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4s foreign
14s [Music]
30s see you guys in a moment
32s lots of oh my gosh so many little
34s changes and adjustments oh this is nuts
37s this is nuts
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47s thank you
51s excuse me goodness gravy
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80s thank you
95s [Music]
104s [Music]
130s man my hands are cold today what in the
133s world
155s [Music]
160s foreign
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194s [Music]
197s foreign
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232s foreign
240s ladies and gentlemen to the official
242s Rockfish game stream where the game
244s loads in as I'm talking to you oh my
247s goodness welcome welcome my name is Eric
249s Schrader the community Ambassador for
251s Rockfish games I will be your host and
253s your guide through All Things everspace
255s 2 today I also just realized I have uh
259s myself playing in the background hang on
261s a second we don't need to hear myself
262s twice or I don't need to hear myself
263s twice that's always hilarious alright
266s that's taken care of now
268s let's walk through a little bit of what
271s we're doing in today's stream first
272s things first you saw it in the title
274s itself there's there's just so much
277s stuff that we have been improving upon I
279s wanted to talk just a little bit about
281s what that looks like at least at a
283s general level so you guys know how the
284s 1.0 stretch has been going
287s spoiler alert it's been going well but
290s we are going to cover those Community
291s icons it'll be the very first thing that
293s we highlight in fact and then we're also
295s going to talk very briefly about some of
297s those other changes that I'm kind of
299s alluding to including but not limited to
302s things surrounding the perks and saving
304s and even backer editions so
307s there's a there's a quite a bit of stuff
309s to kind of talk about uh otherwise we're
312s going to be continuing our save from a
314s point that is not familiar to you all so
317s I hope you're okay with this I certainly
319s do but I took the liberty to play
321s through the save just a little bit more
323s no cheats I promise no cheats were used
326s I can even show you the saved data
327s you'll know that there's no jumping
329s around Shenanigans you can cross check
330s it if you really wanted to do that but
333s um I leveled myself up a bit so that way
335s we can get back into the story missions
337s without being so under leveled it's it's
339s not fun to watch somebody just slam
341s their head against the wall
342s and uh yeah so this last spot that we
345s saved at was very intentional so that we
347s could run into Marie devent wrap up her
350s side mission as well as getting into
352s talking about Commodities so let's do
355s that right the heck now
358s we are over in the corner of the uh
361s Union system over here we've been here
364s before but we came back because we
365s specifically wanted to go to Marine
367s event you can tell that I have not gone
368s to any of these sites my uh leveling
371s grind if you will was done through uh
375s signals unknown signals and whatnot so I
378s do have a slew of new items that I
379s picked up from enemies but nothing crazy
382s or out of ordinary all right so back
383s into this let's head over here call the
385s flying duchess
388s start getting things wrapped up and
390s because we recently hit Level 10 I'm
392s gonna have uh I'm gonna have to pick a
393s new perk as well I haven't done that yet
401s perfect so when we land here it's going
403s to trigger the finalization of a side
405s mission for her and then we'll
407s immediately go into commodity
409s conversation
412s say Do you happen to know a brand event
414s from cephas Downs
422s Galaxy he made it common knowledge that
425s grapes grown on cephas result in nothing
428s more than glorified laxative how is that
432s fool doing I'm afraid he's dead what
436s what happened
438s I don't know exactly but it seems he got
440s lost in the caves underneath cephas
442s Downs his ship had these bottles stored
444s and this message for you oh that bloody
447s fool he ran off because he wanted to
450s teach the universe the joys of a heavily
452s touched palette but ended up dying for a
456s shipload of sweetened vinegar here I'll
459s buy the whole load from you that's a lot
462s of credits well lucky you now use it to
466s buy something or leave I need to pour
468s myself a drink
472s oh kind of a sad Mission Shane but we
476s got it completed with her and next up
479s we're gonna go to the inventory where we
481s are going to talk about these commodity
483s icons yay look they have icons on them
486s oh they're just little graphics on the
489s front of those containers so you can
490s very quickly if you just look in the
491s lower left got all of these different
493s Commodities that I've been picking up
494s from all over the place and you can
496s quickly see what they are so we have a
500s t-shirt for clothing we have this Hammer
502s uh two hammers for mining equipment we
506s have this little Sun for solar panels
508s we've got this bottle with the plus sign
510s on it for medicine we got this bottle
512s with a cap on it for liquor
515s we've got the ammunition for small arms
517s we got this little plant growing for
519s seeds there's more than just these but
521s these are just the beginnings of what we
524s are uh putting together here but every
526s single commodity will have an icon for
529s it that way you can tell
531s what it is
532s there were some additional tweaks and
534s adjustments to the bar that you see okay
538s and I'm not sure if I fully discussed
542s what that bar is because I know when we
545s were flying in super light there were
546s some questions about
548s um what that might be and you know you
550s see the dots and you know you see the
552s value from like for example on Small
554s Arms you see it's 60 credits all the way
555s to 198 credits so 60 on the left and
559s then it says 198 on the right but then
561s you see those two additional little
563s grade Pips and you see the white pip the
566s white pip is its value where we are at
569s the gray Pips are its value specifically
572s in Union so if we go to a different
574s system its value will very likely
577s increase and it'll go closer to that 198
580s per small arm unit
582s okay so that's how that's how that bar
584s works that's just a really quick recap
586s for anybody who missed last week's
587s stream but also
589s um what you're looking at here last
591s little tidbit for you is that the
593s Commodities do have these colors for
595s those of you who missed that the colors
596s are effectively indicating how well of a
599s trade it's going to be so if it's red in
602s your inventory it's not going to sell
603s for much if it's green in your inventory
606s it's going to sell really well if it's
608s red at a store that means it costs a lot
612s if it's green in a store that means it's
615s affordable
616s clear super easy to understand but even
621s still if there's more to it that you're
623s struggling with on that front
625s we do have a tool tip that will be
627s popping up for you as well we might even
630s trigger it I'm not sure we'll see but
632s I'm gonna go ahead and um clear out some
635s of my inventory here
638s oh there there it is speak of the devil
640s now um this is not uh finished text but
644s you can see very clearly it's giving you
646s a strong understanding of what commodity
649s training is and how it works and this
650s also is cataloged into the Codex for
653s your reading pleasure should you forget
656s so lots of information there but uh yeah
660s I digress
661s I digress
663s just right right over there boom
665s look at that look at that lovely little
668s guy
669s all right now let's make some space we
671s don't have a corrosion injection yet
674s all right now we do
677s now we do we might do a level nine Union
680s signal decoder
682s didn't want that level eight you could
684s use a little more credits
686s [Music]
686s um
687s top this off sell a lot of these smaller
691s ones
694s and these Commodities aren't selling
696s super great I kind of want to be I want
699s to kind of be greedy here
703s and so I'll probably uh hang on to some
706s of those for a little bit longer
709s yeah we got the space for it so why not
713s all right
715s so that's a little bit more about the
716s Commodities and kind of what they look
717s like oh is she selling any Commodities
719s actually let's see just medicine and
721s small arms and seeds oh so we could buy
723s these up man that that could be a really
725s good deal honestly
727s um
734s no we're not gonna do it we're going to
736s we're gonna leave we're gonna leave it
737s alone
738s excellent so that's that that's a bit of
741s a segment there for the commodity
743s elements but iconography we're really
745s happy with how that's come across
747s let's jump over to perks very very
749s briefly we have started doing some
752s balancing passes through this um I think
754s I've spoken on this in the past those of
757s you who have missed it the perk system
759s we really like the progression of the
762s perk system has some problems there are
765s certain things that are way too
766s accessible that probably shouldn't be
768s and there are certain things that are
769s like really hard to get until you're
772s like in a late game so what we've done
773s is we've kind of touched up some of the
775s balancing acts here with the
777s requirements to keep leveling them up
778s with a couple of changes and
781s modifications to the requirements for
784s those specific perks so the perks
786s themselves the abilities thereof all of
789s that is remaining the same but you might
792s be able to see some adjustments here
793s honestly not sure all of the specific
796s adjustments that have been made but as
798s you are gaining uh the higher levels of
802s the perks you're going to start seeing a
803s higher uh item requirements for that in
807s fact in fact I do have one over here the
809s mining tracker it does require some pure
811s copper which I really want to get I
814s really want to get this
816s it would make me happy so we are going
818s to be Scouting Around for Pure copper
822s to get that bad boy that is what we
824s really really need
826s Okay so we've been in this inventory
828s screen for a while it's time to go fly
830s out and about
832s do things
834s I have changed none of the customization
836s of my ship whatsoever it is exactly the
839s same since last time
841s uh We're not gonna do the Black Box in
843s this area I don't think
846s but we'll take on these level tens just
847s to show you that I uh
850s I've been practicing with the bomber
859s I also got a couple of
862s um
863s challenges done
867s so I might be able to pull some of those
869s up and show you what has unlocked
872s okay
876s really like to get these guys out of the
878s way so I can
880s hit this one there we go
884s there we go
897s nice collection of goods there actually
899s let's see what we got calibrated coilgun
902s tempting
904s level 10 sensors they're exactly the
907s same aside from their ability we got
909s Firepower or Precision we're going to
910s take the
912s um I think we're going to take the
914s Firepower
915s solver peruser for the resources range
917s is nice
920s you know what we're going to keep this
921s offer peruser
923s we're gonna keep the Salvo peruser
926s that's what we're gonna do
928s and now what we're going to do is we're
929s going to head back over to the um The
932s Gauntlet that's where we truly left off
936s that's where we truly left off we're
937s going to finish up that side mission
941s excuse me
944s and then after that we will continue the
948s main uh storylines oh oh perks perks we
951s need to add a level 10 perk
954s um
957s did I tell you guys that play it safe
959s changed
961s can't remember I want you to look at
963s that
964s something that changed about it
967s I legitimately can't remember if I've
969s told you about this changeup but um
971s it no longer works with any device
974s quiet safe is specific
977s with using Warfare devices so if you're
980s aggressive it gives you that reactive
982s armor
984s but if you're using defensive devices
986s you're already being safe so you don't
988s get the benefit
991s so
992s something you have to think about now
993s with that element
996s I am
999s do we have yeah we have two Warfare
1002s devices anyway so I think we're gonna go
1003s ahead and take play it safe
1007s and we still have defensive Massacre
1009s which I'm thinking about changing the
1010s Isaac strategy because I'm finding more
1012s often than not that I'm boosting like
1014s constantly and just getting a flat
1016s damage reduction might be the way to go
1018s for me
1020s it's been nerfed hard how dare ah yeah
1022s well it was being abused hard
1024s sorry
1027s like we want you guys to have fun but it
1030s does need to be challenging right we
1032s can't just make a game to just stop all
1035s over everything all the time
1037s that's what the end game is for becoming
1040s super overpowered
1043s all right
1045s all right oh I also forgot to mention
1047s goodness if you guys have questions
1048s during the course of the stream this is
1049s a very active participation style stream
1053s so ask your questions geekbite is
1055s actually on the line picking them up
1057s making sure that you're getting taken
1059s care of and at certain parts of the
1061s stream I will answer a slew of those
1063s questions
1066s so that uh nobody gets missed and if you
1069s do somehow get missed um it's not
1070s because we are ignoring you sometimes
1073s that just happens and give us another
1076s chance by asking the question again
1077s herself
1079s all right so let's go ahead and uh do
1081s this twin research station
1083s power core dispenser this has to go to
1086s the other side right
1088s shoot I should probably I probably
1090s should have played this before
1092s coming back into the stream oh gosh
1094s okay
1096s I'm sure it'll be fine oh
1102s okay much better
1105s unstable power cores explode by the way
