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    Thilo on News - Thread - Direct

Important Message to our Community, System 4 Micro Teaser, New Demo

Hey pilots,

Today, we have an unusual news update. We have a few things to share about what’s coming next, but I also wanted to provide more of a high-level, behind-the-scenes look at the overall game direction and some of our business decisions, and how we roll in general for our fans as well as our biggest critics to help everyone better understand where EVERSPACE 2 is heading, and, most importantly WHY we do the things we do. Large sections are primarily addressed to Early Access pilots on Steam and GOG who might be less familiar with our history and our motivation than our Kickstarter backers do, but it probably won’t hurt to share all of that with you guys, too. Note to self: if the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators measure the effectiveness of any given marketing/sales activity) of this piece are much lower than previous news updates, I might consider firing myself. I’m joking! 😉...

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21 Aug