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Hello to all lovely beans out there!

We're almost there - Fall Guys: Free For All will be available in not too long! And with that, we'd like to welcome all the new players who now will be able to enjoy the game on Xbox and Switch.

To keep the subreddit uncluttered, please comment on anything that doesn't need its own post (e.g. one-liners and simple questions) in this thread.

See you in Blunderdome!


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Hello! If you are having any issues at all transferring your cosmetics and account to a new console

  • Double check that you're linking the correct Epic Account to your new console. If you have accidentally made a new one, or have logged into the wrong one, sign into the incorrect Epic Account on EGS Desktop and unlink your device. When you go to launch Fall Guys again, it will ask you to sign in again - sign in with the right one!

If you are logged into the right Epic Account and still see no cosmetics, just drop our Support Team a note with your Epic ID and they can help you! https://support.fallguys.com/hc/en-us