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I hope not :(

Absolutely not! It's 100% this week, in the coming days :).

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This update really excites me! Quick question though, when you guys say featured crown costumes you mean collaborations, right? :)

Yep! All of our featured skins, including Valkyrie (most asked-for for obvious reasons) and our collaborations.

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/u/trichoglossusbee I see you in this thread, has there been any news around whether people who were affected by the bug will be given the achievement?

We're still working on that right now! As soon as I know I'll share. It won't be backdated from 2.5 for certain to manage expectations, but the team are at work trying to action it.

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I'm curious if their Infallible fix will be retroactive...

Repasting my reply to /u/JustFailing:

We're still working on that right now! As soon as I know I'll share. It won't be backdated from 2.5 for certain to manage expectations, but the team are at work trying to action it.

edit: well i did that repaste badly didnt i

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Thanks for the heads up, that is good to hear. Really looking forward to the server region selector as finding games in Asia can sometimes be a real pain.

Thanks! I hope that it works well for you guys. We'll lurk here for feedback when it's up.

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My bottom-half Valkyrie costume thanks you. Now that you’re here I just wanted to thank you folks for giving me so much entertainment during the last few months. You’re doing a great job and you’re the best :)

Thanks friend! We have SO MUCH work over the next few months to take the game to the next level. PUMPED!!!

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Yeah seriously thank you SO much for the region selector! It can take aaaages to find a game in Asia and it basically means I can never find a game in one of the featured modes. Super excited for this update!

YEY <3! Please feel free to reply to me here and let me know how you get on when the update is out :). Gatherin' feedback and all that.

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And yet for some reason people are still saying the game is dead

It's 50% a meme now, 45% people not understanding that we were never designed to, nor intended to, sustain the influx of users from going viral, and 5% people using that as a hinge to voice concerns about updates, ideas, and wanting it ported to other consoles.

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Fun fact: you can likely use the generator multiple times so half your points are invalid

You can roll until you get a name you like, re-roll, etc. :)

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seriously can't they just say "this weeks update" why do they need to name it like that.

It's honestly us having a bit of fun for a couple minutes - the name doesn't appear anywhere in game, but we've heard your feedback on not calling things funny names. These names aren't set by the devs or anything, just to be transparent. The past few have been community selected.

But yeah.


We've heard.

We get some really, really vitriolic messages about it lol

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Some people aren’t too happy about the new naming system but I really can’t wait to see some of the name combinations that people will have

You're like me, then. Like, I love Animal Crossing's Passport Titles haha. It's fun to see what people are able to get/order of words.

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Oh no worries. I don’t actually care, and I’m sure some people are awful. There’s gotta be some younger people that love it too. It’s a Fine line to walk on a family friendly game I don’t envy you!

:)! It is what it is! We also listen and learn as we go.

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That was literally exactly what I was reminded of! I loved all the dumb little names that could come up

I think mine is set on AC as "internet girl" which really does what it says on the tin

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Never stop calling things stupid names, I am 22 and I love it. In fact the next update after this one better be called the Weany Beany Update or I might uninstall.

Hahahaha. Yeah, I'm 26, and do literally talk this way a lot, but it's clear a lot of people view our decisions as a marketing team in a board-room going:

"Gareth, yesterday my son said the word 'yeet'. Can we put that in the game somewhere? And what is this WAP everyone is talking about?"

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Sorry, but what does "It won't be backdated from 2.5" means? Does it mean those who did it before Season 2 mid season update won't get it?

Oh no so sorry - I meant that the 2.5 update won't contain a patch to award these retroactively, as we're still looking into that.

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Hey, your probably not gonna see this and I dont know how many people are suffering from this but the only way to unlock your fps from 60 is to turn v sync on which for a game like fall guys probably isn't the best idea, are you aware of this? Been trying everything but unless I turn vsync on its locked at 60fps

Hey! I see this. I'm not aware of that - I am pretty new here though. I'll share it with the team for feedback :)

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Back with feedback specifically on the region selector! From my testing so far, it seems to work perfectly fine! Thank you so much, I can now actually play without waiting for 10 minutes to find a game and the latency is actually better now that I've switched servers!

Super happy to hear that it worked well for ya! This brings joy to my morning :). Happy playing!