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Latest Patch NotesFallout 76: Patch 13 Notes – September 10, 2019 (9 days ago)


Originally posted by h-t-

I did file a ticket but reading through the thread and tweaking a few settings on my bios I might have more info. should I file another ticket?

Definitely! Any information helps, and if you tweaked some things and have more info it could be really beneficial to see. If the original ticket isn't closed you could also add that information to that current one.

Originally posted by Spawn3232

Hi there :)

Yes i will file a ticket and try to provide as much info as possible, but it is more or less behaving just like the old Charleston bug, you probably remember rapports one that, it was fixed after a few patches.

I don't have that nice strangler PA, but could make you a video of the laser rifle / gun problem, but where would i poste it ?

You can wait out some of the lock up's (screen just freezes) but the realy bad once never get's you back into the game.

Of course! Videos are always extremely helpful for us when we investigate issues. I would file that under Technical Support > Select your platform > "My game is crashing/freezing" and that form allows you to attach a file.

Strangler heart power armor crashing my game.

about 11 hours ago - /u/Ladydevann on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by Dannyravenhall

u/ladydevann please can you help us? I know you're not a Dev but this really is a big issue and with more and more people having access to Strangler Heart Power Armor and Legacy Weapons, parts of the game are becoming unplayable. I can't go near anyone in Strangler PA, I can't run Raids, PVP or play survival without freezing. Sometimes for 30 seconds, 2 minutes or my full game sometimes stops responding. Is there a way to at least make the Dev team aware?

Thanks for tagging in here, we are looking into these reports. I commented this in another thread, but when you come across this issue can you please file a ticket for it? It helps our team to see everyone's system information while investigating.

Originally posted by Spawn3232

Yup, heard the same, also goes for the laser file, try putting a beam splitter on it and shoot at enemies, if you are on AMD it will freeze after a few shot's.

Same kind of freeze we used to have when entering Charleston or the Charleston train station, but at least that got fixed.

I have never seen any Dev's or other Bethesda employs even making a small remark on this, but it is a big problem for AMD users ans also some Intel users.

A workaround that helps just a small bit is to turn of all cores / threads and let the cpu just use core / threads 1-8, even disable core / thread 0...

u/Valseek and u/LadyDevann would be very nice if you could acknowledge this and tell us if it will be fixed, hopefully soon, this bug has been there from beta release :(

Thank for the tag! We're looking into reports of this. When you come across this issue, can I ask you to file a ticket? It's helpful for our team to see these tickets and get system information from them during the investigations.

EDIT/ Tickets can be filed here: https://help.bethesda.net/app/incident10

17 Sep

Originally posted by pastrypalace

Did they put the wrong lamp in? The one in the event tracker is a ceiling light while the one in the shop is a table light.

Hi! You're right, the Mid-Century Disc Lamp was the intended free item for Project Clean Appalachia this week, but it looks like the Curvy Lamp snuck in there instead!

We're planning to add the Disc Lamp to the Atomic Shop tomorrow and we're going to keep the Curvy Lamp free as a bonus. If you already claimed the Curvy Lamp, you will be able to head back into the shop to unlock your free Disc Lamp, too.

Originally posted by Riomaki

Was going to ask the exact same thing.

The item in the Atomic Shop is a yellow table lamp, but it's missing two screenshots and I swear when I bought it, it referred to being a "set." The red "Mid-Century Disc Lamps" described in Week 2 of the events page (https://fallout.bethesda.net/en/events) are nowhere to be found. Which is kind of a shame because those lamps are awesome...

u/Valseek or u/LadyDevAnn?

Hey, thanks for the tag! The appropriate lamps will show in the Atomic Shop for free soon. We'll keep the curvy lamp in there for free as well this week.

Lost items after today's fix!

1 day ago - /u/CM_PipBoy on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Hey there, please could you submit a support ticket explaining what happened and include your username?

Do let me know the ticket number when it's in and I'll have this looked at for you.


Originally posted by valiantlight2

would it help if we started nuking Grafton constantly?

I think it would, yes.

Reminder that Jet Packs are bugged.

1 day ago - /u/Valseek on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Thanks for the report! We have eyes on this one, and we're investigating. I'll let you know as soon as I have more information about when a fix is coming.


1 day ago - /u/Valseek on Reddit - Thread - Direct

The Mayor is just trying to get to know his constituents! But he's been a bit too friendly lately. We're currently looking to veto his chattering in our next patch.

Originally posted by valiantlight2

Please tell me I will stop being harassed by the grafton mayor every time I enter the game?!?!?

This is coming! We're currently targeting a fix for this in our next patch to put a stop to the Mayor's antics.

Originally posted by Arsenic_Touch

Social: Players no longer lose their ability to interact with the Social menu if it was open when a they added or removed a friend.

First I'm hearing of this being an issue, while the issue that has been plaguing PC players since meat week is that you can't add people to your friends list, and have to restart your game for a short window of time where you can add them at the main menu.

while the issue that has been plaguing PC players since meat week is that you can't add people to your friends list

We're actively working on a fix for this. The funny thing about this one is that there are a multiple bugs that can cause this to occur. The social menu fix in today's hotfix corrected one aspect of this issue, and you can expect to see more fixes related to the social menu with upcoming updates.

16 Sep

15 Sep

13 Sep

You are all crushing it!!! First goal is officially unlocked and Meat Week is now going to return from September 26 - 30!

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