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Ok, so I decided to stay up to grind for the extra atoms I needed in order to get the mothman backpack. I was at 440. I earned a few through challenges and was at 380. I thought it might've been bc i claimed workshops and kept completing challenges. It jumped to 510 after one challenge, I went to buy the item and it was down to 420. I did more challenges and it went up to 560, then instantly down to 410 as soon as I tried to get the item. it has been doing this non stop. I should have 700 and it either crashes everytime i try to buy the item, or instantly changes back to 410. Bro. I just want my cute mothman and then to go the f*ck to sleep. how can I fix this? i am playing it through windows over steam. Never opened it through anything else.

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Can you DM me your bethesda.net username and platform you're on?

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Originally posted by venomousbeetle

It’s steam so PC- I’ve had a similar issue. All my earned challenges atoms go away after a moment. I assume it’s because Beth.net atoms are separate, and it’s not correctly allocating the earned atoms to the steam instance.

My ign is the same as my username, Venomousbeetle


Also while I have your eyes, I haven’t been able to find information about if the team is aware of Crash Landing being bugged. Commander Daguerre is not able to talk to advance the quest when returning- I believe this is because the Flight Recorder has disappeared from my inventory. Usually when this happens in a quest, I go back to grab the item but in this case the item isn’t re-attainable at this stage.

So two things here!

First one we identified and fixed the bug causing atoms to not award properly and you will receive the atoms that you missed out on soon. Keep an eye out on your email for more details on that.

Second one you'll have to file a support ticket to see if we can reset that quest for you. This is assuming you've already scrapped her station, logged out, then replaced the station.

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Originally posted by venomousbeetle

I don't have her station. She's still in the place you first meet her. I'll probably try to do support tickets but Ive heard it's a real pain to get this fixed, and was hoping to hear that the bug is being worked on.

I personally think if it was possible to pick the flight recorder up after you've already done it like you can with some other disappearing quest items like keycards, that it would be easy to bypass. The item needed to turn in seems to disappear from the inventory, possibly as a result of load-in from leaving the game before finishing it.

Ahh that's right that's before she goes to your base. Sorry about that. Well if you go the ticket route feel free to send the number to me so I can escalate it for you.

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Originally posted by 1mellowyellow

I am having the same issue as the OP with atoms being reverted without me spending them. Can I also DM you my information to see if it can be resolved?

Absolutely! My DM's are open, although if you're having the same issue it should be resolved soon, we are sending on emails now :)

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