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Are you using a VPN while you play? You should not be gated out of the gambling if you're in the USA so I'm wondering if your connection is showing as a blocked region.

06 Dec


Originally posted by Shoddy_Ad_7853

uh, what about flame arrows?

Who cares about how many packs you can open when what we want is changing level ups directly to points?

...and can I get an extra character slot to try the new experience?

What info are you looking for RE: flame arrows?


Originally posted by CharlotteTheSavage

I just moved here from California and I hated them at first, then I got those TimBits 💖 I am HOOKED

Everyone here is a DUNKIN lover and it kills me. It's very upsetting that there's no Timmy Hoho's this close to the border in maryland! I'm from ohio and even in columbus we had them :(


Originally posted by weesIo

I have so many Mr Gutsy’s to get revenge on

Maybe we should add a daily challenge to absolutely obliterate Mr. Gutsy's haha


Originally posted by DemasiadoSwag

No worries, I think it is somewhat expected that weapon balance changes aren't substantially included in the F76 patch notes at this point from those who have been playing for awhile. Who knows, maybe I'm wrong and they haven't changed as much as the PTS led me believe.

Anyway, I don't blame you/Bethesda, agreed that it is probably pages long of "adjusted variable x by 2%" or something like that which barely anyone would read or understand. At least from my perspective, you/Bethesda included the important stuff. Hallelujah on that change to energy damage from enemies!

It is definitely a LOT of deep dev speak & engine jargon. Someday I would love to document every single itty bitty change like text fixes and art asset adjustments, typos, things dont impact players like getting stuck in a crack in a basement somewhere... floating objects, and z-fighting so people can see just how many different teams are involved.... but no one wants to scroll past all that to get to the "good" stuff. I think it was the last patch where we renamed HUNDREDS of camp items and that alone would have been a thousand words haha. So fun behind-the-scenes fact... when you see a note like "General localization fixes." or "fixed various areas where players could see out of world/get stuck" that's us summarizing at least 100 bugs into one haha. And then you have instances where we didn't change anything but some other seemingly unrelated bug will make it look or feel that way. If you ever get to chat with a game developer on ANY title for any game, ask them what was the wild...

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05 Dec


If you misclicked send us a ticket at help.bethesda.net :)


Originally posted by PostmanSAMXBL

The cryolator (namely the explosive cryo effect the snowballs have with the crystallising barrel) gives off explosive damage. On the PTS the damage done by that explosive effect was reduced. I’m wondering if that change made it to the main game.

I'll check in on the specifics of this one and get back to you, but if it was a fix in the PTS then it did make it into the live game.


Originally posted by 3vilsound

Resistances: Free States Resistance Headwear should now grant airborne damage/disease protection.

They're not even sure lol?

Hahahha that was me going "I swear this will be the last time i write this patch note in particular" XD


Originally posted by superduper87

Increased build limits in camps means plastic flammingo counting time!

The build limit for the whole camp isn't increased, but now you can place a few prefabs down together before that you previously could only place one or the other of.


Originally posted by Boatsnbuds

Legendary creatures will now always drop a legendary item of matching rank.

So do the drops now match the creatures, or is it the other way around?

It will match to their rank! Only on rare occasions, you may see a lower-star item so I worded that a bit vague there


Originally posted by Thane97

Fixed an issue with the 40% Power Attack Damage not correctly dealing damage.

What changed? Is it better or worse?

As far as I understand from the dev notes, it wasn't working at all and was not giving the 40% damage bonus. That's fixed now!


Originally posted by CharlotteTheSavage

I loaded up my drink fridge with Tim Hortons refreshers and got like 60 Honey TimBits for this 😹😹

Save me a cup of that french vanilla cappuccino! Ughhhh I miss Tim Hortons.


Originally posted by PostmanSAMXBL

So nothing about the explosive aspect of cryo damage being nerfed. Guess we’ll need to wait & see

What specific info are you looking for here? I've got a few different things for cryo between perks and weapons.


Originally posted by DemasiadoSwag

Half the time the patch notes don't mention like 80% of weapon balance changes, so it could be it made it in but isn't mentioned above. I think you/we will have to test it afterwards.

The sheer volume and specific nuances with weapon balancing is almost impossible to present in a palatable way to read and understand if you're not a developer. I tried to get what I could in there but if you see any missing notes please let me know.


Originally posted by GearsOfFate

Gonna be a lot of fun scrapping the 500 cards from those 100 packs.

Bulk scrapping is a great idea! Not sure if this is on their radar already but I'll let them know we'd like that as well down the line.


Originally posted by RobCoPipboy3000

Thank you /u/Ladydevann for posting the update notes so quickly. I'm very excited about this update. I was playing it a lot on the PTS.

IMHO you guys did a great job with this one. I'm happy that Union PA will now be dropping and no more 1 star disappointment from 3 star enemies.

One question though if I may? When does the new community calendar come out?

Glad you love it!! We've got the community calendar in our discord here! It's also going out on social in a few moments and will be in the final Inside the Vault for this year next thursday. Translated versions are a bit delayed so anything outside of English, check back on :)


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Our latest update for Fallout 76 launches today, and it's bringing with it a new area, new quests, NPC's, rewards, Season and much more to the game. Read on for more details.

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  • Atlantic City – Boardwalk Paradise! Visit the sights of the exciting Atlantic City Boardwalk! Meet three new Factions, complete two new expeditions, earn rewards, and face off against new foes!
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10 Nov


Originally posted by CL-Young

Dumb question, but are getting plans for mods aftrr scrapping weapons still a thing?

Not a dumb question at all and yes! We've also recently-ish improved the changes of learning the harder to find ones.

07 Nov


Originally posted by Azzen_Goat1

Actually we managed to get it figured out shortly after I had made this post. Turns out Enclave events and Starred enemies didn't count but killing Scorchbeasts gave progression. But next time we run into an issue and we can't figure it out I'll be sure to have him visit the site.

Thanks for the update! I will let the team know about that bug as well.

06 Nov


I am not savvy with PC performance tips, but our CS team should be able to help you troubleshoot and optimize. (help.bethesda.net)