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Alright I’m just gonna come out and say it... There is zero reason to use a combat rifle when the fixer exists. Even a basic crafted fixer is better than the combat rifle what with the sneak bonuses and whatnot. And if someone is using a combat rifle, then it’s probably because they either haven’t found a good handmade or fixer yet, or they really wanna use the dark matter skin or Halloween skin on it.

(Actually I did meet one user who carried around a combat rifle to use the Halloween skin on it to match his Halloween combat armor even through he already had a good fixer.)

Which leads me to my suggestion: Add a skin slot to the fixer and let all combat rifle skins be used on the fixer, especially Dark Matter from seasons. Yes the fixer already has a unique skin on it but I’m not a fan of the baby poo green and the all black dark matter skin would be perfect to use on it since the fixer is all about stealth anyways. I love this skin but I’m never going to see it because I’m never going to use combat rifles when I already own a few different good fixers and Handmades.

So that’s my suggestion. Just make combat rifle skins available for the fixer. A simple task anyways since the combat rifle and fixer use the exact same mesh, so the combat rifle skins should work on either one.

EDIT: As you can see... I’m not the only one who wants this.

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I have another suggestion for you, I waited till the post got a little traction before tagging you since you said you like suggestions. It’s close to 300 upvotes, Probably my most upvoted post.

This has already been shared with the team :)