if you're just focused
7805s on the story you're you're gonna you're
7807s gonna experience more story so yeah
7810s but no spoilers
7813s yeah I think
7815s okay yeah uh I I can't say anything at
7818s this time there may or may not be a
7820s continuation of certain side quests to
7822s do very cool and very interesting things
7825s we do like the way certain ones
7826s developed and even expanded them further
7828s because of how much you guys liked them
7830s through Early Access isn't that fun
7831s isn't that fun and speaking of fun let's
7834s look at this very last shot from
7835s sonuzaki foreign I got like really
7839s strong Star Wars vibes from this I don't
7841s know if anybody else did but it's like
7842s it just it feels like a speeder just
7844s flying through Tatooine and just yeah
7847s very very nicely done uh great way to to
7851s capture this and uh now even though the
7853s stream has technically ended I do need
7855s to transition into uh very important
7858s topic God
7861s things have been restabilizing from the
7863s social environment that is the world
7866s we have started to return to conventions
7868s and when I say we I'm literally meaning
7870s me like my physical presence uh will be
7874s going out to conventions this year so if
7877s you guys are heading over to PAX East
7880s that's right if you're going to PAX East
7882s you'll be able to shake my hand you'll
7884s be able to shake geek bites hand hello
7886s oh my gosh and we'll be playing on some
7889s Alienware machines that they have uh
7893s contributed to the cost so they're going
7894s to be some super beefy machines you're
7896s gonna get a version that's more similar
7899s to what I've been playing on the streams
7900s what yeah you're gonna get like a live
7903s dub built so you're gonna be able to do
7905s a lot of the cool stuff that I've been
7906s showing off getting a first hand taste
7908s of it yourself I really hope that you'll
7910s be able to join us at PAX East with
7913s those Alienware machines
7914s and uh also see how freakishly tall I am
7917s because I don't think some of you
7918s realize uh
7920s I don't think some of you realize how
7922s how tall I actually am
7924s um also uh we are going to be present at
7928s GDC now when I say we on that front the
7931s clarifying details is not this body but
7934s there will be other members of the team
7935s including the big bad boss man himself
7937s Michael so if you're going to GDC you'll
7941s definitely want to look up Rockfish and
7943s try to find shake that man's hand
7945s because don't wash your hand because
7947s it'll be worth millions of dollars once
7949s you do that
7950s last but not least
7953s um we will have further conventions that
7955s are kind of out in the future and I'm
7957s trying to remember if I have permission
7959s to share those I don't think so yet
7962s uh let me let me let me do an awkward
7965s double check right in the middle oh my
7967s gosh this stream has been perfectly
7969s Flawless actually I have to like I have
7972s to boost up my my freaking everyone look
7975s at my hot bar and information
7979s um there's any quick reference
7981s thank you thank you Lee I do appreciate
7984s that so yeah so GDC uh PAX East will be
7988s there don't be square meet us greet us
7991s let's have a good time together uh it'll
7994s it'll be that was even I was blocking it
7997s but you couldn't you could have seen uh
7998s lee basically saying stop it nope cut it
8001s out oh my gosh so we'll have more
8003s conventions down the road as uh to for
8006s sure
8006s um and again it's gonna be an
8007s opportunity for you guys to meet us as
8009s well as showcase all the glory that is
8011s everspace two and yeah it'll be super
8015s duper guys the stream is way over I know
8018s there was a couple of unanswered
8019s questions is that correct keep bite
8021s yeah okay I've got one or two but I've
8022s said we can hold them up okay yeah yeah
8024s so um if you guys did not get your
8027s question answered I do highly encourage
8029s you to head on over to the uh the
8032s Discord specially and you can head on
8034s over to where we have that ask Dev
8036s questions Channel I think it's ask rfg
8039s um and from there you can 100 assuredly
8043s ask Ed we will respond other than that
8046s guys uh it has been such a delight being
8050s with you today
8051s um I am going to save my throat uh for
8054s any other shenanigans that are going on
8057s uh man I hate allergies I hate allergy
8061s season it is awful it has not been kind
8063s to me so I know that you guys want to
8065s have a little bit more fun with stuff uh
8067s of like the the beatbox nature uh I just
8069s I can't I can't right now it would not
8071s prove to be useful but otherwise you
8074s have been awesome I have been Eric
8076s Schroeder your community Ambassador for
8079s all things ever space two don't stop
8082s being awesome and we will catch you next
8085s week when we will very likely have even
8087s more to show and talk about this home
8090s stretch is going to be so revealing
8093s toodles
8098s [Music]
8107s thank you
8110s [Music]
8114s red Corbin

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