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that there is no and there will never be any exclusive rewards (costume, nameplate, nickname) for completing all 5 Kudos events, similar to the exclusive nameplate for Rachet & Clank event. I know the only advertised reward is Kudos, but I won't be surprised if an exclusive nameplate or nickname is secretly given to those who finished all 5 tasks, just like how they announced addition of bots.

It has taken more hours than the Golden Hotdog event, and I am seriously considering not sleeping tonight to finish this task (it's already 1am PST), just in case they will give full completers something special. If there is no other rewards other than kudos, I can live with the infamy that there is an event that I cannot claim all rewards for in the first day (although technically, it's now the 2nd day) and pretend that the failed 21 attempts did not exist.

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Hey! We're not giving out any secret rewards that we haven't posted about, can confirm. Look after yourself!