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Originally posted by BauskeDestad

I love the responses from you guys! Shows you're a developer who cares.

I feel like a row of 15 straight across would be great, and limit Fall Mountain to only be chosen if the remaining players were 15 or less. Hex-A-Gone can support up to 20, and people really enjoy that mode, so limiting Fall Mountain to 15 would allow Hex-A-Gone to appear more if the final number were greater than 15.

Yeah I like this!
For context, anything that requires geometry changes is a much slower process for us getting the fix in - at least for now it's more likely for us to solve it with player count tweaks like you said.

We're fixing it!

Originally posted by brandalthevandal

Wb non-featured items (dailies)?

Yep, them too.

Originally posted by BicLightersOnly

Last chance on the Fall Guys X Hotline Miami Jacket collaboration- we like to think it will rotate back into the shop, but no official word one way or another yet. Snag it if you’re on the fence

All featured items will be back one day!