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Season 4 has been out for nearly 120 days!! I had friends who played casually for a week or 2 and they became level 30 with their short amount of time! Please put double kudos instead!!

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It's aimed at people who haven't had chance to finish the fame path yet - to give them an opportunity to zoom through it with half as much grind before the next season starts. When you're in our hardcore community, you see a lot of people who have completed the season pass, but the actual percentage is pretty low. We want as many people as possible to get the fame path content as there's currently no other way to get legacy fame path content once a season ends.

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Is the game working on a pathway to open up exclusive/semi-exclusive/legacy costumes to players who have otherwise missed them? It would be nice to be able to obtain something like Dark Knight or Crash Test Dummy through normal means.

I'm all for having unique costumes with a period of exclusivity that can be obtained through challenges or contests, but hopefully these things aren't locked away behind those barriers forever. Something as simple as being able to get Mastery Pass skins through the shop in future seasons would be a welcoming step for newer players.

At the moment, we like that they have more exclusivity and value to our earlier players so we currently don't have plans to bring previous fame path costumes back, or earlier exclusives. It might not be that way forever, but that's how we're currently looking at it.