1107s so if that you get hits at all man I
1109s really chucked that thing didn't I
1111s goodness come back here sir come back
1113s here all right
1115s power cores uh unstable power cores will
1118s explode you have to be a little more
1120s gentle with them than a standard power
1122s core
1124s [Music]
1127s I think we're all right here
1130s beautiful
1132s all right
1142s [Applause]
1144s yeah
1145s there you go
1151s all right you know what do we got oh yes
1155s the shield
1159s excellent now we can get right on in
1162s there complete this side mission
1167s way
1168s of course I think I have to deliver this
1170s back to cedo
1173s slightly annoying but
1175s it is
1188s so now just a simple matter of creating
1192s an energy sphere and powering these bad
1194s boys up give me give me
1199s there we go
1202s Hydra samples
1205s the scientists can tell
1207s you everything else here is either dead
1209s or long gone
1211s I guess this wraps up our investigation
1214s oops I forgot my other items
1217s how silly
1219s oh a Mainframe
1226s so as you guys have all probably seen
1229s there are new additions to the voice
1230s lines
1232s So Adam specifically when you find your
1235s first next tier he will have some sort
1237s of comment so in the case of that last
1240s line you heard he said ah this is a rare
1242s find it is quite literally because we've
1244s collected a rare shield and that
1247s that is delightful that is very pleasant
1252s granted we are in a ship that's Shield
1256s bonus is uh actually it's it's really
1259s good
1260s it is really good
1261s um I was thinking of a different ship
1264s but uh yeah so we'll go ahead and we'll
1267s go ahead and pop that on
1268s we're gonna head to cedo to finish this
1270s up oh my gosh look at me look at me go
1274s look at me go we're gonna finish this
1275s side mission and then we're gonna get
1277s going with the main missions
1279s but as we're going back through Sito
1280s it's gonna be a great opportunity to
1281s show you
1283s if you recall
1285s cedo leveled up so its locations are not
1287s going to just be easy peasy level ones
1289s twos threes and up to I think sevens and
1291s Eights
1292s no they have now leveled up and they
1294s will be chasing after our level up to a
1296s certain point
1298s and once we get to that certain point
1300s we'll progress in the story again
1301s they'll level up again
1303s etc etc
1306s the downtime delay of The Shield St is
1308s brutal yeah it really is
1310s I will agree to that I'm also I also
1312s want to see if I can find one quick
1313s thing here we're gonna go to an unknown
1315s signal really quick I'm looking for
1317s resources
1319s I want to get a couple resources I
1320s really want to get that pure copper for
1322s um Hive I should be able to find
1324s resources here excellent I should be
1327s able to find resources here and also
1329s don't worry about that voice line we
1330s know it's totally bug ah no
1337s thank you
1339s okay
1342s nope nope there we go all right
1349s we did adjust the snipers
1351s um targeting reticle a little bit you
1353s probably noticed that it was way too
1355s much in our last iteration it might
1359s actually be tuned down too much now but
1361s I digress
1363s we are finding that balance
1365s oh my gosh look at all these resources
1371s it's gonna take forever to collect all
1373s of these
1375s unless
1377s [Music]
1394s oh my gosh
1398s Arc 9000 mining
1403s what a delight
1407s what a delight I actually missed more
1409s than I would have liked but still we did
1412s it guys
1415s we did it
1417s we've accomplished victory
1420s that's that game's ready to game's ready
1422s to go
1425s ship it
1426s we're done
1431s oh my goodness
1435s for those of you who are not aware of
1437s what's going on on here this was
1438s actually a community request
1440s specifically from Bearded Frog in the
1442s chat he harassed us all the time about
1444s it in these streams and uh
1447s well
1448s there you go we hope that you will enjoy
1451s this Edition is it very effective I mean
1454s you guys could be the judge tonight
1459s snuck it in and uh we didn't get to see
1462s the full effect of it but whenever the
1464s arc 9000 is actually close to a mineral
1465s deposit at all it will tether to it and
1468s start chipping it away and then of
1470s course when it explodes it
1473s throws them all out
1475s but uh yeah we uh
1478s sometimes you need a break from the hard
1479s grind of all these bugs that we've been
1482s chasing and addressing and I think Hans
1485s Christian really enjoyed adding this one
1486s in and I hope that you guys enjoy it too
1490s foreign
1492s [Music]
1495s so now let's go ahead and cruise on back
1498s to our Sino location and while we're
1500s doing this we will have a little bit of
1502s space to answer some questions geekbite
1505s if you want to throw some at me that
1506s I've generated I am more than happy to
1508s start answering
1512s Emily will good evening everyone how are
1514s you all uh got a couple of holdovers
1516s from last week that didn't get answered
1518s so we can throw them in uh straight from
1520s the off
1521s um nilo Nova on YouTube which uh asking
1525s last week uh shall we have stuff like
1527s the everspace ones the ancient weapons
1529s uh because they want a dear neutron
1531s cannon back well technically the neutron
1534s cannon wasn't an ink weapon it's an
1537s actually it's more of a
1539s Tron Canon
1542s but in regards to ancient Weaponry we
1545s have the that ancient sniper rifle right
1548s um which was technically a glyph
1550s we have more or less reproduced it it
1553s has different functionality it's now
1555s called devotion it is a legendary
1557s um
1558s uh sniper it's a legendary shock rifle
1563s and uh yeah instead of it doing damage
1566s to you now it actually takes your alt
1569s away as its energy source and it packs a
1573s punch and if chained together correctly
1575s it can
1577s can dish out some insane damage
1582s the big thing's gonna be making sure
1583s that you have your alt generation at
1585s maximum capacity and it can seriously
1587s it's um
1589s it's it's nuts uh how effective you can
1592s do that now why is this guy wanting us
1594s to dock there
1597s um
1597s [Music]
1600s that's interesting I don't think that's
1602s supposed to be there this might be a bug
1607s we're gonna dock here anyway and we're
1609s gonna find out really quick I can't
1611s remember if there's a side mission here
1612s or not so let's um let's let's do this
1616s really quick and then we'll answer
1617s another question uh sorry about that
1618s very intermittent sort of bounce around
1621s I'm sorry I noticed that you put out a
1623s joke okay all right okay ah hello I
1626s haven't seen you in a while and yes you
1628s are correct this time the job is about
1630s bloodstock
1632s have heard what happened to them
1634s ends something new they've disbanded the
1638s boss was taken out by some Maverick
1640s upstart I would very much like to shake
1642s the hand of whoever that was
1644s whoever it was might prefer to keep it
1646s on the lowdown anyhow with blood stuff
1649s falling apart there are other parties
1651s interested in stripping the abandoned
1653s stations for whatever they're worth
1656s specifically a certain data bank
1657s somewhere around palimon which is being
1659s sought by a client for a high price I'd
1662s do the job myself but it's a treacherous
1665s undertaking some old Blood star haven't
1667s quit the area just yet
1669s Scavenging stations is kind of a pastime
1671s of mine simply Point me the way
1674s you'll be looking for a sizable Data
1676s Bank
1676s if you find and return the particular
1678s one we need I will split the Bounty with
1680s you 50 50. uh I'll be doing most of the
1683s footwork here right and I have the
1686s contact you won't be able to sell the
1688s package without me transfer me all the
1690s info you got I'll look into it
1693s cool also I look over the chat and you
1696s guys corrected me thank you so much I'm
1697s going to identify this it is not a shark
1699s rifle it is in fact a coil gun thank you
1702s for that correction
1704s um yeah my apologies misremembering
1706s things is uh my specialty because I only
1709s have to remember about
1711s 5287 things uh what's what's what's that
1714s Andy oh wait nope I've got three more
1717s um so yeah sorry about that
1722s but uh I digress
1725s now only five thousand yeah basically uh
1728s but since we're talking numbers actually
1729s here's a curious little detail so we
1731s catalog all the bug reports and whatnot
1733s that we get from you guys of course and
1734s also ones that we catalog ourselves and
1736s through this process we actually we
1739s broke the 1000 marker and how many
1743s tickets that we have
1745s um that are open so we have way more
1747s than a thousand tickets but we have so
1750s many but um to just give you a sample of
1752s our progress uh we
1754s address we've been addressing hundreds
1757s of bugs okay I'm talking hundreds of
1759s bugs and we are now back under 900
1763s active
1764s uh items
1766s which is actually a big milestone for us
1768s I know that some of you guys are
1769s thinking like what is that that's still
1771s a lot yes it is and in this home stretch
1773s we're trying to address every single one
1775s of them
1776s so whoo but uh we're making really good
1779s progress there's been a lot of little
1781s tweaks adjustments improvements fixes oh
1784s my gosh it's insane and so much of that
1787s is because of you guys and your
1789s contributions through this Early Access
1790s program project so thank you sincerely
1794s for helping us get this game where it
1796s needs to be
1797s I went to the research station but it
1799s was in shambles rated I'd say no no no
1802s no no no no not now they were so close
1805s they've been bioengineering High dress
1808s to neutralize radioactivity
1810s my people at home need this I found a
1813s Hydra sample if that helps show me yes
1816s yes
1817s this is it please as a sign of gratitude
1821s take this
1823s excellent so we've wrapped up this twin
1825s Station Mission got a little bit more
1828s stuff from cedo and now we'll be going
1830s back to the main missions and in our
1832s travels we will answer a few more
1834s questions so geekbite come back on and
1836s let's get another one
1838s right again this was just a holdover
1840s from last week uh nilo Nova again uh is
1844s just asking shall the limit of the quick
1846s legendaries be changed in the future it
1849s is very possible that will be changed
1851s but not in the way that you might think
1854s so we want to have a bit of fun with
1859s that in-game space
1861s but to start things off we are
1863s absolutely restricting how many you can
1865s use this is intentional design okay all
1868s right very intentional design the reason
1870s why we're having the restrictions is so
1872s that you still have to think about your
1873s build if all you have to do is slap on
1876s every single legendary uh two things one
1878s the game balance is going to be so
1880s brokenly absurd that it's gonna be not
1883s fun anymore to play the game and number
1886s two
1887s um
1889s refer to number one honestly like
1891s seriously so so in order to design a
1895s particular build you need to cultivate
1896s that curate that surrounding a legendary
1898s that you find or up to two at the start
1901s but I have mentioned I've alluded to and
1904s teased that there is still a bit more on
1906s its way pertaining to legendaries
1908s including but not limited to that
1911s legendary
1912s uh scrap that you acquired
1916s so we'll just have to see what that
1918s looks like in the future
1921s good question nonetheless all right so
1923s next question please
1926s right moving on to this week's uh slower
1929s and Texan over on YouTube uh just wanted
1931s to clarify from last week uh there'll be
1934s will there be no background economy
1936s whatsoever items will always be the
1938s exact same price at any given store no
1941s matter what whether you're buying or
1943s selling
1944s so that is a very specific question and
1947s the answer to that is yes however there
1950s are in-game timers that will affect the
1953s quantity of said items so if you find a
1956s really profitable trade route and you're
1958s doing it really fast you're gonna come
1960s up high and dry eventually because the
1962s station's not going to have that item
1963s anymore you'll then have to wait
1966s for X in-game minutes or maybe an hour
1969s I'm not sure and then it'll repopulate
1973s and you can do that trade again so you
1975s will be able to find some really
1977s powerful trade routes I'm confident
1979s about especially if you're using spatial
1980s bypass
1982s but it's not hyper exploitable we hope
1987s so yeah static
1991s good question good question excellent
1994s right
1996s um we have one from Fred spec vet over
1998s on YouTube uh compared to before the
2001s changes to trading will the net result
2003s from selling all unused Commodities let
2006s you let you less or more money if you're
2008s not wanting the deals in the current
2010s version if you're not hunting for deals
2013s uh that's it okay well I mean that's
2015s that's kind of a it's kind of a hard
2018s thing to compare it's also not something
2019s that we really care about if I'm being
2022s really blunt about it um and let me
2024s clarify that reasoning what you guys
2027s have in the current build is very much
2028s placeholder for the Commodities like
2030s they we didn't balance their pricing at
2031s all like the stock counts were maybe
2033s even a little wonky it hadn't been
2035s refined it was just hey here's something
2037s that you can get and sell and it has
2039s some
2040s text on it or whatever
2042s so once we started going in here and
2044s cleaning up the Commodities there are
2046s pricing changes that have gone across
2048s the board so certain things are much
2050s more valuable than they were before
2052s stock counts have been adjusted as well
2054s so instead of being able to hold like
2056s what was a hundred of certain items a
2058s thousand of certain items something like
2059s that some can only be held in groupings
