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I just wanted to share this story. Maybe it will bring someone else as much joy and laughter as it brings me. So last year around this time I was on 76 messing around with my camp. I had a lvl 15 guy come to my camp asking for some stim packs. So I load him up with some low lvl weapons, armor, and aid. Bless the guys heart, he sounded exactly what you think of when you hear the term "white and nerdy". He said the few people he tried to talk to on 76 called him annoying and shot at him so he had nobody to play with. He sent me a friend request and before I knew it we were playing after work every night. I found out the guy was in his early 20s, still living with his mom, but working hard to get out. He was really down to earth and I enjoyed playing with him. One particular night we've got our mics on, in a private world, launching a nuke. Out of Nowhere I hear Reba McEntires "Fancy" BEATING DOWN in the background of his mic. Mind you it's like 10pm on a Saturday. I smile and I say "Hell yeah man, Reba Is a bad ass woman!".....this man comes back in the Nerdiest Whitest voice ever "OH that's just my MOM. She loves Reba!" and then proceeds to sing in a OVERLY loud, out of tune voice "I may have been born just plain white Trash, but Fancy Isa my name!". I had to turn my mic off. I was laughing, my wife was laughing, my 3 kids were laughing...hell my cat was laughing. We've been close friends ever since. He drove 3 states just to come drink a beer and play some pool. I had to play Fancy on the juke box, and we both laughed our asses off. You never know what you're going to hear or who you'll meet in this game. That has been one of my favorite things about 76. You meet some real characters.

Edit Thanks for the awards and those who shared other stories. This made my day! I hope most of you got a laugh or even a smile from the stories to start your day off right!

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LOL this is such a great story thank you for sharing!!