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It's a cool idea - but I think you're underestimating how long it takes us to get people's support codes and then manually gift them the costumes on our support tool. We're all really busy and can't really dedicate so much resources just to gifting out thousands of costumes manually.

I'd love to do giveaways of like 100, or 1,000 costumes at a time, but it's such a MAMMOTH admin task to actually collect support ID's off of all of those people and then set it up.


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Ah, the good old days..
Can we have Puffles in our Fall Guys game, Devs?

Trying drilling on the right side of Thin Ice and see what happens...


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Exactly. I keep track of my wins/crowns. If I didn’t I wouldn’t have a clue if I received them or not.

Yeah, we don't have any sort of notification or messaging system like that in the game at all yet, definitely something we'd like in future


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This is amazing! u/trichoglossusbee give this person a dark knight!

This has absolutely taken my breath away. /u/undynethefallen, incredible work!


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That makes sense in hindsight. I think I was just salty about Fall Ball Cup :P

Not because it’s a bad idea, I’m just bad at Fall Ball lmao

i played it for a few hours straight yesterday and actually needed to take a sec to calm down from anger. i understand. :P


I AM LOSING MY MIND RN! This is amazing! Wow!

Edit: OP /u/AdasAtelier I want to show you my appreciation because this has absolutely made my day!!! Is there a cosmetic that you're after but haven't managed to get yet? ;) pop me a DM !


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It is either hex-a-gone trials or Gauntlet Showdown, I am sure :)

I wish it was hex-a-gone as that has been my fave but, bit too soon to repeat that I think still! Aaaaand, not quite gauntlet showdown ^-^


It's one that's back by popular demand, and one that y'all seem to love on this sub :D


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Me too. It's also weird they release Fall Ball Cup after a survey + the fact that they did a survey before season 2, but I hope that the discussion doesn't come in this thread since it doesn't belong here and been covered to death.

Honestly, I expect a Dizzzy Heights --> Whirlygig --> Slime Climb --> Fall Ball --> hex-a-gone thing.

We load these up way in advance yo! We don't like decide them ad-hoc. The community show isn't next-up, we're looking at a week or two out for that - should be able to give a firm date for the community show in a post by Friday!

19 Jan


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Ah thank you!

No problemo! Also applies to anyone else reading this who's experiencing the same :) am happy to check in on it if needed.


Heya /u/IWillExtinguiseU and /u/Tsuwolf's friend - I'm not sure how it's been over a week as it's been 6 days since we launched the survey!

However, once it reaches the 8th day - to allow our CS agents the full time outlined in the survey - if you still don't have crowns, pop me a DM and we can look into that.


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Grazi for tag and /u/tingss: We're currently investigating and implementing the ability to exit shows easier once you've been eliminated. It's still in testing, but when that's sorted, that should fix this as well as they are likely tied to the small window of time that currently exists to exit the game between rounds.


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I did the survey last thursday (or was it friday?), but I haven't received my reward yet. In the OP you said it would take a week or so to process this but it seems that people who have done the survey later than I have are saying that they already have received their rewards.

What gives? Should I do the survey again, just in case?

I wouldn't repeat the survey for this, it's best to give it another few days - the team are still processing Thursday and Friday's survey results (we've had a LOTTTTT of submissions!)

I certainly wouldn't fret - if for some reason you don't have the reward on the 8th day after submitting, pop me a DM and I'll reach out to check what's happened!


Heckin' yeah you'll get a mid-season :) as soon as we can, we'll talk more about it!