2061s of like 20 so you'd need a much larger
2063s inventory space if you wanted to capture
2065s those elements
2067s um and uh it just kind of keeps going
2069s and going from there so all in all I
2072s would say if we are just answering the
2074s question then yes absolutely you will
2076s find more value but I think that
2079s question might be missing the point of
2081s the commodity system just a tad since
2084s it's so much more than just a static
2087s value and a just a item that is credits
2090s now so
2092s cool we're gonna go ahead and dock at
2093s this ramen bar
2096s the whole rack mentioned delivery terms
2099s used by Maddox for smuggling may I
2102s suggest finding and following one in
2105s this traffic well yes it's worth a shot
2109s uh scratch that we're not docking we
2111s have to find a drone and then we're
2113s going to uh finish up this Mission chain
2115s and then we'll answer a couple more once
2117s we dock all right
2120s I appreciate your guys's patience and
2122s kind of running with this as we're both
2125s showing gameplay and answering questions
2126s I'm certain that we will find a drone
2129s any second now come on
2132s come on I know you spun down here
2135s where are you
2142s where are you maybe we'll answer a
2143s question as we're looking for one
2146s let's let's do that let's answer another
2148s question
2149s right another one from Fred over on
2151s YouTube about ship balance uh are we
2154s going to see any major changes to any of
2156s the ships in the game will we see any
2159s major changes to the ships in the game
2160s is that what I heard yes
2164s um I'm not thinking we'll see major
2165s changes because like we've we've done
2167s quite the number as you guys know to a
2171s lot of these specials and the
2172s percentages of Shield armors and holes
2176s um a little bit of adjustments to
2177s handling I think and speed a two not too
2179s much but have been making some of those
2181s as well but in regards to like big
2185s changes to ships it's not likely I think
2188s the biggest change that you'll see is
2190s that tier four ships are coming and uh
2193s they're a bit beefy
2196s is head inside and nearby Hannah
2198s okay
2202s would you care to remind me why we are
2204s going through all this bother I promised
2207s Dax that I would see this through and
2208s this is a once in a lifetime job you are
2211s certainly putting a lot of effort into
2213s reaching this man who does not wish to
2215s be reached
2217s there's another drone
2219s drone is that his ship let's dock here
2221s and find out
2222s excellent okay so we are going to go
2225s ahead and pause the story and I want to
2226s much more fluidly address these
2229s questions that are coming in then we'll
2231s get back to the story accordingly once
2232s that's done so next question please
2236s right we've got one from uh T3 Cube over
2238s on twit a long time ago there was a
2241s massive list of devices shown as it
2244s stands right now we've got a couple of
2245s new devices and a few of the super
2247s common devices that have made a return
2249s in the way of ultimates or some other
2251s abilities but super cool stuff like
2253s energy diverters static discharge energy
2256s discharger car extensions they're all
2258s missing with 1.0 about a month away can
2261s we expect to see The Return of some of
2263s these old devices and even some new ones
2265s missing is a curious word
2268s um so I just want to address this as a
2271s technicality everspace 2 is not ever
2273s space one plus more Aerospace 2 is very
2275s much its own game but we would like to
2277s incorporate as much of the components
2279s within Aerospace one as possible and
2281s that does in fact include devices is it
2283s possible for us to see more in the
2285s future absolutely
2287s absolutely it's possible we also had to
2290s make sure that we're gonna get this
2291s thing out the door by 1.0 all right and
2295s in doing so some of the things that we
2297s had on our plate that would be a nice to
2299s have or otherwise we did have to kind of
2302s scoot around we have to make sure that
2303s the game is very well poshed we have to
2305s complete the main missions we gotta
2306s ensure that the itemization is in a very
2309s good space and if we're incorporating
2311s something like a new device this close
2313s to full release that can generate a lot
2316s of problems so I would not expect a new
2322s device by 1.0
2324s but it's very much possible for future
2328s content after the fact to add more to
2332s that
2334s cool let's answer another one
2336s okay uh right Fred Speakman again
2339s they've been very very keen this evening
2341s uh regarding the AOE mining thingy does
2344s it only work with The Arc 9000 I will
2347s only work with one ship type oh my gosh
2349s I knew that this was gonna happen it's a
2351s steamroll effect we give you one little
2354s thing and you guys are but we want more
2356s I want to use it on all the odd alts I
2358s want to use it on all things oh my
2361s goodness look The Arc 9000 it's very
2364s much just kind of this uh in the moment
2366s sort of like Hans Christian wanted to
2368s add it because it would be fun that's
2370s that's ultimately why that happened this
2373s is not some sort of feature Improvement
2375s that we're going to be going across the
2377s board and doing for everything of that
2379s nature like for example if you're in the
2381s stinger and you pop your nanite swarm
2384s they're not gonna go around and Target
2386s all the resources collect them for you
2387s and then come back that's that's not how
2389s it works does that sound awesome sure it
2392s does but that's that's not what the
2394s ultimate functionalities were ever plans
2397s to be this was very much a community
2399s request that was a little bit easier to
2402s implement than we had thought so Hans
2404s Christian just plugged it in uh but we
2406s have no plans whatsoever whatsoever to
2409s have other alts do wild crazy or
2412s otherwise silly sort of interactions
2413s like that
2415s so
2418s very good next question please
2421s right Brian Brown on YouTube would like
2423s to know our stores getting an overhaul
2426s as part of the trading update
2427s particularly referring to the stock that
2430s the stores hold yes yeah that's one of
2432s the things the uh the occurrence
2434s balancing is what we like to refer to
2435s that as so how frequently you are
2438s finding the stuff and from where is very
2441s integral to how these interlocking
2444s commodity systems work so to that yes we
2447s are ensuring that certain goods are
2449s going to be found at certain locations
2451s at certain prices that are going to be
2453s more pleasing so certain trade routes
2454s are going to be ideal to find you'll
2456s have to discover them yourselves but
2458s when you do especially when you're using
2460s the spatial bypass technology you're
2461s going to be able to make a pretty penny
2463s from it but also as I mentioned before
2466s you know there's a lot of balancing that
2468s did have to go through with this like in
2470s regards to them stopping at a certain
2472s point waiting for in-game timers to
2474s trigger
2474s etc etc etc so while these systems are
2477s all in place and we're pretty happy with
2479s the price points that we are at there
2481s can still be a couple more adjustments
2482s and those adjustments are not just
2485s limited to the items themselves it
2486s definitely includes the stations where
2488s they are purchased from and how many and
2490s there have already been adjustments
2493s cool next question please next stop is
2497s back to Fred again over on YouTube uh
2499s just inquiring I think the the AOE
2501s mining with The Arc 9000 has just you
2503s know a couple of thinking will we see
2505s more devices weapons that destroy things
2507s on a bigger scale
2511s um everything goes boom yeah I mean if
2513s you want bigger scale you just gotta get
2515s the bigger bigger weapons oh look at
2517s this new Ramen icon isn't that Pleasant
2520s that's very enjoyable I like that one I
2522s like that one in particular but yeah I
2524s mean that kind of goes back into the
2526s other statement that I would say about
2527s alts um in general there's not any
2530s there's not any plans to
2533s go crazy with that and expand it any
2536s further so
2539s next question
2540s Excelsior on YouTube
2543s um currently most enemies attack the
2545s player in burst volley patterns will
2547s this change with version 1.0 uh every
2550s space one enemies always went full auto
2552s guns blazing at the player and they
2554s really like that aspect
2558s operates uh uniquely for different units
2562s so there are some ships that do exactly
2564s as you mentioned there's other ships
2565s that absolutely don't
2567s um so Outlaw tormentors for example they
2571s don't actually fire until they get to a
2572s certain range from you and then they
2574s launch a volley of missiles before
2577s getting shot back at if they don't get
2580s shot back at they'll start shooting at
2581s you even more if you shoot at them they
2583s will go into evasive maneuvers for
2585s example this is something far more
2586s advanced than we had in Aerospace one
2588s where everspace one it was
2590s there's the player character fire until
2593s too close then spin around then cycle
2595s back around and fire again so uh we the
2598s vast improvements
2600s um a lot of ships have much more going
2603s on in how they're targeting firing and
2606s moving surrounding the player
2609s so
2611s yeah
2611s [Music]
2613s we also did one of the adjustments that
2615s we did do to the AI director and I think
2617s you've heard this in the past maybe one
2619s of the reasons why you're looking at the
2621s sort of burst fire where they they fire
2623s and they stop and they fire and they
2624s stop we didn't want the game to have
2628s like 12 ships firing at the player all
2631s at the same time so when you're getting
2633s overwhelmed there can only be I think
2635s it's like three or four ships that will
2637s be firing at the same time at you can
2639s never really go more than that so they
2641s take turns which might be what you're
2643s feeling from that sort of burst fire
2645s effect but that is very intentionally
2648s designed
2649s um just so that you have a little bit of
2652s a chance to overcome something like that
2657s um instead of just watching your hole go
2659s from 100 to zero in half a second
2664s good question
2669s it's Bill Farson uh over on YouTube
2671s twitch come on you need to help your
2672s game requests
2674s um they've asked who at rockish games
2676s plots the story and the dialogues
2678s who who has who has helped who has
2681s written
2682s yes basically who plots the story and
2684s then does the dialogues well it's a
2685s combination of sorts I mean a lot of
2687s individuals on the team are actually
2689s aided including myself in fact I have
2692s aided in a couple Mission chains and how
2695s it kind of comes together but the
2696s overarching story comes directly from
2698s Michael and UVA those are the two
2700s masterminds if you will from The
2702s overarching Narrative now that has been
2704s further refined by Bernie Duffy who has
2707s been helping us with a lot of
2708s Storytelling we've had other members on
2709s the team who have swooped in to create
2711s side missions
2713s um you know there's a lot like there's a
2715s lot of Team camaraderie over here at
2718s Rockfish and so like whenever there's a
2720s task and we're doing it maybe something
2722s uh that another team player is doing
2724s even though it's you know it might be
2726s they're working on a level design for
2727s the mission they go actually it'd be
2729s really cool if we had a mission that was
2730s like that instead and we'd talk about
2732s that we'd look at things
2734s um and it goes even so deep as to like
2736s how characters progress even through
2738s like cut scenes we've adjusted their
2740s language we've adjusted their delivery
2742s um and that wasn't just made by a single
2745s person internally like we all look at
2747s them together we all make those
2749s decisions and say is this an improvement
2751s or does this need to happen
2754s etc etc
2757s so uh it's good good stuff
2760s look over a chat giraffes or help that's
2762s me by the way giraffes will help that
2763s explains a lot gosh this guy
2767s this guy
2769s oh my goodness next question please
2774s uh we've got a lot of question coming in
2776s from Bearded Frog
2778s um I think he saw he remembered it last
2780s week and he was going to ask it for this
2781s week and he did actually remember well
2782s done Bearded Frog uh what is the average
2786s life expectancy now assuming natural
2788s death the humans in the year everspace 2
2792s takes place in also how long do the
2794s other races live for that is a fantastic
2797s question and if I recall correctly I
2800s think it's a 160 years for humans
2804s um I have to backtrack and look again
2806s but it's uh it's pretty substantial it's
2809s roughly double that of what we're at now
2812s um if I if I
2814s um I'm getting my my numbers correct um
2816s it's also kind of funny though because
2817s if you are looking at something like
2820s Adam like the Clone character Adam
2822s Rocklin
2823s he has a body of like a uh 60 or 70 year
2827s old what yeah he's he's like 60 or 70
2830s years old
2832s but he's only a year old
2835s because he's a clone and was made last
2837s year during the events of everspace one
2839s what but the
2843s nuts absolutely nuts so yeah it's all
2847s cataloged in our timeline thanks to
2848s grindel in particular who's hoped to
2850s tone with the wiki but we also had to
2851s come together and make sure everything
2852s made sense and yeah life expectancy has
2854s definitely grown in the DMZ uh based on
2858s medicinal elements and uh finer alcohols
2861s probably
2863s and many other things
2864s [Music]
2868s excellent answer as always sir
2871s um right we've got four more lined up
2873s um Dominic Troy on YouTube how did you
2877s guys decide on inertia damn as they've
2880s heard this from Star Trek and wondering
