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It's been a very long time since I've seen the servers this sluggish. Waiting for response from server, point blank vats missing, enemies healing, more crashes than I can count.

Please pick a day and restart everything, and you could have that day to apply hotfixes to issues that REALLY need addressing, instead of waiting for a Patch.

You've already proven you can apply hotfixes, so do it weekly, like pretty much every other online game out there.

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Can you DM your bethesda.net username and platform you're on? We're still investigating this issue from the reports we've been seeing.

15 days ago - /u/Ladydevann - Direct link

Originally posted by welIokaythen

Also on PC... having the same issues. u/Ladydevann let us know if you want us to send in our usernames for additional investigation!

Anyone that would like to send me usernames and platforms is more than welcome to, it doesn't hurt to have too many! (Also if you're on PC, please specify if that's bnet, steam, or game pass.)

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