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I feel like a while back they were super active responding to posts, even posts that were not really hitting the hot list, but I hardly see them unless it’s an update related post they make. Have they given up on Reddit?

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I agree they have been commenting / posting less lately. But you also have to remember that this sub isn't an official channel for them. This was made by fans. All their other channels (Instagram Twitter discord TikTok) are officially run be mediatonic and are listed in their link tree. Just not reddit. That's why we usually just get the big announcements here. So it's possible they are prioritizing the official ones over Reddit.

And tbf, if I was working for MT I wouldn't want to check this sub. I see more "F mediatonic" "the devs hate the game" ects type posts here than any other fall guys channels. just seems unproductive. Like why are you playing / posting here if you hate the game lol

I'm still here, reading and relaying things to the design team every day. I don't always post as much as I used to now that the team is a lot larger, but I'm always lurking!