2882s where it came from from our
2884s um aspect honestly the the initial idea
2887s of inertia dampening was that in
2889s everspace one you needed to have very
2892s precise controls and over in order to
2895s overcome these roguelike Loops okay and
2897s when your inertia dampeners got damaged
2900s uh things got really slippery and it
2903s could be difficult to control your ship
2904s and if you were playing on hard mode
2905s especially collision damage was greatly
2908s increased so if you're slipping around
2910s and you're not controlling very well and
2911s you smash to an asteroid you're done for
2913s it and it was meant to be a big
2916s hindrance now that being said there was
2918s still a small pocket of the community
2919s that was like oh man I love getting my
2921s inertia dampeners broken because then
2923s it's just so much fun I love sliding
2926s around with like real Newtonian physics
2928s it wasn't like fully accurate but you
2929s get the idea and so we've added that
2932s sort of element into everspace 2 as well
2934s now I've said all of that if you are
2936s specifically talking about the
2938s terminology used inertia dampening it's
2941s we just used the literal terms to
2944s describe what's happening we are
2946s dampening the inertia of the spacecraft
2949s so I don't necessarily know if we took
2952s it from somewhere we're just using it as
2954s a very definitive description of what is
2957s happening
2959s so there you go
2961s you said three more questions let's get
2963s him let's get him yes
2966s Brian Brown on YouTube regarding level
2968s scaling uh is there going to be any
2970s mechanism for the player to initially
2972s initiate rather a level scaling update
2975s themselves instead of relying on
2977s triggers there are no plans to do so
2981s there are no plans to do so that being
2983s said
2984s if you are wanting to encounter enemies
2989s at a specific level for example
2992s um actually I just hovered over this
2993s Union signal decoder for example if we
2995s were to trigger this you'll see that
2996s there's a level associated with the item
2998s so enemies at this location when
3001s generated will be around that level and
3003s it doesn't care about the level of the
3006s system it's taking place in at all
3008s doesn't care about the player level at
3010s all it will be this so
3013s um there's in-game mechanics that sort
3015s of allow you to maybe do what you're
3018s asking but overall
3020s um the answer really is no the levels
3023s are dependent on the locations what
3025s you're doing
3027s um
3028s Etc et cetera yeah
3033s marvelous marvelous right uh second to
3036s last question uh Jill's Mercier on
3039s YouTube about the balancing for the
3041s controller player has he been balanced
3043s in order to be sometimes easier to aim
3045s or collect items because it means moving
3047s the whole ship instead of just the
3049s reticle yes absolutely we've made a lot
3052s of fine-tuning adjustments on that front
3054s we also have an auto aiming strength bar
3056s that you can adjust
3058s um in fact we included the auto aiming
3059s strength for the mouse as well so um but
3064s in general we do know that it's a bit of
3066s a slippery territory to go in and use
3068s controllers for precise aiming
3070s especially when you're getting used to a
3072s six degrees of freedom system where your
3074s spaceship is literally sliding around at
3076s times so yeah so we've got we've got a
3079s number of things that you can kind of
3081s adjust here on that front we do want it
3083s to be a bit better for
3086s um all all reasons to make it accessible
3089s to make it enjoyable etc etc now I'm
3092s just going to show this to you because
3093s we have this I actually might turn this
3096s down a little bit further because I feel
3097s like I have it too high
3099s um I'll just do that right now I'm gonna
3101s put it down to 0.2 so I really have to
3103s aim well with my mouse in order to get
3104s this going
3106s and because we're on this screen I just
3108s I'm going to click on game instead of
3110s gameplay where we see language at the
3113s top we see gameplay instead of just game
3117s here so we have difficulty we have these
3119s sort of elements and then it keeps going
3120s down just some organizational changes as
3123s you can see uh in the settings menu lots
3125s of little adjustments all over the place
3127s that's just one that I remembered so all
3129s right let's do that last question and
3130s then we're gonna get back to the story
3132s uh right last question is from T3 Cube
3135s on Twitch
3137s um is there a reason the middle ability
3138s exists in the Nano recompensator as soon
3141s as you can't damage your Ally and most
3143s allies have plot armor until they're
3145s killed they don't need repairs is this
3148s going to be removed or changed during
3150s the balance pass
3154s um regarding that perk this was designed
3156s specifically for when you have
3161s drones
3163s that's that's the big reason is for when
3165s you have drones so Vindicator players
3167s Rejoice it's a very powerful element
3169s once you get to that nanotech
3171s brings things together quite a bit more
3174s fairly uh for story driven purposes it's
3177s not that's not really the point
3179s otherwise whenever you get it and you've
3180s complete the story then it's no longer
3182s relevant to the game Space so there is a
3185s bit of plot armor used here and there
3186s you're you're absolutely right
3188s um but uh he wants to know the device
3191s not perk or the device oh the device the
3194s device the device I don't know if I have
3195s the device yet let me see if I oh I do
3198s okay so yeah distribution also repairs
3200s near my allies it's the same sort of
3202s story though it's the same sort of story
3204s it's going to be for whenever you have
3206s drones that are following you along
3208s um maybe other means to get uh you know
3211s troops to surround you and to help you
3214s um and let's not forget let's not forget
3217s that for all intents and purposes when
3219s you are engaged in a battle
3223s um especially in like the battle support
3225s all of those nearby forces whoever they
3229s are will be affected by repairing nearby
3232s allies they are considered allies so
3235s yeah
3236s so there are there are key moments where
3239s these can be uh
3241s nice to have
3243s so great question all right so we're
3245s gonna go ahead and Dock at the storage
3247s Depot you guys can keep asking questions
3248s I know we didn't get through all of them
3250s no big deal we will answer more here in
3252s a little bit but let's keep moving the
3254s story alone
3264s oh man why am I flying a Palmer for this
3268s oh wow
3278s can't you just hack them open only in
3281s the delivery drones possess the codes to
3284s do so figures
3286s more delivery drones
3289s work like a charm
3293s yes the ship you were looking for is
3295s still here very close by must be packing
3299s up better be careful he's as slippery as
3302s they get all right here we go
3304s let's try not to be
3306s too bad here
3316s was that a Ramen drone yeah I've been
3319s reserving the best broth for pests like
3321s you
3322s you're bound to run out of suit Bots
3323s eventually don't bet on it you'll be an
3326s Umami connoisseur once I'm done with you
3328s I can't keep up for long my boots
3330s constantly need to recharge
3335s well let's go after him then damn boost
3338s if it is necessary I could overclock
3341s your engines for a short period this
3343s would prolong your Boost capabilities
3345s but could severely threaten the ship's
3347s stability and devices
3349s okay well we're gonna do this it might
3353s be better
3357s so this Chase sequence we have to
3359s navigate uh inside and through
3363s an asteroid a number of asteroids in
3365s this next territory so uh
3367s actually not yet we can we don't have to
3370s go into first person just yet
3371s which if I can uh if I can stay out of
3373s first person I'm going to
3377s I am I'm a third person style player
3386s all right
3390s they've indicated the robin Chef's last
3392s name coordinates on the HUD
3394s what about second person oh my gosh I
3397s think there's a reason why there's not a
3398s lot of games that do that
3399s who are you again how about changing
3402s your strategy from naive questioning to
3404s evasive action
3409s foreign
3411s get close enough
3414s we really need to uh
3416s get ourselves a uh
3418s Mobility device I think
3421s let's try our best
3424s come on all right
3426s step one done step two anti-missile
3430s drones
3433s step three opposing bomber
3442s cool
3451s so you can see why I wanted to go ahead
3453s and level myself up a little bit while
3455s we were gone from the stream because
3457s that engagement would have went rather
3459s poorly
3460s if we were still level eight
3467s all right so in this next segment it's
3470s gonna use a little bit of my energy and
3472s focus
3473s um give me just one second
3476s give me one second guys I'll be uh I
3479s just need like a brief moment
3482s foreign
3506s myself up for this all right
3510s I haven't done this in a bomber in a
3511s while
3512s so uh this could be interesting
3518s activated unlimited boosting deactivated
3522s devices
3524s listen I don't know how to make it any
3529s Dax asked me to find you it's the truth
3531s that what's the code word I don't know
3534s he died before he could tell me he's
3537s dead you killed him didn't you no you're
3540s getting me all wrong I'm on your side
3546s oh boy all right
3551s oh I'm already feeling it oh this is
3554s gonna be this is going to be problematic
3558s oh I'm trying to lose this in here
3560s all right here we go ladies and
3562s gentlemen
3574s was that the first question I ever asked
3575s him it may have been
3578s really not listening at all
3581s excellent excellent doing way better
3584s than I thought I was going to to be
3585s honest
3587s this is not my ship
3589s oh
3592s here we go
3593s that's not looking pretty
3597s I'd use my arc 9000 right there if I
3599s could
3600s ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch
3604s oh
3606s oh
3620s I might need a different ship for this
3625s I might need a different ship for this
3627s um let's reload the checkpoint let's see
3629s where it's at I might load a slightly uh
3632s older checkpoint so if this is starting
3634s us
3635s um
3637s okay so I think what we're going to do
3639s instead is uh highlight a couple of
3641s changes to the save screen once again we
3645s have adjusted things
3646s um there's a bit more information here
3648s than there was last time I also made a
3649s new Mission just to kind of compare so
3651s anytime you're loading from an old save
3654s whenever you reach 1.0 it's going to
3656s have this look to it and let me move my
3658s face one more time just so that you can
3660s see all the details it will say very
3663s directly for you this is a pre-release
3664s save game this never goes away every
3666s single one of these saves says that
3668s shows the time and date we've got all
3670s that information for you but if you were
3672s to start a new save
3674s at the 1.0 release this is what it's
3676s going to look like in set okay it's
3678s going to have a little bit more
3679s information there that catalogs
3680s everything this information can't be
3683s cataloged from the older saves because
3685s it's not accurate okay it's not accurate
3689s it can't pull that data in the same way
3691s that these new saves do so again these
3695s are going to be your pre-release save
3696s games they will always look like this
3697s have that yellow on them you'll never
3699s forget anytime you're continuing it the
3701s auto saves will also have that indicator
3703s as well but if you're doing a new save
3706s it'll be nice and clear just like so
3710s so uh basically what I'm saying is
3714s if you are playing from an old save
3717s and you don't understand why you are
3720s hitting some sort of bug or problem or
3722s whatever this is not on us anymore okay
3725s guys we're we're trying to be as
3728s transparent as possible about this
3730s do not want you guys
3733s technically
3735s says we want you to use new saves this
3737s was added in as a community request
3740s because you know you guys want to so for
3743s those of you who are adamant on
3744s continuing that awesome stuff but we are
3747s making it very clear we are not bug
3750s fixing we are not supporting any element
3753s from old saves you will encounter
3756s problems if you use this and we want to
3759s make that very clear with it being
3761s permanently marked okay there will be a
3764s couple more tweaks to this but
3767s there you go that's I mean we're gonna
3768s say this disclaimer over and over and
3769s over again we've already said it
3770s multiple times and there's still some
3771s people that don't get it uh you know
3773s it's it's all a part of it but please
3777s share this information with others
3779s surrounding the game if they ask that
3781s Viral uh that Viral word to mouth is
3786s huge okay so don't just hear it and be
3789s like okay that totally makes sense yeah
3790s I knew that already tell other people to
3792s let them know okay it's important all
3795s right so now let's go ahead and uh go
3797s back War oh
3800s let's go back one
3803s so I want to see if I can swap my ship
3806s I want to see if I can swap my ship
3809s um was the frame oh no was my frame rate
3811s going too oh shoot I didn't look I have
3813s indicated I don't want to be there all
3815s right let's just try it again let's just
3816s try it again one more time
3818s the frame rate tanked oh gosh
3821s goodness gravy
3824s I'm sorry guys Darius stop
3827s overclock my boosts now
3831s unlimited boosting the frame rate a
3833s little bit more this time
3840s Dax asked me to find you it's the truth
3843s then what's the code word
3845s I don't know he died before he could
3847s tell me he's dead
3851s no you're getting me all wrong I'm on
3854s your side
3858s really I'm trying to avoid taking damage
3861s but goodness gravy
3863s we do have to take this guy out
3866s otherwise that's going to be big
3867s problems or or he's just gonna fly away
