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Hello. I just started playing Fall guys. I set Xbox as my primary account when I hooked it to an epic games center account. Before I bought anything, I wanted to make sure the cross save worked and that I linked everything correctly. I opened my switch game and nothing seems to be carrying over. My level on Xbox is 5 right now, but Switch is showing what is basically a whole new character at level 1.

What did I do wrong? Also, xbox didn't ask me about my epic games account when I first opened the game; it did for my boyfriend though. It seems to be linked correctly. Help me, please.

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Do you have another Epic Games game on your Switch, like Fortnite or Rocketleague? We have some players who had those downloaded and they were already linked to a different Epic ID on one of their systems.

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Is your day going good?

Yeah overall, though I feel like I've typed 10394k words since this morning and it's probably going to be a late one for me, but it's been really exciting!!