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14 Jan


Originally posted by J-Wo24601

Can someone from EA please confirm if v1.0.12.0 is the same as v1.12? The reason I ask is the previous patch was called v1.11, so now I'm thoroughly confused:

Correct, those are the same patch. They just show an extra couple of zeros on Xbox. :)


Originally posted by Gonzo117

I’m still stuck at on my Series X. Anyone else in the US having this same issue? I added the game from EA Play.

That number ( is the patch # on Xbox, so you should have it. :)


Originally posted by J-Wo24601

Initiated a case with EA support, abut not seeing any updates on XSX. Here was their response:

Yes on Xbox series X there is no update yet available from game team and once there is an update you will automatically get an option to update. You will also get updates related to this here as well

And in a follow-up chat, they said it is also not available on Xbox Series S yet! I really don't get the point of yesterday's news release about a next gen update, when it's not available to install on next gen consoles... :(

It is available. The number is slightly different on Xbox and shows if you want to confirm you have it.


I’ve seen some confusion in the thread with regards to the patch number. Here are how the numbers are shown on the consoles when downloading:

PlayStation 5: 1.12

Xbox Series X|S:

12 Jan


Originally posted by DarthLsai

Can I transfer my save to Ps5 from Ps4?

Yes, your save file transfers. This is a backwards compatible game, so your PS4 save will work when playing on PS5.


Originally posted by Jonjon1o0

What is the version of the game after the update so I can check if it downloaded?

Patch number is 1.12


Originally posted by CarlThyLarson

What about PC? I still get crashes daily, after reinstalls of the game and windows...

Hey there, thanks for the feedback. If you're experiencing crashes, please reach out to us over at:


Originally posted by Jad_On

Damn, just beat the game. Wanted to take s break but new game plus, here I go.

Great timing for NG+ run!


Some of you may have noticed a new title update being downloaded for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Below you will find the release notes for this update, which improves backwards compatibility performance specifically on the latest generation of consoles.

High Level Summary of Features:

  • Improved framerate on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5
  • Improved dynamic resolution ranges, for a higher resolution experience on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5
  • Improved post-processing resolution for Xbox Series X and PS5. (Not Xbox Series S)
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19 Oct

    /u/geobb on Reddit - Thread - Direct

I worked on this intro segment, always great to see comments like these <3

18 Sep


Originally posted by ScoutTheTrooper

Trusted to the force, with a little help from Cameron, the official twitter, and the subreddit lol

*waves hand in front of face*

You WILL vote for Cal. This IS the lightsaber you're looking for.


Their destiny should be trusted to the Force.... but, I definitely have my favorite. ;)

14 Sep

18 Aug

    /u/geobb on Reddit - Thread - Direct

We put a lot of love into those first 15 mins <3

04 Jun


Fantastic piece of art, quite the talent you've got there!


17 May


Originally posted by WhoniversalMan

Is the issue with the Kashyyyk cutscene (right after the AT-AT crash with Saw Gerrera) fixed with this update?

I just encountered it and have seen others mention it. On base PS4, the framerate hits 0 for a second or two at a time every time the shot changes, and this didn't occur until last week's major update.

Hi there. Would be nice to get some extra details about this from you. When did this start? Was it only after the recent update? Has it always stuttered for you?

We’ll report this to the team either way, but would be good to get some additional details.

13 May


It's an Oggdo strategy some consider to be... unnatural.


Hello there!

We hope you’ve all been enjoying the new content update to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order™. You may have noticed an update today, which we’ve released to addres...

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12 May


This is great!

11 May

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