3869s and we'll just dodge instead
3872s no big deal
3875s oh please don't drop my Shields please
3877s don't drop my shield St Shields
3881s of course this of course
3885s was that the first question I ever asked
3887s him
3889s and he's really not listening at all
3892s okay so I have a little more distance
3894s the problem area is going to be coming
3896s out of this tunnel here we go
3907s all right let's see if we can use these
3909s asteroids a little bit more to our
3911s advantage here
3920s feel like that was a healthy bit better
3922s oh that's him oh no
3928s stop hurting me
3931s ouch okay yeah that was that was pain
3934s that was pain
3943s skin ridiculous what do these guys even
3946s get from protecting you
3948s I'm under the protection of Mr K
3950s dropped him a line
3953s I thought you just moved stuff for him
3955s all right maybe I do and maybe he just
3958s really values my work you can say that
3960s again
3967s whoop don't hit the debris that would be
3969s real bad
3975s okay
3977s distance is okay it's not ideal but I
3980s think we're close
3993s oh
3996s all right here we go
4009s here just in the nick of time
4015s I'm not at a good enough range
4018s I'd really like to use my ALT right now
4029s okay all right
4032s oh come on
4048s all right okay we're still alive that's
4051s a good thing right ah
4054s stop that
4059s so
4062s all right
4076s go into the asteroid please
4080s thank you
4082s I'd call you first
4091s I may not be the best at bargaining or
4093s diplomacy but I make up for them pew pew
4096s damn it I lost my man again what man
4099s Maddox like I told you before
4102s you said that he worked for Mr Cato not
4104s that he was his prized goose
4114s of course he might not be too happy that
4116s we just blasted a bunch of his Squad
4124s he's sure about this
4126s let's go see the ball
4129s oh my gosh thank you all for pointing
4131s out that in a bummer that specializes in
4133s missiles and Minds that I didn't use a
4136s single missile or what
4139s look pressure does weird things to the
4141s brain okay
4151s videos
4157s what are you getting me into relax Buddy
4160s it'll be fine
4163s all right making progress in the story
4166s I'm just happy we didn't die again so
4170s yeah
4172s that's that's great did I mention that
4174s bomber is just not it's not a shift that
4175s I use very often it's just uh I could
4178s probably do with some better secondaries
4180s honestly I think I need to swap out the
4182s rockets for maybe another set of Mines
4184s maybe we even have some
4186s uh no it doesn't look like we do
4188s that's a shame because I would love to
4190s replace these bad boys uh you know what
4193s let's let's do it anyway so let's go
4195s ahead and move these down here let's see
4196s what we can craft
4199s uh yeah we can we can make some uncommon
4202s Minds in fact that'll be even better
4204s so let's go ahead and just do that
4208s that ah that was an accident on my part
4210s uh we're gonna just dismantle those
4212s we're gonna select the mines first see
4214s how there's an indicator that shows you
4216s what it is and in the upper right it
4217s tells you what's selected yeah uh yeah
4221s it would be really really embarrassing
4222s if you didn't look at what was on your
4225s screen when you were trying to
4226s accomplish a task there we go oh much
4228s better cannot be damaged we can do
4230s better than that hang on hang on we can
4232s do better than that we got some power
4233s couplings in the bank mines are magnetic
4235s oh beautiful
4236s that's that's what I like to see that's
4239s gonna that's gonna help us out quite a
4241s bit more I think
4245s oh my goodness
4247s there we go back to Kato Palace we go
4249s and it's time for an improved cutscene
4252s I feel naked no not your situation like
4255s this with tons of ship wrapped around me
4257s it'll all be good just act cool and
4260s follow my lead
4298s hey Marianne oh Mr Alec you were not
4303s expected are you flirting with me again
4305s Marianne me and my associate here would
4308s like a word with the boss something is
4311s not expected
4314s she's crazy about me really
4320s down
4334s God damn it what are you guys doing stop
4337s it
4340s so chill
4345s at remote
4350s Alec you okay
4353s oh good boss who the hell is this guy
4355s this is Adam boss I brought a beat for a
4358s chat he wanted to ask a favor a favor
4362s you guys are giving me nothing but
4364s headaches today get inside all of you
4368s now let's figure out what's going on in
4371s a civilized manner Daryl why the hell
4374s did you do this to Alec and his
4376s associate but nothing but a pain in the
4379s ass we barely made it out of that spider
4381s cave alive you owe me for that hey yeah
4384s me too
4385s why did you do that
4389s guy's been sniffing around after Maddox
4391s yeah and who are you exactly you should
4394s know Maddox is under my protection
4398s just wanted to talk to him I'm not a
4400s bounty hunter just a friend of a friend
4402s uh-huh
4403s and you know Alec Howe exactly oh me and
4407s Adam go way back before we even met boss
4410s he's a hot shot pilot I'd never seen
4412s anything like it is that so but I'm
4415s still not too impressed by your
4417s imposition into my business we should
4419s just phase him shut up I have to
4422s apologize for my nephew he's still
4424s learning the ropes of the business Saki
4428s well really Daryl should be apologizing
4430s for himself Daryl I'm sorry I sent you
4433s guys to certain deaths okay
4436s see all's good and better now for every
4440s problem there's a lesser problem with a
4443s sort of solution right anyway you guys
4446s interrupted my meal with all your antics
4450s these two guys have been at each other's
4452s throats since
4455s the short furry one showed up I don't
4458s think there's anything I can do to
4459s reconcile them
4461s Ty like the little guy but Daryl is
4463s family I'm gonna have to find a way to
4466s separate them
4467s so rather than taking the crude in
4470s uncultured path of violence I'd like to
4473s make you a little proposition I can
4475s arrange a meeting with Maddox but I need
4478s you to do a little job for me in return
4480s do you Savvy as long as it's quick end
4484s something a little more sensitive you
4486s need to take the little furry guy off my
4488s hands too
4489s I understand
4491s don't worry I can get them out of your
4492s hair he's not so bad hey I know that I'm
4496s just trying to find amicable Solutions
4498s that's my job
4501s but you do understand that there are
4502s consequences if you disappoint me
4506s likewise all right
4521s so wholesome
4525s there's a little more chat to follow
4527s this time I'll be giving the delivery
4529s orders so there'll be no funny business
4531s right Daryl right boss okay so this is
4537s the deal you deliver a little package
4539s for me from A to B and I'll let you know
4542s where to find Maddox
4545s so it's a smuggling one
4547s now that's one nasty word better not let
4551s the old car hear it they're quite touchy
4554s about uncertified cargo moving in and
4557s out of their territory touchy to a
4560s degree where they just shoot anyone who
4562s tries to pass through Smuggler's wheel
4564s and ask questions later
4567s so I recommend getting yourself a
4569s distraction for them I've been told I
4572s make a great distraction
4574s that you do Alec that you do oh I'm
4578s gonna miss having you around
4580s what do you mean
4582s I'll explain later so where do we start
4584s meet my contact at the black market in
4586s the underbelly they'll fill you in on
4589s the rest
4590s it was a blast having you
4595s excellent oh my goodness so much so much
4599s so let's go ahead and start answering a
4601s couple more questions uh while I go
4604s ahead and dive into the custom style
4605s we're gonna
4606s change up our bomber a little bit
4609s oh we also added this by the way
4613s I actually forgot about this one the
4615s ship customization tool tip has now
4617s popped up so that you can kind of see
4618s and understand how it works as well all
4622s the information there you can also
4623s access it um you know we have the ship
4625s color submissive lights window tints
4627s ship modules decals and engine colors
4628s and how to unlock them so cool stuff all
4631s right gig bite take the floor what
4634s questions we got we have about six lined
4637s up first up is sniper from the
4640s Netherlands I think uh over on Twitch uh
4643s are there legendary cargo modules with a
4646s bunch of stories so that we can become a
4648s space trucker so we don't uh we we don't
4653s have
4654s the plans to
4657s do any sort of like space trucker
4660s features in the game like we wanted to
4662s do the Dynamics with uh
4665s um Commodities to where like you can
4667s make a profit and go that route because
4669s you know it's a space game and you're
4671s flying a spaceship and you're going to
4672s different sites right but all of these
4675s ships every single one of them
4677s is a fighter
4679s every single one of them it's designed
4681s for combat these are not meant to haul
4684s massive loads that being said of course
4687s the heavyweight class
4689s like this bomber do have more cargo
4693s slots than usual but still if we were to
4697s have a legendary cargo slot for example
4699s I don't think the primary focus is going
4701s to be the number of slots it provides
4703s it's probably going to be something else
4706s so good question but not the focal point
4711s s
4713s right uh Maxi section over on Twitch
4716s would like to know when staying in an
4718s area for long periods of time Random
4720s Encounters consisting of hostiles of
4722s different factors uh factions rather
4724s jumping in can they occur this would get
4727s announced by a hive like saying Blood
4728s star ships are approaching will these
4731s Random Encounters receive any changes
4734s it's very possible that we will be
4736s tweaking those encounters
4738s um some of them are a little bit more
4739s obnoxious than others and we've actually
4741s fixed some of them so from your current
4743s build for example there's some that are
4747s they're better that we've we've tweaked
4749s them
4749s um and yeah so so for all intents and
4752s purposes from what you've seen in your
4755s life build there will be improvements
4757s there will be adjustments
4758s so yep
4762s right Brian Brown back over onto YouTube
4766s uh are there any more updates to
4768s crafting other than legendary components
4770s or is the team happy with it as it is
4774s we are not done with legendary
4775s components we haven't uh shown what
4778s those will be used for or how they will
4780s be used so more information we'll be
4783s having your way either at 1.0 or maybe
4786s even after 1.0 but we are we are not
4789s done with those
4794s uh
4796s switching back to Twitch now uh clone of
4799s funkstein great name love no one uh in
4802s everspace one it was possible to use
4803s Pebbles as a controller uh we'll uh
4807s paddle support be available for
4808s everspace too
4812s I don't know if we have specific
4816s paddle support
4820s I have to I'd have to refer to our
4824s um
4826s our local resident expert on all things
4829s input related
4832s um
4834s I I would have to I'd have to check I'm
4837s not sure unfortunately
4839s I am not all right they meant paddle oh
4841s sorry the pedals on a Gamepad
4844s pedals on a Gamepad
4847s those should work yes I think those do
4850s work
4852s yeah
4854s yeah
4856s there should be support for that here
4857s I'll double check as well I'm trying to
4859s like I really want to bring this design
4861s home hang on
4862s I'm like I'm having fun with this and
4864s I'm sure you guys can tell
4866s um I have some orange here we're just
4868s gonna go crazy with the orange like that
4871s kind of matches the cockpit a little bit
4874s um also see if we've got something
4876s better we want to do here too
4878s [Music]
4880s um but yeah I mean I think this is I
4882s want the logo to be there so we'll do
4883s that
4885s stick with our normal actually we should
4888s probably buy a new ship now that I'm
4889s thinking about it
4893s we'll go with that one so um so yeah
4896s let's let's go ahead and uh go back here
4899s for a second
4900s um so we can go into the settings
4901s because I know for the inputs
4905s um I think the customized controls we've
4906s been revamping this a bit so this might
4908s look a little bit different
4909s um we have a lot of presets oh look at
4912s that we got a bunch of thrust Masters
4915s logitechs
4917s sadix
4919s um
4920s we have obviously different Gamepad
4922s schemes
4924s than the input method override you can
4926s also adjust that depending on your needs
4930s but uh I'm
4933s I'm gonna have to double check but I'm
4935s pretty sure you can use pedals on a
4937s Gamepad
4939s I'm pretty sure you can
4941s um I will are you in the Discord uh
4944s clone of funkenstein
4948s foreign
4951s [Applause]
4953s um because if you are what I would
4955s recommend is asking that exact same
4956s question in our ask rfg Channel and then
4960s I can very easily follow up with you on
4963s Monday when the team is back into the
4965s office and we can address that certain
4967s team members who would know that
4968s unfortunately are not in the chat right
4971s now today so that sucks and I'm sorry
4974s about that but I do want to answer your
4976s question
4979s um
4980s [Music]
4982s maybe it's just the steam dog we don't
4983s have full steam deck support at this
4985s time but we are working on it
4990s but I digress well we are gonna have to
4993s move ahead into the next question sorry
4996s I can't
4997s fully accurately answer that one that's
4999s a that's a tough one
5000s um but sincerely I do hope that you will
5002s message us on the Discord so I can
5004s follow up with you
5006s that's great it's a great question it's
5008s a great question
5011s rice Brian Brown over on YouTube uh was
5015s asking is there any more planned updates
5017s to the reputation just wrote job system
5020s for 1.0 release some of the rewards seem
5023s like placeholders needing tweaks yes uh
5027s so they're technically are plans I am
