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Full disclosure, melee build here. Had a blast when melee daily ops were like every other day. Had no qualms being the hero in every group

Saw the big ol post here with people sh*ttting on melee ops. I get it! It must be super annoying when most people are some sort of ranged dps. Totally fair post, glad they fixed.

Noticed over the last few weeks not a single daily ops for melee, but every other god damn day is freezing touch.

Ffuuuuccckkkkk freezing touch. Especially for melee. It's one thing to make me walk slower but to swing at the speed of mud is agonizing. I'd rather have to switch to a ranged for a kill shot. I feel all your collective pains for the melee daily ops, I get it now.

Please, for the sake of us few melee builds, can we find a middle ground <3

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Thank you for the feedback on Daily Ops! We can discuss the balancing of mutations with the team more.