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Its really showing up for me with the Gauss Shotgun. Guaranteed to miss the first shot at least if not more. Then coupled with the 'recharge jam' i get on the shotgun which prevents you from using VATS or heal etc unless you bash or holster it to cancel the 'jam' its amazingly frustrating.

As a sniper with a Gauss rifle since the beginning i'm finally able to be a sole ammo source and then this all happens borking everything. it'd be nice if u/ladydevann or someone ran this up the pole there.

We've been working hard on the VATS issues over here! the VATS system is pretty complicated so it has proven to be a difficult fix but our team is constantly working hard on it.


Originally posted by sinofsociety

u/Ladydevann think that’s enough information to get this bug fixed?

This is great information thank you! I'll bring this up.

24 Sep


Originally posted by kirkadoodledoo

Any update?

They didn't touch anything with the camp budgets so I'm not entirely sure what is going on here.

23 Sep


Originally posted by Ladydevann

We can raise this one again and see what's going on.

Okay got an update on this! They have fixed this internally and have it slated for a future update. So it is coming!
u/omega_nik u/MattyBizzz


Originally posted by omega_nik

u/LadyDevann u/Valseek u/LoneVaultWanderer please PLEASE pass this one to the devs. This has been broken since day 1 and it really shouldn’t be.

We can raise this one again and see what's going on.

22 Sep


This is great!


Yay! Enjoy Meat Week: The Second Helping!


We're investigating these reports to see why this is triggering for some people and not others. I don't have an update just yet but we're looking into it!


We're looking into these reports, thanks for the post!


Nice! I'm still grinding for the War Glave!

21 Sep


Originally posted by ThePhyzix

I mean it just looks kinda cool but tbh it’s somewhat bland, and pretty tight quarters inside. I don’t think there is an active door on it either, which I did not like. It’s perfectly sized for 2 vending machines on left and right wall (2 on each wall, 4 total) and a stash box. I’m not entirely sure how the other placeable pre builds work, but when it’s powered there no interior lighting and it’s kind of wonky getting wires inside for the vending machines. 5/10 imo, but I also am not a big fan of the prebuilt structures, I’d rather free build.

The door is a separate object under the 'Doors' category on the CAMP screen, at the very end of the first selection, that will snap to the Field Station when placed - if that's what you meant!

18 Sep

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