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Latest Patch NotesFallout 76 Update Notes – January 14, 2020 (about 1 month ago)

21 Feb

Hey there! Can you file a support ticket for me and let me know what the ticket number is? https://help.bethesda.net/app/incident10

20 Feb

Inside the Vault Feb 20

3 days ago - /u/BethesdaGameStudios_ on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by Riomaki

It's curious to me that Fasnacht has yet to be mentioned.

This seems like a really good time to have it, seeing as Wastelanders was pushed off to early April and we're looking at a month (really, in addition to the past two months) of what's basically been a holding pattern.

We're definitely planning to bring Fasnacht back again this year!

We've seen how much excitement there is in the community for the Fasnacht Seasonal Event to make a comeback. While this event was lots of fun the last time it was available, there were also several things we wanted to improve before it returns. The shift of Wastelanders release into 2020 also meant that we had to move these changes around. As a result, Fasnacht is going to be available later than it was last year, but it should be a more enjoyable experience when it returns. We can't wait to parade around Helvetia with you all again this year, and we will have more details to share with you on the date soon.

19 Feb

18 Feb

Fallout 76 Unable to Log in.

5 days ago - /u/Valseek on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Thanks for the reports all, we're looking into this!

Cannot get Online On X Box

5 days ago - /u/Ladydevann on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Hi everyone thanks for all the reports! We are looking into this error message.

17 Feb

14 Feb

13 Feb

PSA For all Nuclear Winter Players!

10 days ago - /u/Ladydevann on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by voidf1sh


Thank you for the tag! We are aware and are working to address this.

12 Feb

10 Feb

Glad it arrived safely! Congratulations again.

07 Feb

We're working on getting those entitlements out, so they will pop up soon. I don't have a specific time frame to give but keep checking in!

06 Feb

Originally posted by Parpraxia_

Thank you! I don't yet have access to the forum, is that en route?

Yes, also en route!

Originally posted by martynbez

Yep just got one! Can’t seem to find it in my all games list though:(

It should appear in your games shortly. Enjoy!

Originally posted by Parpraxia_

I got mine, got REALLY excited... it's not in my "all games" list on Bethesda Launcher as per the email. Brilliant.

Give it a few minutes, you should see it in there soon! :)

Drew my 76 character!

17 days ago - /u/Ladydevann on Reddit - Thread - Direct

This is beautiful! Can we share this on the Fallout twitter and credit back to you?

05 Feb

When do they post? (GMT +0)
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