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25 Nov


Originally posted by MandyMarieB

Yep, this is exactly the problem I’m having. It’s frustrating!

u/ladydevann ?

We're working on a fix for this one!


Originally posted by MandyMarieB

I’m having the same issue. Spent 30 minutes messing with it last night trying to place floor pieces where the lighter color floor is, could only get it to do like you said: place in a certain spot, but it would go out of bounds. Really frustrating.

Playing on PS4, for what its worth.

Hey u/ladydevann, any thoughts on this?

We saw a few reports of this in the PTS, the team is working on a fix for this!


Originally posted by BrewisCooper

Night vision automatic handmade. Medium night vision scope.

This has only started happening since today's update.

Thank you!


Originally posted by Arsenic_Touch

u/Valseek & u/Ladydevann

Was this an intentional change? I would prefer to have the clear glass windows back.

Hey there! What platform are you on?


Hey there! Unfortunately Forbidden Knowledge is still temporarily disabled.


You'll have to claim your Scoreboard rewards before the 15th to obtain them.


Does this persist if you leave the server and come back?


Hello there, I'll raise this to the team. Out of curiosity, do you have a video of it happening with said perks/items/armor equipped? No worries if not!


Originally posted by LawrenceAndHen

Question - any updates on displays in shelters?

Not at this time but I'll chase it.


Originally posted by ScherzicScherzo

Can you confirm if they were made character-bound too? That's a rumor that's going around and some concrete confirmation or denial would put it to rest.

Confirmed they are untradeable now as well. Sorry y'all this and the weight increase should have been in the patch notes, but I missed it. Adding now.


Thanks for the report! This is just a visual issue.


Originally posted by Dr3wIv4n

Edited my comment. I uninstalled RIVATuner and am now in game. Thanks for replying.

Glad to hear it! Enjoy!


Treasure Hunter is live from today until the 30th!


Originally posted by VeltScroll188

/u/Valseek The Encampment Door is broke.

Hmm, thanks for the report. I'll let the team know so they can revisit these.


Hi, yes we increased their weight with today's update and have updated the patch notes to include this as well. Sorry we missed it the first go around!

When do they post?

(GMT +0)
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