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Two of my favorite shows, roll call and fall ball cup, have been removed from customs, as well as others! Why? You mentioned adding shows on the blog post. Please tell me this is a mistake. I also see these weird 1 player shows i don't recognise!

Can you tell me what's going on u/trichoglossusbee

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I can!

Roll Call should be in there - I have now raised this as a bug.

Fall Ball Cup was cut because it is now a squads-based level, but we have loads of new shows instead. I am sorry we cut a show that you enjoyed, but hopefully some of the newer ones you'll also like! With enough feedback we'd of course take a look again in the future!

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Is there a reason squads shows aren't in customs? I had thought it was because of the lack of cross parties, but we have that now. I hope itll come back someday...

Thanks for the update

I believe it's something on the technical side. Once we're over the launch day chaos, I can try and get an answer for you though!

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Thank you again for the reply, best of luck with the rest of today!

Thanks for the feedback, and I hope you enjoy the release!!