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Plants, there are like a million of them and I want to explore every aspect, looks like Uncharted meets Darksouls. Level design looks amazing and honestly we needed an hub world Star Wars game instead of a linear game, we see a lot of vertical combat. EA has been pretty wild with the micro transactions but it looks like they toned it down for this game. A ton of customization for lightsabers. Situational awareness seems to be the biggest thing is this game, managing your enemies is important. Ease of combat but hard to master, that’s what it looks like anyway. Big story to explore, I mean he’s a Padawan, that’s insane that he survived. Unlocking different outfits, this goes in with customization but is very cool. Your story, I want to feel like a Jedi. Mastering the force is something I’ve always wanted to do in a Star Wars game. Expert sound, like guys the sound design is amazing. The ship also looks really cool, reminds of the old Jedi Starfighter games. Hate to see the inquisitions though, I hope they develop more in this game than they did in Rebels. Emotional journey with my droid, he’s my little R2 y’all. Gone are the days of the Jedi and republic, I want to see normal people’s reaction to the Empire. Always on the move, do you think we’ll see any cameos from characters? We have seen Saw Guerria but that’s it. Mastering the lightsaber, looks better than Force Unleashed. Expecting choices? Do you think we’ll have choices in the game?

(Now do me a favor and read the first letter of each sentence. Did I do better than the guy from yesterday lmao? It says PLEASE BUY ME THE GAME For real though I’m MEGA broke y’all ).

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What’s your steam

OP, let me know if this comes to something. If not, ping me on the 15th.

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