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Hi there! We're looking into this at the moment!

Could you let me know what your original platform was, and your new one? Did you go from PC to PS?

Originally posted by Ecquatic

PS5 to still playing on PS5

Oki! At the moment we believe this issue is localised to PlayStation accounts. We're super early in the changeover process at the moment (which is why we haven't put any official comms out), but we're all looking into this as priority! Don't worry and bare with us in the meantime.

Some players should now be seeing their account progress return and this should now be resolved - if you had no cosmetics, check again in about five or ten minutes :)

Originally posted by Ecquatic

I got my items back now. Thank you for acting so quickly on the issue! 😀

Thanks for playing and being here on release day! Let's goooooo!

Originally posted by Vincyes

i had the game on ps4 and got some cosmetics, how i can get the ogs rewards?

Just to clarify for me:

  • You are a player who played before the new season (and launched the game since it was released in Summer 2020)

  • You have opened your updated game

  • You have your previous cosmetics

  • You do not have the legacy rewards

Is that correct?

Originally posted by Vincyes

yeah i played the first month the game was released on ps4, now that I have opened the game I no longer have cosmetics

Ah, so you don't have your old cosmetics? This may be the same issue we are investigating. To be safe, I recommend contacting out Support team and including your Epic ID: https://support.fallguys.com/hc/en-us/requests/new