5030s not so sure if we will be able to hit
5033s all of set plans but um yeah we also
5036s agree internally that the rewards are
5038s very eh we want it to have a bit more
5041s gust Stone
5042s I would tell you what those plans are
5044s but I don't want to make it sound
5046s incredibly awesome and then only come
5048s realize that we don't have enough time
5050s to implement things so here's hoping
5053s that uh
5054s we'll have the space and time to do so
5057s we're gonna go and Swap this out now
5059s I was mostly using that producer by the
5061s way to find resources so I could use the
5062s arc 9000 earlier that's why I did that
5064s all right next question please
5066s right the last one for the time being is
5068s from T3 Cube on Twitch can we expect to
5071s see new weapons excluding backer
5074s legendaries at 1.0 it's definitely
5076s possible that unfortunately falls into
5079s that territory of nice to have at this
5083s point oh it's the worst but again with
5087s our list of elements that we are
5089s polishing refining ensuring everything's
5090s coming together exactly the way that it
5092s needs to be we are making very sound
5094s progress on that front front so once we
5097s are done with that it's possible that in
5100s upcoming uh you know content packs uh
5104s for uh everspace 2 that we could have
5106s new equipment of the on that front so um
5110s but that's going to be that's gonna be
5112s future rockfish's decision to make as of
5114s right now at this time for 1.0 it's not
5118s likely but uh
5121s yeah that's just kind of where it's
5123s currently at I'm gonna see I sold the
5126s orange commodities excellent so was
5127s there another question or you said that
5129s was the last one
5130s and that was the last one you can fly on
5131s pilot awesome I will fly on for just a
5134s little bit and then we're gonna
5134s transition over to some Community
5137s elements we
5140s I do like the way this this guy looks
5142s now I'm I'm very satisfied with that
5144s customization
5145s now if only I could fly it well eh all
5148s right
5149s so let's see we're gonna go ahead and
5152s pick up this package over at the
5153s Prescott black market
5161s and start this chain of events
5171s and the black market did have a change I
5172s showed it last week but I'll do it again
5174s because I love you I want to make sure
5176s you see it potato told me you were
5178s coming
5178s you're taking this to Cartwright's awake
5180s you need to stick to the route and avoid
5182s the old car patrols do you have a
5184s wingman wingman elec here on standby
5188s his main job will be to keep the heat
5190s off the Cargo Carrier which is you
5193s this stuff is highly volatile evaporates
5197s to stay in the super light for too long
5199s and blows if hit by too many blasts
5202s so I'd recommend avoiding skirmishes
5205s they're stabilizing beacons along the
5207s Route you need to reach them in order to
5209s settle it all down before you can jump
5211s again
5211s in other words Don't Stray From the Path
5214s or poof all gone don't tell me I'm
5217s loading weaponized Defiance that stuff
5219s already blew up an entire planet nah
5222s stuff is much worse it's anaker's red
5226s plasma gin
5228s one of my favorite tipples tastes great
5231s in a martinini you can take the package
5234s from my Loadout once you're ready
5238s oh my gosh so um so T3 Cube over on
5242s Twitch actually said take it to the home
5243s base and fail the mission so fun fact
5246s guys fun fact at one point we thought it
5250s would be kind of funny if one of the
5252s achievements associated with everspace 2
5253s was let's get this party started or
5255s something like that where you take the
5257s plasma gin and instead of completing the
5258s mission you take it to the home base
5261s it sounds like a lot of fun right like
5263s that's hilarious like oh that's that's
5265s great except for one unfortunate element
5269s and that is for the Achievement Hunters
5271s out there one of the things that we have
5274s as a core
5276s responsibility at Rockfish games is to
5279s ensure we do not achievements gate you
5282s based on story okay and if we were to
5285s create that achievement unfortunately it
5288s means there's only one chance to do it
5290s and if you didn't know as an achievement
5291s and you went past it you have to replay
5293s the game
5295s to get back here
5296s to get the achievement
5298s and that sucks We're not gonna make that
5301s we're not We're not gonna make that a
5302s thing okay so do know that these are
5304s elements that we certainly thought about
5306s and thought Oh that could be a lot of
5307s fun it's a great reference it's playful
5309s blah blah yes however
5312s from a game play standpoint especially
5315s from an achievement standpoint it
5318s doesn't make sense and we're not going
5319s to do that so just make sure you guys uh
5323s so that's clear okay so the thing that I
5326s wanted to show in this is that there are
5328s signal decoders being sold by the black
5330s market dealer at this time this is the
5332s only location in the game
5335s that you can purchase signal decoders
5338s so very cool probably
5342s but if you are ever looking for Signal
5344s decoders you can buy them out here
5346s you'll get a couple of them you might be
5348s able to get more signal decoders from
5349s the high risk areas that you participate
5351s in and then it will restock after X
5354s number of minutes otherwise signal
5356s decoders are the same in that they are
5358s rare drops from higher level enemies
5361s specifically Elites and uh you can
5364s sometimes find them very rarely again
5366s from like containers in certain
5368s locations as well
5370s okay so all that being said I need to
5373s take a quick break and I will be back in
5375s just a moment and we're going to
5377s transition over to the community side of
5381s things I want there to be plenty of time
5382s to show your screenshots to show the
5385s community contest submissions which was
5387s a lot of fun and then also reveal the
5390s next little challenge that we're doing
5391s so I will catch you all in just a moment
5393s where's my button pushings there it is
5395s there it is and we'll see you in just a
5398s moment
5399s quick stretch break
5406s [Music]
5412s foreign
5436s [Music]
5454s foreign
5457s [Music]
5481s foreign
5489s sorry about that
5509s all right almost ready guys
5513s I'm gonna pull up all the things the
5515s secrets
5517s [Music]
5522s all right now we're ready now we're good
5527s to go I'm just gonna check my green
5528s screen real quick is it is there a line
5531s there is there is there something going
5533s on there is that
5535s you can't quite
5537s I've been tweaking my green screen All
5538s To Hell let me be clear yeah eat a
5542s little tweak it does need a little oh my
5544s gosh
5547s I'm gonna um blame the dog
5549s ah
5551s is that is that better did we fix it
5555s that's it okay all right cool excellent
5559s also I don't own a dog uh
5564s all right mission accomplished so uh
5568s let's go ahead and get into this
5569s community segment so for those who are
5571s unaware we will we always like to
5572s highlight what you guys have been up to
5574s and share fan art and screenshots Galore
5576s uh all the while we are going through
5579s this 1.0 delivery now this is also a
5581s time that we not only highlight what you
5583s guys have been uh showing and creating
5586s and stuff but we also will continue to
5588s ask those questions to round out the end
5590s of the Stream So if you do have
5592s questions please continue asking them
5594s geekbite on the line will continue
5596s collecting them for us and will
5598s intermittently ask those questions and
5601s deliver responses to you meanwhile I'll
5604s highlight some really cool stuff that
5606s y'all been doing like this one from
5608s Casey in the Discord all of these shots
5610s come from the Discord by the way
5613s this shot comes from everspace two I
5615s actually had to double check because I
5617s um I really honestly thought this was an
5619s everspace one shot for a second but then
5621s I looked up at the upper left corner uh
5622s man looking around it's hard sometimes
5625s all right it is it is challenging to do
5628s but nice clean simple background image
5631s it's it's great it's honestly great I
5634s love this I love this shot this is
5636s another one that I would just like to
5637s slap up on my wall because I love just
5639s these very beautiful Scenic shots just
5642s Spacey you look at them and your mind
5644s just starts wandering you get Super
5646s Creative you know it's it's awesome I
5648s enjoy them I enjoy them a lot now we're
5650s gonna look at this shot from dark chaos
5653s one of his favorite panoramics excuse me
5656s my voice
5657s um and I'm gonna just zoom in on this as
5659s geekbite asks a question and we're just
5661s gonna like move through the shots look
5663s at all these beautiful little details
5665s that he's captured
5666s fantastic shot yeah I've got one from
5669s Excelsior which I've kind of answered
5670s but just for a bit of clarity for for
5673s everybody uh he was asking would it be
5675s possible to add a little window on the
5677s side panel of commodity content is
5679s showing the content inside or would that
5681s be too much work now I did say because
5683s we're so close to 1.0 it probably
5685s wouldn't happen because you know we're
5687s running our time no we we did have a
5690s couple of Concepts where we'd add more
5692s detail to the various Commodities
5694s um but at the same time that does cost a
5697s lot of time and you know we are very
5700s happy with the results of the
5702s iconography so that you guys are all
5705s like so that's clear
5707s um in fact and I I said this before we
5710s weren't planning on doing anything to
5712s them
5713s um and then I think it was last was it
5715s last stream I think it was last stream
5716s at the end uh like Casper who's uh one
5719s of our fine gentlemen over at Rockfish
5721s she was like oh yeah no we're totally
5722s updating the commodity icons I missed
5724s that meeting in my defense I'm the only
5726s American on the team there's a seven
5727s hour difference their meeting probably
5729s happened while I was still sleeping but
5731s I digress so
5732s um we are happy with those the
5734s iconography editions but any more than
5736s that's uh not not gonna happen so uh
5740s yeah let's go ahead and get into the
5742s next question as we transition over to
5744s this shot from Phantom Lord in his
5747s visiting of everspace one also Phantom
5749s Ward I know that you don't normally make
5750s the streams and I know that you are here
5752s so hey look at that look at that so fire
5755s your question please
5757s I haven't got one oh you don't have a
5759s question okay well then let's talk about
5761s this beauty
5762s um I just I love the way that the engine
5764s Trail was captured here honestly
5766s um I think there's a lot of moments at
5769s everspace one that can feel flashy but
5771s aren't but then there's also moments
5773s that truly are Pleasant to have the
5776s lights that are coming down from the
5778s Star right here hitting the various
5780s asteroids uh which I believe is actually
5782s like a parsing error on how the the
5784s lighting system works or not not parsing
5786s um
5787s what's the what's the technical term uh
5790s regardless it's an anti-aliasing error
5793s that happens but it looks beautiful so
5796s it's like the best error ever I think
5798s he's done a great job with that guys if
5800s you do want me to answer more questions
5801s I am totally happy with doing so
5803s otherwise I'm going to keep highlighting
5804s these beautiful screenshots then we're
5805s going to get into the community contest
5807s so it's very Homeworld yeah actually
5809s that's a good point
5810s that that's a really that's a sound
5813s observation uh truly that's very clever
5816s also just I love the Scout from
5818s everspace one it is my favorite ship by
5822s far and it makes me a little sad looking
5825s at it here and the pain that's going
5827s through
5830s oh my gosh so um and geekbag whenever
5834s you do have a question just go ahead and
5835s say I have a question or something and
5837s we'll keep we'll do
5839s um where otherwise we're going to move
5840s over to the chemical Bros shot again he
5843s loves these very high contrast dark
5845s spaces with the lights and he captures
5848s this incredibly photogenic Interceptor
5851s super well once again and also it's
5854s perfectly placed for my body to be
5856s present in this corner of the the
5858s imagery just really brings it home it's
5860s it's a great everything's perfect about
5862s this it's such a delightful shot but uh
5866s I really like the style of his Chef I
5867s think his ship has captured everything
5870s of what an Interceptor should feel like
5872s so
5874s the question got a question perfect
5876s let's do the question as we're looking
5878s at another shot from Casey in an
5880s environmental shop nice all right Max
5883s deception on Twitch uh it says it got a
5885s very insignificant question but um they
5887s wanted to know
5889s correctly no questions
5895s correctly there is an upgrade which
5898s enables Alec to jump in from time to
5900s time to assist you in combat uh this
5902s upgrade requires a weapon uh which was
5905s an equalizer as far as they remember and
5907s EMP missiles does the specific weapon
5910s you provide uh change elix combat
5913s behavior for example does he perform
5914s differently when you provide a bad
5916s weapon versus a good weapon no it does
5918s not change uh based on the role of the
5922s item it just changes how he's utilizing
5924s his combat abilities so he does upgrade
5927s to a coil gun when you give him a coil
5929s gun but it's not the same coil gun it's
5931s his own and then whenever you give him
5933s the EMP missiles same thing there he
5935s will use EMP missiles but they're not
5937s taking the traits of what you provide
5940s um and also just because we're on that
5941s topic I believe that perked perk was
5943s tweaked a little bit further as we
5945s talked earlier in the Stream how some
