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3 minutes for a power armor to appear when you place it, 1 minute for loot to appear in a body, another one to loot it.

"Waiting for reponse from server" "Waiting for reponse from server" "Waiting for reponse from server" "Waiting for reponse from server"

Fast travel happening 2 minutes after I did it, can't even know if you have fast travel bug or the server is taking a dump anymore.

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Hi, sorry about the poor experience you and others have been having lately! We're still actively investigating this, and it would be very helpful to have specific instances/accounts to look into so that we can narrow down what's causing this.

If you're experiencing a lot of the "server not responding" errors and other server performance issues, can you please send me a PM with the following?

  • Your Bethesda.net account name.
  • What platform you were playing on when the issues occurred.
  • Time and date when the issues occurred, including your timezone, if possible.

For the time/date, if you can't remember exact times that's ok, but the more specific you can be the better.

Thank you!