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You're right that this bundle was not properly granting the Free States Vending Machine Skin to players who unlocked it in the Atomic Shop. We've fixed this issue now, so all future players who pick up this bundle will receive the Vending Machine Skin correctly.

We're also going to grant the Skin to you and any other players who should have received it within the next couple of days. Thank you and we apologize for any inconvenience in the meantime!


Hi! You're correct that the Free States Vending Machine Skin is supposed to be included in the Free States Revolutionary Bundle. Unfortunately, the item wasn't being granted to players who unlocked the bundle. We've now fixed this issue, and players who unlock the bundle will now properly receive the Free States Vending Machine Skin.

We're also going to grant the Skin to any players who should have received it, but didn't. We're currently collecting the list of accounts affected by the bug, and we'll begin adding the missing item to those accounts within the next day or two. Apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for reporting this!

23 May

11 May

29 Apr


Step away from Chally very slowly...

We've had some tough conversations with Chally and Grahm about how stingy they're being with their Meat Week rewards. They decided to pack up and will return again when they're feeling more generous with their rewards. In the meantime, Invaders From Beyond will start at 12 pm ET today and last until 12 pm ET on May 10th.

28 Apr


Hi everyone!We're aware of the reports of Meat Week rewards not dropping as expected and are currently working on a solution. Once we get final sign off from that team we'll let you know what that looks like. Ideally, that information will come today or early tomorrow.

26 Apr


EDIT (Apr 27): We're still actively working on a solution and should have more details to share with everyone tomorrow. Thank you for your patience!

Hi all, we're seeing your reports about rare rewards not dropping during Meat Week, and we're actively investigating. I don't think I'll have any new info to share with you today since we're still looking into the root cause so that we can address it. But I'll keep you all updated with new details as soon as I have them.

20 Apr

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12 Apr

Our latest update for Fallout 76 brings a variety of new bug fixes to the game. Read on to catch all the details.

Update Version

Check the download sizes below for today’s patch on your platform of choice:

  • PC (Bethesda.net): 1.6 GB
  • PC (Microsoft Store): 9.1 GB
  • PC (Steam): 2.2 GB
  • PlayStation: 9.2 GB
  • Xbox: 9.1 GB

Bug Fixes

  • Weapons: The Silver Shroud Tesla Rifle paint now correctly applies to the Charging Shotgun Barrel mod.
C.A.M.P.s & Workshops
  • Exploit: Fixed an issue in which cheaters could place NPCs in the game world.
  • Lights: The Diner Wall Light now correctly plays a sound effect when toggling it on and off.
  • Structures: Wires can ...
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01 Apr

31 Mar


Hello! The mention of double S.C.O.R.E. in the MOTD has been corrected to "bonus Daily Challenges".

Thank you for the report and apologies for any confusion!

28 Mar