5946s perks have been adjusted we don't want
5948s it to accidentally take an item that
5950s you're using that would suck
5953s tremendously if you've got your prized
5954s possession coil guy and you go to click
5956s the thing and it just eats it so that is
5959s something that I'm pretty sure that was
5961s addressed if it's not it's it's we're
5963s gonna fix that because that sucks
5966s um so yeah there you go we're going to
5968s transition to the next shot now from
5970s high barf this is one of his shots in
5972s just perusing zarkovy he has a slew of
5975s shots we'll kind of go through a couple
5976s of them here
5978s um and uh yeah if you have more
5980s questions just let me know yeah we've
5982s got one lined up oh cool let's do it
5984s right uh this time it's from Caster Troy
5987s arrow on YouTube uh he asked Can you
5991s engage high level enemies that are like
5992s maybe five to ten level difference and
5995s win using Superior Tactics
5998s um I'm sure it's possible but it's not
6001s intended game design we want it to be
6004s where when you are over leveled by I
6007s think it's about range three or four
6011s it starts getting to that point where
6014s it's like real challenging to overcome
6017s I want to say it's more on the side of
6019s four than three but um I mean shooting
6021s these streams when I'm just like a level
6023s or two under I'm having a tough time
6025s anyway
6026s um but yeah so the discrepancy of levels
6029s we don't want there to be many if any
6033s situations where you are vastly over
6036s leveled or vastly under leveled the way
6039s that these locations have been designed
6040s as to where it should be where you're
6043s somewhat at in your experience there
6045s will be moments where you go to sites
6046s that are too much for you and you have
6048s to bow out build yourself up to return
6050s and there will be sites that are
6052s probably a little bit easier for you
6054s because you've done the work you've been
6057s exploring and you maybe were reserving
6060s that spot for last etc etc so there will
6063s be that sort of altercation in your game
6066s play but it's not uh it's not something
6068s that's getting any sort of dynamic
6070s scaling anymore it's something that we
6072s are really happy with the results of
6074s actually everything all the feedback
6075s that we've come in from you guys as well
6078s as internally it's been incredibly
6079s positive and you've tweaked it further
6081s you've seen so yeah way more information
6083s than you probably wanted but there you
6086s go there's the response this next shot
6088s comes from high barf you guys seem to
6090s like it I do too that's a nice that's a
6092s very classy shot of GMB and working in
6095s zarkov
6098s [Laughter]
6100s and it makes me happy do we have another
6102s question not yet nothing at the moment
6103s okay that's fine we have this shot from
6106s high barf as well and I like the way
6108s that he captured this one because the
6109s colors seem to come together even though
6111s it's a shadow making the blues on the
6115s docking facility I do like how it is
6118s parallel to the ship's blue colorations
6121s as well as the orange that's on the
6124s station it's also similar to the more of
6128s a red on his Scout so it does seem to
6132s come together in a pleasant way that
6134s brings the image together as a whole
6136s I always respect that High barfo I'm
6139s still gonna judge your
6140s colors on your ships like I always do
6143s but main man like at least you are
6146s you're you're making ships that are
6148s unique like nobody else is flying ships
6151s like this so so Props to you you've
6153s found your style you're sticking to it I
6155s love
6157s I look very nice this next one is
6159s probably my favorite shot that high barf
6162s has ever made
6163s it's it's
6167s so pleasant it's so elegant
6170s it speaks for itself
6177s majesty and
6180s so delightful
6183s oh any news on dlss3 or will you stick
6187s with dlss2 we don't have any news on
6189s dlss3 at this time
6194s yeah the response that we had
6196s um several weeks back the Michael had
6199s actually snuck in slurring if he
6201s responded maybe you remember that one
6204s um I think we have
6206s I think we're looking at two point is it
6209s 2.1
6210s it's 2.1 so
6215s something like that and I'm seeing a
6217s couple more questions come in so I'll
6218s just I'm I'll just start try to start
6221s answering them as well this next shot
6222s comes from dawn of Will by the way love
6225s his colors love the the front shot and
6227s the Symmetry thereof I think it comes
6229s together
6230s nicely so the next shot that I saw does
6233s come from
6236s um
6237s Ivan sirkovic I believe is the user over
6241s on YouTube will there be any bigger
6243s ships with automated turrets instead of
6245s weapons there's only one ship that has
6247s an automated turret and that is the
6248s gunship
6249s and there are no plans to have ships
6252s much larger if larger at all than the
6255s gunship itself we are very focused on
6259s these single pilot Fighters even though
6262s they can technically hold like two or
6263s three people
6264s um if they really wanted to
6266s but the the focal point is combat it's
6269s like dog fighting style combat in most
6271s cases
6273s um as well as everything revolving
6275s around that we're not trying to have you
6276s fly Freighters or
6279s um haulers or anything of that nature
6283s so no plans no plans
6289s so yeah
6292s uh yeah I really like this shot this is
6295s this was a great shot from dawn of will
6298s he snuck into the Discord he's actually
6300s a little bit newer of a user and he's
6302s he's been producing some good shots some
6304s good content so keep it up Donna will I
6307s dig it this next one comes from a
6309s somewhat newer user as well this is from
6311s sonuzaki we saw some from last week
6314s these are this is why I love environment
6317s shots so much because it pulls emotion
6321s into the frames you look at this and you
6325s get a sense of mystery a sense of dread
6328s almost curiosity
6332s just from a simple shot of a freighter
6335s moving food through a space with very
6338s large asteroids floating about and no
6342s visibility to speak of
6344s ominous is the word that comes to mind
6349s what a shot nice job sumizaki
6353s question ready for you yeah I think I
6356s see it go for it right we've got a
6358s couple uh are there any plans to make an
6361s even more hardcore difficulty level and
6363s a lot of any more benefits to pump up
6365s the difficulty there are not any plans
6368s at this time to do any more to the
6370s difficulty we just go from very easy to
6372s very hard there have been refinements in
6374s the version that I have in the version
6375s that will be at 1.0 and maybe you've
6378s seen the results of that during these
6380s live streams
6381s um I don't exactly think I'm a pushover
6383s pilot and I've been challenged uh
6386s through my own volition of not using
6388s alts and secondaries but also because
6391s the difficulty has been ramped up when
6393s you are changing said difficulty now in
6397s regards to alternate game modes like
6400s hardcore or Iron Man or anything like
6402s that again there's no plans I want to be
6404s very upfront and clear about that and
6407s also do remember that the end game the
6409s riffs in particular do not care about
6412s what difficulty you're set to it's all
6413s about what lunacy you have set so from
6416s that standpoint if you're changing the
6418s difficulty you're not adjusting any item
6420s pools or drop rates or anything like
6422s that in the game you're not content
6423s gating yourself if you're going uh very
6426s easy for example it's going to
6428s specifically adhere to the whole game
6430s just from a challenged standpoint at
6433s best you're gonna have more enemy
6435s confrontations which means more chances
6437s for loot to drop but that's about it in
6441s terms of item differentials from very
6445s hard to very easy now when we're talking
6446s about the lunacy levels at the end of
6449s the game in those riffs that's quite the
6452s altercation to item drops as I'm sure
6454s many of you can speak towards even in
6456s the current game but riffs are getting a
6458s bit more of a transformation for 1.0 to
6461s make that a bit more
6464s effective I might might be the right
6467s word to choose so yeah
6470s that's that's all lunacy does affect
6473s item drop rates for the event of riffs
6475s but difficult
6477s this shot also comes from sonozaki by
6480s the way another one of those fantastic
6481s shots in the stars and you're well not
6483s stars in this dense field uh snow uh
6488s snow cloud sense of plasma whatever the
6492s heck it is in space it's you can't see
6495s anything it's it's ominous once again I
6498s know we've got more questions so go
6499s ahead and shoot one at me uh we have
6502s um T3 uh over on Twitch just wants to
6504s know will you guys consider a new game
6506s plus uh kind of thing where a future
6508s game will use the last save from here
6510s ever space two is your starting point
6512s with your modifications yeah we've
6515s gotten this question a lot we've gotten
6517s this question a lot and you know we do
6518s see the desire from the community to
6520s have this I do have to be incredibly
6522s clear here and we have to make sure that
6525s the expectations are are aligned we we
6528s can't do this okay it's not a matter of
6530s that we do or don't we we simply can't
6533s at this time for our focus when 1.0 uh
6537s right around the corner I mean we've got
6538s a month to go until we're dropping this
6541s bad boy into steam and Gog and available
6543s you know all those sights and sounds and
6547s it's it would be quite a lot of work for
6550s us to reformat that game Space the story
6552s driven components for a new level 30
6556s safe State effectively so as much as I'd
6559s like to say oh yeah we could just go in
6560s there and scale everything up to level
6561s 30 and then like it's done that's not
6563s how it works every single Mission would
6566s have to be rebalanced that includes all
6569s mini bosses that includes all uh little
6571s tutorialized events that includes
6573s everything right and it's it no that
6577s would take several months if not longer
6581s to incorporate a new game plus mode so
6584s please understand please understand we
6587s hear the desire it was never planned to
6590s begin with and it's it's simply not
6591s something that we are doing
6593s so Game Dev is challenging because you
6597s got to make some of those hard calls but
6599s we had to make the hard call and sign up
6601s before we we just we can't we can't do
6603s this too much time and energy we've got
6604s many other plans that we'd rather
6606s address
6607s a good question though regardless I'm
6610s going to transfer over to this shot now
6612s we've got from sonazaki as well last one
6615s from the just a nice beautiful sort of
6618s uh widescreen shot going on here in
6621s their view of the Union system
6624s next question please
6626s right uh we've got one from Max
6628s deception over on Twitch um the sticky
6630s turret is a consumable which summons a
6632s friendly turret onto asteroid uh will
6635s the turret be tweaked so it's able to
6637s stick to anything or would that be too
6639s op I can see this now stuck to the back
6641s of an enemy ship flying around yeah the
6643s big reason that we we didn't have it do
6645s that is because the very first iteration
6648s you could stick it to an enemy if they
6649s ran into it I was like Ah that's that's
6651s hilarious but also a problem so no we
6654s are we have no plans
6656s no plans to change how it can be
6659s utilized in that regard it should be
6660s attached to asteroids specifically
6663s that's it
6667s that would be hysterical
6668s there are several things that were
6671s hysterical in the game that had no
6673s intention of being there in it it does
6675s in fact kind of break some of the game
6679s um intentionality like the the
6681s overarching uh
6684s Vision as a whole
6686s uh yeah we we had to there are certain
6688s things that are funny that just don't
6691s belong but there are certain things that
6692s are fun that we refine and keep it so I
6696s was just one of those things where I was
6697s like no this can't happen I really like
6698s this shot from Adam Rosslyn in our
6701s Discord using the Fire and Ice from and
6704s these are zurilla and Redeemer
6706s accordingly like you're seeing both of
6708s them uh right here flying by you can see
6710s the engine Trail differentials
6712s differentials the differences between
6714s the ancient Trails my goodness
6717s you can see the differences of how the
6719s ships are aligned and uh they're like
6722s little
6723s bits and Bobs everywhere
6726s I think it's a lot of fun how uh he
6729s brought this one together it's a clever
6732s shot too and how close by there are to
6734s one another
6736s uh wait what did I say oh I said
6738s Redeemer
6742s you know the like they spot it a Milo
6744s yes I love it I
6747s wrong where I'm thinking the right thing
6749s and I say the wrong thing you guys are
6750s on it best community ever thank you for
6753s that zarilla and Retaliator my goodness
6756s my goodness but a great shot nonetheless
6759s let's have another question
6761s excellent uh right uh wizard Jerry on
6764s YouTube wants to know will there be more
6765s mutators for hras or Rifts we would
6769s really like to do more mutators
6773s don't know
6776s how possible that's going to be by 1.0
6779s we certainly have a lot more ideas
6782s we certainly have a lot more ideas
6783s um I think that's going to be one of
6785s those elements that would also come
6787s after 1.0 but um yeah it's definitely
6791s something we want to do more variety of
6795s challenges as a whole is greatly
6798s designed right we want to add longevity
6800s to the game when you get to the end
6801s State and mutators especially are going
6804s to provide more of those opportunities
6806s that more emergent gameplay experience
6809s in the replayability thereof so
6811s definitely something that we are wanting
6815s to do but
6816s again gotta set the expectation
