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When the Red Viper paint was introduced I was able to apply it to my scout armour Chest, Legs and arms but not my Modus vendor Mask.

Now I’m able to apply the paint to my Modus vendor Mask but not the Chest, Legs or arms.

I’m a simple man, with simple requests. All I want is Doritos and dip, Not one or the other.

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Originally posted by DismalDelay101

u/ladydevann & u/valseek

Any words on this problem?

Hey there! We brought this up in a meeting today and they are looking into this. Not sure on the ETA of the fix just yet.

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Originally posted by Thanatos-

Its not just the Viper paints. The Atomic Camo 1st paint are also not able to be applied to Scout armor either.

We'll make sure they're aware of this one as well, thanks!