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04 Jun

Fantastic piece of art, quite the talent you've got there!


04 May

Your continued and amazing passion for the game inspired us to work on this. Thank you and may the 4th be with you!

23 Apr

Originally posted by prudentgaming

I agree. It looks like there could have been so much detail in that planet

I worked on these 1st 15 mins, warms my heart to see the love <3.

03 Apr

Looking awesome!

21 Dec

Originally posted by Alkarehta

u/F8RGE What are you waiting!?

He's not coming, sorry.

19 Dec

Just a quick note, but later on today Trading Cards will be enabled on Steam.

Anyone who has played already, will retroactively receive trading cards for their time spent in the game.

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Originally posted by flamen-assassin

I still can’t scan the bogano spot where there is a chair used to watch the creature

Make sure you are not only standing by the chair — you are also looking in the direction of the Binog and keep looking that way.

18 Dec

Very nice!

17 Dec

Hey everyone,

It’s been great seeing all your Photo Mode creations getting shared since the update last week and hot on the heels of that update, we’re following it up with a small patch that we will be deploying later today (December 17).

This patch focuses on a small number of fixes, including some for climbing and grabbing onto ledges, and the growing of plants within the Terrarium.

The patch also includes some tweaks to make Cal more responsive during combat. The tweaks will mostly be noticeable during stagger reactions, kicks, flybacks, staff parry and sprint attacks.

We thank you all for your support and enthusiasm around Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order™ and we hope you all have a wonderful holiday season.

Release Notes

  • We've updated Cal so that he is more responsive during combat. This change includes tweaks to stagger reactions, kicks, flybacks, staff parry and sprint attacks.
  • Fi...
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12 Dec

Originally posted by Firaxyiam

u/f8rge, you can't deny this one

To the darkside I turn

Originally posted by Rifiuto

say sike rn

[Closes tighter]

[Slowly closes hand, pieces of droid falling between fingers]

11 Dec

Originally posted by UNTDrew

Hey there! I can confirm we've reported this issue to the team and they're looking into a fix for it.

If you continue to experience any issues with the latest patch, we would be eternally grateful if you don't mind reporting to us HERE as well.

Tagging this to say UNTDrew is legit.

10 Dec

Originally posted by GtaHov

Are there full patch notes anywhere? All I can find are the photo mode details.

Originally posted by DmAlva95

Is the update coming out today?

Aiming for tomorrow

Hello everyone,

We have a new patch arriving on December 11, and with it comes two great community-requested features as well as some fixes to issues that you’ve raised.

To start with we have the addition of a brand new Photo mode. Once you’ve enabled it in the settings, accessing the mode can be done via pressing both LS and RS or L3 and R3. From here the game will pause and you’ll have a number of options available, allowing you to create your perfect Jedi moment.

  • Camera Height
  • Camera Rotate
  • Zoom
  • Tilt
  • Focal Distance
  • F-Stop
  • Exposure
  • Vignette
  • Film Grain
  • Chromatic Aberration
  • Hide player
  • Hide AI
  • Filter
  • Filter Strength
  • Place Spotlight
  • Remove Spotlight
  • Spotlight Brightness
  • Spotlight Warmth
  • Hide UI

You’ll have the ability to fine tune settings and should you continue down a patch you...

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Congrats on the Platinum, nice place to finish up.

I use them as bowling balls...

[Sits adding salt onto food watching the discussion]

07 Dec

This looks great!

05 Dec

It's ok OP, you're in a safe space.

01 Dec

Originally posted by ComradeTerm

No, it’s a glitch. I 100%’d it and never ran into a BH. Killing them is keeping me from getting every achievement, so I have to do another save eventually to truly get 100%. I even went to places people reported they’d often found bounty hunters and never got a single encounter

I believe that a fix for this may be in an upcoming patch.

27 Nov

No hate

    /u/F8RGE on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by Xamepon

I didn't know there was a split?

There is no split, there is just the Star Wars gaming community.

When do they post? (GMT +0)
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