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Originally posted by Gunagato

Probably it is, created after they received some reports about it - at least it shows that they are aware of the situation...

Yeah that's the best thing to do, report to support and then they can count how many people report an issue. The more reports, the higher it is bumped up in priorities

09 Apr


Originally posted by MarMar46

Also, if the account existed when writing the tweet, the name should still pop up as Blue. And if i were to click on his name, twitter will just let me view the account but it will say "did not bring any results" because it is deleted. Oliver basically just wrote the name without checking the name is blue and if it even goes to the account.

Not true

Receipts: https://ibb.co/6HjkJf0


Originally posted by MarMar46

The thing is Oliver, the tweet shows that the user does not exist when writing the tweet. If the user does exist when writing the tweet, the name should not have been black and should have been blue. And, if the user did delete their profile, i would still be able to click on the name but twitter will say "Tweets not available". If the user did change his profile in the past 24 hours, the name on the tweet you posted should of srill been blue. Also what about the other 2? Did they just deleted their comment on it? One did not comment but still eligible to enter despite the posts saying you have to comment. And, why did the other one did not comment but won it by entering an entirely different giveaway?

Im just stating this to hopefully resolve some confusion that can be answered.If a mistake is made from my statements please explain on it because overall some of these winners just dont make sense in terms of how twitter works.

(Edit, ok i see that the twitter. accou...

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The account isn't deleted, they changed their name. I don't feel it's good faith for me to post their new name, as they obviously changed it for a reason.

The name WAS blue when I posted it and linked to their profile. It actually still shows blue for me:


The other two I think I might have messed up, looking back, because I didn't realise I used the same hashtag rule for both competitions.

I can pick two additional winners in that case, on Monday.

Apologies for my mistake there.

The new software will solve that problem in future.


Originally posted by Limp_Supermarket2331

they also could have changed their username in order to avoid being stalked by internet detectives like you

Not sure why they downvoted you - They literally did change their username within the last 24 hours


Zooombody changed their twitter handle after winning the competition. If you don't believe me, look them up on waybackmachine on archive.org. I really hope they didn't change it because of petty people digging into competition winners.

Apologies to everyone that it took a long time to draw winners - it's not straight-forward with our current system - and we've been super busy.

There's a bunch of legwork involved in reaching out to the winners and collecting their SupportIDs. We often get back their Steam Usernames/PSN names... and they typically have other queries and questions too.

We've heard your feedback though and we'll be switching software to Gleam.io for future contests. It actually would allow us to collect ...

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pls may you kindly delete this and unequip lol

let's pretend we didn't see it


Originally posted by blachat

Having bought the Oliver costume this week, it's nice to know who he is lol I've never seen these streams

Guess what the 24 means


Originally posted by Spikeyroxas

Understandable, I think the community would rather the levels be implemented well though rather than hot fix insertions so take your time :)

How come short circuit isn't available though?

Short Circuit is weird one because although it plays like a race it actually uses the scoring system from Hoopsie Legends. Once we implement team scoring (which we're working on) for those rounds then we can include Short Circuit too.


Originally posted by Spikeyroxas

Could you maybe make "point checkpoints"

Every team member who passes this gets a certain amount of points. Meaning if a player falls off they won't pass anymore checkpoints which means the total team gets less points for every checkpoint they didn't make. With the final checkpoint being the flipper part?

So like if there were 5 total checkpoints each giving 10points per person the total possible score a team could get would be 200.

Checkpoints being placed after every group of obstacles, such as after the laser part, the projectiles part, low grav with slime slide, Swinging lasers and flipper finish.

As you said it would be a shame to not be able to include the full level.

Yeah, stuff like that we can totally do but doing 'custom' implementation takes time and needs a build update to go live (which has a much higher overhead for the team and slows other things down). Things like Slime Climb squads we can just do with the tools we already have and don't need a new hotfix to go live, so we prefer to do them if we can!


Originally posted by Spikeyroxas

I understand why hoverboard heroes can't be added in the same way.

But how come the other new round, the one where you race two laps (short circuit?) isn't available to squads? Surely that just follows the same qualify criteria as any other race round?

One way we could do Hoverboard Heroes in the short team is be be a survival round, but with a timer that ends before you get to the flippers. That way everyone who survives gets the same amount of points. Feels like a bit of shame to not get the payoff at the end but could work as a quick-win while we figure out a more elegant solution!

08 Apr