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I know I'm going to hell, but I did laugh when I saw the clip. If it happened to me though, I would be super frustrated, so totally get it!

I'm guessing this was just an oversight with the number of players - or it just wasn't encountered during our internal/external playtests. I'll send it around the team tomorrow so we can flag it for a fix.

Apologies for the bug/design flaw!

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Any ETA on the fix? I think a lot of us are getting real tired of every minor thing taking two weeks to get fixed. Simple things like <sprite=6> were day one patch material.

Not sure - honestly, the reason it takes a while for an update - whenever we fix anything like this, we have to do a round of testing on it. We can't do a round of testing and patch for each individual bug - it would take far too long.

We didn't mention it in the patch notes, for example, but we actually fixed over 100 bugs in this update. Lots of little things most people won't notice - but it's really substantial. In order to do updates every few weeks, we need to group as much together into each update as possible.

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I’m sorry, I really don’t mean to be rude, but how is it that you always talk of all this “testing”, and yet everything you release is broken? For example, you broke the speed of the bar on Jump Showdown when season 2 launched. It took literally one time playing the level to see that it was broken, but it still got pushed out like that. Here’s another example: with the region and language options added in the settings, it is now impossible to adjust the bottommost setting (Screen Space Reflections I believe). If you try to scroll to it, it gets skipped and you end up at the top again.

Things like that sure don’t make it seem like this “testing” is as intense as you say it is.

We're still a relatively small team, and to test it properly, you need 40-60 people - and you have to test every round. Then on top of that, you have every individual setting, and different UI screen. I'm just going on what I've seen - but there's the time it takes the devs to add each feature, then a few loops of testing, fixing, testing, fixing, etc... Things do slip through the cracks - it's a big game. This is the first time I've heard about the SSR settings being unreachable - I imagine QA have it logged as a bug, but I'll pass it on. We don't broadcast it so much, but there were over 100 fixes in this build - and there's a database of all known bugs that we're working through. There aren't really any bug-free games. Fixing/changing one part, can potentially cause a break in another part of the game - really hard to catch everything.