6819s correctly here guys man
6823s so uh on to the last shot this is an
6826s incredibly clever shot and this one
6828s comes from outer space one this one
6829s comes from phantomlord
6832s love the Scout and I love this missile
6835s getting shot off to
6837s well I mean spoilers but it's it's going
6839s to hit a colonial Cruiser and uh you
6841s know something about this shot I never
6843s realized how much detail there wasn't
6845s just this missile I never I never zoomed
6848s in on it before I never really looked at
6850s it and now I'm understanding why my
6852s frame rate was so garbage in that last
6854s year but uh no I think I think that
6857s looks fantastic I think you did a great
6859s job capturing that and it almost looks
6861s like you photoshopped this somehow it's
6865s cool it's really neat
6868s I love the way that it comes together so
6870s well done well played Phantom horn very
6873s much enjoyed that do we have another
6875s question
6875s I've got two more
6877s um Nikolai Petco on YouTube uh did we
6881s fix the stacks of goods that were only
6883s stacking in 10 before has that been
6885s increased so there were some changes to
6888s stack counts and I was in fact I was
6890s going to talk about some of that my bad
6892s um but basically the stat counts
6894s adjustments
6895s um that's gonna be something of a bit of
6899s a
6900s Pleasant bug if you're using an old save
6902s because some old saves you have stat
6904s counts that are way more than what they
6905s should be and if that item's in your
6907s inventory at full release when you get
6909s to full release the item's gonna be
6911s still at that remaining stock count like
6913s it would say 100 out of 10 for example
6916s um instead of what it's uh designed
6919s Associated towards it but um yeah aside
6921s from that yeah we've been adjusting
6923s those stat counts to make sure things
6925s are more fair pertaining to the demand
6929s of Commodities okay so guys I'm going to
6932s do a quick thing here I'm going to jump
6934s over uh to a video for over to our
6938s community
6940s challenge
6941s there it is I know that there's still
6944s probably a more couple of questions
6945s we're going to jump over to this because
6947s I want to knock this out of the park
6948s first before we clear the stream so one
6952s second as I prep one second as I get
6956s this together
6958s oh gosh stop stop stop
6960s okay
6962s everything's fine everything's probably
6963s fine I think
6966s I don't know if you heard that or not
6967s okay
6969s I think I set up everything correctly oh
6972s gosh oh goodness all right so there
6975s should be I hope there's audio here oh
6976s no it's gonna do audio
6981s I checked before the stream and it was
6983s working but now I don't see the thing
6984s that I'm supposed to see all right well
6986s regardless hopefully the The Sounds come
6989s in I don't think it's going to one
6990s second one one second
6992s one second
6994s see if we can do this
6996s but what I wanted to do is I wanted to
6998s show the community challenge results so
7001s the community challenge this lasts two
7004s weeks we had a 20
7008s second Showmanship challenge what does
7011s that mean it means we wanted you to
7013s capture a video that was 20 seconds or
7015s less
7016s that highlighted something clever unique
7019s funny skillful whatever that you had
7022s done in the space of everspace too we
7027s had four submissions
7030s we had four submissions and I do want to
7032s make sure that I have the sound for this
7034s so give me uh give me one moment because
7036s I don't see it here
7038s I'm going to add this in
7042s um let's see
7046s [Music]
7056s come on
7060s maybe I can do hmm
7066s [Laughter]
7075s well this is this is incredibly awkward
7077s I'm trying to add the sound into the
7080s freaking video footage oh my gosh guys
7083s I'm so sorry
7085s um I'm gonna I'm gonna do a a thing no
7088s that wouldn't work either ah ah
7090s technical problems during the stream hey
7092s give it just a second I'm gonna see if I
7094s can iron out a solution to this and uh
7098s then I'll show these Community videos
7099s hopefully I can grab one for you sorry
7102s about that thank you for your patience
7104s oh my goodness
7106s [Music]
7115s [Music]
7121s oh
7130s just narrate it for us oh my gosh
7133s you guys are ridiculous
7135s actually that might not be a bad idea
7138s honestly this is gonna be oh my gosh
7139s guys I'm so sorry I'm so sorry this is
7142s going to be a little bit more work than
7143s I was hoping it would be so I'm gonna
7145s narrate these oh goodness so if you want
7147s to see if you want to see the actual
7149s submissions
7152s such professional ah if you want to see
7156s the actual submissions I will open this
7158s channel back up in the Discord and you
7159s can watch them
7161s um but yeah so we're gonna we're gonna
7162s highlight we're gonna highlight these
7164s videos
7165s um as as it is right now I'm oh goodness
7168s and uh we're just we're having fun right
7170s we're having fun so this first video
7173s with four votes where did my oh my gosh
7176s where did my folder go ah
7180s this gravy everything I've never had a
7183s problem in a stream ever once guys not
7186s not a single time these are flawless
7188s streams uh it's definitely haven't ever
7191s had a problem whatsoever goodness
7194s freaking gravy
7196s take 17. all right so this first video
7199s comes from T3 Cube and we have four
7201s votes that they receive from the
7203s community here we go so they're flying
7206s in super fast
7209s to the shop ship dealer look at all
7211s these things to buy swapping things
7213s around I don't know if you noticed but
7214s their inventory has way too many things
7217s in all the wrong places
7221s and it broke the game
7224s [Laughter]
7227s nice
7229s very well done very well done so thank
7231s you for that uh t3q absolutely brilliant
7235s honestly
7236s absolutely brilliant video and again all
7239s of these can be found in the Discord
7240s with their full on audio uh I'm sorry
7242s I'm not a tech Wizard and I can't fix
7244s this right right now so but yeah so
7247s that's that's video one the next one we
7249s have from
7251s the next one we have from the chemical
7252s bro
7255s um and
7256s this one uh part of the reason why I
7259s think it's a little bit of love is
7260s because I'm beatboxing over the video
7262s now I have some unfortunate news
7264s everybody
7266s um I know that I said I would narrate
7267s these I can't narrate beatboxing right
7269s now
7270s um so it has come to my attention and
7272s I've mentioned this in course of several
7274s streams that I've had some struggles
7276s with my throat
7278s um so I may or may not have some stuff
7282s going on and I need to rest my throat as
7285s much as possible so until that point
7288s occurs I will not be doing any of those
7290s Shenanigans so my apologies but rest
7293s assured just pretend that I'm beatboxing
7298s as this is going on
7304s I can hear it
7305s which is obnoxious
7309s [Music]
7312s it's nice
7314s nice classic gameplay from the chemical
7316s bro with again you have to Envision me
7319s beat boxing over it man that really
7320s kills the moment you gotta go to the
7322s Discord you gotta go to the discreet go
7324s watch these I'll reveal them all
7329s um he also had four votes the next one
7332s comes from Kaza and uh this one this one
7334s you can very actively very clearly see
7336s quickly in fact
7339s and uh there's one little thing that is
7341s said and I can say that so let's watch
7344s Kaza 13 votes
7347s in a lunacy 1000 Rift
7350s [Music]
7352s foreign
7364s impressive
7370s impressive
7372s lunacy 1000
7374s one shot KO
7378s of the final boss let's watch that one
7380s more time it's crazy nuts absolutely
7382s nuts most impressive yep that's the best
7385s response
7388s [Music]
7392s just it's just dead
7396s so if you're wondering how this was
7397s possible
7398s there's a number of elements going on at
7400s the top of the screen you can see
7401s there's this tin stack this is the
7403s ultimate in effect there's this weapon
7405s booster the ship itself
7408s when it was alive
7411s that's finally a live point right there
7413s that little bit that little bit is
7416s indicating that it is taking additional
7418s damage
7419s from the uh the the missiles the the
7422s destabilization
7425s and then in addition to that the
7428s um the item he's using is a star forged
7430s Superior item that's also at level 25.
7433s that's
7434s enjoying all of the benefits of the
7437s maximum range of a scout generally
7440s speaking this item is not meant to go
7443s 7.2 kilometers but because of some Scout
7446s tricks he's able to do that to get an
7449s absurd amount of damage
7453s absolutely absurd amount of damage
7457s so very well done but you only got
7460s second place Kazar
7462s you only got second place so this last
7465s one or the first place one I should say
7468s comes from Wizard Jerry
7472s and in this video
7474s which doesn't have any sound for you all
7477s which really sucks and I'm sorry
7479s what you're about to experience
7482s is the first section of a lunacy 1000
7486s Rift in your guy's current build
7489s completed in under 20 seconds
7493s here we go
7506s foreign
7509s [Music]
7523s dang
7524s and now just imagine that you had all
7526s the sound effects going on there of a
7528s Gatling uh regos cannon in your ears
7531s constantly screaming at you with Minds
7534s popping Galore uh if you want that full
7536s experience again I will lead you to the
7538s Discord and give you access to those but
7541s that is that's it that's it
7546s 19.98 seconds completing the first stage
7550s and our contest winner
7554s goes to wizard Jerry now that's not all
7557s because of two reasons because of two
7560s reasons we only had a submission from
7562s four persons and I didn't have video in
7566s these that makes me sad and I'm sure it
7568s makes you guys sad too so for for this
7571s foolish error of mine
7573s um and also for just you know the
7574s dedication it got took you guys to put
7577s forth this 20 second clip I'm giving all
7581s four of you bragging rights for the next
7584s week
7585s for the next for the next two two weeks
7587s the next two weeks all four of you are
7590s gaming bragging rights so in fact I
7592s already plugged it in earlier so I
7593s wouldn't forget
7596s um so yeah so or audio I said I said
7599s video audio so all four of you guys who
7601s submitted
7602s because you took the time and submitted
7604s you're all getting bragging right so
7606s thank you for your contribution but
7607s wizard Jerry you are a mad lad super
7611s impressive so well done
7613s to you and to all participants
7616s we are also going to make sure that we
7618s make the future Community challenges a
7621s bit more accessible I think the entry
7623s point for this one may have been the
7624s reason we thought adding two weeks was
7626s going to be okay but you know that's
7628s okay we all have busy Lifestyles we get
7630s it we get it so let's talk about next
7632s week's Community challenge actually next
7635s week's Community challenge we have a
7637s focus on the screenshots once again
7641s mining is the theme
7644s now there's a little bit of an added
7646s bonus here as well with mining being the
7649s theme of course you can take screenshots
7651s of GMB and their facilities and Mining
7654s out resources and all of that fun stuff
7656s pretending that you're mining using
7657s r9000
7659s um you can do all of that in addition we
7662s will absolutely allow
7664s GMB promotional fan art so if you wanted
7668s to make like a GMB poster apply now and
7671s join the mining corpse or whatever that
7673s looks like if you want to go on that
7675s direction we will accept those as part
7677s of this challenge as well so I'll list
7679s that in the Discord uh shortly after the
7681s stream which is basically now
7683s um so yeah there you go screenshot
7686s Challenge mining in addition to having
7689s fan art in the same theme and of course
7692s all of this has to come from everspace
7695s two I will allow everspace one but I
7699s really want you guys to focus on
7700s overspace 2. all right
7704s excellent guys that's it that's the
7706s stream that's everything we've hit
7707s everything uh just as an additional
7710s reminder we do have PAX East coming up
7712s so if you are there you will see us
7714s you'll see me you'll see geekbite we
7716s will shake your hand uh it'll be it'll
7719s be a delight and uh we'll be you'll be
7721s able to play a much more closer version
7724s of everspace 2 to the 1.0 release
7726s and uh that's all we got that's it
7730s that's the stream you guys have been
7731s awesome thank you so much for your
7734s beautiful questions I have been air
7735s Trader your community Ambassador for
7737s Rockfish games don't stop being awesome
7739s and we'll catch you next week I'm not
7743s doing beatboxing after the stream guys I
7745s can't do it I'm already feeling in my
7747s throat doodles
7749s [Music]
7753s man I really gotta get my technology
7756s figured out
7761s [Music]
7791s hey guys we started the raid over to uh
7794s Corbin 70 on the twitch side so I'll be
7796s super brief guys everspace 2 has gone up
7798s in price you missed the chance it's
7800s everything sucks now if you were trying
7801s to be more affordable it's past that
7803s time but have no fear you can still
7806s purchase the game
7809s that's all I got
7813s full release is coming out April 6th uh
7816s we do still appreciate the feedback
7817s you've been providing so don't stop on
7819s that front
7820s um but yeah there's also more content to
7822s come after that full release point so
7823s there will be one free content pack uh
7826s Community uh Focus like all the things
7828s that you guys wanted and then we will
7829s also have a purchasable premium DLC out
7832s in 2024. all right guys that's it that's
7835s for me I that that's all we got okay so
7838s uh sincerely have a fantastic weekend
7840s take care of your throats and uh
7844s yeah Rock on
7846s bye
7851s [Music]
7860s [Music]

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