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I’ve been recently seeing the Silver Crowns idea gain a lot of speed and momentum by the community. I strongly believe that If they were added to the game it would only harm the game rather than make it better.

The point of Fall Guys is to get the elusive Crown it’s HARD! That’s why when you see someone in a 10 crown skin you respect it and want to get it because you know how hard they worked, especially since the devs went above and beyond with the new Anti-cheat. Anyone can get to a final. Especially if you have friends it’s even easier and people would get fed silver crowns and the game would become so over populated with 10 crown skins there would be no way to distinguish people who are actually good and winning or people who just get close.

I appreciate how difficult it is to get a Crown and really hope that the competitive nature of the game doesn’t turn into race for participation trophy’s for almost winning.

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Lots of interesting discussion in both this thread and the Silver Crowns one!
Currently I really see there being a need for two things in-game (NOT in priority order necessarily):

  1. A way for really skilled players to stand out and feel rewarded beyond rocking a 'full crowns' outfit.
  2. A way for more casual players to feel rewarded and progress towards the more exclusive rewards without having to win a full 60 player free for all.

We'll have more on our plans to address both of these pretty soon I hope. Please do keep throwing around ideas and thoughts as I'm reading all of it (even if I don't comment)!