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It's okay as it's part of the core mechanic that defines this game but I hope to have some other mechanic to counter it. Just some other viable way of winning against grabbers without grabbing yourself.

It's almost always a losing battle if other players decided to start grabbing you. Swift cheeky movement to avoid them isn't enough especially against the better players as they can predict it.

I do think that ultimately I agree with this take! Grab can often end up being the 'strongest' route and it would be interesting to play around with a counter that made it more risky to attempt a grab. Always open to suggestions! It's a tricky one to solve without adding too much complexity.

I always love the rock paper scissors of a good fighting game, where 'grabbers' can be countered, but the counter itself also leaves you open to a new, cyclical strategy.

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Originally posted by DukeSR8

What about making the dive a semi-tackle that knocks the grabber over?

This is something we've played around with a bit! Generally what you find is that you need a 'warning' before something this aggressive happens. It ends up being really hard to balance that with the dive needing to be instant for platforming.

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