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We made a post focusing on that because it was a big wave of info for us, actually made it hard to see past that for a few hours. We're also compiling and working on the other feedback we see coming in as well on physics, grabbing, teleporting/bodyblock, and other bugs. I'll have Trello updated next week with the new issues and start sharing progress where possible, sorry that the update has brought you these issues!

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Thank you for responding!

It's reassuring to hear from the CMs that these issues are being explored and that they will be addressed. Two days after the update dropped though... :\

I think what we're all looking for, though, is some insight on how, why, and for what reason the game changed so fundamentally and drastically with one update. Bugs that had been patched out ages ago are back, and tons of new ones have crept in. The physics are wrecked, and the servers seem buggy again. It's really frustrating and "we'll fix it again" isn't so comforting.

So once again you're using the whole playerbase to playtest this new update and it's up to us to submit bug reports to get it all back to where it should be. Not how it should work.

I understand. It's really disappointing that it feels that way - that you're playtesting when the update is live. It's been really bumpy and I can easily see how that feeling has manifested though. Sorry that's happened.

Returning bugs are very frustrating - next week I'll put an update out with the active bugs (mentioned earlier - linked to the Trello) and try to answer those questions for you, like why these things changed if I can. I am sorry there isn't much I can do in the meantime, we just need to monitor over the next few days and get things as accurate as possible.