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To clear up any confusion about whether or not it'll start with the release of steel dawn.

From the trailer description: Season 3 Scoreboard - Join Time Operative K.D. Inkwell in her quest for the Guild of Antiquities and rank up to unlock new rewards including C.A.M.P. Allies, Lunchboxes, and more. Beginning December 15

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Source? Not questioning you. I'd just like to see the rest of the article :)

We just posted an article with a new Community Calendar that has the December 15 Season 3 start date, and some other important dates too. Source!

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Oh ... I am way ahead, then.

That will give me almost a month of no daily/weekly challenge rewards.

So, no reason to play for a month.

/u/ladydevann Beth has got to figure out how to motivate players who have finished the season. Why can't the challenges revert to other types of rewards, or let us use season experience to exchange for script or something.

We've been looking into feedback and discussing different options for players once the season ends. We don't have any additional information just yet to share but it is on their radar.

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