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19 Jun

18 Jun


Originally posted by Snoo57731

u/trichoglossusbee This is a serious problem right now. Something is wrong with the servers. They're not doing matchmaking at all right now. Can you please have the techs check into this?

Is this happening on all modes or just squads right now, and which regions? Will ask the team for sure but we need some details!

17 Jun


Originally posted by FallGuysMad11

I honestly don't think it's worth entering an art contest where 95% of entrants are capable of producing art for a living and no consideration is given to the age and ability of the entrant. How can a 10 year old compete with a 25 year old that clearly has a career or full time hobby in art?

That's why next time I'll do categories so there's one just for kids as well.


Originally posted by FallGuysMad11

Does anyone else think it's a bit back-to-front that there were 40 raffle winners and only 20 art contest winners? One requires a tap of a button and the other required a huge amount of effort in which most winners do or probably could create art for a living.

It was to reflect the volume of entries as well, but I picked over 30 winners this time around and will do more for the next :)


Originally posted by Sire_Satire

man i didnt win, but congrats to the winners! still on that quest for an exclusive costume.

oh wait i did i was just blind

Congrats!!! I really hoped this would ping the OPs of the pieces but alas! I'll comment and DM all winning OPs tomorrow to make sure they do get a noti hahaha, well done on your W!!

16 Jun


Originally posted by ItsEvanXD

I don't wanna sound like a crybaby, but I do have a genuine question: How did "Pinball wizard" win. I don't see it under the gaming category, because it is just fall guys, same with every other drawing. Thanks :)

Its based on the OG windows Pinball game, which I thought was super smart, even down to subtleties in the layout like the bumpers and the top :) I thought it was a really creative and well thought out response to the brief and very unique!


Originally posted by 440k

Okay, thanks for the response!

I really do appreciate you running this contest and being so active with the community- I hope that my sentiment doesn’t make it feel like any way other than that- it’s just a very hard feeling to put so much time into something, feel good about it (and think it has a chance because it’s unique), and then have it judged to be not quite good enough, but I suppose that’s art in general which is probably why I stepped out of that world in the first place haha.

Love for the game continues as always and I really enjoyed so many of the submissions!

You should know you're very talented and the work you made is worth being proud of for sure, and just because you didn't place here doesn't mean it is worth any less. Your participation was really valued ❤️.


Originally posted by KingOfTheRhodeIsland

I see where you're coming at and I definitely wouldn't like it if people hated on my art (which people already did before the contest ended). I just don't understand how you picked them? My friend made the fall fighters game one and spent a lot of time on it and he didn't win either? I just feel like the gaming description was a bit vague.

The theme was vague but mostly because I wanted to see how far peoples imaginations would go with it. It doesn't mean your pieces didn't fit the theme or anything, just that other entries pipped you to the post this time. If you do love art, I will encourage you to always enter but do try not to wonder "why them and not me" as it is never this clear cut.