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Did this happen to anyone else and does anyone have a possible explanation? Just curious

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Did you have anything not awarded from last season? I know that the Kudos will be hard to track, but did you get any wins that weren't given to ya?

Update: we're getting quite a lot of reports with similar queries now. Lol. Bare with us while we... look. Lol.

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Definitely possible, I also sat in the lobby doing nothing for a while because my dog fell asleep on me and I didn’t wanna move, I think this was around the down time I’ve seen people talking about today, my only remaining theory is that it was some kind of compensation for that

We're figuring it out. Team are looking into it. Players are reporting different amounts from eachother so I am inclined to still think it is probably something retro-active but stay tuned.

In the meantime... enjoy your surprise loot?! Haha!

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Oh perfect, I just wanted to know it wasn’t just happening to me, I don’t mind some extra rewards haha as long as it doesn’t mean some stranger is using my account

Can confirm! :D.