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Hello, so I had an existing Fall Guys account I played prior to the Epic Games acquisition and just tried signing in to fall guys on Xbox first. Afterwards I then read a message about how you should log on to the initial platform you played on (in my case PlayStation) first to make the transfer effective. I obviously didn’t do this having logged in on Xbox first. I then logged in on my PS4 and didn’t have any of my cosmetics or progression unlocks. Did I screw this up by accidentally signing in on Xbox first? If so, can it be fixed? Thanks in advance.

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Don't worry!

You've accidentally made a new Epic ID when you were signing into your Xbox first. What you need to do is log into the Epic Games Store with your ID you made, and unlink it from your Xbox and your PS.

Then go to PS first, and launch the game. It will ask you again to make an account. Sign up to Epic using that. If you still don't have your cosmetics after that, just pop Support a note - but linking your main account first will make it easier for them to fix it :)


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I had already linked my Epic ID when transferring my progression in Fortnite from PlayStation to Xbox. Upon opening Fall Guys for the first time on Xbox today, it already had my existing epic account pop up and available to automatically sign in to, and that’s what I did, so I don’t believe I created a new Epic ID. Unless I’m misunderstanding how Epic ID’s work.

No it may be a slightly different issue, we have about 20 smaller unique issues for the transfer progress at the moment (but the good news is that they are relatively easy to resolve)

Support is the best way to go now - sorry I can't help further, but they'll be fast to reply :)

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Okay great thanks so much for the assistance! I wish you a speedy recovery for your ankle =)

You reminded me to update that - it's healed now and I am 100% on two legs again haha!