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Hey Beans,

the Season 2 Mid Season Update (aka "Fan Big Yeet Little") has arrived. Please use this megathread to discuss the update.

Patch Notes

  • NEW LEVEL - Big Fans!
  • NEW VARIATIONS throughout the game!
  • [PC] NEW name system!
  • Server Region Selector!
  • Featured Crown Costumes now available in regular store rotation
  • Show Selector now lets you queue for multiple shows at the same time
  • Improved stability when playing in parties!
  • New Language selection option in-game
  • Lowered chance of Medieval Rounds, Perfect Match, and Tail Tag
  • Fix: Falling through tiles on Hex-A-Gone
  • Fix: Losing jump inputs, especially on Jump Showdown
  • Fix: Grabbing the crown on Fall Mountain and hanging from it instead of winning
  • Fix: Infallible achievement sometimes not unlocking
  • Fix: Falling on flat surfaces



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Originally posted by _Knightmare_

Medieval Madness seems to be indifferent from the main show atm. Other than that, I’m liking the update so far.

I goofed this one up- Medieval Mix Up is now live with all the new Round Variations + Big Fans!