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Seriously, we cannot go five minutes without a "Waiting for Server to Respond". This makes your game unplayable. And that isn't even the worst of it. Taking 10 minutes to load into a server is not a working game. Leaving body doubles of people when their game crashed, often having duplicates in two different places on the map and the body double STAYING once the player has returned, often for several minutes, is not a working game. Deaths that take over 10 minutes to recognize and let you respawn, causing your dropped loot to disappear, is not a working game. While Server issues come with lots of online games, the server lag that occurs in your game is by far the worst I have seen AND YOU WANT TO MAKE MORE MULTIPLAYER GAMES?! Get your sh*t together before you do that as FO76, while a game I want to, and admittedly do, love so much, is not at all a shining example of a Multiplayer game that works. Please fix the game you are on before moving on to your next sh*tshow.

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We've been investigating these reports, can you send me your bethesda.net username and platform you're on?

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