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I have had to wait for an entire month until Bethesda got back my hacked account in December.

Now, they have decided to permanently ban the account because multiple claims of ownership happened with proof. The proof being the hacked login name, and order numbers, which are all listed neatly in order on the Bethesda order history.

I am very upset, and cross with Bethesda. That they decided to do this. I became a victim of their ignorance regarding security and upkeep. I had every Seasonal Scoreboard completed, had a lot of Atomshop items, FO1st since the beginning, and all timed exclusive Nuclear Winter rewards with rank 100 in it. I spent money in the Atom Shop, and a lot of it, over the 3 years the game’s been out.

Bethesda, please help a customer out of this pickle, I’ve been playing your games since The Elder Scrolls: Arena. Don’t do this to me.

For those wondering about the attached picture. They got the part saying Elder Scrolls Online wrong, too.


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Hey there! Can you send me a private DM with your Ticket Number, account name and email associated with the account?