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Latest Patch NotesFallout 76 Update Notes – February 25, 2020 (about 1 month ago)


Originally posted by Tragic_Idol

Hello. What's the case if we're not getting an error but there is no account name under the steam icon?

If you see the steam icon then an account is connected, we’re looking into why some people see a steam name and not others.

Originally posted by The108ers

Awesome, thank you! The 14th can't come soon enough!

While I know Atoms and FO1st won't transfer over I also would like to confirm that our characters will? I'm one of those players that gets attached to their character build and just works on building that up and would not want to start over just to play on STEAM. Users have said they will but I would like some confirmation of that as well if you can?

TBH the only reason I even want it on STEAM is so my STEAM friends see how much I actually play this game, how fun it can be and hope they'll join me. With no social section of the Bethesda launcher I group up with STEAM friends for most games, playing Fallout 76 on STEAM will help a lot and I cannot wait.

Seriously... you don't know how I could time travel to the 14th do you?

Yes they are correct! Your character and progress will transfer over :) Glad to hear you’re excited to show your friends on Steam!!

Hey everyone! If you're getting that error it means an account is already linked. Here is a support article with more information: https://help.bethesda.net/app/answers/detail/a_id/50254

You’ll have to contact our support team to unlink your account if you have the wrong account linked. That can be done at https://help.bethesda.net

Originally posted by jaylrocha

So... NDA is gone?

The NDA is still in place, the press embargo lifted so only press are allowed to talk about what they’ve seen and experienced. Anyone participating in the PTS is still under NDA, though.

Originally posted by martian_from_space

Hello, another question, if I’m not interested in the Steam copy can I gift it to my friend instead so he can play with me?

No, the game will automatically show in your library so you won’t receive any codes.

Originally posted by The108ers

I am wondering if this is an issue? I have several accounts linked but only twitch prime has the little trash can to remove. My steam linked account has the right user name despite no option to remove, so... as long as my linked STEAM account has the right user name I should be good to get a code right?

That’s correct! As long as the right steam account is on there you’re good to go.

Originally posted by Vorihs14

Unfortunately it shows that i don't have any linked accounts so i can't unlink them.I still get this error everytime i try to link steam account with bethesda account. Should I contact support?

Yeah definitely contact support and we can get you sorted out :) Help.bethesda.net

Originally posted by vannoke

Hi Ladydevann - My accounts are linked, but FO76 hasn't appeared in my Steam library. Is it too early or am I missing something?

Nope! The game will appear on April 14th. It’s not yet released on steam.

02 Apr

Originally posted by Shadowbottle

When the Steam version is available, you will automatically receive your Fallout 76 entitlement.

Do we know what this looks like? Email with a steam-key, or steam gift, or automagic inventory-add?

The game will show in your inventory, along with the Fallout Classic Collection.

Triple XP starts this weekend!

2 days ago - /u/Ladydevann on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by TxJeepers

I will claim but no way I am going to use it right now. Too much invested in single level 310 character. If I ever decide to start a new one though, I will uninstall everything Bethesda and then install and launch via Steam. f**kers should of let Steam have it since day one...did I say f**kers yet?

Your character and progress will transfer over to Steam, no need to start a new character, friend!

Originally posted by TwistedFate74

What if the linked Bethesda account is so old I cant possibly remember it? I know I played skyrim back in the day. if you forced me to make and link an account for that there is no way Ill ever remember what I used back then. Is there any way to link my current Bethesda account to my Steam?

For sure! You'll just have to contact our Customer Support to assist you with this.

Account linking failed !

2 days ago - /u/Ladydevann on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by Enchantedmango1993

but when im in the ''linked accounts'' page it says i have no linked accounts

Hmm, you'll have to contact our Support Team then to see what the issue is. You can do that here: https://help.bethesda.net/app/incident10

You won't lose the atoms on Bethesda.net, they just will not show on Steam. Atomic shop purchases carry over, however, so you'll just have to spend your atoms on bethesda.net launcher rather than on Steam.

Account linking failed !

2 days ago - /u/Ladydevann on Reddit - Thread - Direct

This means there is an account already linked. We have a support article here on this: https://help.bethesda.net/app/answers/detail/a_id/50254

Originally posted by JonWood007

Um...it looks like it's already linked? I don't recall doing this but the steam option isnt available and it looks like there's already an account there. I could've done this a while ago like for TES blades or something but i cant unlink or relink so...

EDIT: for reference: https://imgur.com/b0vuHM2

For anyone who needs help unlinking a Steam account, we recommend filing a support ticket here: https://help.bethesda.net/app/incident10

Make sure to include this information if you know it:

  1. What is the Steam Username / ID  that you linked?
  2. What is the Bethesda.net account ID that you linked?

Originally posted by pklokgieters

Are you supposed to see it in your steam library already? I already had Steam linked to bethesda.net but don't see any indicator in my steam library or on the store page that I own it

No, you will see it on April 14th when Wastelanders releases.

Originally posted by Papa_Shekels

Hey, do you know if there are currently issues with linking profiles? It's been giving me an error since they announced it, but if it's something temporarily going on with the site I don't want to waste support's time with a ticket

If you're getting that error it means an account is already linked. Here is a support article with more information: https://help.bethesda.net/app/answers/detail/a_id/50254

Originally posted by airymc

im not seeing an unlink option on the linked accounts page

You'll have to contact our Customer Support to unlink them.

Question about downloading the pts

2 days ago - /u/Ladydevann on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Yes, the PTS is completely separate from the main game. No progress will carry over either.

Originally posted by thisisareallyahuman

curious if this means segregated servers for both clients or if cross play is allowed?

also, if it means they're actively working on improving the server codebase as I've rage quit a few times because of server issues lol

Bethesda.net players will be playing with Steam players.

Originally posted by Vorihs14

" Account linking failed. Please retry or contact Customer Support for assistance. " :( gotta try later then

You may have an account already linked then, we have a support article here for that: https://help.bethesda.net/app/answers/detail/a_id/50254

Originally posted by TheDeadPlant

Is there any way to check if my account is linked? I think I made a different account for my Fallout 4 mods on Steam and an account for my Bethesda Launcher.

Edit: I followed the link in the Steam Store page and logged in to link my accounts but I got an "Account linking failed. Please retry or contact Customer Support for assistance" message.

We have a help article here for this error message: https://help.bethesda.net/app/answers/detail/a_id/50254

Originally posted by Imbudilow

If I buy FO76 now, will I get it on Steam? There are low priced gifts

As long as you link your Bethesda.net account to your Steam account before the 13th then yes.

Originally posted by ArditF

What about moving from PS4 to PC? Will I keep my character and progress?

No, unfortunately. We can't transfer saves from different platforms.

Progress is shared between Steam and Bethesda.net!

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