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I’m glad many players were able to get a resolution to their problem yesterday.

However, with this current information, a number of players who would’ve purchased ranks were unable/encouraged not to do so after the late Bethesda announcement - you should submit a support ticket on this asking to be allowed to purchase additional ranks in season 5 due to the official announcement on 9/7 that a bug in purchased ranks would be fixed while season 5 was extended to allow time to fix the bug so that ranks could be purchased without the bug at the conclusion of season 5.

You shouldn’t be bullied by this sub into thinking this isn’t a valid ask or that all we do is complain.

This has nothing to do with waiting too late or you snooze you lose, purchasing rank ups has been an advertised feature and if there was a large problem with it and was announced there was a problem with it, then it should be taken at face value that there was a problem with it.

I know of several accounts who’ve already submitted their support ticket for this issue. We should push them to resolve this kerfuffle in communication and direction.

Thanks ✌️

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/u/ladydevann hi, I’m not sure if I’m doing this right but here’s what I got back from support on this issue, they told me season 5 has been extended https://imgur.com/a/vb5unQG

Can you tell me your ticket number where you got this response?