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In 2019 I got into a scuffle with someone in the server (someone quite high up)

IIRC I was banned for personal reasons by a moderator (at the time) despite the fact I never brought the situation up as I was looking for people to do the Order of the Tadpole questline with.


That ban resulted in a group of people getting angry about it and I do recall like 10 - 12 innocent people getting caught in the crossfire (RIP to them)

However that was a really long time ago. So that being said. Is there a way I can appeal that ban? Or am I just like stuck.

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Hey there, this is no Official Fallout 76 specific discord server. There is the Bethesda Studios discord that we created a few months ago that has sections for Fallout 76 in it (I see in another comment on here someone linked it for you.). There is a fan-made and ran Fallout 76 server that we do not moderate in, I think that may be the one you are referring to!