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I saw on twitter that someone used u/longcx724’s art and tried to pass it off as their own. They didn’t even bother to credit the original creator and it really angered me.

As someone who loves seeing fan art on here and has been following Long’s Drawing Badly series since day 1, it’s so disheartening to see them not get the credit they deserve for their creativity.

Tl;dr: don’t be an asshole. People work hard to create fan art and memes, and they deserve their due credit.

Don’t be a thief!

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The account that shared it is a big account too - and I was shocked because it was only posted by /u/longcx724 really recently. I even double took like "No way is this person lurking our sub for memes" but alas. They are.

I agree with your message.

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The recent art contest on here has brought out such creative, fun stuff! People deserve to be recognised for their efforts! It’s cool that things get shared on other platforms but stealing and trying to pass it off as your own crosses a line.

And I had the same reaction. That person has thousands of followers, too! It must be so disheartening for smaller, up-and-coming creators.

Our bean friends deserve better!

100%! And yeah, the art contest has filled my heart with joy!

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I really love our bean community <3

Sames <3 very thankful for you beans