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I played in beta and people got bored after playing for 3 hours because there were only a few maps in play, then players asked on Steam forum that will there be more maps? The developers replied the thread and said there will be 10 more new maps added at release, but there isn't right now, WTF?

Was it a trick to convince people to pre-purchase the game? There are NO new maps added, it's still the same maps we've played in beta.

I would like to hear the explaination from a developer please, thanks in advance.

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about 2 months ago - /u/FallGuysJoe - Direct link

Hi! Lead Designer here (going to be trying to answer questions on the Subreddit today).

I don't believe we've ever publicly said we'd add 10 new maps at launch. The beta was VITAL for us getting our 25 launch ready so it was really important that they were all battle tested. If anyone could link me to us saying otherwise so I can correct it I'd appreciate it!