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Hey there, beans!

I have checked all entries about ninety times. I've shared them with colleagues, showed them to my family and friends, and you've brought me a lot of happiness over the past two weeks with your creativity and amazing supportive attitude to each others work. Thank you so much for that.

Before we start, I want to recap the parts of my original post that pertain to the (albeit minimal) terms of this contest:

  • MUST be Fall Guys related (of course!)
  • MUST use the Art Contest flair (it helps me filter submissions)
  • Open to both PC and Playstation players

Art can be of any medium. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Digital Drawings and Paintings
  • Traditional mediums (paint, pencil, clay)
  • Picture edits
  • Doodles and comics

Technical ability is not necessarily the be-all and end-all of this brief. Ultimately I will be looking for artworks that spark joy, clearly have the theme of 'GAMING', and use your imagination.

Deciding winners has been incredibly difficult as the calibre of creativity has been considerably high. With that in mind, I have chosen more winners than originally outlined. I have been so impressed.

If your name is not here, that does not mean you didn't submit a fantastic work of art. Your work is valued and you should be proud of creating something, as that is no easy feat. I know how hard it is to put yourself out there and dedicate time to a piece, and I appreciate it hugely.

In no particular order, here are the winning submissions:

To the winners - I will be DMing you over the course of the next day, but please do feel free to reach out to me or drop me a message before I get around to DMing you! I am battling crazy internet issues where I currently am (a very remote area of Devon) so it may take me a few hours over tonight and tomorrow morning to get to you all. Just let me know your Support Code and your costume of choice! (Anyone trying to sneak in here and pretend they're a winner, I've seen it 100 times and I will be checking every single message and poster for legitimacy)!

We will run another art contest soon, for sure. Everyone has been very supportive of each others work since the launch of this contest, and I hope that continues when we congratulate the winners. Please also take the time to view all submissions, whether they are receiving a prize this time or not, and continue to leave comments on posts of great artwork. I had great fun viewing all pieces and I think you will too.

Once again thank you all for your efforts - and I can't wait for the next one! Congratulations all!

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Me finishing this post in the middle of a countryside in Devon

. It was worth it. I can't wait til next time!

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Originally posted by Textrixa


How many winners will there be next time?

I think next time I will make categories and go from there :D so maybe around 40?

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Originally posted by cubeydoom

Disappointed :/ Oh well, my congrats to winners.

You did really well Cubey and it was super tough, thanks so much for taking part!

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Originally posted by KingOfTheRhodeIsland

how did smt like yours win?

how long did you spend on it

Every winner here should be super proud of their work, as should all who entered. Please try to be less negative about things others have spent a lot of time on.

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Originally posted by 440k

Just for my own peace of mind, was being a musical entry a detractor from being selected?

I was pretty proud of that work and put a LOT of time into it and to make it fit the theme so just feeling a little sad.

Not at all, it was a really tricky judging and your work was really good too. Don't be disheartened because there will be more ops in the future and though only a few can win, your work was incredible!

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Originally posted by KingOfTheRhodeIsland

I just feel that you picked peoples art that were begging and whining for the skins whereas there where really skilled art submissions that didnt win

That is totally not the case, I understand you're frustrated but please don't devalue others efforts along the way. The nature of a contest is that not everyone would win, and there were many great entries for this.

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Originally posted by PuppetShowJustice

I really enjoyed seeing this event happen even though I didn't enter anything. I was shocked by the sheer scale of the entries though.

I'm glad to hear there will be future art contests but if there's going to be 200ish entries maaaybe the prize pool can be a bit larger than 20 next time? (and I say that in full realization that there were more than 20 winners, which is awesome)

Good work, bean community! And gratz to the winners!

Totally, the quantity of submissions delighted me because it's our first ever one!

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Originally posted by KingOfTheRhodeIsland

I am very sorry if it seems I'm being rude. I have a tendency to get angry when I lose. I agree there are some good ones but I didn't get how Some of them (including mine) didn't win? Some people said they weren't on the "gaming theme" but mine was you playing as pixel Bert?

Your entry was fabulous and the judging was so tricky. There is unfortunately no science to it once the calibre gets as good as it did. Try and remember that if you had won, you would probably be upset to see people saying you didn't deserve it, okay?

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Originally posted by KingOfTheRhodeIsland

I see where you're coming at and I definitely wouldn't like it if people hated on my art (which people already did before the contest ended). I just don't understand how you picked them? My friend made the fall fighters game one and spent a lot of time on it and he didn't win either? I just feel like the gaming description was a bit vague.

The theme was vague but mostly because I wanted to see how far peoples imaginations would go with it. It doesn't mean your pieces didn't fit the theme or anything, just that other entries pipped you to the post this time. If you do love art, I will encourage you to always enter but do try not to wonder "why them and not me" as it is never this clear cut.

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Originally posted by 440k

Okay, thanks for the response!

I really do appreciate you running this contest and being so active with the community- I hope that my sentiment doesn’t make it feel like any way other than that- it’s just a very hard feeling to put so much time into something, feel good about it (and think it has a chance because it’s unique), and then have it judged to be not quite good enough, but I suppose that’s art in general which is probably why I stepped out of that world in the first place haha.

Love for the game continues as always and I really enjoyed so many of the submissions!

You should know you're very talented and the work you made is worth being proud of for sure, and just because you didn't place here doesn't mean it is worth any less. Your participation was really valued ❤️.

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Originally posted by ItsEvanXD

I don't wanna sound like a crybaby, but I do have a genuine question: How did "Pinball wizard" win. I don't see it under the gaming category, because it is just fall guys, same with every other drawing. Thanks :)

Its based on the OG windows Pinball game, which I thought was super smart, even down to subtleties in the layout like the bumpers and the top :) I thought it was a really creative and well thought out response to the brief and very unique!

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Originally posted by Sire_Satire

man i didnt win, but congrats to the winners! still on that quest for an exclusive costume.

oh wait i did i was just blind

Congrats!!! I really hoped this would ping the OPs of the pieces but alas! I'll comment and DM all winning OPs tomorrow to make sure they do get a noti hahaha, well done on your W!!

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Originally posted by FallGuysMad11

Does anyone else think it's a bit back-to-front that there were 40 raffle winners and only 20 art contest winners? One requires a tap of a button and the other required a huge amount of effort in which most winners do or probably could create art for a living.

It was to reflect the volume of entries as well, but I picked over 30 winners this time around and will do more for the next :)

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Originally posted by FallGuysMad11

I honestly don't think it's worth entering an art contest where 95% of entrants are capable of producing art for a living and no consideration is given to the age and ability of the entrant. How can a 10 year old compete with a 25 year old that clearly has a career or full time hobby in art?

That's why next time I'll do categories so there's one just for kids as well.