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Apparently misaligning the head lamps projections for T65 users isn't enough for you. The Free States Junkyard Power Armor Skin, I noticed I'm taking 3 times more rads when I ventured into a Nuked zone. Yes, I tested it out, swapped back my skins like the Shadow Prime and the rad rates were back to normal.

Literally Bethesda... what the f*ck....

EDIT: think twice before purchasing this skin even if it's on offer cause really damn, I bought this months back and just switched to it for a change in style and yeah got really screwed here.

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I have no clue how in the good green earth a cosmetic item for PA has the ability to change stats. That's a huge "WTF?" from me.

EDIT: Also, /u/ladydevann how does this happen?

Thank you for the tag! We will discuss this.